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Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and was the setting for some of our nation’s earliest acts of independence. Nowadays, Boston is a global city and worldwide leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Despite Boston’s technological advances, injuries are still a common occurrence, whether sustained by tourists, workers, or residents. Suffering injuries in any type of accident can cause substantial anguish. Suffering serious injuries in a preventable accident due to the negligence of another party, on the other hand, can cause even more emotional suffering.

Boston residents deserve an experienced legal team to fight for their rights when they suffer injury through the negligence of another party, and with Larry Nussbaum heading up our Boston office, Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA and Sibley Dolman is proud to serve in that role.

We have recovered millions of dollars for people just like you. We are standing by to see if we can help you, too.

Common Personal Injury Claims We Work On

Personal injury claims may occur in a variety of settings and for a variety of reasons. If you believe you have grounds for a personal injury claim against a party that bears responsibility to you, but who violated that duty of care at the time of your accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon after your accident as possible to discuss the details of your accident.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. A moment’s distraction can cause a driver to swerve into oncoming traffic or miss a coming hazard, substantially increasing the risk of an accident. Auto accidents can also occur due to driver inebriation or ignoring the rules of the road. Many auto accident victims end up with serious injuries that can impact every area of their lives: spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, amputations, and severely broken bones, for example.

Big Truck Accidents

Big trucks pose some of the same hazards on the road as smaller passenger vehicles, but with an even greater challenge. The greater weight and mass associated with most big trucks can put accident victims at even higher risk for severe injuries. In the case of big truck accidents, you may need to pursue compensation from the truck driver’s employer as well as going through the truck driver’s insurance company directly to seek compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders have to carefully observe everything going on around them at all times to decrease their risk of serious injury in an accident. Even with proper protective gear, including a helmet, jacket, and gloves, motorcycle riders have little protection from passenger vehicles or big trucks on the road. In many cases, motorcycle riders suffer severe injuries as a result of their accidents.

Birth Injuries

Any time mother or child suffers a serious injury during the birthing process, doctors consider it a birth injury. Women remain incredibly vulnerable throughout the birthing process and immediately afterward. They rely on their doctors to care for and support both them and their babies. When a doctor fails in his duty of care to his patient, resulting in serious injury to the woman or child, he may bear liability for their injuries.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors always bear a strong duty of care to their patients, whether they suffer from injuries or illness. A doctor who fails to take proper care of his patient, on the other hand, can lead to considerable additional pain and suffering.

Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor:

  • Fails to properly diagnose a patient, given proper evidence of the patient’s symptoms
  • Misdiagnoses a patient despite clear evidence
  • Commits a surgical error
  • Fails to properly inform a patient about the risks associated with a medical procedure or medication
  • Prescribes the wrong medication or the wrong dose of a medication

Medical malpractice can also occur when a medical device malfunctions, failing to perform as described. Often, when medical devices fail, they cause serious injury to the patient.

Pedestrian Accidents

Motorists don’t always watch where they’re going, and when they do, they sometimes forget to look for people walking across the street. Maybe they’re driving down a residential street a little too fast, or a little too focused on where they’re going instead of where they are, and a ball pops out into the street—with a child right behind it. Or they’re trying to beat a red light at an intersection near the theater district, where you’re walking to a show. Or they’re drunk after leaving a bar, and they swerve and jump the curb. If they fail to brake in time in these or other situations and injure you or a loved one, call our Boston pedestrian accident lawyers for help recovering the compensation you deserve.

Slip and Fall Accidents

You’re at a Red Sox, Celtics, or Bruins game, and someone failed to clean up a spilled beer in the stands. You shot out to the suburbs to load up on supplies at Walmart, and the store failed to clear ice off the parking lot or patch a pothole. You’re flying into or out of Boston Logan International Airport, and you find a loose railing on a staircase—the hard way. Slips and falls aren’t always minor embarrassments—they can causes severe injuries, from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, that require hospital stays, physical and cognitive therapy, and other expensive treatments. If this happened to you because of someone else’s negligence, the Boston slip and fall lawyers at the Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA and Sibley Dolman are ready to help you.

Premises Liability Accidents

Any time you visit a property, especially a public property, you expect a reasonable standard of care from the owner of that property. When walking through a store, for example, you expect clean floors that do not pose an unnecessary fall hazard. At a hotel, you may expect well-maintained elevators or proper handrails when you use the stairs.

Sometimes, however, a public venue may fail in its obligation to keep you safe. Slip and fall hazards, falling objects, or other dangers on the property can all lead to serious injuries for which you, as the victim, may deserve substantial compensation.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

A nursing home should offer an incredibly safe location where elderly individuals can live out the rest of their lives in comfort while receiving the medical and personal support that they need to maintain a high quality of life.

