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The Truth About 411-Pain and Lawyer Referral Services


Just this morning I was driving in my car listening to local radio (94.1 FM) when a very bizarre advertisement was aired. A non-attorney spokesperson for 411-Pain came on and stated the exact number of licensed members of the Florida Bar,…


New Port Richey Back Injuries

Man suffering back ache moving boxes in his new house

Automobile accidents occur every day. Unfortunately, damage from these crashes is not always limited to the vehicles involved. On the list of common injuries caused by car accidents, back injuries occur all too often. Even a seemingly minor accident can…


Who Is At Fault In a Wind Related Clearwater Truck Accident?

Closeup view of the hands of truck driver who is holding the steering wheel. Photo shooted in the vehicle cabin.

High winds can be extremely difficult to drive in, but operating a tractor trailer in high winds can become very hazardous. A trailer’s high profile can act like a sail if struck broadside by a strong wind gust. Clearwater truck…


St. Petersburg Wrongful Death After a Construction Accident

Workplace accident - First aid after occupational injury

Construction sites are dangerous places with unstable ground, structures that are incomplete and unsteady and tools, materials and debris falling or scattering on the ground. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration[1] (OSHA), 18.5% of all workplace deaths in…


Does The Florida Recreational Use Statute Apply To My Personal Injury Case?

Woman using wrist immobiliser after hand's injury

Sportsman such as hunters and fisherman, along with metal detecting treasure hunters and even hikers should be familiar with the term “ask permission” before entering upon private lands. If you enter on posted, private land without permission, you could be…


The Timid Clearwater Driver

Scared woman not able to prevent car accident

The dangers of distracted driving are proven in the numbers of accidents resulting from situations and actions that sidetrack the mind for an extended period of time. While these culprits are exceedingly dangerous, some motorists take their habits to the…


Birth Injuries Due To Shoulder Dystocia

Portrait of young beautiful happy mother with black brunette hair and her cute sweet little newborn baby girl playing and lying on woolen blanket on the bed at home. Mother holding her baby's hand gently with love.

Birth injuries are complications that effect the youngest victims in personal injury. Unfortunately, while shoulder dystocia is rare, it’s an injury that is serious and occurs when one or both of the shoulders of an infant are stuck in the…


Florida Homeowner’s Insurance

Young woman and man keeping in hands model of house with garage

Last year, South Carolina suffered from the flooding that Hurricane Joaquin had left. As the storm barreled through the state, it left about 40,000 people without water. Dams were busted and homes were submerged and ruined, especially in and around…


Passengers In a New Port Richey Car Accident

Group of five people driving to vacation and taking a selfie in the car - Happy people of of diverse ethnics in an automobile - Frinds renting a car and driving somewhere
** Note: Shallow depth of field

Often times passengers suffer greater injuries than drivers in the event of an accident. Statistics show that the passenger is sometimes more vulnerable to sustaining injuries than the driver. The possibility of being slammed into the dashboard, or even ejected…


Arbitration Clauses & Nursing Homes

Elderly not being taken proper care of in residential home

When our elders can no longer take care of themselves, many of use turn to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Most of the time, these facilities provide sufficient and life-saving care. However, there are those horror stories and…


Workplace Injuries – When Can You Sue Outside Of Workers Compensation?

Work injury claim form showing business insurance concept and medical bandage.

As a general rule, when an employee is injured in the workplace the only compensation that they can receive is from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. There are exceptions to that rule, however, including: Defective Product: When a work-related injury…