Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA Case Results

$5 Million

Car Accident Resulting in Burn Injuries

Practice Area: Car Accident

Date: Confidential per terms of the settlement agreement.
Outcome: $5,000,000.00
Description: Our client was struck in a violent rear-end car accident. Their vehicle ended up striking the guardrail and burst into flames. During the car accident, our client sustained burn injuries to more than 40% of their body.  As a result, they were hospitalized for approximately three months and underwent thirteen (13) surgical procedures, including skin grafts, operations on their right hand, and homografts. Their treating physician documented that they would require at least twelve future medical procedures which include additional skin grafts.

$3.85 Million

Semi-truck Accident Resulting in Brain Injury

Practice Area: Truck Accident

Date: November 2018
Practice Area: Truck Accident
Description: A semi-truck rammed into our client’s vehicle resulting in significant spinal injuries.  Our client underwent a two-level cervical fusion and then a three-level anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) to correct spinal instability.  He also sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) resulting in a cognitive deficit.

$3.2 Million

Semi-truck Accident Resulting in Brain Injury

Practice Area: Truck Accident

Date: Confidential
Outcome: $3,200,000.00
Description: Confidential. Case was resolved in pre-trial mediation.

$1.75 Million

Shoulder Surgery With Mild TBI

Practice Area: Truck Accident

Date: July, 2015
Outcome: $1,750,000.00
Description: Client sustained a partially torn rotator cuff and a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) after being struck by a semi-truck on I-275 in St. Petersburg. The highest offer to his previous law firm was $265,000.00. After retaining Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we filed a lawsuit and through discovery discovered that the truck had not been properly maintained.

$1.58 Million

Auto Accident Resulting In Two Herniated Discs Impinging On The Spinal Cord

Practice Area: Auto Accident

Date: August 10, 2017
Outcome: $1,580,000.00
Description: The insurance carrier offered $62,000.00 prior to our filing of a lawsuit in Pasco County, Florida. In fact, their position was that our forty-seven year old client had prior cervical disc injuries and they believed that the 3-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) was unrelated to the car accident in question since she had previously treated for neck pain with a physical therapist three years before the car wreck. My client also sustained a serious back injury in her New Port Richey car accident for which she underwent two separate epidural steroidal injections (ESI) in her lumbar spine along with a rhizotomy (radio frequency ablation0 at two levels. She had previously undergone a series of epidural steroidal injections to her neck during treatment for a prior automobile accident. However, our client had not treated for fourteen months prior to her most recent motor vehicle collision. Thus, our position was that if her chronic neck injuries were so serious in nature, she would have undergone surgery prior to this car accident claim. We made use of a life care planner who estimated that the cost of future medical treatment would amount to $435,000.00 and the loss of future income due to her inability to continue employment as a respiratory therapist based on lifting restrictions going forward amounted to $350,000.00. These pieces of evidence, along with aggressive and smart litigation, resulted in a verdict for $1.58 million.

$1.4 Million

Motorcycle Accident Resulting in Multiple Serious Injuries

Practice Area: Motorcycle Accident

Date: Confidential
Outcome: $1,400,000.00
Description: Confidential. Case was resolved in pre-trial mediation.

$1 Million

Car Accident Resolution

Practice Area: Car Accident

Date: Oct 01, 2014
Outcome: $1,000,000.00
Description: Our client sustained a SLAP tear in his left shoulder and a broad-based disc herniation at C4 and C5 with corresponding bilateral radiculopathy. He underwent successful surgical intervention via a shoulder scope and a one-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). In addition, he also suffered from post-concussive syndrome. After 14 months of litigation, the case was resolved shortly before trial during mediation for $1,000,000.

$1 Million

Father Killed in Rideshare Vehicle

Practice Area: Wrongful Death

Date: 2018
Outcome: $1,000,000.00
Description: In early 2018, a young man was riding in the back of a rideshare vehicle in Georgia. The driver of his vehicle and the driver of another vehicle both raced towards an intersection trying to beat the red light. Unfortunately, in a tragic turn of events, the cars collided at a very high rate of speed; the biggest force of the impact happened exactly where the young man was seated. He was immediately taken to the ER but his injuries were so severe that he tragically passed away at the hospital.

His wife, who was in Fort Lauderdale, contacted our firm immediately. She had been previously represented by one of our staff members when they worked at another law firm and had saved the cell phone number (we always give our personal cell numbers to clients so they know they can get us in case of emergencies). She was distraught and had no idea what to do. We called her in for an immediate consultation and we began to go over what happened.

Because the crash happened in Georgia, but the family lived in Florida, the case became complicated. We decided that the best course of action was to open the estate of the deceased in Broward County, Florida; since this is where the deceased victim resided. Second, we had to proceed with the actions relating to the crash which we would need to bring to Georgia. We contacted one of our preferred trial attorneys in Georgia and immediately filed the wrongful death lawsuit. After several months of litigation, we procured a partial settlement of $1,000,000 for the family of the deceased. The case is still open as we investigate and pursue additional responsible parties for their role in the wrongful death.

