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May 30, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Suffering severe personal injuries can change your life forever. Although a Bronx personal injury lawyer cannot turn back time, we can help you recover the much-needed funds you deserve to help move your life forward. Whether you suffered spinal cord damage in a car accident or a broken hip after a slip and fall, you may be facing significant medical bills, lost income, and work opportunities, along with changes to your personal life, many of which can last forever.

Each Bronx injury lawyer at Dolman Law Group brings extensive experience to every claim, and we help a wide range of people who are injured in accidents caused by someone else's negligence. Contact us today at (718) 550-3471 to learn more about your legal rights following a serious accident in the Bronx area.

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A Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer in the Bronx Can Help You Recover Compensation for Your Injuries

Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA

After an accident, you may have substantial financial losses as a result of your injuries. The personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group have more than 120 combined years of experience successfully resolving injury claims and litigating injury lawsuits in the Bronx and throughout the nation.

Some of the past results that our firm has secured for clients in prior cases include:

  • $3.2 million for a semi-truck accident that resulted in brain injury
  • $1.75 million for a truck accident victim with shoulder injuries and a traumatic brain injury
  • $1.58 million after an auto accident that resulted in two herniated discs
  • $1 million after an auto accident
  • $1 million after a father died in a rideshare accident
  • $939,000 for another victim of a rideshare accident

These examples of past successful results cannot guarantee the results in your specific claim, even if you suffer very similar injuries. However, when you contact Dolman Law Group, you will have the opportunity to explain the circumstances that led to your accident. We'll explain how to bring a Bronx personal injury claim or file a lawsuit so you can make the best decisions possible.

If you retain us to handle your case, you can expect:

  • Committed attorneys who will fight to help you seek compensation for your losses. At Dolman Law Group, we understand the legal system and can help determine how much compensation you should request to cover your losses. We will help fight for you, including aggressively negotiating with the insurance company or liable party and working closely to investigate your claim so that you have as much evidence as possible. If we have to go to trial, we will fight to maximize your ultimate compensation.
  • A clear understanding of the claim process and how much compensation you can expect for your injuries. Many victims do not fully understand their claims' true value and the compensation they deserve following serious accidents. At Dolman Law Group, our Bronx injury lawyers provide you with a full understanding of every loss you should claim, so you can make informed decisions about when to continue seeking compensation and when to accept a settlement offer.

You don't have to take our word for it. Take a look at some of our clients' personal stories to learn how we treat our clients and the results they receive.

Which Accident Claims Can a Bronx Injury Lawyer Handle?

You may have grounds for a Bronx personal injury claim any time you suffer injuries in an accident due to the negligence of another party, even if it does not fit into a neat category.

These types of claims, however, are some of the most common types of claims throughout the Bronx.

car accident trial lawyer dolman law group
  • Auto accidents. Every driver on the road must exercise care to protect the others on the road. Unfortunately, some drivers ignore the rules of the road completely. Driver distraction or inebriation can cause serious problems that can lead to severe accidents. During auto accidents, victims may suffer a range of injuries, including traumatic brain injury, amputations, or severe burns. Auto accidents also include truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, and bicycle accidents.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Vehicle-on-vehicle crashes can cause severe injuries, but vehicle-on-pedestrian crashes often prove even more traumatic since pedestrians have no protection from the vehicle that strikes them or from the ground. Victims often suffer severely broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and varying degrees of road rash.
  • Construction site accidents. Construction sites offer plenty of opportunities for severe accidents, many of which can have lifelong implications. Some victims, for example, suffer from severe falls from heights, which can result in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, and severely broken bones. Others may suffer crushing damage, leading to amputation due to the heavy equipment on many construction sites. Workers and visitors to the site may also face exposure to open electrical lines, which can significantly increase the risk of sustaining electrical burns.
  • Medical malpractice. Doctors take an oath to “harm none” when they set up their practices, and patients put their health in the hands of their doctors with confidence. Physician error, however, can cause significant harm to patients. Some patients that experience medical malpractice suffer “never events,” often during surgery, that result in severe consequences: operating on the wrong body part or organ or leaving foreign matter behind in the body after the operation, for example. Other doctors may commit malpractice by failing to diagnose or improperly diagnosing a patient, especially in situations where the patient presented clear symptoms but the doctor did not correctly put them together. Birth injuries can also qualify victims for a medical malpractice claim.
  • Nursing home abuse. In a nursing home, patients expect a high standard of care. Some nursing home employees, however, engage in abuse or neglect rather than providing the quality care that patients deserve. Seniors who suffer from physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse may have grounds to file a Bronx personal injury claim against the nursing home in which the abuse occurred. Patients who suffered neglect in a nursing home, including inadequate food and water or inattention to the patient's needs, may also have grounds for a claim.
  • Workers' compensation. When victims suffer injuries at work, they may file a workers' compensation claim rather than filing a traditional Bronx personal injury claim. Workers' compensation usually provides financial benefits for all medical expenses associated with your injuries as well as two-thirds of your income while you cannot work during your recovery. You may also receive a larger payout if you suffered permanent disability as a result of workplace injuries caused by a third party. Consult an attorney to learn more about your legal rights, including the steps you may need to take if you believe your employer has not offered adequate compensation for your injuries after a workplace accident.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer in the Bronx Help You Deal with the Aftermath of Your Accident?

