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The Most Common Construction Site Injuries

Common Construction Site Injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) [1] enforces regulations that aim to keep workplaces safe for employees. When you go to work each day, you should be able to trust that your work environment is safe and that you will…


Commercial Vehicles May Pose Unique Risks To Other Motorists

Trucks Are Dangerous To Motorists

Commercial trucks[1] and other vehicles are often designed to perform highly specialized functions that are often essential to everyday life. For example, garbage trucks in many areas are equipped with lifting arms that allow them to pick up dumpsters with…


Clearwater Playground Injuries Can Be Severe

Playground Injury & Premises Liability

Like any major American city, Clearwater and the surrounding areas have thousands of public and private playgrounds that local children use on a daily basis. These facilities can be excellent resources for parents and children alike, allowing often high-energy children…


Information About TBI Second Impact Syndrome

Second Impact Syndrome

Any instance of traumatic brain injury (TBI) has the potential to be devastating. However, TBI victims can suffer substantially more serious symptoms if they are the victim of second impact syndrome (SIS). Second impact syndrome can occur when a TBI…


Breaking Down Negligence in a Line-of-Sight Accident

Line of Site Accident Analysis

Vision obstructions are a real hazard. More than once I’ve found myself stopped before an unsettling intersection, or carefully navigating through a section of road(s) that bears characteristics or conditions which can make an automobile accident more likely to occur….


After Crash, Clearwater Semi-Truck Catches Fire on U.S. 19

Clearwater Semi-Truck Fire

A crash at U.S. 19 and Harn Boulevard early Wednesday morning left all lanes of traffic closed for many hours. Involving a semi-truck, the crash occurred when the driver mistakenly drove over the center median of the highway, causing the…


Driving While Under The Influence of Marijuana?

Driving While Stoned on Pot

It’s been known for ages in the medical world that smoking marijuana possesses incomparable health benefits. It seems to have taken a while, but many states in the U.S. are legalizing marijuana in one form or the other, mostly for…


When Is It Worse To Speed: Day or Night?

Speeding & Auto Accidents

It’s a thrill that kills. As of now, it’s positively impossible to completely prevent drivers speeding in motor vehicles. Law enforcement can only do so much; speed bumps, chicanes, traffic circles, and other “traffic-calming elements” are only effective for a…


A Lock Box To Prevent Distracted Driving?

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been a dangerous problem for American motorists since the first radio was installed in a car in 1901. While the volume of traffic at the time (and therefore, the quantity of accidents) was nowhere near where it…


Product Recalls of the Week

Product Recalls & Liability

January 19th — 23rd It’s a long line of liability when it comes to a product recall case. If you’re injured by a product, responsibility for the injuries will likely be placed directly on the company that released the item…