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May 24, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Cocoa Beach offers something for everyone, with beautiful beaches, state parks, eating and drinking establishments, and plenty of interesting retail shops. However, congested roadways, busy restaurants, crowded retail stores, and even staying in one of our beautiful hotels can carry a risk of injury. If you were injured in Cocoa Beach due to the carelessness or recklessness of another person, turn to the Cocoa Beach personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, for help.

If someone else's negligence injured you in a Cocoa Beach accident, you have the legal right to request compensation for your injuries through the personal injury claims process. The team at Dolman Legal Group has spent many years assisting injured Florida accident victims navigate this often complex process.

Let an experienced personal injury attorney in our Cocoa Beach office explain the complicated personal injury claim and court process, answer your legal questions, and tell you about our services. Contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

How Can the Cocoa Beach Injury Lawyers at Dolman Law Group Help You Recover the Compensation You Deserve?

The team at DolmanLaw Group brings more than 120 years of combined experience and a successful track record to help every client. We are dedicated to serving justice and giving a voice to the injured. Above all, we fight aggressively for all our clients. Though we cannot make any promises about the results you can expect, our case results prove the knowledge and care we bring to every case we accept.

Take a look at a few of our recent results:

  • $5 million for a client burned in a car accident
  • $3.85 million for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a semi-truck accident
  • $6.7 million for the survivors of a wrongful death case

Our firm has the resources to handle even the largest and most complex cases. Call 321-456-9379 today for your free case evaluation and learn how we can help.

What Types of Accidents Does Our Cocoa Beach Personal Injury Law Firm Handle?

Cocoa Beach is a great place to relax. However, like any other place, the city is not perfect. Traffic is often heavy, particularly during the winter when the snowbirds arrive, spring break when the young people flood in, and any time there is a major event on the Space Coast. Unfortunately, the casual, laid-back attitude of local business owners that attracts visitors can also lead them to unmitigated property hazards. More than a third of Cocoa Beach's residents are over 65, so they are at an age when declines in vision and strength can increase the risk of falls.

Here is a look at common injuries in Cocoa Beach often caused by another person's negligence.

Vehicle Accidents

Hundreds of people are injured annually in the Cocoa Beach area due to motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, rideshares, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. The leading cause of traffic accidents in the county is distracted driving, which accounts for around 12 percent of all accidents. Alcohol impairment is also a common cause of crashes in the region, accounting for nearly 10 percent of wrecks.

Boating Accidents

The Cocoa Beach area offers multiple boating opportunities, including pontoon boats, boats for the flats or bays, airboats, kayaks, canoes, and much more. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the most common cause of boating accidents in the state involves driver inattention and the failure to maintain a proper lookout for hazards in the water.

More than 800 boating accidents a year have been reported on Florida waterways, with the leading cause of fatal accidents involving boat occupants drowning after falling overboard.

Child Sex Abuse

Several years ago, Florida lawmakers removed criminal and civil statutes of limitations on child sex abuse claims. This change means that individuals who experienced physical abuse and psychological injury before age 16 can seek compensation and criminal charges for the abuse, regardless of how many years or decades have passed since the abuse occurred.

Adults who were sexually abused as children often suffer multiple negative impacts from the abuse, such as:

  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Angry outbursts
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Suicide

Medical Malpractice

There are several medical facilities in or around Cocoa Beach where residents and visitors can seek treatment for injuries and illnesses, including Cape Canaveral Hospital. The healthcare providers at these facilities must protect their patients from being injured due to medical errors. A medical malpractice claim can compensate you for medical errors that injure you.

Some of the common types of medical errors that can give rise to a Cocoa Beach medical malpractice claim include:

  • Diagnosis errors such as misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.
  • Birth injuries due to medical negligence, such as failing to diagnose a condition in the mother or infant or to perform a C-section when medically indicated.
  • Surgical errors include anesthesia errors, wrong-site surgery, wrong-patient surgery, or the surgical team leaving an instrument, sponge, or other items in the patient after surgery.
  • Injuries incurred due to premature discharge from the hospital, lack of follow-up care after a procedure, or failure to provide adequate home care instructions.
  • Prescription errors include giving the patient the wrong medication or the wrong dose.
  • Failing to obtain informed consent when a health care provider fails to inform the patient of known risks of a procedure that, if they had been aware, would likely have caused the patient to choose a different treatment option.

Nursing Home Abuse

There are dozens of nursing homes and assisted living facilities located along the Space Coast serving the elderly of Cocoa Beach.

Residents at facilities that are certified to accept Medicaid/Medicare residents are granted several rights as a result of nursing home reform laws, including:

  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Freedom from the use of chemical and physical restraints.
  • The ability to make their own decisions about when they go to bed, what they eat, or the physician who provides their medical care.
  • The right to information about their medical conditions and to have a say in their treatment options.
  • The right to have their representative informed if the facility injured them, they suffered a decline in physical health, or when the facility transfers them.

Many nursing home abuse and neglect claims occur due to understaffing issues at nursing and assisted living facilities that have plagued the nation in recent years. This results in reduced fall protection, increased bedsores among residents due to inadequate staff who can tend to incontinent or immobile patients, medication errors, poorly trained or underqualified staff, and more.