Severe injuries suffered in an accident can leave you facing impacts in your personal and professional life as well as ongoing pain from your injuries. Generally, you may file a Bronx personal injury claim any time you suffer serious injuries due to another party's negligence, even if your injuries do not fall into the following categories.

However, the most common injuries in Bronx personal injury cases include:

  • Burns. Severe burns can cause scarring and limitations to the injured individual's overall mobility. Usually, doctors grade burns according to their severity: first-degree burns involve only the first layer of the skin, while third-degree burns can involve the muscle and flesh beneath the skin. Burns can occur due to chemical exposure, electrical exposure, cold exposure, and traditional heat burns. Often, burn victims suffer severe complications, including a high risk of infection.
  • Traumatic brain injury. Victims with traumatic brain injury don't just notice impacts in their memories, though both short-term and long-term memory can take a hit when a victim suffers a severe traumatic brain injury. In addition, victims may suffer ongoing trouble with focus and concentration, including challenges that can prevent creative thinking or interfere with problem-solving skills. Many victims with traumatic brain injury also suffer severe emotional impacts; injured individuals may struggle to keep control of their emotions or have problems with impulse control. Some victims even suffer personality changes as a result of their injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Complete spinal cord injuries usually result in complete paralysis and a loss of some organ function below the site of the injury. The higher a spinal cord injury occurs on the spinal cord, the greater the extent of the paralysis; if it occurs high on the spinal cord, the victim may suffer a loss of mobility in the hands and arms as well as mobility in the legs. Incomplete spinal cord injury usually does not involve a complete loss of mobility but may involve a significant decrease in overall mobility.
  • Amputation. Many accidents, including construction site accidents, can result in limb amputation. Amputees often choose to use prosthetic devices to increase independence following their accidents. This can represent an ongoing expense in the amputee's life since most amputees must replace their prosthetic devices every three to five years. Amputees may suffer a significant loss of independence, especially in the early days after the accident.

A Bronx Injury Lawyer Can Seek Compensation For a Variety of Losses After a Bronx Accident

No personal injury attorney can provide a definitive assessment of exactly how much compensation you will receive after a serious injury. Always set up a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer to get a better idea of how much compensation you might expect following your accident. You definitely don't want to settle your entire claim by accepting a lowball offer shortly after the incident because you didn't know what your case is really worth.

Most of the time, compensation falls into several clear categories.

  • Medical expenses. For many accident victims, medical expenses represent the biggest worry after a serious accident. Even with good insurance, substantial injuries frequently lead to high bills, including copays, deductibles, and expenses that your medical insurance simply does not cover. Keep track of all medical expenses related to your accident, from the initial ambulance transport through ongoing physical and occupational therapy and prosthesis replacement. Your medical bills will often form the foundation of your Bronx personal injury claim, and having an accurate record of those bills can save you time and energy as you seek compensation.
  • Lost wages. In addition to your medical expenses, you may find yourself out of work due to your injuries. Many injuries will prevent you from returning to work temporarily while you focus on your recovery. Others may permanently prevent you from completing your former job duties, requiring you to include lost earning potential as part of your claim. In addition to the lost wages you faced due to the inability to work immediately after your accident, you may also choose to include wages lost due to decreased hours at work or wages missed when you had to attend appointments and have procedures to help you recover after your accident. Consult your attorney to learn more about how to include these lost wages as part of your claim.
  • Pain and suffering. When you think of pain and suffering related to your accident, your mind may automatically turn to physical pain. Emotional suffering, however, can also cause substantial anguish during your recovery. Some victims suffer from the loss of activities that they can no longer enjoy due to their injuries. Others may feel socially isolated as their injuries separate them from loved ones. You should discuss your suffering with your attorney to learn more about how to include it as part of your Bronx personal injury claim.