Unfortunately, some nursing homes fail to provide the required standard of care. Abuse and neglect can occur in several different ways:

  • Failure to provide adequate care. Nursing homes exist to provide care for elderly individuals who can no longer provide that care for themselves. Nursing home staff may need to help with cleanliness, feeding, toilet needs, and medical care. Failure to provide such services for elderly individuals can lead to dehydration, malnutrition, more frequent illness and injuries, and, in many cases, death.
  • Physical abuse. Physical abuse occurs when one party uses physical force against another, often either as a show of power or to force the abused party to perform specific actions. Family members may notice signs of physical abuse due to increased bruising and unexplained injuries.
  • Emotional abuse. Emotional abusers use the victim’s emotions to manipulate, coerce, and take away his or her sense of power. In a nursing home, caregivers may abuse residents by trying to separate them from their loved ones, suggesting that the residents do not deserve a high quality of care, or belittling them. Seniors in nursing homes deserve a high level of respect and care, but emotional abusers often fail to deliver it.
  • Sexual abuse. Sexual abusers may force sex on nursing home residents or engage in unwanted forms of sexual contact. A patient who cannot consent, including patients with dementia, can also suffer sexual abuse when a caregiver commits sexual acts against the victim’s will. Sexual abuse may include non-medical genital, rectal, or breast contact.
  • Financial abuse. In addition to other, more obvious forms of abuse, some seniors may suffer financial abuse at the hands of their caregivers, including caregivers in nursing home environments. In financial abuse situations, the abuser may steal or coerce money from the senior for the abuser’s own purposes, often to take care of personal bills and expenses.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites have opportunities for accidents and injuries everywhere. Construction sites include heavy machinery, exposed electrical wires, and numerous other hazards that pose serious problems for both workers and visitors on those sites. When construction workers fail to take adequate safety precautions, they can cause serious injuries, including crushing injuries, falling injuries, electrocution, or exposure to hazardous chemicals. Equipment failures can also pose a substantial hazard.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers have grounds for a workers’ compensation claim when they suffer an injury on the job. Workers’ compensation does not work quite the same way as a traditional personal injury claim. Under workers’ compensation, workers can claim compensation for a percentage of their lost wages while they must remain on leave due to their injuries.

Workers’ compensation will also pay for all medical expenses associated with an on-the-job injury. In a workers’ compensation case, it does not necessarily matter who caused the accident: if it occurred at work, the employer or, more often, the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, will pay out for the claim.

In some cases, however, workers’ compensation victims may have the right to additional compensation. If, for example, that workplace injury caused serious complications that prevent you from returning to work, you may have grounds for a settlement.

We Have Helped Our Clients With These Injuries and More

Any time you suffer injuries due to the negligence of another party, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

In some cases, however, victims may suffer severe injuries that leave them with lifelong impact and consequences—not to mention medical bills that can provide a substantial financial burden, especially if the injured party cannot return to work.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Blunt force trauma to the head may lead to traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries commonly occur in bicycle or motorcycle accidents, especially if the victim does not wear a helmet at the time of the accident. They can also occur on construction sites or in nursing home settings, especially after a slip and fall.

Some victims with traumatic brain injury will eventually recover normal cognitive function, though even victims with mild traumatic brain injury may notice that symptoms linger a year or more after the accident. Victims with severe traumatic brain injury, on the other hand, may never fully recover their former cognitive processing abilities.

Not only does traumatic brain injury have the potential to cause problems with long-term memory, it can cause short-term memory issues, difficulty with focus and concentration, and emotional disturbances, including the inability to properly regulate emotions. Victims may need help completing common tasks. In some severe cases, victims may need a caregiver all the time to help prevent impulsive choices and provide other necessary care.

Spinal Cord Injury

Victims with complete spinal cord injury usually suffer full paralysis below the site of the injury. Spinal cord injury can also impact the function in organs below the site of the injury. Incomplete spinal cord injury, in which the spinal cord does not sever completely, can still cause limited mobility and decreased function.

Birth Injury

Any time a child suffers a serious injury, it causes the parents as much anguish as the child. Birth injuries do not just cause immediate suffering for both children and parents, they can cause limitations that may affect an otherwise healthy child for the rest of its life.

Common birth injuries include:

  • Brachial palsy
  • Facial paralysis
  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage
  • Fractures
  • Infant death

Mothers may also suffer severe injuries during the birthing process. In some cases, those injuries can lead to sexual dysfunction or sterility.


Accidents on construction sites or auto accidents, especially motorcycle accidents or bicycle accidents, can quickly lead to amputations, or the removal of a limb due to trauma. In some cases, amputations occur because of the force and trauma of the accident itself. In other cases, accident victims may require an amputation after the accident itself due to decreased blood flow to the limb or the extent of the injury and trauma.

