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Clearwater Property Damage AttorneysClearwater is known for its sunny weather and gorgeous Gulf Coast beaches. However, Clearwater’s proximity to the ocean leaves it vulnerable to devastating hurricanes and tropical storms, resulting in significant personal and real property damage.

Even though homeowner’s insurance and other property-related insurance coverages can protect property owners from paying for these damages, this coverage does not solve all the issues that property owners have to endure. In truth, they can create more, especially when the insurance company decides to play games with a property owner’s claim preventing them from getting the money they need.

Fortunately, when you contact the Clearwater Property Damage Attorneys at Dolman Law Group and Sibley Dolman, we can help you tackle these problematic property damage claims and fight for the compensation you are owed.

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Our firms’ lawyers know that following an accident, victims are facing extreme pressure. Specifically, dealing with their physical and emotional injuries while tackling the financial burdens that also result. However, our legal team is here to support you during this challenging time. When you contact our office, we can meet with you one-on-one to go over your case, discuss the harm you endured, and figure out the best legal options you can pursue.

At Dolman Law Group and Sibley Dolman, we aim to fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. With this mindset, we have collected millions of dollars in settlement verdicts and jury awards for our clients while fighting for the justice they deserve.

What Is a Property Damage Lawsuit?

A property damage claim is defined as a request for compensation when another person causes damage to someone’s property due to negligence, an intentional act, or some external cause. Typically, these property damage claims involve any loss that happens to property. Yet, even though physical injuries are not part of the suit, they can still occur. Take a motor vehicle accident, for example. You can have both a property damage claim and a physical injury claim.

There are usually two types of property damage claims.

They include:

  • Damage to Real Property
  • Damage to Personal Property

When an individual pursues a property damage lawsuit, the victim will ask the court for monetary reimbursement from the defendant commensurate with the property damage costs.

Types of Clearwater Property Damage

There are numerous different types of property damage incidents in Clearwater that can lead to a property damage claim. Typically, in Clearwater, property damages often result from:

Wind Damage From Strong Storms or Hurricanes

Florida is known for its severe storms and horrendous hurricanes, which often result in falling trees, heavy winds, and large and destructive objects being blown into houses. Consequently, it is quite common for Clearwater citizens to deal with siding damage, home structure issues, and roof damage following one of these heavy storms or hurricanes.

What makes this situation even more troublesome is that roof damage claims can get quite complicated because the insurance company will look for any reason to deny the claim, including:

  • Claiming that the roof is considered “too old”
  • Stating that the policy does not cover your roof damage
  • Indicating that your roof does not need a full replacement
  • Arguing that you did not mitigate damages by performing regular maintenance

Flood and Water Damage

Another common cause of property damage in Clearwater is flood damage due to pipes bursting, plumbing issues, leftover rainwater, or malfunctioning appliances. Although insurance companies can cover the various types of water damage indicated. It is essential to realize that these insurance companies look at water damage and hurricane flooding damage as two different and distinct issues, which means that homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage caused by flooding due to hurricanes. That is why property owners in high-risk hurricane or flooding areas need to ensure they have the proper flood insurance.

Leaky Pipe Water Damage

Before 1975, homes and commercial properties in Florida were made using cast iron pipes in the construction of their plumbing. However, cast iron pipes have been found to erode over time, leading to these pipes failing and creating water damage. What makes the situation even more problematic is that insurance companies try to delay or deny these leaky pipe water damage claims and argue that this damage is simple wear and tear.

Smoke and Fire Damage

Fires can destroy homes and property in mere minutes or leave these properties with irreversible damages. The heat that results from the flames can cause furniture and surrounding material and objects to crack, melt, and even shatter. Even after the fire is put out, properties are still left to battle smoke damage, which can devastate any remaining contents in the home. In fact, an actual fire does not have to occur in the same room for it to suffer smoke damage.

Typically, the most common causes of residential fires include:

  • Heating Equipment Issues (fireplace, furnace)
  • Unattended Cooking (leaving the oven on)
  • Electrical Issues (defective wires)
  • Seasonal Fires (Christmas trees, candles, fireworks)
  • Intentionally set fires
  • Smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars

Vandalism or Theft

As a property owner, if you experience theft or vandalism of your property, the situation can be extremely upsetting. Yet, even though an insurance claim may be the last thing on your mind. It is still imperative that you take specific actions following this crime, primarily because these actions can impact the amount of homeowners insurance policy you may recover.