How Does a Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer Determine Liability for a Personal Injury?

Before filing a Bronx personal injury claim, your attorney will start by establishing who caused your accident. Often, you can easily point out the individual who contributed the most to your injuries. In an auto accident, for example, you might identify the driver who caused your accident as the liable party. In some cases, however, other factors may have contributed to your accident.

Work with your Bronx injury lawyer to identify all of the factors that contributed to your accident, so you can uncover all of the potentially liable parties and file a personal injury claim against everyone that contributed to your accident. By identifying all parties who share liability for your injuries, you can often increase the compensation you receive for your injuries.

When evaluating liability, your attorney will likely ask:

  • Who owed you a duty of care at the time of the accident? In an auto accident, that will likely include the liable driver. It may also, however, include the manufacturer of a vehicle that experienced a mechanical failure that contributed to your accident.
  • What negligence contributed to your accident? Drunk drivers, for example, commit an act of negligence when they choose to get behind the wheel while inebriated. Equally, a car manufacturer who puts out a vehicle with known brake problems that could cause severe accidents also commits an act of negligence.
  • How did that negligence contribute to your injuries? Your attorney will evaluate the conditions that led to your accident and help establish how each one contributed to your accident.

Bronx Personal Injury FAQs

Common Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

After a serious accident, you may have questions about your legal rights, including your right to compensation. If you have specific questions about your claim, contact an experienced Bronx personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Below, however, we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our clients.

1. Do I Have Grounds to File a Bronx Personal Injury Claim?

If you think you qualify to file a claim, get in touch with an experienced Bronx personal injury attorney to discuss your legal rights. You may have grounds for a personal injury claim if:

  • Another party caused or contributed to your accident. If you believe that someone else caused your accident, you may qualify to seek compensation through a Bronx personal injury claim. For example, if someone else caused a car accident, you can likely file a claim against that party.
  • The other party bore a duty of care to you at the time of the accident. To file a Bronx personal injury claim, your attorney will need to show that the other party owed you a duty of care at the time of the accident. For example, drivers owe all other drivers a duty of care: drivers must exercise care to avoid an accident. Likewise, if you visit the hospital with an injury, your doctor owes you a duty of care to ensure that you receive a proper diagnosis and do not suffer more than necessary. On the other hand, a doctor treating a patient down the hall does not owe you a duty of care.
  • Someone breached this duty of care. In a medical malpractice claim, for example, you may claim that the doctor who treated you breached their duty of care to you by providing you with an improper diagnosis, even though they had more than enough evidence and symptoms to diagnose your condition properly. Likewise, if you suffer injuries in a drunk driving accident, the driver who chose to get behind the wheel while inebriated breached his or her duty of care to you.
  • You suffered injuries as a result of the breach. To file a Bronx personal injury claim, you will need to show that you suffered injuries due to the negligence of another party. Those injuries, and the medical expenses associated with them, will typically form the foundation of your claim. For example, if you suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident with a distracted driver, it will likely prove fairly easy for you to establish that you suffered injuries. On the other hand, if you noticed another driver drifting out of his or her lane or running a stop sign due to distraction, and you managed to get out of the way, you cannot file a Bronx personal injury claim simply because the other party almost caused you to suffer injuries.

2. How Much Does a Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Many clients put off contacting an attorney because they worry about the associated costs. In reality, however, hiring an attorney will likely prove far less expensive than you may think. Many clients find that working with an attorney actually increases the compensation that they ultimately receive for their injuries, even after paying all legal fees.