Amputees often need prosthetic devices to help aid in mobility and independence. While those devices can help create more independence in the patient, they also require frequent replacement and represent a lifelong medical expense.

Broken Bones

Broken bones usually heal with time, though some may require surgical treatment for the victim to make a full recovery. They can, however, cause severe complications, especially during the early stages of the healing process. Many victims with broken bones suffer lifelong limitations due to their injuries. While healing, they may lose the ability to work temporarily or, in some cases, permanently.

Seeking Compensation After a Serious Accident in Boston

Personal Injury Law Firm in BostonIf you suffered serious injuries in an accident due to the negligence of another party, contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon after your accident as possible.

A personal injury attorney can give you a better idea of the compensation you deserve, who caused or contributed to your injuries, and what factors you need to consider as you file your claim.

Determining the Liable Party

Sometimes, you can clearly determine the liable party in an accident. For example, if you tripped on poorly-maintained stairs and fell while navigating at your Boston hotel, you may clearly see that the hotel bears liability for those injuries. In other cases, you may find it much more difficult to establish liability.

Take, for example, an auto accident with a big truck driver. The truck driver lost control of his vehicle in a jackknife accident, causing the trailer to swing around and hit your vehicle. Who bears liability?

Clearly, the truck driver bears liability for the accident, since the truck driver bears primary liability for anything that occurs while he drives his vehicle. Other parties, however, may share liability. For example, the driver’s employer may share liability for forcing him to drive in unsafe conditions or to exceed the legal number of hours he can spend behind the wheel each day. If an outside party loaded the trailer and a shifting load caused the jackknife accident, the party that loaded the vehicle may share liability for the accident.

An attorney can help identify all parties that contributed to your accident, allowing you to claim damages from all liable parties. Often, accident victims find this can increase their compensation.

To determine liability, an attorney will consider:

  • Who bore a duty of care to you at the time of your accident?
  • How did that party violate that duty of care?
  • How did that violation lead to your injuries?

All drivers, for example, bear a duty of care to others with whom they share the road. Likewise, trucking companies bear a duty of care to those who share the road with their drivers. Drivers who break the rules of the road, allow their attention to drift off of the road, or drink and drive have violated their duty of care and, therefore, bear liability for any injuries that occur.

Determining the Compensation You Deserve After a Boston Accident

The compensation you deserve for your personal injury claim will vary based on the extent of your injuries and your medical needs following the accident.

Most people, however, claim common elements of compensation when they put together their personal injury claims, including:

  • Medical expenses associated with the accident
  • Lost wages because you could not work immediately after the accident
  • Pain and suffering related to your injuries

Discuss your injuries and the situation that led to your accident with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about the specific compensation you deserve.

Boston Personal Injury FAQs

FAQs about Boston personal injuriesAfter your accident, you may have a lot of questions.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to get a better idea of the answers to questions about your specific claim or to learn more about your legal rights after an accident.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney in Boston?

Many accident victims avoid getting in touch with a personal injury attorney because they fear the cost. Fortunately, our personal injury attorneys cost you nothing.

Our personal injury attorneys will start with a free consultation: a chance to ask questions, evaluate your claim, and get to know more about the situation as a whole. During that consultation, we may decide whether you have a case, and you can decide whether we fit your needs.

We also take personal injury claims on a contingent fee basis. Instead of paying upfront for your attorney’s services, you will pay your legal expenses based on a percentage of the award you receive for your injuries. For many accident victims, this makes a personal injury attorney much more affordable.

Do I really need an attorney to handle my Boston personal injury claim?

If you suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of another party, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you manage your claim. Many accident victims notice that an attorney helps them recover more compensation from the liable party than they could recover on their own.

An attorney can also advise you as you file your claim and deal with the insurance company or the liable party. Not only that, many accident victims find that working with a personal injury attorney reduces the stress they feel as a result of their claim, allowing them to focus on their recovery, not on their injuries.

Most importantly, a personal injury attorney can help you better understand the compensation you actually deserve. In many cases, accident victims misjudge the worth of their claim. A personal injury attorney can help you better understand the compensation you deserve as a result of your injuries.

The insurance company that covers the liable party contacted me shortly after the accident and offered me a settlement. It looks reasonable. Do I really have to pursue a Boston personal injury claim?

Always contact an attorney and ask for advice before accepting any settlement offer issued by the liable party or that party’s insurance company after a serious accident. Sometimes, the insurance company or liable party genuinely does have your best interests in mind. The company may recognize that it cannot avoid making a large payout and want to shorten the process as much as possible, or the liable party might accept guilt and want to make things right.

