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March 8, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

If you were injured in a Doral motor vehicle crash caused by someone else's negligence or recklessness, you need an experienced Doral car accident lawyer at Dolman Law Group fighting for you. We know how important it is for victims to obtain the compensation they deserve, so we provide aggressive legal counsel and representation. We offer free, no-obligation case evaluation and will never charge legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf.

Car accidents are one of the common causes of serious injuries throughout Florida. In many cases, victims sustain serious injuries that significantly damage nearly every aspect of their life—often through no fault of their own. Sometimes these injuries are so severe they result in long-term medical issues that prevent victims from earning a living or engaging in everyday tasks they once took for granted.

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We serve the city of Doral, neighboring cities, and surrounding areas such as Hialeah, Miami Springs, Westchester, Sweetwater, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Opa-Locka, and Miami Gardens. We are located within minutes of Miami International Airport.

We can meet with you virtually, in your home, or even in your hospital room. Your energy should be focused on your recovery, not completing paperwork and negotiating with aggressive insurance adjusters. Our mission is to make the entire legal process as easy as possible for you during this time. Call us today!

Car Crash Lawyers Doral

Why Choose a Doral Car Accident Lawyer at Dolman Law Group?

The Doral car accident lawyers at Dolman Law Group have a combined 115+ years of experience and have collected in excess of $175 million for those injured as a result of the negligence exhibited by an individual or corporation. Our experienced injury lawyers have handled practically every conceivable fact pattern related to a car accident injury claim. We have represented over 7000 injury victims, many of whom sustained severe injuries.

Our Doral Car Accident Attorneys are Known For Litigation Success

Not all personal injury law firms are the same, and it is important to note that all car insurance companies keep detailed notes about the lawyers they routinely deal with.

Before selecting a Doral auto accident attorney, be sure to research their skills and credentials. Matthew Dolman is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for results in excess of $1 million and $2 million, respectively. He has been selected by his colleagues as a Florida Superlawyer and one of Florida's Legal Elite lawyers on numerous occasions. Stanley Gipe is a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer. This means that he is considered an expert in the discipline of trial practice.

Insurance carriers are well aware of which law firms are known for settling easily and leaving money on the table as opposed to the firms that aggressively litigate and take car accident cases to trial when necessary. We will not settle early and leave money on the table for motor vehicle accident victims. If you have sustained a severe injury, you only get one shot.

Dolman Law Group's Car Accident Case Results

How Much is My Doral Car Accident Case Worth?

Every accident is different, and every set of injuries is unique to that victim. As such, there is no pre-set or determined amount that a given case is worth. The ultimate value of your case will depend upon many factors, from your own behavior to the quality and care of your legal representation. The car accident lawyers at The Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA (hereinafter referred to as "Dolman Law Group") will fight tenaciously to get you the compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

While no credible lawyer can guarantee a certain amount for a case, and a prospective consumer should not consider a past result as indicative of future success, examples of our results in vehicular accidents include:

  • $1.58 million for a woman who suffered two herniated discs in a vehicular accident after the insurance company initially offered $62,000.
  • $1 million for a man who sustained a SLAP tear in his shoulder, herniated discs, and post-concussive syndrome following a car crash.
  • $1.75 million for a client who suffered a partially torn rotator cuff and a mild traumatic brain injury in a semi-truck accident. The client had been previously offered $265,000 before the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA attorneys discovered improper maintenance on the truck.

What Can an Experienced Doral Car Accident Lawyer Do for You?

A car accident attorney has one job—to represent you. A car crash is a traumatic event, and it cannot only have far-reaching effects, but the medical and legal processes that follow can be confusing and stressful. Our experienced Doral car accident lawyers are familiar with the necessary procedures and can walk you through them, sometimes directing you toward help you may not have even known was available.

In the event of an insurance claim or legal action following a car crash, there may be several parties with interest in the case, including:

  • The other driver
  • Their insurance company
  • Your insurance company
  • A company that owns the vehicle being driven
  • A company's mechanics
  • The vehicle's manufacturer

Among all these other involved parties, your lawyer is looking out for you.

