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March 8, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Buses provide a great mode of transportation. Charter buses take people around the historic sites of Boston. School buses take your kids safely to and from school. Mass transit buses help you get to and from work.

Unfortunately, with all of these buses traveling around, accidents happen. Bus passengers suffer injuries but so do passengers in other cars and even pedestrians. When a bus strikes a pedestrian, the result is often deadly.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a bus accident, whether you were on the bus or in another vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. Partner with an experienced Boston bus accident lawyer today to find out who might be accountable for your injuries.

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Our attorneys have earned significant recognition, both local and national, for their top-notch legal advocacy. When you retain us to handle your Boston bus accident case, you can rest assured knowing that we understand personal injury law and care about your case.

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If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a Boston bus accident, contact us today for a free consultation, during which you can discuss your circumstances, ask questions, and determine your eligibility to pursue compensation for the full cost of your injuries.

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Dolman Law Group has offices conveniently located in the communities that we serve, including Boston, and we offer prospective clients free consultations. You risk nothing by reaching out to us to discuss the details of your Boston bus accident. 

If you decide to retain us to handle your Boston bus accident claim, we will take your case on contingency, which means that you won't owe us anything unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. Contact us today.

We have experience representing individuals who have sustained injuries in accidents, including bus accidents. While we cannot guarantee a favorable result in your case, we can provide some examples of our past success as evidence of our dedication and legal skill.

Some of our recent results include recovering $1.75 million in compensation on behalf of a client who sustained shoulder and brain injuries in a truck accident, $1.58 million in compensation on behalf of a client who sustained spinal cord injuries in an automobile accident, and $415,000 in compensation on behalf of a client who sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident.

We can't promise similar results in your case, but if you call us, we can provide a free case evaluation to see what we can do to help you.

Types of Bus Accidents

In fact, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is one of the largest public transit systems in the country. Those are statistically the most likely culprits. However, buses are constantly passing through the city as it is a historical marvel, inviting tour groups, school trips, and visitors throughout the year.

As with regular vehicle accidents, bus accidents happen for many reasons. Many of these center on human error, whether the bus driver or a driver of another vehicle. Common types of bus accidents include:

  • Rollover
  • Failure to yield
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Improper training
  • Equipment failure or malfunction
  • Poor road conditions
  • Poor weather

Buses are also more susceptible to accidents because of their size and weight. For instance:

  • Buses take longer to stop
  • Buses are more top-heavy and more likely to roll over than smaller vehicles
  • The size of a bus can obscure the driver's view
  • Unsecured objects can fly around a bus in an accident
  • Passengers are allowed to walk around the bus while in motion
  • Drivers often feel that buses are harmless

No matter what caused your bus accident, you were injured. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may face extreme medical bills. The negligent party in your Boston bus accident should be on the hook to pay those bills, not you and not your family.

The relative size of a bus and the limited scope of the driver's view makes these vehicles more dangerous than they appear. Never take buses lightly or drive aggressively around them.

A skilled bus accident injury attorney in Boston can help you determine who is to blame for your accident. Because buses are large vehicles and their operation requires many people and companies to work together, it could be challenging to accurately determine which is at fault for your accident. 

It could also be possible that more than one person or company is to blame. For this reason alone, you need a trusted legal advocate with proven experience helping bus accident victims like you determine who is at fault for their accident, hold them accountable, and collect maximum compensation.

Common Injuries

Bus Accident Attorneys

All buses are large, heavy vehicles. When they impact your car or any other vehicle, you can suffer serious injuries. Even at slow speeds, buses can cause catastrophic damage.

And it's not just damaging to the people on the bus. In the majority of school bus accidents, for example, injuries more frequently occur to people in other vehicles than in the school bus. Even though buses do not have seat belts, the sheer size and weight of the bus protect bus passengers. But that doesn't make them immune to injuries.

The most common injuries in a bus accident include:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burns
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Wrongful death

In the worst cases, bus accidents cause a loved one's death. If that occurs, you can seek compensation for the loss of your loved one by filing a wrongful death claim with the help of a Boston bus accident attorney.

Even in bus accidents where all the victims survive, their lives may be forever changed. Bus accidents can leave you with a lifetime of medical needs, including rehabilitation and in-home care. This does not come cheap but is vital to your ability to continue living your life.

Your ability to recover every dollar you deserve to cover these astronomical expenses can depend on the Boston personal injury lawyer you choose. Work with a knowledgeable and experienced bus accident attorney in Boston who can guide you through the complex claims process toward a suitable outcome.

