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How Is Diffusion Tensor Imaging Used in a Personal Injury Case?

diffusion tensor imaging brain injury florida attorney

This is an exciting time in the technology and medical industry. Unfortunately, that leaves most of us constantly busy trying to keep up with all the new technological advances out there. The medical practitioners also are playing catch up with…


What Is the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine?

swimming pool clearwater florida attorney

With the summer heat quickly approaching in Florida, people are breaking out their sunscreen and bathing suits. For most Floridians, there is nothing more enjoyable than cooling off in a pool. However, as relaxing as the pool is, it also…


What Steps Should I Take After An Accident That Was Not My Fault?


Making a wrong decision about what to do following a car accident can be detrimental to a personal injury case. Below are the proper steps to take if you are involved in an accident.   What Steps Should I Take After…


Victims of Sexual Assault at an Apartment Complex May Have a Premise Liability Claim

apartment complex liability florida attorney

Florida Statute § 83.51(2)(a) specifically requires a landlord to make reasonable provision for locks and keys and for the safe condition of common areas. A landlord’s violation of the act is at least evidence of negligence. Bennett v. Mattison, 382…


Low Visibility Leads to Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Accident Forensics

Just a few days ago there was a horrific accident in Greensboro, North Carolina that unfortunately left a motorcyclist dead. On Friday morning, March 20th, at around 6:30AM, the driver of a GMC pickup truck, 56-year-old Tony Ray Allen, collided…


Who Is Negligent In Multi-Car Collisions? [Infographic]

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Who Is Responsible For A Private Contractor’s Mistake?


Private contractors are employed in all types of businesses from Hospitals to Hotels. There are a number of reasons why it may be advantageous to hire a private contractor rather than maintaining the position in-house. Some companies employ private contractors…


Tips For Driving In The Rain

driving in rain tips florida attorney

Despite being known as the Sunshine State, Florida is actually one of the leading states in the U.S. for rainfall each year. Additionally, rain is a contributing factor in thousands of automobile accidents (and accompanying injuries) each year. Below are…


Workplace Burn Injury Blamed On Chevron’s Negligence

Horrible burns on female hand on white background

On March 22nd, 2014, oil rig worker and Louisiana resident Kennedy Tasker was finishing up a job near the Gulf of Mexico. When instructed to cut a large, thought-to-be empty pipe, he hopped aboard a fixed platform and positioned himself…


Car Crash Caused by Fast Food…?

Charming Businesswoman Eating And Holding A Drinking Cup While D

Fast food has helped the people of the world keep up with the undying pace of modern life. Because of the often-convenient location of chain restaurants and the justifiably low prices of the food within them, it’s easy to understand…