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411-Pain, Ask Gary and Other Lawyer Referral Services – Are They Legitimate or Necessary?

Truth writen in lie detector strokes with the truth about 411 pain and other legal referral rervices

We have all heard them a hundred times. The TV and radio advertisements for 411-pain where the spokesperson claims that by calling their number you can be connected with an attorney who can help you and your family after an…


PIP: 14-Day Rule and the Emergency Medical Condition

PIP Lawyers in Florida

In the 2012 Florida Legislative session, the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) statute was extensively amended (under House Bill 119); the laws officially went into effect in 2013. And although this may seem like old news, three years has still not…


Accidents Caused by Defective Gas Pedals

Car Accident Lawyers in New Port Richey

Cars and trucks are made up of a variety of essential parts, one of which is the gas pedal. The gas pedal allows you to accelerate and move your vehicle down the road and without it, there would be practically…


I was Hurt On Another’s Property. What are My Options?

Premise Liability Lawyers in Florida

Sometimes, accidents happen and you get hurt on another person’s property. This can occur at a friend’s house, at an establishment, or even while away on vacation. These times are supposed to be enjoyable and the last thing you want…


Do I need an Attorney for a PIP Claim in Florida?

PIP Lawyers in Florida

There are a variety of rules and requirements surrounding PIP coverage and your ability to recover under a PIP policy. PIP policies also come with limits and restrictions on the amounts you can recover. Navigating the ins and outs of…


Morgan & Morgan Commercial Criticized for Letting the Jury in on a Secret

Car Accident Lawyers in Florida

When it comes to the court of law and the general public, the two intermingle in interesting and diverse ways. Most people are not legal experts, but they know enough about the laws that affect their life to make reasonable…


Why Your Cellphone is Your Best—and Worst—Friend

Distracted Driving Lawyers in Florida

The advent of the smartphone has no doubt been a great leap for mankind. Technology grows exponentially, and the smartphone has been no different. But there are consequences to new technologies, new ways of doing things, new ways of behaving….


Gratuitous Payments Made to MRI Facilities Can Get You Paid Even When Benefits are Exhausted

Insurance Lawyers in Florida

At the Dolman Law Group, we take great pride in making sure that every “Benefits Exhausted” claim by an insurance company is completely true. We do this by personally reviewing all payments to all other medical providers, other than yours…


Samsung Recalls 1 Million Galaxy Note 7 Phones

Product Liability Lawyers in Florida

Samsung, the maker of the Galaxy Note 7 cell phone, has officially decided to recall all 1 million sold models of the phone due to their tendency to catch fire. Here’s the scenario: you lay down with your partner and…