Determining Liability

The MBTA alone operates nearly 400,000 bus trips per day. With all of these trips, accidents are bound to happen. But the question you need to answer to collect compensation for your injuries is who is at fault.

A skilled lawyer with resources available to them can work to investigate your accident. Working closely with bus accident experts and medical experts, your legal team will investigate your bus accident to determine who was negligent. This determination helps when attempting to collect maximum compensation for your injuries.

Negligent parties in your bus accident can vary. It could be an individual or a company. In some cases, both. That's why it's vital to the success of your claim that you partner with a skilled Boston bus accident lawyer who can accurately determine which parties to hold responsible for your injuries.

Bus Driver

The most obvious place to look when any vehicle accident occurs is the driver. As is the case with many regular car accidents, human error often is the sole cause or a partial cause of accidents. Bus drivers are no different. The driver may have been distracted or improperly trained. This could also mean the bus company is liable, too.

Bus Company Owner

If the bus owner employed the bus driver, they could be held liable for the driver's negligence. A bus company is also responsible for ensuring their employees are properly trained and have the right skills for the job. 

A bus company may be liable for hiring someone with a questionable background, for example. Your lawyer will explain to you all the ways the bus company may be responsible for your injuries.

Maintenance Company

Buses have thousands of moving parts to them. Each of these components requires constant attention and maintenance to ensure safe operation. But, sometimes, a maintenance technician moves too quickly or cannot properly diagnose a problem, sending the bus back on the road in a dangerous state. 

Uncovering this is extremely difficult, but bus accident experts can shed light on whether a maintenance company may have failed in their job.

Bus Manufacturer

There may also have been an issue with the bus from day one. Bus manufacturers are required to test their vehicles and make sure they are in safe operating condition before leaving the factory. If a bus manufacturer knew of a defect or should have known of one, they could be held liable for the accident where you suffered injuries.

Product Manufacturer

The bus manufacturer does not make all of the parts and components that make up their bus product. They buy these pieces from many different manufacturers. These companies may have provided the bus manufacturer with poor products or defective products, leading to their liability in the crash. 

Because there are thousands of products that make up a bus, finding this needle in a haystack can be difficult. Working with a connected bus accident attorney in Boston can give you access to the lawyer's expert bus investigators who can work to determine the exact cause of your accident.

Government Entity

If you suffered injuries on an MBTA bus, the city of Boston might be liable for your injuries. Filing a claim against a government entity, however, is an entirely different beast than suing a person or company. It takes great skill and experience to successfully sue a government entity.

Damages To Fight For

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may face a lifetime of medical needs. Even if you only suffered minor injuries, you may require medical care that can become expensive. Seeing your regular doctor may cost you hundreds of dollars alone.

Your lawyer may try to get you compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering, including the physical pain you feel every day (when this pain is diminishing your quality of life, you may seek damages
  • Emotional distress, including all the psychological distress that you are experiencing, especially as it is diminishing your quality of life
  • Lost wages, including all the time you missed during your recovery, even if you had sick days available (you should not exhaust your sick days just because you were involved in a bus accident)
  • Lost earning potential
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Present and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Home renovation costs, as related to your recovery and accommodations required due to your injuries

If your injuries are life-threatening, you may not return to work in the same job. That can put you in serious financial hardship. Without a way to earn a living, you have no way to support yourself or your family. Even if your injuries only keep you out of work for a few days or a few weeks, that's income you will never get back.

That's why it is paramount to your ability to recover that you work with a lawyer who can help you determine how much time you will be out of work. Knowing this, you can get a better understanding of the full amount of money you will need to recover. The last thing you want is to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses or have to shoulder the burden of your lost income.

If you have lost a loved one to a bus accident, you could seek damages that include:

  • Burial costs and funeral expenses
  • Administrative costs related to the deceased's estate
  • Lost lifetime earnings from the deceased

Five Steps To Take Immediately After a Bus Accident

After a bus accident, the steps you take can make a difference in your ability to recover compensation for your injuries.

To give yourself the best chance of making a full recovery, follow these five steps.

Call 911

Anytime you are in an accident, you want to call 911. Making this call will send the police to the accident scene, where they will create an accident report by speaking with all parties involved, including the bus driver and any witnesses. 

Calling 911 will also ensure you are looked at by emergency medical personnel. Regardless of how you feel, you may have severe injuries, and getting prompt medical attention is vital to getting better.

