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How Our Orlando Personal Injury Law Firm Will Assist You Following A Car Wreck

  1. Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA (hereinafter referred to as “Dolman Law Group”) will assist you in finding a physician in your area to treat you for your specific problems.
  2. This is an award-winning and top-rated Orlando personal injury law firm that will not leave our clients holding the bag on medical bills. We will work hard to ensure all bills are paid as a result of the settlement.
  3. You will receive the cell phone number of both your handling lawyer and the Managing Partner. It is our goal to provide personal attention and the best client service possible. You will not be left worrying about who is in charge of my case? We are NOT a volume shop or a settlement mill. We try to distinguish our firm from the personal injury lawyers you find advertising all day long on television by focusing on quality; not quantity.
  4. Each accident attorney at Dolman Law Group is experienced in handling complex personal injury cases against practically every conceivable insurance company. We are your local injury lawyers with the experience and financial resources to handle serious and even catastrophic injury claims while keeping the firm small enough to provide personal attention. We have the financial resources to go toe to toe with even the biggest insurance company. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, slip, trip and fall suffered a physical injury due to the negligence exhibited by an individual or corporation; we want to achieve justice for you.
  5. We represent ONLY plaintiffs in personal injury cases and civil actions. This is not a law firm that handles various areas of law such as estate planning, property damage, criminal law, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other various disciplines. Dolman Law Group is simply a personal injury law firm that allows us to continue to build expertise in a single area of law.

An Injury As A Result Of Negligence Can Truly Disrupt Your Life

Orlando Highway - Orlando Car Accident Lawyers Sibley Dolman GipeSustaining an unexpected, serious injury can cause all sorts of major life disruptions. Suddenly, you may have to contend with medical procedures and the bills that come with them, time off from work or school, disabilities that limit your ability to do your job or complete your studies, or piles of documents from insurance companies that you can barely understand. And all this while you face the challenge of managing pain and the feeling of wondering when, if ever, life is going to get back to “normal.” The challenges mount even further when someone else’s carelessness or poor decisions caused your injury. In those cases, on top of worrying about your recovery, you are probably wondering whether you should get a lawyer, and may feel overwhelmed by the idea of dealing with the legal process on top of everything else you have on your plate. The injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA (hereinafter referred to as Dolman Law Group) understand what you’re going through and want to help. With offices along both Florida coasts, you can easily reach a skilled and knowledgeable Orlando injury lawyer to discuss your case anytime online or by calling 833-552-7274 (833-55-CRASH).

Want to Know More About Us?

For over a decade, Dolman Law Group has represented Florida residents and visitors who have sustained serious injuries through no fault of their own. In the Orlando area, many of the injuries for which people need legal help occur during visits to theme parks and attractions. And Central Florida also sees its unfortunate share of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries, and nursing home abuse. Dolman Law Group only practices injury law. Unlike some attorneys, we do not split our time between representing plaintiffs (injured people) and defendants (people who have been sued because they may have caused someone else’s injuries). Our sole focus is on helping people who have suffered an unexpected injury or loss because we think injured people deserve the best legal representation available without having to worry if their lawyer has a conflict of interest.

Do Not Hire Your Orlando Injury Attorney Solely Off A Television Commercial

It is never a good idea to hire an injury lawyer off of a television commercial. Rather, you should do your research as the attorney in the advertisement is unlikely to be the one handling it.  Further, many of the mass advertising law firms are known as settlement mills, meaning they do not litigate a disproportionate amount of cases. Stanley Gipe is a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer.  This designation means Stan is considered an expert in the discipline of trial practice.  Matthew Dolman is a lifetime member of both the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for obtaining results in excess of $1 million and $2 million respectively.  Matthew has also been selected by National Trial Lawyers as a top 100 trial lawyer.  Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients over the years. Some of our more notable personal injury cases include a $3.2 million recovery for a client whose injuries resulted from a semi-truck accident, a $1 million settlement in a ride-sharing accident, and a $450,000 settlement on behalf of a client who slipped and fell in a restaurant parking lot. Of course, there is no guarantee of recovery in any particular personal injury matter. In fact, past results are not indicative of future success. Every case is different. But we can guarantee that if we represent you we will work our hardest to try to secure the maximum compensation you deserve. Every auto insurance company maintains a detailed database on injury lawyers and law firms they routinely deal with.  The insurance company is well aware of which injury lawyers have earned a reputation for aggressively litigating their cases and taking such to a jury trial when it is necessary.  In contrast, they are intimately aware of the firms that leave money on the table and settle claims in volume. 

