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February 16, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

If you suffered an injury in a bicycle collision, we know the uphill battle you now face. Bicycle accident injuries are some of the most severe injuries a person can suffer because the bike itself offers no protection, especially when a motor vehicle is involved. Even if you wore a bicycle helmet, you likely still suffered severe and potentially life-threatening injuries. You may even face a lifetime of pain, suffering, and disability.

When this occurs, you need someone on your side who can take the legal burdens off your shoulders. You have enough on your plate simply putting your life back together after a bicycle accident. You shouldn't have to deal with a stingy insurance company or aggressive creditors as well.

Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, has considerable experience representing injured bicyclists. When insurance companies deal with our bicycle accident attorneys, they know they can't take advantage of our clients. If you are an injured cyclist, our bicycle accident lawyers promise to thoroughly prepare your injury claim and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve every step of the way.

Filing a Florida Bicycle Accident Claim

The experienced Florida bicycle accident lawyers at Dolman Law Group can help determine who was negligent and ultimately responsible for your bicycle-related injuries. Determining legal liability is a crucial first step in a bicycle accident claim or bicycle injury lawsuit. To prove negligence, we must identify who caused your accident and how they acted carelessly. Then we can hold them accountable for paying your medical expenses and other damages you suffered.

If another vehicle was involved, you may have the right to bring a claim against that motorist's insurance company. In our experience, the “at-fault” driver's insurance company will likely try to claim that you also broke the rules and are at least partly to blame for the accident. Our savvy legal team is prepared for the games insurers play in most bike accidents, and we know how to fight for each personal injury claim we bring.

Important Florida Bicycle Laws You Should Understand

Most states define a bike as a vehicle and its' rider as a motorist. This means that bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities on the roadway as any other vehicle driver. Cyclists must adhere to the same traffic laws as motorists, and motorists must allow cyclists to share the roadways.

Typically, bikers are required to ride in a designated bike lane or, when there is none, in the far right-hand lane of traffic. However, cyclists may leave their designated lane if conditions in the roadway would make continued travel in that lane unsafe.

Florida Helmet Laws May Influence Your Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

States have different helmet laws to protect cyclists' skulls in case of falls or bike accidents. They help prevent injuries ranging from minor but painful facial skin scrapes to severe traumatic brain injuries resulting from a decisive blow to the skull. If you're in the market for a helmet, take a look at our list of the best and worst bicycle helmets.

Given these helmet laws, many cyclists may believe they are not entitled to compensation for damages following a crash if they were not wearing a helmet. This is not always the case. If you were not wearing a helmet during a bicycle collision caused by someone else's negligence, call for a free case evaluation with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer at Dolman Law Group. We'll explain your rights, the personal injury legal process, and the fair compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles are a great way to exercise, improve the environment, and save money. However, a serious crash can result in traumatic injuries. If a drunk, aggressive, distracted, drowsy, or otherwise negligent driver caused your crash, you should not have to pay for medical and other costs out of your own pocket. While negligent drivers are at the core of most bicycle accidents, other things may cause your crash. For example, a defective or misplaced bike part or poor bicycle design can contribute to your life-altering injuries.

At Dolman Law Group, our personal injury lawyers support accident victims who suffer injuries due to the negligence of others. Negligent parties might be other drivers, bicycle repair shops, or manufacturers. Our job is to investigate bicycle accident claims and determine who is liable for our client's damages. Contact us today for a free case evaluation if you suffered serious harm due to someone else's carelessness.

Driver Inattention Can Lead to Serious Bicycle Accident Injuries

Driver inattention causes most vehicle-bicycle accidents. Distracted driving habits like texting, changing the radio station, or eating affect the driver's focus and make it challenging to notice cyclists sharing the road. Additionally, distracted driving may cause the driver to swerve and possibly sideswipe a cyclist, particularly in areas where designated bike lanes don't exist.

Drivers may also severely injure bicyclists even when their car is parked. In dooring accidents, an inattentive driver opens their car door into the path of a bicyclist. When a negligent motorist injures a cyclist, the motorist and their insurance company may be held responsible for the cyclist's damages.

Failure to Yield to Bicyclists May Cause Devastating Bicycle Accidents

Many drivers don't realize that bicyclists must follow the same traffic laws as motor vehicles and are considered vehicles just like them. This means bicyclists have to respect the right of way, observe signs and traffic lights, and use the road according to the same regulations as cars. Bicyclists also should be afforded the same rights as motor vehicles which means bicyclists can have the right of way over a car.

Unfortunately, many drivers treat bicyclists more like pedestrians than vehicles. This leads to many bicycle accidents every year. One prevalent cause of bicycle accidents is when vehicles fail to yield to bicyclists with the right of way. This happens when drivers make turns, use roundabouts, or refuse to allow bicyclists the right to merge. Failure to give the right of way to bicyclists can make a driver liable for the damage they cause the rider if they collide with them.