Florida is one of several states with no-fault insurance laws. Florida drivers carry insurance known as a Personal Injury Protection policy, or PIP, to cover themselves in the event of an accident. That means if you are involved in a car accident, you must seek compensation from your own insurance company. They will assign an adjuster to the case whose job is to minimize the payouts made on behalf of the company. Not only might you need a lawyer to help protect your legal rights from outside parties, but you may also need one to help you deal with your own insurance company.

Florida's no-fault insurance laws don't preclude an accident victim from potentially seeking additional compensation from the other driver, their employer, the vehicle manufacturer, or others in the case of serious injury. That's why the help of an experienced car accident attorney can be so important in navigating this often-complicated system.

Where Do Doral Car Accidents Occur?

Doral is located within Miami-Dade County, and its close proximity to the Miami International Airport makes it a prime hub for many tourists and other Floridians. It is a desirable place to live as well, and Money Magazine even ranked Doral as No.22 in their top 50 cities to live in the United States.

In one recent year, more than 65,000 car accidents occurred in the Miami-Dade County area, including Doral. These accidents resulted in 31,698 injuries and nearly 300 fatalities.

Many of these car accidents occurred on busy streets, freeways, and intersections in Doral, including:

  • Ronald Regan Turnpike
  • NW 41st Street
  • NW 74th Street
  • SR 836 Dolphin Expressway
  • Palmetto Expressway
  • Doral Boulevard
  • NW 36th Street
  • SR 948

Many Doral Car Crashes Result From Driver Negligence

Under Florida law, people are typically entitled to compensation for their accident-related losses when the negligence of others injures them in auto accidents. In personal injury law, negligence refers to a person's failure to apply the degree of care that a reasonable person under the same or similar circumstances would ordinarily use. In addition, a legal doctrine known as negligence per se would hold negligent any person whose violation of the law resulted in the type of harm the law was designed to prevent.

Common examples of driver negligence that often results in Doral injury-causing accidents include:

  • Speeding - It's one of the most common citations for a reason. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that speeding is involved in almost a third of all motor vehicle accidents resulting in fatalities across the last two decades.
  • Distracted driving - This is an increasingly prevalent problem in Doral as drivers now have more than the radio, other passengers, and the sights around them to pull their focus. Now, cellphone texting, calls, internet, and social media access are the worst causes of distracted driving.
  • Following other vehicles too closely - Also sometimes referred to as tailgating. Failing to maintain a safe following distance between vehicles can result in a rear-end collision if the lead car must stop or slow down suddenly.
  • Ignoring stop signs and traffic lights - T-bone accidents and other serious crashes can result when a driver fails to observe signage or direction from the traffic lights at an intersection.
  • Impaired driving - Drunk driving is the most commonly considered form of impaired driving, which also includes driving under the influence of drugs, some legal prescription medications, or with a diagnosed medical condition such as seizures or extreme narcolepsy.
  • Improper turns - This can include failing to follow traffic signs, illegal U-turns, turning left on a green light without checking oncoming traffic, or making a right turn on red without yielding to a driver with a green light.
  • Driving too fast for conditions - The posted speed limit may be inadequate in a case where the road is wet, slippery, or frozen or where visibility has been significantly reduced by fog or other weather events.
  • Failing to signal lane changes - It's simple enough, but drivers who change lanes without signaling their intentions risk colliding with other vehicles.

Determining negligence or a violation of the law on the part of a driver may require significant legal analysis, so victims must take the time to review their cases with an experienced lawyer.

