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Flatbed Truck Accident Attorneys

Flatbed Semi Truck

The term flatbed truck generally refers to a truck or tractor trailer with a flat open bed used for hauling a wide variety of materials and equipment. Some flatbeds are mounted permanently to the frame of the truck while others…


Penetrating Head Injury Attorney

Boy With Head Injury

A penetrating head injury, also known as an open head injury is caused when the skull and outer layer of the brain is penetrated by a foreign object or a skull fragment. There are two types of penetrating head injuries,…


The Mirena Crash is Real – Effecting Countless Women

American doctor talking to woman in surgery

The detrimental effects of the Mirena IUD to users are many, with the worst being migration of the device, puncturing the uterine wall and damaging organs within the body cavity such as the liver and intestines. Other possible side effects…


Leading Causes of Florida Slip or Trip and Fall Injuries

Banana Peel Accident

Falls are the leading cause of personal injury in the US and Florida is no exception. One million people are sent to the emergency room, or the doctor, nationwide due to an injury sustained in a fall. These injuries can…


Establishing Negligence in a St. Petersburg Bicycle Accident Case

Cyclist Riding Bikes On Open Road

Thousands of people ride bicycles every day for both recreation and as a way to get from place to place, and Florida’s famously warm climate allows people to ride bicycles through much of the state almost year-round. No reasonable person…


ATV and OHV Accident Attorney

Dirt Spinning Of The Atv Quad Bike Wheels

All-Terrain Vehicles commonly referred to as ATV’s or Quads and Off Highway Vehicles or OHV’s are used for both recreation and work. Their popularity and use have increased in State and National Parks, as well as farms, for pulling small…


Someone’s Broken Car Caused an Accident; Who Is at Fault?

Young blonde woman standing by smoking and broken car and callin

As car owners, we have an implied duty to maintain the health of our automobile(s). Considering that even just a single malfunctioning part can cause a major accident, it should be no surprise that cops go out of their way…


Florida Golf Cart Accident Injury

A Red Golf Cart Or Buggy

With more than 1250 golf courses and countless retirement communities one can only imagine how many golf carts are driven daily in Florida. Not only are they the preferred mode of transportation in golfing and senior communities, they are used…


Safe Phone Zones Are Expected to Reduce Deaths and Injuries Due to Distracted Driving

Man And Woman Texting And Driving

Distracted driving related accidents in Florida have increased of 25% since 2012 despite the initiation of the “Just Put It Down” campaign that same year. Distracted driving includes any mental or physical activity that diverts a driver’s attention from safely…


Florida Urban Emergency Vehicle Accident Liability

Emergency Vehicles

Operating a motor vehicle in any city in Florida can be challenging to even a seasoned driver. When you add the element of an emergency vehicle, rushing to a call or pursuing another vehicle the hazard increases greatly. A siren…