Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

January 31, 2024 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Did you know drivers, property owners and managers, and boat owners in Houston owe a duty of care to others when they operate their vehicles and maintain their properties? Specifically, they owe a duty of reasonable care to ensure that they do not cause accidents or situations that harm or injure others. If you have been injured by someone else's negligent behavior, a Houston personal injury lawyer at Dolman Law Group can provide the support, resources, and legal guidance you need.

If someone behaves negligently or carelessly and causes an accident where you are injured, they can be held financially accountable. To receive the compensation you deserve, you should bring a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the at-fault person or entity. You don't have to face these complicated situations alone. A personal injury lawyer in our Houston office can help.

Partner With the Houston Injury Lawyers at Dolman Law Group

Why Should You Partner With the Houston Personal Injury Lawyers at Dolman Law Group

If you or a person you care about suffered injuries in an accident that occurred because someone else acted negligently or unreasonably, an experienced and compassionate Houston personal injury lawyer at Dolman Law Group can fight for you.

Our team of legal professionals will take the necessary steps to investigate your accident and determine how it occurred. We can file a claim against the at-fault person's insurance company and do our best to negotiate a settlement. If we are unable to resolve your claim, we will be prepared to file a civil lawsuit on your behalf to seek the monetary compensation and legal damages you deserve. 

Our legal team has more than 120 combined years of legal experience, and we've successfully resolved thousands of cases, recovering more than $400 million for injury victims just like you. We provide free, confidential case assessments for those who suffered injuries in Houston and are not sure where to turn or what to do. We can offer advice and guidance based on the unique facts of your case, including evaluating your options for pursuing compensation. Call us now to learn more about how we can help.

What Types of Accidents Can a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston Handle?

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Houston is a wonderful place to live or visit. However, serious accidents happen often in and around Houston to residents and visitors alike—and often through no fault of their own. Some of the most common types of accidents that our Houston injury lawyers resolve in the surrounding areas include:

Common Causes of Serious Personal Injuries in Houston

People are injured in a variety of scenarios and accident situations in Houston. Some of the most common claims our compassionate Houston injury lawyers help resolve arise from:

Houston Motor Vehicle and Traffic Accidents

There are many busy interstate highways located in the Houston area, including: 

  • I-10 West (Katy Freeway) 
  • I-10 East (Baytown-East Freeway)
  • I-45 North (North Freeway) 
  • I-45 South (Gulf Freeway)
  • I-69/U.S. Route 59 Southwest (Southwest Freeway)
  • I-69/U.S. 59 Northeast (Eastex Freeway)

However, motor vehicle accidents can be just as common on rural country roads as they are on major highways and byways, depending on the actions or inactions of other drivers. Drivers can behave carelessly and negligently by engaging in distracted driving (especially calling or texting while driving), speeding, and violating other traffic laws and rules of the road required by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Auto collisions also occur when drivers operate their motor vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Traffic accidents can lead to serious injuries and damages, depending upon how and where the accident occurs, the force of the collision, and how the accident victim's body moves in the vehicle at the time of impact.

Houston Area Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Like motor vehicle accidents involving cars and trucks, motorcycle and bicycle accidents are unfortunately all too common on Houston highways and other roadways. As you might imagine, when a car or truck collides with a much smaller vehicle, such as a motorcycle or bicycle, it is usually the bicyclist or motorcyclist who suffers the more significant injuries in the collision.

This is especially true if the force of the impact causes the motorcycle operator, passenger, or bicyclist to fall off their vehicle and directly onto the ground. Sadly, in many cases, these types of accidents can be fatal for the accident victim—especially if the accident victim hits their head or back on the ground.

Catastrophic injuries are also common. Head or spinal cord trauma can cause lasting injuries or paralysis that require lengthy rehabilitation, ongoing therapies, or around-the-clock nursing care. 

Dangerous Property Accidents and Slip and Fall Incidents

Restaurants, bars, clubs, and recreational facilities located in the Downtown Houston area are popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. The owners and managers of these premises are responsible for ensuring that they maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition for the benefit of their customers.