At Dolman Law Group, we start with a free consultation to develop a better understanding of your case and determine whether you have grounds to file a Bronx personal injury claim.

We accept Bronx personal injury clients on a contingent fee basis; instead of paying upfront for the legal services you need, you can pay your bill based on a percentage of the funds you receive in compensation for your injuries. For many clients, this makes legal assistance much more affordable and decreases the stress that they have to deal with during an already-difficult period of their lives.

3. The Insurance Company that Covers the At-Fault Party Offered a Settlement a Few Days After the Accident. Should I Accept It?

When insurance companies cannot reasonably dispute the liability of their insured, they will often try to settle your claim shortly after your accident. In those early days, you may have no idea how much your medical expenses will ultimately cost or even how much your injuries will limit your life going forward.

For example, if you've suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury, your doctors may not be able to tell you how much mobility you might recover for at least six months after your accident. If you suffer severe burns, you may need months of recovery before you fully understand the extent of your medical bills since burns can be very complicated and make it difficult to predict your final medical expenses.

Talk to an attorney before accepting a settlement offer, even if the insurance company tries to convince you that you need to act quickly. An attorney will provide you with a better assessment of exactly how much compensation you should seek and help you determine whether a settlement offer reflects the funds you really need to pay for your medical bills and manage your other expenses during your recovery.

Keep in mind that initial settlement offers often minimize the compensation that the insurance company has to offer. You may find that you need far more compensation than the insurance company initially offers, especially if you suffer severe injuries that will continue to result in high medical costs.

4. How Long Will It Take to Receive Compensation After a Bronx Personal Injury Claim?

Personal Injury Attorney - Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA

A Bronx personal injury claim rarely proves as simple as putting together a demand package and submitting it to the insurance company. Several factors can complicate the process and make it take longer for you to recover adequate compensation for your injuries. Talk to an attorney to learn more about what to expect as you file your Bronx personal injury claim, including an anticipated timeline.


How much money did you request in your demand package? If you suffered severe injuries and, therefore, needed to ask for substantial funds in compensation, it may take longer for you to get your claim approved. On the other hand, if you asked for comparatively minimal compensation, the insurance company may approve your claim faster.

How much evidence does the insurance company or liable party need to review? The more evidence you have relating to your accident, especially if facets of your accident come into question, the longer it may take for you to receive the funds you need.

Evidence may include:

  • Witness testimony about the accident
  • Pictures from the accident
  • Evidence presented by the liable party, often including evidence that may try to prove your claims false
  • Your medical records
  • Independent medical evaluation, if you suffered severe injuries
  • Any video evidence of the accident

In some cases, like those involving accidents with commercial trucks, the insurance company may also need to review driver logs, check the weather, and evaluate the driver's cargo, especially in a shifting load accident. It can take time to consult with expert witnesses, review the evidence, and fully determine fault in a serious accident.

How much time do you need to recover before you know the full extent of your injuries? For many types of injuries, you may not recognize the full extent of your injuries or how those limitations will impact your life long-term until long after the initial accident.

Your attorney may advise you to let your recovery progress before you file a claim. If, for example, you suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may not know how much you can eventually recover until you have had time to go through treatment, manage occupational therapy, and allow your brain time to heal. If you suffered broken bones, you might not know how much mobility you will lose until the casts come off and you have time to go through physical therapy.

By allowing yourself to go through the full treatment process before filing your claim, you can often better shape your demand package and create a more accurate assessment of how much compensation you should expect.

How much negotiation is required? You cannot control the offers the insurance company or liable party will send back to you after you file your demand package. If you get a low settlement offer back in response to your initial demands, you may need to go through several rounds of negotiation before you successfully reach an agreement. Mediation and, ultimately, taking your claim to court can also extend the time it takes to close out your Bronx personal injury claim.

Once you have a signed agreement, the liable party must issue payment on your claim within thirty days.

5. Will I Have to Go to Court to Resolve My Bronx Personal Injury Claim?

Most Bronx personal injury claims settle out of court. Going to court increases the legal expense associated with the claim, and most companies want to avoid litigation. However, a small percentage of claims must go to court to reach satisfactory resolutions. Having an attorney on your side if your claim goes to court can prove critical in helping you successfully maximize your compensation.

