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September 28, 2021 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

It is common to find some type of construction work happening around Orlando at any point in time. Yet, no matter if the project includes drainage improvements for the Southeast Lakes or the development of a city park in Orlando's packing district, construction work is often dangerous.

In fact, according to statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), almost 20 percent of all worker-related deaths in the United States happen in the construction industry. However, this does not mean that following an accident, construction workers should have to deal with these horrific incidents alone or endure their debilitating injuries without any help.

That is why if you were harmed in an Orlando construction accident, the law firm of Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, is here for you. Our Orlando Construction Accident Lawyers take on challenging legal claims and fight for the justice and compensation our clients deserve.

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At Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, our goal is to maximize our clients' compensation in every injury case we take on and never settle for less than what we believe the case is worth.

More importantly, because of our dedication and resources, we can take on even the most complex injury cases and have litigated claims against corporate giants, including Target, Walt Disney World, Walmart, Hyatt, Marriott, Winn Dixie, and almost every car insurance carrier. As a result of this dedication, drive, and knowledge, we have obtained millions of dollars on our client's behalf through settlement awards and jury verdicts. While no result can be guaranteed, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Orlando

Construction accidents can result from various causes, including reckless actions and unsafe working conditions.

However, in Orlando, the most common types of construction accidents tend to occur from:

  • Falls From Great Heights: Typically, falls are the leading cause of construction accident deaths, making up almost a third of on-the-job fatalities. These accidents generally result from a worker falling down stairwells or off an open-sided floor. Yet, because these falls happen from substantial heights, the injuries are often catastrophic.
  • Electrocutions: Almost 61 percent of all electrocutions in workplaces occur in the construction industry. Generally, these accidents tend to happen when a worker, a tool, or equipment comes into contact with a power line or an exposed electrical source. Yet, indirect contact with wiring can also result in these critical injuries.
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions: In Orlando, it is common to find construction workers on the side of the road working on a job. Consequently, when motorists decide to drive recklessly in these construction zones, they often pose a significant risk to the workers.
  • Hit By an Object: Another cause of construction-related deaths includes being hit by an object, caught under collapsing objects, caught in heavy machinery or equipment, or struck against an object. These accidents are often common on construction sites since objects tend to fall, swing, slip, and roll, often resulting in devastating harm to workers hit or struck by these objects.
  • Same-Level Falls: A majority of injuries on a construction site result from a slip and fall accident, which occurs when a worker slips and falls while they are on the same level. These accidents happen because of obstacles on the ground, spills, or slippery surfaces that cause the worker to slip, trip, and fall.
  • Scaffolding or Ladder Accidents: Scaffolding and ladders are standard equipment used on a construction site. Yet, even with the strict rules and proper safety techniques that construction workers need to follow, falling from ladders and scaffolding still happens. Typically, these falls occur because of maintenance issues, lack of supervision, lack of safety equipment, or improper use.
  • Explosions: It is common to find exposed wiring, flammable chemicals, and leaking pipes on a construction site—however, some of these hazards, when left unsupervised, can lead to devastating explosions and fires.
  • Objects Falling: Many construction workers often leave their tools or equipment on top of ladders or scaffolding to save time. Yet, nobody secures these items, they may fall on construction workers.
  • Overexertion: Construction work often involves significant physical labor and incredibly long hours. As a result, workers in this industry often must deal with overexertion injuries such as heat stress, frostbite, joint damage from overuse, and repetitive motion trauma.
  • Incidents Involving Power Tools: Power tools and large machinery are construction site staples. Yet, when these tools are not properly used, or workers do not wear proper safety equipment or receive inadequate training, accidents with this equipment can cause devastating injuries.
  • Caught-in-Between Accidents: One of the deadliest incidents that can occur on a construction site is the caught-in-between accident. Although workers know that they should never get caught between heavy equipment or immovable objects, sometimes they still find themselves in this hazardous situation. These types of accidents occur when a worker gets squeezed, crushed, or compressed between two or more objects, which can happen from cave-ins, collapsing material, or getting pinned between fixed objects.

Common Construction Injuries Resulting from Orlando Construction Accidents

Even though construction injuries can result in debilitating trauma and excruciating pain, most of the injuries will depend on the situation's circumstances. However, in general, the more common injuries that tend to occur because of an Orlando construction accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord trauma
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Severe lacerations
  • Burns
  • Loss of a limb
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Internal damage
  • Disfiguring facial trauma
  • Significant scarring
  • Paralysis
  • Toxic exposure to chemicals
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Death

Generally, if you have been harmed in an Orlando construction accident, you have options when it comes to the legal remedies you can pursue. However, to understand which legal option is appropriate for you, it is important to reach out to an Orlando construction accident attorney such as those at Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, as soon as possible. These attorneys can go over your case and figure out which legal options you should pursue.