This means that business owners and managers are responsible for warning about—and correcting—hazardous conditions on their premises that they know or should know about. Moreover, they should inspect their premises for unknown hazards that they might not know about.

When a Houston business patron gets injured on someone else's property, such as in a slip and fall accident, the accident victim could bring a premises liability insurance claim or lawsuit against the business owner, seeking monetary compensation for the injuries they suffered in the accident. 

Premises liability is not just limited to slip and fall accidents, though. Property owners' liability can extend to accidents that occur in a parking lot or parking garage, as well as to physical assaults that occur on the premises due to negligent security. These laws also apply to individuals who own property and allow visitors.

Malfunctioning and Defective Products

When people purchase household goods, personal care products, and other merchandise in and around Houston, they expect that these products will work correctly when they are properly used. When products are defective or malfunctioning, consumers can sustain serious injuries, including cuts, lacerations, burn injuries, and other serious problems.

Product defects and malfunctions can result from negligence and other shortcuts taken during the manufacturing and/or design process. If you are a consumer who was injured or became ill because of a defective product, you should consult with a skilled Houston personal injury attorney at Dolman Law Group. Together, we could pursue a claim or lawsuit for damages against the product manufacturer, distributor, or some other entity in the product's chain of distribution.

In many cases, we can hold a large corporation strictly liable for its defective or dangerous product. This means we do not have to identify specifically where things went wrong and caused a defect—only that the product caused injuries despite being used in the expected or correct way.

Houston Pedestrian Accidents

The downtown Houston area has numerous traffic intersections, many of which have crosswalks, traffic control devices, and pedestrian signals. When a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian who is lawfully present in a crosswalk at a traffic intersection, the pedestrian could suffer serious—and potentially fatal—injuries.

However, pedestrian accidents in Houston do not just occur at traffic intersections in the downtown area. People are injured in parking garages, parking lots, near sidewalks, and other areas where pedestrians tend to be present.

In many cases, a distracted or careless motorist is to blame for these collisions. While the motorist might suffer no significant harm, the life of the pedestrian and their loved ones could be altered forever. Our dedicated Houston injury attorneys can often hold the at-fault driver accountable and recover compensation for our pedestrian clients.

Houston Boating Accidents

There are many lakes, parks, and other recreational areas located in the Greater Houston area. Beautiful sites like Lake Houston are open for boating, fishing, and other recreational activities. Much like the owners of other motor vehicles, boat owners are responsible for controlling their boats and ensuring that they operate their watercraft in a safe, prudent, and careful manner at all times. 

When a boat driver fails to operate their boats safely, and someone (such as a passenger or another boater) is injured, the accident victim could bring a claim against the negligent boat owner or operator.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury in one of these types of accidents, the skilled Houston personal injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group are here for you. Our legal team will work to pursue monetary compensation on your behalf through the insurance claim settlement or litigation process.

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Houston Accident Statistics

Houston Accident Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation maintains reports of vehicle accidents that occur throughout the state. In one recent year, Harris County and the Houston area reported the following accident statistics:

  • Houston reported 302 fatal vehicle crashes, resulting in 317 total deaths.
  • In Harris County, there were 537 fatal traffic accidents, resulting in 560 total fatalities.

You run the risk of getting into a serious or fatal car accident virtually anywhere in Houston. If you suffer injuries or lose a loved one in a vehicle accident in the Houston area, contact Dolman Law Group for a free consultation with one of our Houston injury lawyers, who can explain your legal options.

