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Is a Personal Injury Claim for a Concussion Possible?

Man with ice bag for headaches, migraines ,hangover and injury

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head or a sudden, violent shaking of the head. Many believe that concussions are not serious injuries because they happen frequently in sports. In fact, the…


Investigating a Florida Trip and Fall Accident

Fallen Man

Most of us have tripped and fallen at some point in our lives. These accidents are often the result of simple clumsiness or carelessness, and generally do not result in serious injury. Unfortunately, trip and fall accidents are capable of…


Florida Bicycle Accident Injuries

People Cycling Bike Commuting

Bicycle accident injuries in Florida happen with great frequency. There are several factors that put Florida in the top five states in the number of bike crashes. Florida is a year round bicycle riding state. The state contains a vast…


Independence Day Fireworks Laws and Safety Guideline

Fireworks background for 4th of July Independense Day

It is that time of year again, the 4th of July weekend is here! Surprisingly, July 4th has only been a national holiday in the United States since 1941, however, the practice of Independence Day festivities goes back to the…


Children’s Traumatic Brain Injury

Sad young boy with bandage on his head

A devastating and life altering event in parenting is when a children’s traumatic brain injury happens. These TBI’s can swiftly turn a life of innocence and promise into one of dependency, learning difficulties, physical impairment and sometimes institutionalization. In addition…


DUI Accident Injury Liability Claims

A beer bottle on its side with handcuff and car key.

A person who is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) in the State of Florida faces criminal charges. If that impaired driver causes an accident resulting in property damage, injury or death, civil charges may…


Clearwater Motor Vehicle Accidents and the Negligence Per Se Doctrine

car crash accident on street, damaged automobiles after collisio

Motor vehicle accidents are among the most common source of accidental injury in Florida and the rest of the United States. Driving a car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle is an inherently dangerous activity, and drivers owe each other and…


How Do You Hold a Cruise Ship Company Liable for Injuries?

06.26.2015 by | Maritime Law

Cruise ship.

Cruises are often a fun way to vacation for the entire family, as cruise ships have become a mecca of amenities and activities that you may never imagine would fit on a single ship. Zip lines, rock climbing walls, water…


Defective Medical Devices Can Cause Injuries


Many different types of consumer products can be defective and cause injury to users. Medical products are produced and marketed to help ill or injured patients improve their health and quality of life. For this reason, when a doctor suggests…


Lesser Known Mirena IUD Side Effects

close up of patient and doctor taking notes

The Mirena IUD, a birth control device used by millions of women worldwide, is marketed by Bayer as a safe and effective way to avoid pregnancy. The device is inserted by a doctor into the uterus of women who have…