Bigger Is Not Better

We are not a law firm you will find advertising all day long on television or radio.  One prominent Orlando personal injury law firm has utilized the slogan “bigger is better” in their advertisements.  This could not be further from the truth.  Even at the biggest firms, you will typically not have more than one or two lawyers handling your case.  Further, we do not handle over 15,000 cases at the very same time.  At our firm, we focus on quality; not volume.  Our clients are provided the cell phone number of both their handling lawyer and the Managing Partner.  We strive to provide personal attention and exceptional client service.  Our clients are not left feeling like just a number at this firm. 

What Types of Cases Do We Handle?

Dolman Law Group lawyers represent clients injured in a wide variety of incidents in Orlando and throughout Florida. We encourage anyone hurt under circumstances that they believe weren’t their fault to meet with us, no matter how the injury happened. Some of the most common circumstances that bring Orlando-area clients to us include:

Theme Park Premises Liability Accidents (a.k.a. “Slip and Fall” Accidents)

The name “slip and fall” doesn’t really capture all of the ways a person can get hurt at a theme park or other tourist attraction in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford area. Theme parks and attractions have an obligation under Florida law to provide a safe environment for their visitors and paying customers. When someone gets hurt on a ride, at a restaurant, or even just walking around, the park or attraction operator may be legally liable to that person for damages.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are so common that people sometimes treat them if they’re no big deal. Not us. We represent car accident victims in every conceivable scenario, from single vehicle rollovers to multi-car pile-ups. We know that car accidents can cause devastating injuries, and we fight for accident victims’ rights to recover every penny in damages they deserve.

Ridesharing Accidents

Rideshare accidents are similar to “ordinary” car accidents, with the added complication that a rideshare driver, or taxi driver and ridesharing company also figure into the mix of parties with potential legal liability. Because ridesharing through companies like Lyft and Uber is a relatively recent phenomenon in Orlando and across Florida, the law governing it continues to evolve. We stay on top of the latest legal developments to make sure our clients who were injured in this type of accident have the best chance at recovering compensation for their injuries.

Truck Accidents

As anyone who has driven the straight, flat roads of Central Florida alongside speeding trucks knows, truck accidents pose a real and constant hazard to Orlando-area motorists. The legal complications in truck accidents can sometimes be nearly as messy as the damage these accidents cause. We help clients pick their way through the devastation of a truck accident to find the parties with legal liability.

Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most significant hazards for motorcyclists are cars turning directly into their paths. Car drivers will often swear afterward that they never saw the motorcyclist coming, which might actually true. But that doesn’t make these accidents any less the car driver’s fault. At Dolman Law Group, we fight to make sure motorcyclists get the respect and fair treatment they have every right to demand when they take to the road.

Pedestrian Accidents

Orlando-area attractions create significant pedestrian traffic in parking lots and street crossings. You might think that crowds of people would prompt drivers to take better care, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Driver distraction is consistently on the rise largely due to cell phone use behind the wheel, putting pedestrians at risk. Even at low speeds, a car that strikes a pedestrian can cause the pedestrian serious trauma. We fight on behalf of pedestrians so that they can recover the money they need to heal from serious injuries they suffered in a collision.

Boating Accidents

Lake Kissimmee and other Central Florida lakes attract boaters by the thousands. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to turn a carefree day on the water into a tragedy. At Dolman Law Group, we help those injured in boating accidents navigate the sometimes complicated rules that govern safe waterway navigation.

Construction Site Accidents

There’s always a building going up in and around the Orlando area. Risks abound on construction sites, which is why employers have an obligation to provide safety training and equipment to workers who put their lives on the line when working high above the ground or using heavy equipment. When safety protocols break down, Dolman Law Group is here to help workers with the workers’ compensation process and to identify others who may owe them compensation for their injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Osceola County and the surrounding areas are home to hundreds of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Most of those take good care of their residents. But sometimes the staff of nursing facilities abuse and neglect their residents, which can cause serious physical, emotional, and financial injuries. At Dolman Law Group, we fight for the rights of vulnerable, elderly nursing facility residents. These are just some of the types of matters we handle. Visit this other page to see more detailed information about the wide range of experience our team has at Dolman Law Group.