Common Bodily Injuries Our Houston Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Resolve

Common Personal Injuries Sustained in Houston Accidents

People can suffer a wide range of injuries in various types of accidents in Houston. The severity of injuries depends on the type of accident, the victim's overall health and age, and other factors. Some of the common Houston personal injuries we see at Dolman Law Group include:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries, which can lead to paralysis
  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe muscle strains and sprains
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Amputations
  • Burn injuries
  • Emotional and psychological injuries, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD

The most serious types of injuries usually occur when the accident victim does not have any protection surrounding them at the time of the accident, such as in a motorcycle accident or bicycle accident. In other serious accident cases, for example, a head-on motor vehicle collision or semi-truck crash, the accident victim could die in the accident. When that happens, the deceased accident victim's surviving loved ones could pursue a wrongful death claim or lawsuit against the at-fault individual.

What Should I Do After a Houston Accident?

What Should I Do After a Houston Accident

If you've been involved in an accident in Houston, Texas, it's important to follow certain steps. Your goal is to ensure your safety, gather information, and protect your rights. Here's a general guide explaining what you should do after a Houston accident:

  1. Ensure Your Safety: If you can, move to a safe location to avoid further danger from traffic or other hazards. If you're in a car accident, turn on hazard lights and use cones or warning triangles if available.
  2. Check for Injuries: First, check yourself and any passengers for injuries. If there are injuries that require immediate medical attention, call 911.
  3. Call 911: If there are injuries, significant property damage, or hazardous conditions, call 911 to report the accident and request medical assistance or police presence as needed.
  4. Exchange Information: If it's safe, exchange contact and insurance information with the other parties involved in the accident. This includes names, phone numbers, addresses, driver's license numbers, and insurance policy information.
  5. Document the Scene: If possible, take photos of the accident scene, including damage to vehicles, skid marks, road conditions, and any other relevant details. These photos can be important evidence later.
  6. Notify the Police: Even if the accident seems minor, you should notify the police and file a police report. This report is required in some states and can be useful when dealing with insurance claims and legal matters.
  7. Limit Communication: Don't admit fault or make statements that could be used against you later. Stick to the facts when discussing the accident with the police, other drivers, witnesses, or insurance representatives.
  8. Seek Medical Attention: Even if you don't think you're seriously injured, it's advisable to get checked by a medical professional. Some injuries might not show immediate symptoms but could worsen over time.
  9. Report to Insurance: Notify your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Provide them with accurate and complete information about the incident.
  10. Consult an Attorney: If you've sustained injuries or significant property damage, it's wise to consult with a personal injury attorney. We can guide you through the legal process, help you understand your rights, and provide advice on dealing with insurance companies.
  11. Preserve Evidence: Keep copies of all documentation related to the accident, including medical records, police reports, correspondence with insurance companies, and any other relevant information.
  12. Follow Recommended Medical Treatment: If you require medical treatment, follow your doctor's recommendations and attend all scheduled appointments. This helps establish a clear record of your injuries and their impact on your health and well-being.

Remember that these steps are general guidelines. The specifics might vary based on the nature of the accident and your individual circumstances. If you're uncertain about any aspect of the process, consider seeking advice from a Houston personal injury attorney who focuses their practice on these cases.

What Evidence Can I Gather to Help Prove My Case?

The evidence to support your claim against the liable party or parties will depend greatly on the type of incident and the injuries you sustained. For example, traffic accidents and criminal activity such as assault should have an incident report filed by the responding police officers. These documents offer a lot of detail indicating what happened and who was involved. They are less likely to exist in a slip and fall injury.

However, you can count on our Houston injury attorneys to take the necessary steps to gather all available evidence in your case and use it to support an argument for fair compensation. In addition to the police report, other evidence could include: 

  • Witness statements
  • Video or photographs
  • Physical evidence, such as damage to a vehicle
  • A survey of the scene
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Expert testimony from doctors, economists, and more
  • Documentation of your damages

Contact Dolman Law Group today if you or a loved one sustained severe injuries in a Houston accident someone else caused. We can review your claim, advise you of your options, and help you gather the evidence needed to support your claim.

How Do I Know If I Have a Valid Houston Personal Injury Claim?

How Do I Know If I Have a Valid Houston Personal Injury Claim

To recover financially for the personal injuries you suffered in a Houston accident, you must satisfy certain legal elements of proof. In a personal injury case, you, as the accident victim, have the burden of proving all of the legal elements of your claim. This is why you need a skilled Houston injury attorney by your side.