Construction Accidents and Other Workplace Injuries

The construction industry accounts for around 20 percent of the injuries that occur in workplaces around Cocoa Beach and beyond.

Construction workers can face severe injury or death through:

  • Transportation accidents
  • Falls
  • Electrical issues
  • Mechanical defects involving heavy equipment

Most construction accident and other workplace injury victims recover damages through Florida's worker's compensation program. Worker's compensation is a form of no-fault insurance that most private employers must provide for their employees. This coverage provides wage replacement and medical treatment for the worker, regardless of who was at fault for the injury. Some workplace injuries, however, can result in a personal injury claim, such as accidents in which a third party (someone who is not the worker's employer or coworker) is at fault for causing the accident.

Premises Liability Injuries

Premises liability is an area of the law that relates to the responsibility of residential, commercial, and public property owners or managers who must keep the property free of hazards that could injure guests.

Some of the types of accidents that are considered premises liability claims include:

  • Slip and fall accidents. These occur when a visitor slips or trips over a property hazard and falls. This is the most common type of premises liability claim. Hazards at the heart of these claims include wet or slippery floors; worn or torn flooring material; defective staircases and poor lighting in stairwells; cracked pavement or potholes in parking lots; and missing handrails.
  • Swimming pool accidents. Dangerous situations can include drownings because of the property owner or manager's failure to properly enclose the pool to protect child trespassers; failure to provide a lifeguard; failure to maintain the pool's electrical and filtering systems, and slip and fall accidents occurring in proximity to the pool.
  • Injuries caused in fires caused by the property owner or manager's failure to properly maintain the property, aged electrical systems, or the failure to provide smoke detectors and fire extinguishers on the premises.
  • Injuries resulting from defective elevators or escalators.
  • Negligent security, which refers to the property owner or manager's responsibility to protect guests from becoming injured as a result of known criminal activity by taking actions such as providing security personnel for buildings and parking lots, the use of surveillance cameras, and locking windows, doors, and alarm systems in hotels and apartment units.
  • Dog bites are usually covered by the dog owner's homeowner's or renter's liability policy. Florida enacted strict liability for dog bites, so the dog's owner is responsible for compensating those injured by the dog, even if the owner had no reason to believe their dog was capable of aggressive behavior.

Dangerous Products

Each day, people in Florida use hundreds of different types of products, including medications, foods, cosmetics, appliances, vehicles, and more. Product liability is an area of the law that pertains to manufacturers' responsibility to ensure that their products are reasonably safe for consumers when used according to label instructions.

Three product defects can result in a Cocoa Beach product liability claim.

  1. Design defects involve errors in the product's engineering that occur before the product is produced and affects all products that feature the defective design.
  2. Manufacturing defects occur due to an error in the manufacturing process. They may cause issues such as products that are not as strong as intended or that contain a hazard, such as chemicals or broken glass that were inadvertently introduced into the product during manufacturing. This defect is usually limited to one production run, not the entire product line.
  3. Labeling defects involve the information the manufacturer includes on the product's packaging label. Examples of the type of labeling defects that can result in a product liability claim include the failure of a manufacturer to list the known risks of using the product or the failure to include adequate instructions for the safe use of the product.

Many types of product liability issues impact hundreds or even thousands of people. These cases often feature mass litigation, in which the victims of many factually similar cases combine to ease the burden on the courts of dealing with each claim individually.

​Cocoa Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Injury Claims Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Cocoa Beach Can Help Resolve

Practically any injury someone can experience can be caused by someone else's negligence. Personal injury claims often involve catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, which produce a high likelihood of permanent disabilities simply due to the part of the body where they occurred. The brain and spinal cord have limited ability to heal from injuries and frequently result in disabilities that will impair the sufferer's future earning capacity.

Other catastrophic injuries include:

  • Traumatic limb amputations.
  • Severe damage to the vertebrae or discs and instability in the spine.
  • The loss of hearing or sight.

Other injuries in a personal injury claim may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Burns
  • Cuts, abrasions, and punctures

Many people hesitate to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about the process of obtaining compensation for their injuries because they fear the injuries are not serious enough to file a claim. If an injury is serious enough to result in wage loss or require medical treatment, it is serious enough to file a personal injury claim. The experienced Cocoa Beach personal injury lawyers from Dolman Law Group can assist you with any claim, regardless of the injury sustained.

What Financial Losses Can a Cocoa Beach Personal Injury Attorney Recover for Your Injury Claim?

After an injury, you may suffer various financial losses, also known as legal damages. Some of these damages are tangible economic or out-of-pocket costs, such as medical bills, lost wages, and personal property repair expenses. Other legal damages are considered non-economic and more difficult to put a dollar value on because they don't come with a written bill or statement. Non-economic damages can include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental and emotional concerns such as PTSD, and other very real losses that need to be included in your personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your unique injury situation, a skilled accident injury attorney can determine which damages you may request and the monetary value you should demand. Injury victims who try to resolve their claims without legal assistance might not realize all of the losses they can recover. Don't leave money on the table. Work with a dedicated injury lawyer to ensure you receive the maximum compensation allowed by law.

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