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How much time do I have to file a personal injury case in Florida?

The Florida statute of limitations to file a personal injury lawsuit is four years from the date when the accident happened. That gives you enough time to hire a personal injury lawyer within that time period from when the accident occurred. However, if the injury was outside of the four year window, your injury attorney would most likely advise that most cases won’t be heard due to the statute of limitations section 95.11(3).

What makes Dolman Law Group different from other personal injury lawyers in Florida?

When I was young, my father was in a serious accident. We hired a personal injury lawyer who lacked confidence and didn’t have the experience to get us the money we deserved. The settlement we received was a joke. Ever since then, my mission became personal. I knew from that day that I would become an injury attorney to help victims like my father. I now possess the knowledge that my father didn’t have when he was hiring an attorney - and I want to ensure that my clients don’t get that same awful experience and poor settlement.