Doral Auto Accidents Can Cause a Variety of Serious Injuries

Doral Auto Accident Lawyers

People can sustain extremely serious injuries in car accidents in the Doral area. Common auto wreck injuries are described in detail below:

  • Traumatic brain injuries in Doral - Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, often strike when a person's head slams into the dashboard, the windshield, or any other part of the vehicle, and can also take place when accidents throw occupants from vehicles and into the ground or other objects. When severe, TBIs can result in long-term cognitive issues and may even result in persistent vegetative states.
  • Whiplash - Whiplash is the term for damage to the soft tissue in the neck: muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These injuries can occur from exactly the kind of sudden change in direction or violent jolt that occurs when vehicles collide. This type of injury can be painful, persistent, and may not even be evident immediately after the crash.
  • Herniated discs - If your back is jarred or twisted in an accident, the fluid-filled discs between the vertebrae of your spine may become displaced or even ruptured. This can lead to intense and even chronic pain, which may require surgical repairs.
  • Spinal cord injuries - Spinal cord injuries take place when trauma to the spinal cord or column disrupts the flow of communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Incomplete spinal cord injuries (where there is still some communication) can result in issues like weakness, pins and needles, lost range of motion, and numbness. In complete spinal cord injuries, communication completely shuts off, paralyzing victims below the sites of their injuries.
  • Knee trauma - A crash often damages the bones as well as the tender ligaments and tendons of the knee due to the driver's or passenger's legs' close proximity to the doors, dashboard, and steering column.
  • Broken bones - The forces involved in most motor vehicle accidents can easily break bones in the human body. As a result, many car accident victims suffer broken arms, legs, or ribs. In cases involving head trauma, victims can even sustain facial fractures that require extensive cosmetic surgeries to treat.
  • Internal bleeding - This is one of the most insidious and potentially dangerous injuries you can suffer in a crash. Internal bleeding may not always be accompanied by immediate pain but can be dangerous and even life-threatening. This is why it is paramount that you seek immediate medical treatment after an accident—not just to make sure all your injuries are documented for legal purposes, but to make sure you actually know the true extent of those injuries and have them treated as soon as possible.

Reported Car Accidents Involving Injuries in Doral


Doral Area Motor Vehicle Accident Data

According to information collected by Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), motor vehicle accidents continue to plague Miami-Dade County and Doral city streets.

The latest motor vehicle accident statistics for Miami-Dade County, which contains the city of Doral, are:

  • 65,143 total crashes
  • 298 deaths
  • 31,698 injuries

The FLHSMV cites the following actions as common causes of Doral and Miami-Dade County accidents:

  • Disregarding road markings and traffic signs
  • Exceeding posted speed limits and driving too fast for road/weather conditions
  • Following too closely and other forms of aggressive driving
  • Improper passing

Protecting Your Rights After a Doral Car Accident

Your actions in the minutes, days, and weeks immediately following a Doral car accident can dramatically alter how much compensation you ultimately recover. You can maximize your chances of recovering compensation for all of your losses by:

  • Remaining polite, exchanging information, but not apologizing - After an accident, exchange information with the other driver(s). Get names and insurance information. While it's polite to apologize after bumping into someone at the grocery store with a cart, the same does not hold true after a car accident—the other parties could construe that as an admission of fault. For this reason, remain polite to the other drivers involved but do not apologize for the accident.
  • Seek medical attention - Even if you can walk away and do not think you suffered particularly serious injuries, failing to seek medical attention will deprive you of an official record of your injuries, which can make recovering compensation much more difficult. In addition, your injuries may worsen with time, making them more severe than you initially thought. Thus, start treatments right away.
  • Take photos of the accident scene - If you can do so safely, take photographs of the damage to your car and the surrounding accident scene. The position of the vehicles in the wreck, their location on the road, tire skid marks, and other visual evidence may help to validate your account of the crash with the insurance adjuster or if your case goes to trial.
  • Gather witnesses - If any other drivers or nearby pedestrians saw the accident occur, approach them for their names and phone numbers. They can be essential in corroborating your account of the incident.
  • Get a police report - It's imperative to contact the police immediately following an accident, but your responsibilities don't end there. Get the names and badge numbers of the responding officers for future reference, and obtain a copy of the accident report when it is made available. If you are unable to gather this important information, your car crash lawyer at Dolman Law Group can request everything on your behalf.
  • Refrain from social media posts - In a time when people post nearly everything on social media, including pictures of their lunch, a vehicular accident seems like a noteworthy event worth sharing. But remember that anything you say on social media can be held against you, just the same as anything you might say to the other involved driver or witnesses at the accident scene. Do yourself a favor, just don't post anything.
  • Hire an auto accident attorney - As an accident victim, the most effective way to protect your legal rights is to call a lawyer as soon as you can. If you wait to hire an attorney, you risk losing important evidence for your case. Also, insurance companies often take advantage of victims who have not retained legal counsel by making unreasonably low settlement offers or engaging in tactics designed to frustrate and delay.