Specifically, you must demonstrate:

  • A duty of care was owed: The accident victim must demonstrate that at the time of the accident, the at-fault person owed a legal duty of reasonable care. In motor vehicle accident cases, for example, drivers owe other drivers a duty to operate their vehicles in a careful, safe, and prudent manner at all times. Similarly, in slip and fall cases, property owners owe their visitors a duty to ensure that the premises are clean, safe, and free from defects and other known hazards.
  • Breach of the duty of care: The accident victim must next show that the at-fault person violated—or breached—the duty of care by acting in a manner that was unreasonable under the circumstances. In a motor vehicle collision, for example, the at-fault driver may breach the duty of care by violating a traffic law, such as by running a red light or speeding, which caused the accident and the accident victim's injuries. In a slip-and-fall accident, the at-fault person may violate the duty of care by failing to correct or warn about a broken staircase on the premises that may cause a customer to fall and suffer an injury.
  • Causation: Third, the accident victim must show that the at-fault person or entity's failure to follow the standard of care led to the accident and caused their injuries.
  • Damages: Finally, the accident victim must demonstrate that they suffered personal injuries or legal damages as a direct result of the accident.

What Damages Can a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Recover For Me?

The purpose of filing a Houston personal injury claim or lawsuit is to recover monetary compensation for the injuries and damages you sustained in your accident. To recover monetary compensation, you and your lawyer will need to satisfy the legal burden of proof.

First, you may pursue and recover monetary compensation for the medical treatment you received due to your injuries. For example, you could pursue compensation for your medical treatment bills, surgical costs, and the costs of other related medical procedures and treatments, including physical therapy. If Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance paid for some or all of your medical treatment, you may still recover this compensation.

In some cases, accident victims suffer injuries so severe that they cannot work, and consequently, they may lose considerable income. If you lost earnings as a result of an accident that occurred in Houston, you might recover some or all of those wages.

Also, if you suffered injuries to such an extent that you could not return to your former employment or occupation, a skilled Houston injury lawyer may file a claim for loss of earning capacity on your behalf. In addition to recovering medical expenses and lost wages, you could pursue monetary compensation for other out-of-pocket costs related to your accident.

In addition to these economic damages, you may also be eligible to recover non-economic damages as part of your Houston personal injury case. These damages compensate accident victims for the inconvenience, suffering, and pain they had to endure as a result of their injuries.

Accident victims may also recover compensation for the loss of use of a body part resulting from an accident. They could pursue compensation for loss of enjoyment of life if they can no longer take part in the same activities that they could before their accident. Finally, an accident victim could pursue a claim for loss of spousal consortium and family support.

Our Skilled Houston Injury Attorneys Help Accident Victims Recover the Financial Damages You Deserve

When an accident victim suffers a serious injury, they may be forced to undergo a significant amount of costly medical treatment and therapy. They may need to take time off work to recover from their injuries, losing considerable wages. Even if the accident victim can work, their employer might need to reduce their work hours or give them a ‘light duty' assignment, often at a reduced rate of pay.

Injury victims can request compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, including medical bills and lost wages, along with payment for personal losses like pain and suffering or mental and emotional distress.

Once you understand the extent of the injuries you suffered in your accident, the experienced Houston personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group could file a claim and work to negotiate a favorable personal injury settlement on your behalf. If the insurance company fails to offer you fair and full compensation for your injuries, your lawyer may file a lawsuit against the person or entity that caused your accident, seeking the monetary damages that you deserve.

At Dolman Law Group, we are committed to helping you pursue the maximum monetary compensation you need for your injuries and damages.

How Long Do You Have to File a Houston Personal Injury Lawsuit?