What Types of Injuries Do We Help With?

The wide range of cases we handle at Dolman Law Group has given our attorneys a wealth of experience helping clients confront significant injury-related challenges. We find that our familiarity with diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis for serious injuries gives our clients comfort knowing their lawyer has some understanding of the difficulties they face on a day-to-day basis. Our opponents also know that we understand the medical and financial ramifications of an injury almost as well as any doctor or financial advisor, which gives us a leg-up in settlement negotiations and trial. Here are some of the more common injuries we help our clients with:

Wrongful Death

We pray the worst case—a tragic death because of someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions—never affects you or your family. But if it has, then our compassionate, hard-working team is ready to help you recover the damages due to you under Florida law. Money will not bring your loved one back but it can help you in recovering from your loss.

Brain Injuries

Doctors and scientists have only begun to scratch the surface of figuring out how the brain works, and how it heals after an injury. But one thing they do know: a blow to the head can cause serious, lasting impairments and disabilities, from difficulty thinking and remembering to challenges with walking and talking. At Dolman Law Group, our lawyers have the experience and resources to explain to insurance companies and juries why our clients who are confronting brain injuries need maximum financial support.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries often result from violent collisions and falls. At their worst, they cause temporary or permanent paralysis, which changes a victim’s life forever. Our lawyers understand the complicated medical and financial challenges associated with spinal cord injuries and have experience fighting for compensation to pay for the services, home modifications, and other costs of adapting to these injuries.


Burns, whether from fire, chemicals, or electricity, often cause intense suffering. They can take years to heal, require multiple painful surgeries, and lead to a wide range of secondary health complications. At Dolman Law Group, clients suffering from the effects of severe burns receive our utmost compassion, respect, and commitment to working as hard as possible to get them the resources they need to make a recovery.

Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Injuries

Even injuries that do not threaten someone’s life can still change their life for the worse. Falls and accidents can cause complex fractures, tears, and strains that take a long time to heal and lead to chronic pain. We fight to make sure insurance companies and juries take these injuries seriously. No one should have to live in pain, but if they do, then they should at least recover the compensation they need to manage that pain effectively.

What Client Services Do We Provide?

Orlando-area residents and visitors injured in circumstances that weren’t their fault sometimes wonder, “what can a lawyer do for me?” The answer is that Dolman Law Group lawyers serve a wide variety of functions aimed at supporting our injured clients in their day-to-day lives. But, if you wanted to boil down our jobs to the essence, we:


In every case we handle, our lawyers’ first job is to piece together how our client suffered their injuries and who may have legal liability to them for damages. Sometimes this is a straightforward task. Other times we have to call in forensic experts to help us dig through the evidence. But either way, we aim to wrap our heads around the facts of a case to make sure we know it forward and backward.


Once we have a solid understanding of the evidence and parties responsible for our client’s injuries, we typically enter into negotiations with those parties who have the resources or insurance coverage to pay damages to our client. Our years of experience and our track record as skilled trial lawyers gives our clients an edge in these negotiations, which is why the vast majority of the successful matters we handle conclude in a settlement.


In some cases, however, the other side refuses to make our client a fair and reasonable settlement offer. When that happens, we’re prepared to take our client’s case to court to explain to a judge and jury why they deserve maximum compensation.

Orlando, Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

If an unexpected injury or tragic loss in the Orlando area has disrupted your life, livelihood, or relationships, then contact Dolman Law Group online or at 833-552-7274 (833-55-CRASH) today. We have offices all across the Sunshine State, and a consultation with a member of our team is always free and confidential.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

“I can’t express enough praise to Brent and his team for the superb results they achieved on my mother’s personal injury case. Brent was very hands on with our case and had a genuine interest in my mother’s well being. He has an amazing ability to explain all of the moving parts in a personal injury case. We were well informed of every aspect of our case and never felt confused for one moment. I would without a doubt recommend his services! Thank you again Brent !” Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jamie Saffran September 2018 Read more reviews on Google!

Client Testimonial

“AMAZING and understanding attorneys! Did great on my case and I highly recommend Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA for anyone that has been injured in an accident!” Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Koralis R. Jan 2020 Read more reviews on Google!