Frequently Asked Questions: Doral Car Accidents

The Dolman Law Group receives inquiries about motor vehicle accidents across a wide array of situations. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I know if I need a Doral car accident lawyer?

It is your legal right as an American to represent yourself in insurance claims and even in a court of law—but that doesn't make it the best idea. Many people you will be interacting with, including representatives from your insurance company as well as attorneys for the other driver, have been trained for these situations and may have years of expertise in minimizing settlements. You will not be as prepared as they are without a lawyer by your side. Since our case consultations are free, you have nothing to lose by meeting with one of our experienced car accident lawyers.

Will I have to go to court in Doral?

Possibly, but probably not. The majority of Miami-Dade County cases are resolved with the insurance company before the case goes to trial, although having an experienced car accident lawyer can help you receive the damages to which you are legally entitled from all the responsible parties. Doral residents can rest assured we are experienced in handling car accident claims in both a pre-suit and litigation context.

Should I accept my insurance company's settlement?

The primary goal of an insurance adjuster is to minimize the damages his company must pay. It can be tempting to settle for an immediate check in your hand, in the hopes of avoiding the stress and delays of potential litigation. But you may be accepting an amount far below what you are legally entitled to receive. You may still need costly medical attention for injuries that persist or worsen or secondary expenses you haven't yet considered. That's why adjusters are often eager to settle quickly and why you may need an experienced car accident lawyer familiar with the system to look out for your best interests.

How is fault determined in a Doral car collision?

In the case of some auto accidents, the faulty party is obvious—a driver under the influence of alcohol crashes into your legally parked car, for instance. Other situations may not be so clear. The police report may include some suggestion of who was at fault; insurance investigators or private investigators employed by your attorney may examine the evidence; and ultimately, if a case goes to trial, a judge may make the determination.

The state of Florida follows a pure comparative fault system, which means your partial liability may be factored into the damages but will not prevent you from receiving compensation. For example, if a judge decides that you are 25 percent at fault because you failed to use a turn signal or didn't properly slow down for hazardous road conditions, you would be entitled to 75 percent of the total damages awarded.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit after a Doral auto accident?

Statutes of limitation vary from state to state. In Florida, you have four years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit and five years to file a claim against your own insurance. It's not wise to wait, however. During the time between the incident and the mounting of the legal case, evidence can go missing, or witnesses may move, among other factors that could make a successful argument more difficult. If you are a Doral resident, our office is conveniently located near the heart of downtown and accessible to all.

What is vicarious liability?

Vicarious liability means that the owner of the other car involved in the accident may have liability even if they weren't personally behind the wheel. According to Florida law, the owner can be held responsible if they lend their vehicle to a negligent driver. This is pertinent to a personal injury case because it means you can potentially seek damages from both the driver and the vehicle owner.

Call Dolman Law Group Today to Speak with a Doral Car Accident Lawyer Who Will Fight For You

Car accidents often leave victims with substantial economic and non-economic losses, including medical expenses, lost income, reduced quality of life, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. For this reason, people who were involved in a crash must take steps to protect their legal rights. Reach out to a Doral personal injury attorney at Dolman Law Group now.

At Dolman Law Group, a Doral car accident lawyer will review the facts of your case at no cost to you and do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve under Florida law. To schedule a free consultation with one of our compassionate advocates, call Dolman Law Group today at 833-552-7274 (833-55-CRASH) or send us an email through our online contact form.

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