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IVC Filters Investigation – Part II

Patient Cheering And Support

IVC Filters are cage-like devices that are placed within the inferior vena cava which is the large vein in the abdomen that returns blood from the lower body to the heart. This is a preventative measure ensuring that deep vein…


Abilify Puts Profits Above Safety

Pills In Pill Bottle On White Background

Abilify is a top-selling antipsychotic prescription in the United States. In fact the company who manufactures the drug, Otsuka has earned revenue of $4.9 billion in 2014. The FDA approved the drug to treat different psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar…


AndroGel 1.62% May Lead to Heart Attack and Stroke

Team of pharmacists looking at medicine at the hospital pharmacy

When witnessing a product being advertised on television, most understand that the company backing the product is dramatizing situation for their manufactured goods to sell. This understanding does not fall short of pharmaceutical manufacturers and in actuality, is probably the…


What Makes Fire Trucks Prone to Accidents?

Fire Engine Travelling At Speed

According to the National Transportation Safety Administration there is an average of 2000 traffic accidents involving fire trucks each year with over 1000 serious injuries reported. What makes a fire truck prone to being in an accident considering that they…


How an Attorney Can Help You After a Bicycle Accident?

Accident On Bicycle

Following a bicycle accident, an injured victim may not know what to do. Once your injuries are stabilized, it is always a good idea to contact a bicycle accident lawyer who can help you in the following ways: Advise you…


What Should You Know About Elder Abuse?

Care Worker Mistreating Elderly Man

Elder abuse is by far one of the most heart wrenching topics we hear on the news in Florida. The unfortunate part about it is the fact that the horrific practice is common and gets reported only in a small…


Insurance Company Denials Increase Profits

Insurance Policy

What exactly is “medical necessity” and why do health insurance companies use it in their language to dictate whether a person is given coverage or not? Medical necessity is broad enough to be interpreted in many ways. To the insured,…


IVC Filter Investigation – Part I

Doctor recording information to electronic tablet at patients be

Since 2012, over 250,000 IVC Filters have been deployed while the efficacy and safety of the devices have been questioned by medical professionals and researchers. Interventional radiologists place a filter in the inferior vena cava (IVC) to prevent blood clots…


Motorcycle Accidents in Excess Rain

Wheel motorcycle on the road in the tropic rain

Recently in the bay area, there has been historic rainfall and destructive as well as distractive weather. To put things in perspective, the tropical depression that passed last week was recorded at 3.9 inches of rain, setting the new standard…


What are Coup and Contrecoup Brain Injuries?

human brain by X-rays. isolated on black.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America an average of 1.5 million people will sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) nationwide. Of those, 50,000 will die and 80,000 will suffer from long-term disabilities. Most of these injuries are the…