These legal remedies include the following:

  • A Workers' Compensation Claim: A workers' compensation system is a type of insurance that allows an employee to receive benefits if they have been harmed on the job or in the course of their employment, regardless of fault. The benefits of workers' compensation can include medical treatments, vocational rehabilitation, and wage replacement benefits.
  • A Lawsuit: Although you cannot sue your employer for a work-related injury if you file a workers' compensation claim, since these claims are the exclusive remedy, you could pursue a lawsuit against a third party other than a co-worker or your employer if you have been injured because of their negligent or intentional actions.

Steps You Should Take After an Orlando Construction Accident

If you suffered harm in an Orlando construction accident, you need to understand that the actions you take after this traumatizing incident can not only keep you safe but protect your legal rights. For these reasons, following an Orlando construction accident, you should do the following:

Contact 911 Immediately

Following many construction accidents, it is important to contact 911 immediately. This is the fastest way to alert the officials, including emergency medical personnel, that you need medical help and get your accident on record.

Get to a Doctor as Soon as Possible

Even if your harm does not appear to be significant or looks like it requires immediate medical attention, you still need to get examined by a doctor. Many times, serious injuries such as brain trauma can take time before it manifests, yet if you do not get immediate treatment, the more deadly these injuries can become.

In addition, seeking prompt medical attention can also be helpful to your legal claim. Insurance companies are looking for any reason to deny your case. By not getting immediate medical attention, these companies can argue that your injuries are not that serious or a result of a separate event. Fortunately, once your doctor examines you after your accident, they can write down their findings in their medical report. Ultimately, providing you with evidence of a direct connection between the harm you sustained and the construction accident.

Discuss the Incident With Your Employer

Once you get the medical help you need, you also need to speak to your employer about the incident as quickly as possible. In Florida, an injured employee has 30 days to report their workplace accident to their employer or supervisor. If they do not report this injury in that time, they can lose out on obtaining workers' compensation benefits.

It is also important to add that when you report this incident to your employer, you will want to put everything down in writing and ask for a copy of the report. As you provide the details of what happened, you will want to be as detailed and specific as possible since a well-written incident report can provide you with valuable evidence, particularly if a dispute arises as to what occurred.

Gather Evidence From the Construction Accident Scene

If you can, you should gather as much evidence from the construction site accident scene as possible. This evidence should include photos and videos of your visible injuries, the dangerous condition that contributed to your accident, vehicles involved in the accident, cracked headgear, and even torn clothing.

In addition, you will want to keep track of all the medical bills and expenses you endured from the incident. These records can help your construction accident attorneys calculate the total compensation they need to fight for when they pursue legal action.

Get Witness Information

If individuals at the scene saw what happened, make sure you try to get their names and personal details. These witness statements can often provide you with helpful information regarding the incident and also back up your claims.

Maintain Records of Any Employer Correspondence

If you talk to your employer about the construction site incident or exchange emails about the accident and your injuries, you want to keep a copy of this correspondence. You will also want to take notes regarding any communication you had with your employer about your injuries and include them with your other records.

Matthew A. Dolman Esq.
Orlando Construction Injury Lawyer, Matthew A. Dolman

Following an Orlando construction accident, the last thing on your mind is obtaining relevant evidence to show fault and preparing sound legal arguments to prove your claim. However, to have a successful injury claim, you need to obtain these details and prepare appropriately. Fortunately, with an Orlando construction accident lawyer on your side, like those from the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, you will not have to tackle this legal battle on your own.

Once retained, these attorneys can help you with:

  • Evaluate your legal claim, discuss your legal options, and answer all the questions you have after your construction accident.
  • Investigate your construction accident and secure the evidence needed to prove what happened and who was at fault.
  • Handle all the negotiations and discussions with the other side, and fight for a just settlement on your behalf.
  • Obtain experts such as doctors, engineers, and accident reconstructionists to substantiate your claim.
  • Take your case to trial if the other side is unwilling to negotiate and go after the maximum damages you are entitled to.

If an Orlando construction accident harmed you or a loved one, do not wait to seek the legal help you require. Contact Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, today at 833-552-7274 for a free case consultation and let our Orlando construction accident lawyers show you how our legal team can fight for the justice you deserve and the compensation you need.

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