Bicycle Accident Cases Involving Drunk Driving or Hit & Run Drivers May Involve Serious Injuries

The popularity of bicycling around scenic and downtown areas also increases the risk of cyclists sharing the road with motorists (or even other cyclists) drinking alcohol. DUI collisions present a unique set of circumstances, particularly where the drunk driver flees the crash scene for fear of criminal prosecution or to avoid liability.

While hit-and-run drivers may be difficult to track down, it is not impossible. If a hit-and-run driver strikes you, call 911 as soon as you can. In addition to law enforcement, your bike accident lawyer can work to help find the negligent party and bring them to justice. If the driver cannot be located, your own uninsured motorist insurance policy or health insurance may compensate you for your bodily injury.

Aggressive Drivers Can Be Held Liable for Bicycle Crashes

Aggressive actions such as purposely running a cyclist off the road, yelling, or throwing objects can cause a crash. Far too many bicycle crashes occur because of other drivers who refuse to share the road.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, aggressive driving can escalate into road rage. If your injuries resulted from a driver who failed to share the road responsibly, you have the right to pursue fair compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Dangerous Road Conditions Are a Factor in Some Bicycle Accidents

In vehicle-bicycle crashes, a driver is not always the only one who can be held legally liable for the accident. In some situations, dangerous road conditions or poor traffic control may also be to blame. In these cases, the bike riders may request financial compensation from the government agency responsible for maintaining the roadways and traffic control devices.

It is also possible that the bicycle itself caused or contributed to the cyclist's injuries if it was not properly manufactured or designed. In these instances, the injured party may have a claim against the companies that designed and built the bicycle.

A Dolman Law Group bicycle accident attorney can investigate every possible cause of your catastrophic injuries. Our bicycle accident lawyers will fight for your right to recover your losses from all responsible parties. Not all accident attorneys are the same. When selecting a bike accident attorney, be sure the personal injury lawyer or law firm has experience handling similar cases. We are a team of experienced bicycle accident attorneys who will fight for you. 

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries Are Often Catastrophic

According to the National Highway Transportation Authority (NHTSA), vehicle versus bicycle accidents resulted in 677 cyclist fatalities in one recent year. That number accounts for two percent of all traffic fatalities in the United States. In addition to deaths, motor vehicle collisions injured about 38,000 cyclists. However, only about 10 percent of all vehicle-bicycle injuries are reported to the police, so the number of injuries is probably much higher.

Bicycle accidents are rampant in Florida and produce potentially catastrophic crash injuries. Cyclists are sometimes called vulnerable road users because cyclists have no physical protection in a bike crash outside of a helmet.

The hard impact of striking the pavement, a building, or a vehicle can often result in severe bicycle injuries, such as:

  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Road rash
  • paralysis or disfigurement
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Herniated discs and back injuries
  • Damage to internal organs such as kidneys, spleen, and liver
  • Traumatic brain injuries (despite helmet use)

Preserve Your Bicycle Accident Lawsuit By Seeking Medical Assistance

The best way to reduce the risk of compounding your injuries is to seek prompt medical treatment so a healthcare professional can evaluate your injuries and administer the appropriate care. Receiving medical care immediately also protects the integrity of your bicycle accident claim. If you don't seek medical treatment promptly, insurance companies may claim that you exaggerated your injuries or failed to address your losses, two situations where your bicycle accident claim could be reduced or even dismissed.

What Are The Common Types of Bicycle Accidents?

Unfortunately, bicyclists are vulnerable to a variety of accidents that may end in serious injury. Usually, a negligent driver fails to yield the right of way to a bicyclist, resulting in a crash. Some other types of common bicycle accidents include:

  • dooring bicycle accidents
  • right hook and left hook bicycle accidents
  • right or left cross collisions
  • rear-end collisions
  • intersection accidents

What Damages Can I Recover in a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

A tragic crash can affect your relationships, career, and overall quality of life. Depending upon the severity of your injuries, you may need a lifetime of care. The long path to recovery can include both economic and non-economic costs.

Economic costs can usually be easily calculated because they come with documentation. Non-economic damages are just as valid but can be more subjective to evaluate. For example, a bicyclist who suffers a compound leg fracture would likely incur economic damages like the cost of surgery, mobility aids such as crutches, and lost wages. That same cyclist may also experience non-economic losses, including the emotional toll of a long and painful recovery.