How Long Do You Have to File a Houston Personal Injury Lawsuit

When compared with other states in the country, Texas has a relatively short statute of limitations for personal injury cases under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. If you suffered an injury in Texas that occurred because of someone else's recklessness or negligence, in almost all circumstances, you only have two years from the date of your injury (typically the date on which the accident occurred) to file a lawsuit seeking monetary compensation.

Although there are some extremely limited exceptions, if you do not file your lawsuit against all potentially responsible parties within the applicable two-year statute of limitations deadline, you will no longer be eligible to pursue monetary compensation for the injuries you suffered in your accident. Therefore, you should always assume that the two-year limitations period applies.

An experienced Houston personal injury lawyer can assist by investigating your case from the onset and making sure that you have named all potentially responsible parties in your lawsuit. If you fail to name one or more potentially responsible parties and the statute of limitations expires, you can no longer pursue monetary compensation against that individual or entity (or their insurance company).

The knowledgeable Houston injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group can help you file your claim or lawsuit against the appropriate individuals or entities, seeking the monetary compensation that you deserve.

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How Much Does a Houston Injury Lawyer at Dolman Law Group Cost?

How Much Will a Houston Injury Lawyer at Dolman Law Group Cost

Dolman Law Group handles injury cases on a contingency fee basis. We never ask a client to pay for our services or related costs upfront. We only receive attorney's fees when we secure compensation for you. You will not pay any fees unless we successfully resolve your case. 

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Houston Personal Injury Case?

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Houston Personal Injury Case

The duration of a personal injury claim in Houston can vary significantly based on a variety of factors. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as each case is unique. Some of the factors that can influence the timeline of an injury claim include:

  • Severity of Injuries: The extent and severity of your injuries can impact the length of your claim. More severe injuries might require longer periods of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and evaluation before a settlement can be reached.
  • Medical Treatment: The time it takes for you to complete medical treatment and reach maximum medical improvement (MMI) is a crucial factor. Your medical condition needs to stabilize to accurately assess the long-term effects of the injuries.
  • Negotiations: The negotiation process between your attorney, the responsible party's insurance company, and other involved parties can take time. The complexity of liability and the willingness of the insurance company to offer a fair settlement can influence how long negotiations last.
  • Evidence Collection: Gathering evidence to support your claim, including medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and expert opinions, can take time.
  • Liability Issues: If there are disputes about who is at fault for the accident, it might extend the timeline as investigations are conducted to establish liability.
  • Insurance Company Response: Some insurance companies are more cooperative than others. Delays can occur if the insurance company is slow in responding or processing claims.
  • Legal Process: If negotiations fail to yield a fair settlement, your case might need to go through the legal process, which can involve filing a lawsuit and taking your case to trial. This can significantly lengthen the timeline.
  • Complexity of the Case: More complex cases, such as those involving multiple parties, complex legal issues, or unique circumstances, may require more time to resolve.
  • Court Dockets: If your case goes to court, the availability of court dates and the court's schedule can affect how quickly your case is heard.
  • Jurisdiction: The specific jurisdiction where your case is filed can influence the timeline due to variations in court processes and case backlogs.

It's important to note that some cases might settle relatively quickly, within a few months, while others can take a year or more to reach a resolution. Your attorney will play a crucial role in managing the timeline of your claim, advocating on your behalf, and working to ensure that your rights are protected.

To get a better estimate of how long your specific case might take to settle, contact a Houston personal injury attorney at Dolman Law Group today. We can evaluate the details of your situation and provide more tailored guidance.

Can I Still Recover Damages for My Houston Injury Claim If I Was Partially At Fault?

Can I Still Recover Damages for My Houston Personal Injury Claim If I Was Partially At Fault

Yes, in Texas, you can still recover damages for your personal injury claim even if you were partially at fault for the accident. Texas follows a legal principle known as "modified comparative negligence" or "proportionate responsibility." This means that your ability to recover damages is determined by the extent of your own fault in the accident.