6. How Long Does My Bronx Injury Lawyer Have to File My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you have an accident due to another party's negligence, you must file a Bronx personal injury lawsuit in civil court before the statute of limitations runs out. You should consult an attorney as soon as possible to start investigating and building your case. Talk to a lawyer even if some time has passed since your accident and you think you may have missed the deadline. Sometimes, an attorney can find exceptions that will extend the statute of limitations and allow you to file a claim even if you would otherwise have missed your opportunity.

7. If I File a Workers' Compensation Claim, Can I Also File a Personal Injury Claim?

Most of the time, if you file a claim through workers' compensation, you do not also have the right to file a personal injury claim against your employer. You may, however, have grounds for a personal injury claim against your employer if your employer committed gross negligence that led to your injuries—failing to offer adequate safety equipment or to take the precautions needed to keep employees safe, for example. You may also have grounds for a Bronx personal injury claim against someone other than your employer, even if you have already received workers' compensation during your recovery.

Suppose, for example, that you suffered injuries as a construction worker due to an equipment malfunction; a relatively new piece of construction equipment's safety features failed, leading to severe crushing damage and eventual amputation.

While your employer will pay for your workers' compensation while you recover, which usually covers your medical expenses as well as a percentage of your income throughout your recovery, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim against the company that manufactured the equipment that caused your injuries.

Likewise, if you suffered injuries as a driver, you may receive workers' compensation while you're off work and payment of your medical expenses. But if another driver caused the accident, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim against that driver. Consult an experienced Bronx personal injury attorney to learn more about your right to compensation if you suffered injuries in an accident on the job.

Can I Take Steps to Protect My Rights After Being Injured in the Bronx?

Pursuing compensation for your losses is more than gathering evidence and proving negligence. To some extent, it involves what you do in the aftermath of getting hurt. We hope that, by now, you've sought medical care. Then, here are some other considerations that could bolster your claim's outcome: 

Having to attend physical therapy and taking certain medications may not appeal to you. However, both of these things can help you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI). But that's not all. Sticking to your treatment plan shows the other parties that you did everything possible to remedy your injuries. 

If you want to change your treatment plan, talk to your doctor and have it documented in writing. If you fail to follow through with appropriate treatment, the insurance company could accuse you of worsening your condition. 

Document, Document, and Document Some More 

We're not kidding when we say that even the smallest piece of evidence can make or break your case. We recommend keeping everything related to your claim––even a simple response to an email you sent. 

Documentation helps us: 

  • Determine an appropriate amount of compensation
  • Learn how the insurance company has regarded your claim 
  • Prove who (or what) caused your injuries 
  • Build your case in accordance with civil law 

You should keep anything related to cost, your injuries' treatment, and correspondence with the liable insurance provider. 

Keep a Journal Outlining Your Recovery Period 

To truly do your situation justice, we want to know everything about your situation, including your daily pain levels, relationships with others, and missed time from work. All of this information can help us pursue non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering).

Your personal testimony is important. Don't spare any detail when documenting what you remember before, during, and after getting hurt. 

Anthony J. Russo, Jr.
Anthony J. Russo, Jr., New York of Counsel

When you partner with our team, you get more than a personal injury attorney; you get access to resources that could better your situation, such as:

  • Our podcast. Our podcast covers a range of topics, including how to prepare for litigation and what you should do after a car accident. 
  • Our FAQ page. You undoubtedly have questions about your legal options. We've got you covered with our comprehensive FAQ page. Here, you can get answers to some of your most pressing questions, including: “What if I don't know who caused my accident?”
  • Our YouTube channel. Want to learn more about partnering with our firm? Look no further than our YouTube channel. We have over 50 videos about nearly every aspect of the legal process, including how long your injury claim may last
  • A free case review. When you connect with our team, you can ask us anything about your situation, including whether you have a case and how much you can recover. You can also explore the possibility of partnering with our injury attorneys serving the Bronx. 

These are just some of the resources we offer injured claimants. We will provide resources tailored to meet your situation's needs. 

When You Need a Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer, Trust Dolman Law Group

Did you suffer injuries due to the negligence of another party? Do you have grounds for a Bronx personal injury claim or questions about how to file one? Do you want to understand your legal rights better?

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