Dolman Law Group is committed to ensuring that our injured client's full scope of damages is addressed in their final settlement. This dedication and diligence help us obtain maximum compensation for our injured clients. We obtain bicycle accident settlements and awards that include:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Lost job promotions
  • Related medical expenses (both past, present, and future)
  • Long-term care
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • PTSD, and more

A Family Member Might Recover Damages in a Fatal Bike Crash Wrongful Death Lawsuit

If you lost a loved one in a fatal bicycle crash, contact us to learn if you qualify for legal action. State laws are specific as to who may file wrongful death lawsuits. A member of our team can determine if your relationship with the deceased allows you to pursue compensation for your loss and monetary damages. Trying to handle a wrongful death case alone only adds to your stress. Let us take the burden of:

  • Investigating the accident
  • Determining liability
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Proceeding to trial if necessary

Our compassionate wrongful death attorneys are here to support you during your time of grief. We treat our clients with respect as they mourn the sudden and unexpected loss of their loved one. Compensation can never replace your loss; however, it can help ease your financial burden. The loss of income from a spouse or loss of inheritance for children is another possible type of compensation.

A wrongful death case is complicated and emotional for family members, so it is best to have a dedicated wrongful death attorney on your side to explain the process and the complex legal process.

How Much Is My Bicycle Accident Case Worth?

If a negligent motorist crashed into you while riding your bicycle, or killed a loved one, call a bicycle accident attorney at Dolman Law Group for a free case evaluation to see if you can recover compensation for the injuries and losses you suffered. Since bike accidents can turn into a liability battle with insurance companies, the sooner we are involved, the better.

Most injured cyclists want to know how much their case is worth. This is a difficult question to answer because so many factors affect the total settlement or award. Those factors include:

  • The extent of your injuries
  • The long-term impact of your injuries
  • Disabilities suffered
  • Amount of time missed from work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Liability of the responsible party
  • If multiple parties are to blame

We can dive in and begin investigating your bicycle crash from day one. Getting witness statements while their memory is fresh and collecting evidence before it disappears is essential. At Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, our bicycle accident attorneys will work tirelessly to investigate your accident and identify all liable parties. We then work with your medical team and other experts to determine how your injuries will affect your life and future to ensure we demand a sufficient amount of compensation.

Why Should I Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

You are probably wondering, “At what point do I need to hire a personal attorney?” Injured riders may attempt to handle claims and negotiate with insurance companies on their own, with bad results. Insurance carriers are not working for you - not even your own uninsured motorist carrier. The insurance adjuster's job is to settle your bike accident claim for the smallest amount of money possible.

A Florida bike accident attorney's job is to obtain the most compensation for your claim and restore your life as much as possible. So while the insurer may agree to cover your accident-related medical bills, they may refuse to pay for additional expenses such as lost income or pain and suffering caused by the crash. This leaves many injured cyclists grossly under compensated, with no way to continue earning income to provide for their families.

Accepting an insurance settlement offer is risky without consulting with an attorney first. Your acceptance can prevent you from pursuing legal action in the future if your medical condition declines. A bicycle injury lawyer from our firm can fight for the compensation you need and deserve. The careless actions of the party responsible for your bicycle crash make them a real danger to other cyclists. Let us help you hold those liable accountable for their negligence.

Why Should I Choose Dolman Law Group to Help With My Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

After being severely injured in a bicycle accident, you may be unsure what your next steps should be. You need a trusted source of legal advice to guide you through the process of filing a bicycle accident lawsuit. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group represent you, and we will not give in to insurance company tactics. We know how to negotiate effectively with insurance companies on behalf of our clients, and we are not afraid to take your case to trial if we cannot reach a just resolution.

Combined, the bike accident attorneys at Dolman Law Group have 115-plus years of experience handling injury claims. We have handled over 10,000 personal injury claims and have recovered $175 million for our clients through insurance claims and lawsuits since 2009.

We keep our clients updated throughout their cases. Our door is always open if you have questions. We will not stop fighting until we secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Dolman Law Group Delivers Outstanding Results

We know you have many choices when selecting a law firm to represent you. Our bicycle injury lawyers have an exceptional track record of success representing injured cyclists. We can help recover the money you need to pay for your treatment and damages.

Many injured bicyclists choose Dolman Law Group to represent them based on recommendations from friends who previously used our services to obtain maximum compensation for damages. We provide prospective clients access to these testimonials so they can understand the quality of service we provide. At Dolman Law Group, our clients' wellbeing is our priority, and the results we produce reflect that sentiment.

Before selecting a bicycle accident lawyer near you, let's meet so we can show you what we can do for you and explore your legal options. Our law firm offers FREE consultations and case reviews to quickly provide the answers you need.

Issues to Consider Before Selecting a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Before you decide which bicycle injury lawyer to work with, you should consider these five important issues. 

