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411-Pain, Ask Gary and Other Lawyer Referral Services – Are They Legitimate or Necessary?

Truth writen in lie detector strokes with the truth about 411 pain and other legal referral rervices

We have all heard them a hundred times. The TV and radio advertisements for 411-pain where the spokesperson claims that by calling their number you can be connected with an attorney who can help you and your family after an…


A New Study Shows Tired Driving as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Car Accident Lawyers in Clearwater

Getting behind the wheel of a car after only four or five hours of sleep increases the risk of being involved in an auto accident as much as driving drunk per to new research by AAA. The December 2016 AAA…


Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Common Injuries and Liability

Senior businessman falling near caution sign in hallway

One of the sneakiest accidents that can happen to almost anybody, at any time, is a slip-and-fall. These accidents almost always occur in an unforeseen place, at a time when you are least expecting it—at the grocery store, in the…


Inadequate Security of Your Rental: What Every Tenant has the Right to Know


If you are a tenant renting either a residential or a commercial property, you may think of your landlord as simply the person whom you pay your monthly rent. Florida law, however, recognizes that there is more to the landlord-tenant…


6 Things Personal Injury Claimants Must Do after an Injury

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

1.See a doctor immediately. If you are injured in an accident, you should immediately receive medical treatment from an emergency room, general physician, or a 24-hour clinic. Any delay in seeking medical treatment is not a good idea. The reason…


Product Liability Claims During the Holiday Season

12.05.2016 by | St Petersburg

Product Liability Lawyers in St. Petersburg, Florida

With the 2016 holiday seasons rapidly approaching, many people in the St. Petersburg people in the area are getting ready to exchange gifts with friends and family. The tradition of giving and receiving gifts around the holidays is often a…


Do Not Let 411-PAIN Lead to Unnecessary Treatments

Car Accident Attorneys in New Port Richey

After a car accident, it is normal to be confused regarding how to proceed. Do you call a lawyer? Do you try to handle an insurance claim on your own? Do you seek medical treatment? With all of these questions…


5 Common Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Lawyers in Clearwater, Florida

As personal injury attorneys, we see a lot of car accident cases. After all, almost everyone—especially in a place like Florida—drives every day. And although we do it so often that it becomes routine, it is still a very dangerous…


Expert Witnesses in a Personal Injury Cases

personal injury lawyers in florida

Personal injury law often relies on the information provided by experts from many different fields to support an injured victim’s case. When the unfortunate event of an injury arises, a professional may be the only one who can prove an…


How 411-PAIN can Drain Your Insurance

411 Pain Lawyers in Clearwater

411-PAIN is a number that lets you reach a so-called car accident lawyer referral service that promises to help you obtain up to $10,000 for your injuries from your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance provider. After a crash, you call…


Does PIP Prevent me from Filing a Lawsuit?

Car Accident Lawyers in Florida

Florida roads are no strangers to motor vehicle accidents. Last year alone, Florida drivers were involved in nearly 400,000 traffic accidents, and accidents resulted in approximately 250,000 injuries, according to Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES) .1 Moreover, approximately 212,000…