Here's how the concept of proportionate responsibility works:

  1. 51% Bar Rule: Texas follows the 51% bar rule, which means that you can recover damages as long as you are found to be 50% or less at fault for the accident. In other words, you can be up to 50% at fault and still have the right to seek compensation from another party.
  2. Reduction of Damages: If you are found to be partially at fault, your recoverable damages will be reduced by the percentage of your own fault. For example, if you were found to be 20% at fault for the accident and the total damages awarded were $100,000, your recoverable amount would be reduced to $80,000.
  3. Comparative Negligence in Settlement Negotiations: Even before a case goes to court, the concept of comparative negligence can play a role in settlement negotiations. Insurance companies and parties involved will consider the extent of each party's fault when determining settlement amounts.
  4. Proving Fault: It's important to clearly establish the facts regarding who was at fault and to what extent. This often involves collecting evidence, witness statements, accident reconstruction, and expert opinions.
  5. Legal Assistance: To navigate the complexities of comparative negligence and to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, it's advisable to consult with a dedicated personal injury lawyer in Houston. They can help you build a strong case, assess fault accurately, and advocate for your rights.

Keep in mind that personal injury law can be intricate, and outcomes can vary based on specific circumstances and the interpretation of the law. Consulting with an experienced Houston personal injury attorney from Dolman Law Group is crucial to understanding how comparative negligence might apply to your injury claim.

What are the Steps in a Personal Injury Claim in Houston?

When it comes to personal injury cases, Texas is a fault state. This means that an individual who suffers an injury in an accident that was caused by someone else's negligence can file a claim or lawsuit directly against the at-fault person—or that person's insurance company.

Filing a claim with the at-fault person's insurance company typically involves sending a settlement demand packet, including relevant documentation, to convince the insurance company to make a settlement offer on the claim. When bringing a personal injury claim, a Houston personal injury lawyer can also determine the limits of the defendant's insurance coverage. In accident cases where the victim suffers a particularly serious injury, the initial settlement demand may be for the full amount of the available policy limits.

What Goes Into an Insurance Demand Package?

As part of a demand package, an experienced personal injury lawyer will typically include a settlement demand letter. The letter will also describe: 

  • The circumstances behind the accident
  • The injuries that the accident victims suffered
  • A list of all related medical treatment bills and expenses
  • Any lost wages that the accident victim may have incurred following the accident

Along with the demand letter, the accident victim's lawyer will typically include several pieces of documentation that are pertinent to the personal injury case. That documentation typically includes a copy of the police report (if an officer prepared one) and copies of all medical records and bills that show the treatment that the accident victim received following the accident.

The demand package may also include copies of photographs depicting the property damage in a motor vehicle accident case, along with photographs that depict the accident victim's injuries. Moreover, if there are photographs or video footage depicting the accident scene, or the accident itself, those photographs can especially help if the insurance company disputes liability or fault.

Finally, if the accident victim lost income because they can't work following their accident, their lawyer may include a lost wage statement that the victim's employer prepares. The wage statement will indicate the amount of money that the accident victim lost following the accident.

What Happens Once the Insurance Claim Is Filed?

Once the insurance company receives the settlement demand package, an adjuster will review everything. If the insurer decides to accept its policyholder's liability/fault for the case, the adjuster will typically make an initial demand to try to settle the matter.

These initial settlement offers, in most cases, are so extremely low that they are often not worth accepting. In fact, at this juncture, the insurance company is usually just trying to see if the accident victim will settle their case for a very small amount of money. After all, the insurer does not make money by paying large personal injury awards. Instead, it makes and keeps its money by collecting premiums from insured individuals and retaining as much of that money as possible.

What If the Insurer Refuses to Offer a Fair Settlement?

A Houston personal injury attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf in an attempt to resolve your personal injury case fully and fairly. If the insurance company's adjuster is willing to offer you a reasonable settlement that you decide to accept, your lawyer can help you finalize the settlement and resolve the matter in full.

However, in some cases, the insurance company may not be willing to offer you fair compensation for the losses you suffered in your accident. When that happens, you have a couple of options. First, your lawyer could continue to negotiate a settlement in the case on your behalf. Second, you could file a lawsuit in the court system against the at-fault person or entity that caused your accident.

The experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group can assist you with filing a claim in your personal injury case while pursuing a full and reasonable settlement for the injuries you suffered. Your lawyer can also help you decide whether you should accept a particular settlement offer or begin litigating your case by filing a lawsuit in the Texas state court system.

Will My Houston Personal Injury Attorney Need to File a Lawsuit in My Case?

If the insurance company refuses to offer you the monetary compensation that you deserve for your injuries, filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party can be a good option in your case. Just because you file a lawsuit against the at-fault person in your accident does not necessarily mean that your case will go all the way to trial. 

In fact, the majority of personal injury lawsuits filed in the state court system settle before ever going to trial. Filing a lawsuit merely begins the litigation process, and the parties typically then partake in evidence discovery. Written discovery typically consists of: 

  • Interrogatories, in which the parties to the case exchange information about how the accident occurred
  • Proof of the injuries and damages sustained
  • Medical documents explaining if there is likely to be any permanency

Once the parties have completed the written discovery phase of litigation, the defense attorney will typically take the accident victim's oral deposition. At a deposition, the defense attorney asks questions about how the accident happened and details about the victim's injuries.

What Happens After the Discovery Phase?

In some cases, once the discovery phase is complete, the insurance company for the at-fault individual will offer more money to settle the case. If the case does not settle at that point, the parties will typically take part in a settlement or mediation conference. 

Sometimes, the court is involved in the settlement conference, and a judge will meet with the parties to try to bring the case to a resolution. During mediation, the parties usually meet with a neutral, third-party mediator, who will work with both sides in an attempt to settle the personal injury case. A case can settle up until the time the jury issues a verdict.

Should I Take My Case to Trial?

Taking a case to a jury trial can be risky. This is because once the case goes to trial and the jury decides the case, you lose control over your case. The jury will decide all of the outstanding issues in dispute, including fault and/or damages.

The experienced Houston personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group can help you decide whether you should take your personal injury matter to trial or whether you should accept a particular settlement offer. If you decide to take your case to trial, your lawyer will be by your side throughout the trial and advocate for your legal interests in court.

What If the Insurance Company Already Made Me an Offer?

If the other party's insurer has already made you an offer, we encourage you to connect with our team as soon as possible. Do not sign anything until you speak with an attorney about your case. Many insurers will try to offer victims a lowball settlement immediately after the accident. They want to ensure they can pay as little as possible.

In the first days and weeks following injuries, it is difficult or even impossible to know how much your case will be worth. You do not have all the hospital bills or know how much work you will miss. In addition, unknowns like future medical or personal care needs and intangible losses like your physical pain and suffering still need assessment. 

Our team can evaluate your case and advise you about an early settlement offer, which could include explaining how we may be able to help you get an appropriate settlement instead. Remember, once you sign something, there is no going back to recover more later.

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Matt Dolman Personal Injury Attorney
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If you suffered an injury in an accident that another person caused, you might be eligible to pursue financial compensation by filing an insurance claim or lawsuit against the at-fault person or entity. The knowledgeable team of Houston personal injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group can help you recover the monetary compensation you deserve from the at-fault person or their insurance company.

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Matthew Dolman

Personal Injury Lawyer

This article was written and reviewed by Matthew Dolman. Matt has been a practicing civil trial, personal injury, products liability, and mass tort lawyer since 2004. He has successfully fought for more than 11,000 injured clients and acted as lead counsel in more than 1,000 lawsuits. Always on the cutting edge of personal injury law, Matt is actively engaged in complex legal matters, including Suboxone, AFFF, and Ozempic lawsuits.  Matt is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for resolving individual cases in excess of $1 million and $2 million, respectively. He has also been selected by his colleagues as a Florida Superlawyer and as a member of Florida’s Legal Elite on multiple occasions. Further, Matt has been quoted in the media numerous times and is a sought-after speaker on a variety of legal issues and topics.

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