Often, however, that settlement offer does not come out of a desire to make things right, but rather, out of a desire to get you to sign fast, before you have a chance to talk to an attorney. In many cases, an insurance company will issue a low settlement offer in that initial contact. If you accept that offer, it can prevent you from receiving the full compensation you really deserve for your injuries. Many victims mistakenly take that offer, then end up without the funds they need to cover their medical bills and other expenses.

Who pays my medical bills after an accident in Boston?

Following a serious accident, you may have substantial concerns about how to handle your medical bills. As the injured party, you bear liability for paying any medical expenses associated with your injuries, from emergency medical treatment to ongoing physical therapy to help you recover. The liable party will not simply foot the bill for all medical expenses, and the bills will come to you, not to that party.

You do, however, have several options for taking care of your medical expenses after a serious accident.

  • Your health insurance. Your health insurance can provide vital coverage for your medical expenses following a serious accident. In many cases, your health insurance will cover the majority of your medical costs, which can provide peace of mind as you undergo expensive medical treatments and manage the other aspects of your recovery.
  • PIP insurance. If you suffered injuries in an auto accident, you can use your PIP insurance to pay your initial medical expenses. PIP insurance can help with the cost of emergency treatment and prevent a delay in your care, which can increase the odds that you will make a full recovery after your accident.
  • A personal injury claim. While the liable party does not have to pay your medical bills directly, you can seek compensation for your medical expenses through a personal injury claim. It can take time to get the funds you need from a personal injury claim in your hands, so communicate with your medical care providers to let them know about the situation and when you intend to pay.

How much is my Boston personal injury claim worth?

Consult an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about the specific worth of your claim. The compensation you ultimately receive for the injuries you suffered in your accident can depend on several factors.

Who caused your accident? In many cases, including auto accidents and premises liability accidents, the party that caused your accident may carry insurance that will provide the payment for your injuries. The limits of that insurance policy may also determine the compensation you can receive for your injuries.

For example, Massachusettes drivers may carry minimum auto insurance that offers just $20,000 maximum bodily injury protection coverage, which could set the limit of the compensation you can receive for your injuries. Many other parties, including ridesharing like, Uber and Lyft drivers, big truck drivers, and premises owners may carry insurance policies with higher limits, which can increase the compensation you can receive for your injuries.

What injuries did you suffer? In the case of severe injuries, including traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, you may have hefty medical bills to go along with your injuries. Those medical bills will usually form the foundation of your personal injury claim. You can include all medical expenses associated with your accident, including the cost of emergency medical treatment, any services or treatments you receive to help you recover from your injuries, and ongoing therapy following your accident.

How do your injuries affect other areas of your life? In addition to physical pain and suffering, your injuries may cause substantial impacts in all areas of your life.

How much work did you have to miss as a result of your injuries? Could your employer get you back into the office quickly, or did you need to spend weeks, months, or more out of work as you recover? You can include those lost wages as part of your demand package when you file a personal injury claim.

In addition to those tangible losses, discuss the non-financial losses you suffered as a result of your injuries with your attorney. For example, many victims of serious accidents feel a sense of social isolation after the accident. They may miss out on interactions with friends and loved ones or miss activities that have meaning within their family or social circle. An attorney can help you learn more about how to include those losses as part of your personal injury claim.

How long do I have to file a Boston personal injury claim?

You should file your personal injury claim before the statute of limitations runs out on your accident. However, many exceptions exist to the statute of limitations. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about how you can file a personal injury claim now, even if you think the statute of limitations has run out.

When should I get in touch with an attorney after a Boston accident?

You should, ideally, get in touch with an attorney as soon after your accident as possible. An attorney can help prevent you from accepting a low settlement offer immediately after the accident and provide you with valuable legal advice that can help you maximize your settlement. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner that attorney can begin work on your behalf.

That does not necessarily mean that your attorney will advise you to file a claim immediately. In some cases, your attorney may advise waiting until you have more time to recover from your injuries before filing a personal injury claim. Your attorney may also want time to review the circumstances that led to your accident and take a look at the evidence that will help establish the liable party or parties in your claim.

What should I do to protect myself after a Boston accident?

If you suffer serious injuries in an accident, the steps you take immediately after that accident can have a huge bearing on both your recovery and your future personal injury claim.

  • Seek medical attention. Never walk away from an accident assuming you have only minor or insignificant injuries, especially if you have any pain or lost consciousness at any time. Not only does that medical care visit help ensure that you get the right treatment for your injuries, it can provide you with vital evidence of when your injuries took place.
  • Take pictures. If you can move safely around the scene or have someone with you who can, take pictures to provide photo evidence of what led to your accident.
  • Avoid accepting liability in any form. Do not brush off the liable party’s apologies or accept responsibility yourself.
  • Contact an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can advise you about your next steps, including how to file a personal injury claim.

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