Dolman Law Group Will Relentlessly Pursue a Fair Settlement

When you are seeking a dependable bicycle accident lawyer to represent you, you should look for a reputable law firm with a track record for successfully resolving cases at trial when negotiations stalled.

Insurance carriers keep detailed records on all law firms they deal with. They know which law firms have a reputation for aggressively prosecuting cases when necessary and the attorneys or firms that tend to settle quickly and leave money on the table.

Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers maintains a nationwide litigation practice, and we handle cases throughout the country along with local counsel. Our legal colleagues often send us their most important and most complicated cases because they know we can win.

Dolman Law Group Can Assist With Medical Treatment Issues for Bicycle Injuries

After a bicycle accident, many law firms simply want to make a quick settlement. This leaves money on the table, which can financially burden injured bicycle accident victims and their families. Our bicycle injury lawyers assist our clients with obtaining competent and convenient medical treatment. Additionally, we ensure our clients are not left with medical bills upon resolving their claims or personal injury lawsuit.

Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers Offer Unmatched Personal Attention

When you suffer an injury in a bicycle accident, you need a law firm that can devote time and attention to your case. Our law firm was built on referrals from satisfied former clients who appreciate our personal attention and professionalism.

Our clients receive the cellphone number of the firm's Managing Partners and we return calls and text messages promptly. We are not a volume settlement mill or television ad law firm where you might not speak with a lawyer and are simply passed off to support staff.

Dolman Law Group Has the Financial Resources to Succeed

Before you choose a bicycle injury attorney, ask if they have the financial resources to take on the most prominent insurance carriers in the nation. At Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we have the necessary resources to retain the top experts and prepare your case to maximize your potential recovery.

Our law firm has taken on the most prominent corporate giants, including Walt Disney World, Walmart, Target, Publix, Cash & Carry, Marriott, Bloomin' Brands (Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grille, etc.), and every primary auto insurance carrier imaginable. When you need a bicycle crash attorney with financial resources to take the case the distance, you can count on Dolman Law Group.

Dolman Law Group Has Success Handling Bicycle Accident Claims Like Yours

Has your potential lawyer or auto accident law firm successfully handled similar bicycle accident claims? Bicycle accident injury claims are not the same as a run-of-the-mill car accident case. Liability is often disputed, and the responsible driver may claim that the bicycle rider violated their right of way or failed to adhere to traffic rules.

Our bicycle injury attorneys have handled numerous injury claims and we work with the top experts to help prove liability and damages. Please be sure to research their reviews and results.

FAQs About Bicycle Accidents and Bicycle Injury Lawsuits

What should I bring to a meeting with my bicycle accident lawyer?

Any information you possess regarding your crash may help your case. Providing your lawyer with the following can jumpstart your case and save valuable time:

  • Crash scene photographs
  • Eyewitness contact information
  • A copy of the official police report
  • Copies of your medical reports and expenses
  • Information regarding your wages and lost income

Severe injuries may prevent you from collecting this information. Your lawyer can gather the information needed to build your case. If you remember an important detail, your lawyer is a phone call or email away.

What are my rights as a Florida bicyclist?

Many of our injured clients who have been injured by someone else's negligence have been fed myths about bicycle accidents, including the common misconception that failure to wear a helmet means you have forfeited your right to seek damages. The truth is that Florida bicyclists have a right to be on the road. Even if you were partially at fault for the bicycle accident or weren't wearing a helmet, you are likely still eligible to recover some damages if you were severely injured in a bicycle accident caused by another party's negligence.

How Much Does a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Cost?

A bicycle accident lawyer and other types of personal injury lawyers work for a contingent fee that you pay after they recover compensation through a settlement or court award. Instead of paying by the hour, a personal injury lawyer takes their contingent fee as a percentage of the money you receive. This percentage often is around 33% with some variance, but they figure their fees into settlement negotiations in order to make sure you still receive adequate compensation. This means your lawyer has a vested interest in the outcome of your case, and if they recover nothing for you, then 33% of zero is zero, and you pay nothing.

Contact Dolman Law Group for Help With Your Bicycle Accident Claim

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At Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we believe in supporting cyclists who have the same rights and responsibilities as other road users. No rider should suffer a lifetime of pain due to someone else's negligence.

You can afford to work with us, because we accept clients on a contingency fee basis. This means we only collect our legal fees if and when we secure compensation for you. Contact us today to get started on the path to accountability, justice, and possible compensation.

If you or someone you know has suffered a bike injury as a cyclist caused by a motorist's negligence, faulty road conditions, or a poorly designed bicycle, please contact a bicycle accident attorney at Dolman Law Group for a free consultation and case evaluation. You can contact our law firm by filling out an online form or calling us at (727) 451-6900.

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