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411-Pain, Ask Gary and Other Lawyer Referral Services – Are They Legitimate or Necessary?

Truth writen in lie detector strokes with the truth about 411 pain and other legal referral rervices

We have all heard them a hundred times. The TV and radio advertisements for 411-pain where the spokesperson claims that by calling their number you can be connected with an attorney who can help you and your family after an…


Why You Don’t Want Points On Your Florida License

Car Accident Lawyers in Florida

In many aspects of life, collecting points can be a positive. When it comes to your driver’s license, this is not the case. The Basics of Driver’s License Points The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (the DMV)…


Why You Should Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage

PIP Lawyers in Florida

Most of us are not insurance experts, nor do we give very much thought to exactly what kind of coverage we have. To be frank, insurance, no matter where you are is quite complicated and not the easiest thing to…


New Trucker Regulations for 2017 May Help Improve Overall Safety

Truck Accident Lawyers in Florida

2017 may turn out to be a major year for the safety and security of all federal highway users. Since practically all Americans, almost without exception, use or have a loved one who uses the federal highway system, the most…


Motor Vehicle Safety Checklist for 2017

Car Accident Lawyers in Clearwater

With the start of the new year, it is as good a time as any to make sure that your car or truck is in good repair and able to handle any emergency situation. With Florida no longer requiring annual…


5 Tips to a More Successful Injury Claim

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

When you are involved in an accident, so many things happen in a short period of time. Between being treated for your injuries, dealing with the insurance companies, answering questions from the police, and of course, dealing with the shock,…


Be Careful of the Message You Send to Your Insurer

01.16.2017 by | St Petersburg

Car Accident Attorneys in St. Petersburg, Florida

When you are in a car accident in Florida, you must file a claim with your own insurance company under your mandatory Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy that is required by Florida law. Since you pay premiums, you may assume that…


Health Insurance Claim Form and Personal Injury Protection; Which boxes need to be checked?

Car Accident Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida

All too often I am asked questions in such as “What can I do to make sure my claim does not get rejected” The very basic answer to that question is, insurance companies are going to reject some of your…


Avoiding Accidental Injury in 2017

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

A new year is often used as an opportunity to take stock of your situation and make changes in order to live a healthier and happier life. “Exercising more” and “losing weight” come to mind when considering popular New Year’s…


What About My Lost Wages?

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Clearwater

One of the most commonly miscalculated and continuing issues with worker’s compensation claims is the receipt of what are called indemnity benefits. In representing those injured on the job, absolutely every effort must be made to ensure the injured employee…


Medical Malpractice Damages – How much is a Plaintiff entitled to receive?

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Florida

Medical malpractice claims, as well as the damages that are sustained due to malpractice, are widely debated topics in our country today. The points of some contention are whether the provider was responsible for the injuries, the cost of medical…