Generally, the best thing you can do after an act of vandalism or theft is to take inventory of all your valuables and belongings. Making sure to take photos and video of everything that occurred and the damage that resulted. Additionally, make sure to take detailed notes and gather information regarding each specific item’s monetary value that went missing and the current state of anything that was damaged.

Insurance companies will take into consideration many factors when assessing your claim due to vandalism or theft, including what was stolen, can you prove ownership of these items, and whether the property was vacant.

Clearwater Personal Property Damages

In addition to real property damages, which include damage to land, homes, and business properties.

Property damages can also extend to a wide variety of personal property items that include:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Laptops and other electronics such as TVs
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Instruments
  • Boats and personal watercrafts

Although some of these items are covered by separate insurance policies, it is still important to understand that homeowner’s insurance, in general, is incredibly complicated and can contain numerous exclusions when it comes to coverage. For example, a detached garage on your property may not be covered by your homeowners’ policy. For these reasons, if you experienced any personal property damage due to another person’s negligent or intentional actions, you need to talk to a knowledgeable property damage lawyer that can review your coverage and fight for the compensation you are owed.

Filing Deadlines in Clearwater Property Damage Cases

learwater Property Damage CaseThe statute of limitations is a law that limits how much time you have to bring a lawsuit over a legal dispute or harm that you suffered. If you do not bring this suit within the allotted time, then you can be barred from collecting compensation for your damages.

In Florida, if your property is damaged, you have four-years to bring a lawsuit seeking the replacement or repair of damaged or destroyed property, no matter if the property is considered real property or personal property.

According to Florida’s laws, this time limit applies to the following property damage situations:

  • Property damage resulting from the planning or actual construction of a project related to real property.
  • Any actions that are founded on negligence.
  • Any action for detaining, taking, or damaging personal property (this can include damages to vehicles, furniture, jewelry, or other personal items).

However, this timeline may extend or shorten depending on the circumstances. As a result, speak with an experienced property damage lawyer as quickly as possible. When you contact the attorneys at Dolman Law Group and Sibley Dolman, we can review your case and determine precisely how much time you have to file.

Insurance Companies in Clearwater and Bad Faith

Florida regulations require insurance companies to engage in fair settlements of claims. However, this does not always happen. Insurance companies are a business that wants to make a profit. By denying your claim or reducing the amount of money you receive, they can maximize this profit. That is why insurance companies and adjusters will often act in bad faith and take part in acts that will make sure you are not fully reimbursed for your losses.

Yet, if these insurance companies do not follow the guidelines and act in bad faith. The policyholders can be entitled to financial damages. If you received a meager settlement claim or had your property damage claim denied, you need to work with our skilled property damage lawyers. Our legal team can look into your claim, figure out if the insurance company took part in any bad faith actions, and go after the compensation you are entitled to.

How Can Dolman Law Group and Sibley Dolman Assist Me Following a Clearwater Property Damage Incident?

Property damage claims are tedious, confusing, and stressful. Worse yet, if your claim gets denied or you are offered a low settlement for your damages, the situation may seem impossible. However, it does not have to be. When you retain our experienced property damage lawyers, we can take on your property damage claim and maximize your chances of getting the compensation you need to repair and replace your property damages.

Matthew A Dolman Esq

Property Damage Attorney, Matt Dolman

Some of the specific ways we can assist you and your claim include:

  • We can go over your case in detail, answer your questions and concerns, and discuss the possible legal options you can pursue.
  • Investigate your accident and figure out what happened and who was at fault.
  • Provide you with a thorough contract overview. Many times insurance policies are complex agreements that many people just do not understand. Our attorneys can help you figure out and decipher your policies.
  • Handle communications with the insurance adjusters, preventing them from eliciting statements during the claims investigations that can devalue your claim.
  • Take over the negotiation process with these deceitful insurance companies and go after the demands and results you want.
  • If the other side is unwilling to negotiate, we can take your case to trial and build a potent offense. Advocating for you in the courtroom and going after the compensation you want for your damaged property.

If you or a loved one suffered property damage in Clearwater and are looking for compensation for the damage you endured, contact the Clearwater property damage attorneys at the Dolman Law Group and Sibley Dolman at 833-552-7274. Do not go through this difficult ordeal on your own. Instead, let our lawyers pursue the compensation you deserve.

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