We encourage our clients, friends, and their family members to save the personal cell numbers of all of the staff members of our firm when they are working on a case with us. We hope you’ll never need us, but you’ll be happy that you do if that time comes.

We are a personal injury law firm, but we provide world class service that is unparalleled in our industry.

Responsible Attorney for this case: Brent F. Sibley

– Case Result from Sister Firm: Sibley Dolman

$939 Thousand

Rideshare Case w/ Maximum Results

Practice Area: Rideshare Injuries

Date: 2015
Outcome: $939,000.00
Description: In early 2015, a very nice young man was riding in the backseat of a rideshare vehicle in North Carolina when they were violently T-Boned by a drunk driver going way too fast. The ambulance came to the scene and our client was taken to the ER. He was treated for various injuries but cleared later that same day.  However, he soon started to feel significant shoulder, neck, and lower back pain. He also started to suffer from horrible headaches.

This client originally hired an attorney in North Carolina to help him. However, after 2 months he still had not even spoken to his attorney, instead he got the run-around from office staff who seemed to be totally unaware about his case. Luckily for him, his facebook settings were still set to Brickell, since he had recently lived there. He saw THIS EXACT POST later that year and contacted Sibley Law right away.  Brent Sibley received his email and was on the phone with him within 30 minutes. Together they terminated the original law firm who had never even picked up a pencil on his case.

Soon, we were able to negotiate a settlement with the drunk driver’s insurance company for his policy limits of $100,000. Luckily, the ride-sharing company carried 1 Million of underinsured motorist company, so we prepared our claim for the underinsured motorist benefits. Around the same time, this client relocated back to South Florida so he could focus on his medical treatment. He required shoulder surgery and many injections to his lumbar spine. He was recommended for a spine surgery and was also diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury.

Brent Sibley successfully brought the lawsuit for insurance benefits in Broward County even though the crash happened in another state. This was a big battle that we won. After that, the next step was getting the case set for trial, and we got a late 2018 trial date.  When the insurance company showed up to mediation, they had not properly prepared and did not know about the brain injury element of the case, so they did not bring enough money to settle the case.  We politely turned our backs on them and prepared for trial.

However, one month before trial, we issued them a “Last Chance” demand letter, giving them one final chance to pay the policy limits before trial. The deadline for the letter was 5PM on a Friday. Sure enough, on that friday afternoon, at 3PM, we recieved a call that the insurance company wanted to pay the maximum policy for the case.  Because the crash happened in North Carolina, their law applies for the calculation of insurance benefits, which is not as friendly as Florida. Under North Carolina law, the insurance company is allowed a deduction for the at-fault insurance payments made, as well as any payments made to other people in our vehicle. So since the drunk driver had paid $100,000 to us as well as $50,000 to another passenger, they were able to get a reduction in those amounts. The rideshare insurance company also paid $11,000 extra to one passenger to finish her claim, leaving a total of $839,000 of Underinsured Motorist (UM) benefits available for our client. This is the amount the rideshare insurance company agreed to tender to us for the settlement of the claim.

It took a long time, just over three years, but in the end this client will be getting every single penny that he was entitled to receive. Hard work, determiantion, and perseverance pays off.

– Case Result from Sister Firm: Sibley Dolman

$775 Thousand

Full Recovery for Father & Son

Practice Area: Car Accident

Date: 2016
Outcome: $775,000.00
Description: In late 2016 a father and son were driving back from a days work at a local Broward shopping mall. While stopped at a red light, a large pickup up truck slammed into the rear of their small SUV, causing significant property damage. When getting out of the vehicle, the father immediately noticed major bruising on his knees and was hardly able to walk. He was worried that he had broken his legs. The ambulance came to the scene and took him to Memorial Hospital West. Luckily he was cleared from broken legs, but later that night he started having substantial lower back , or lumbar pain. His son was not treated at the hospital but also started to feel pain, but in his neck or cervical spine. 

Within a couple days, they both started treatment at a spine specialists office near their home. The father was diagnosed with herniated discs in the lower back and the son was diagnosed with a bulging disc in his neck. The son was given therapy and one injection for his bulging disc which helped greatly with his pain. The father was given therapy and an injection, but it did not help him. Soon after he went back for a surgical consultation which he ultimately decided to get.

We tried to play nice with the company who caused the crash and their insurance company, however, they totally ignored our requests. So, of course, we filed a lawsuit quickly in order to force the issue. They finally responded and hired two law firms to represent them. As soon as possible, we obtained a trial date for mid 2018. Shortly thereafter, we scheduled a mediation. At the mediation, Brent Sibley presented a powerful argument to the company and their insurance company. Ultimately both cases were settled. The father’s case was settled for $650,000 and the sons case for $125,000. Being very recent immigrants, these clients did not have any ideas how to proceed after a car crash. Luckily, Brent Sibley had on ongoing referral relationship with their immigration attorney who immediately told the men to contact Brent Sibley.

– Case Result from Sister Firm: Sibley Dolman

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