Take Pictures

If your injuries are severe, you may not take part in this activity so ask a trusted friend or family member for assistance. Make sure you get pictures and video of the entire accident scene, any vehicles involved in the accident, and your injuries. This evidence can play an important role in showing how your injuries have affected your life.

Speak With Witnesses

Not all witnesses will wait for the police to arrive. Getting witness contact information, at the very least, can help your legal team get the information they need during your accident investigation. 

Witnesses can often provide important details about the seconds leading up to a crash, details that are important to proving who is to blame for your injuries. Do your best to collect witness contact information so the legal team can reach out to them in the future. You may also want to ask each witness if they are comfortable speaking to your attorney and/or the police. 

Get Medical Attention

Even if the emergency medical personnel clear you at the accident scene, you should still go see your regular doctor. No one knows you better and they can provide clarity on how your injuries have changed your lifestyle. Your doctor hopefully keeps meticulous medical records. These could detail how your injuries affect your life, details that can be important to show how much money you need to recover.

Keep a Journal

In your own words, describe your daily life before and after the bus accident. Keeping these notes and writing every day will help you remember the hurdles you faced. Over time, you will forget every obstacle but those details are important to show how your life has changed after your bus accident.

Boston Bus Accident FAQs

Boston MA Boston Bicycle Accident FAQ

Being the victim of a bus accident is not only painful, but it's also frustrating and potentially traumatizing. The sheer size and weight of a bus slamming into another vehicle or object can cause serious and life-threatening injuries to bus passengers and passengers of other vehicles.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a bus accident, you might have uncertainty about what comes next. To help you gain clarity and recover fair compensation, speak with an experienced Boston bus accident lawyer today.

My child was injured on a Boston school bus. Who can I sue?

Generally, school buses are a safe mode of transportation for children. School buses routinely take kids to and from school, sporting events, and field trips without incident. Unfortunately, even though school buses are safe, a few children do die each year in school bus accidents.

School buses go through strict safety requirements. If those requirements are not met or the driver violates rules and regulations, there could be multiple parties who are liable for the accident. These parties are most commonly at fault for school bus accidents:

  • Bus driver
  • School district
  • Bus owner
  • Maintenance company

These parties might require further investigation. For example, your attorney may find that a supervisor or manager within the school district is truly responsible for your accident. If the owner of the bus is under investigation, we might find that a specific person is responsible.

When your child suffers an injury in a school bus accident, you want answers. Your child is your life, and when they hurt, it hurts you. Partner with a compassionate and experienced Boston bus accident attorney today to hold the negligent party liable for your child's suffering

If I was in a car hit by a Boston bus, do I have a claim?

Absolutely. In fact, most serious bus accident injuries occur to people not on the bus. This happens because the bus offers a certain level of protection because of its size.

That's not to say that all bus passengers will escape injury. But more often than not, the most serious injuries occur to people in other cars.

Who is at fault for my Boston bus accident injuries?

Bus accidents are complex vehicle crashes. There are thousands of moving parts and many hands from different companies involved in keeping a bus operating safely. Determining the exact cause of your bus accident can take time but also requires the skill of a bus accident expert. Your injuries could result from negligence on the part of the:

  • Bus driver
  • Bus driver's employer
  • Owner of the bus
  • Government entity
  • Maintenance company or technician
  • Bus manufacturer
  • Part manufacturer

Understanding the complexities of what makes a bus run and then determining what part or human played a role in causing an accident requires intimate knowledge of buses. Your sole focus during this time should be on your health and well-being, not on figuring out who or what caused your bus accident.

That's a job for your legal team. When you work with a skilled bus accident lawyer in Boston, you can lean on their resources to help determine who played a part in causing your bus accident and subsequent injuries. In many cases, this is more than one party. Your lawyer will work to hold them liable for their negligence and attempt to collect maximum compensation for you.

What if I was partially at fault for my Boston bus accident?

In many vehicle accidents, fault can be laid at the feet of more than one person. Sometimes, that means you may play a role in your accident.

Under Massachusetts law, you can attempt to recover compensation from the negligent party. That means that even if you are partially at fault for your accident, you can still recover compensation for your injuries.

When you play a role in your accident, it is even more vital that you speak with a Boston bus accident injury attorney right away. Determining your level of fault in the accident can be important, as it may determine whether you recover compensation at all.

How much is my Boston bus crash case worth?

This is the most frequently asked question we get from bus accident injury victims. It's also impossible to guarantee an answer. The amount of money you can recover depends on countless factors. Some of these include:

  • Amount of time you spend in the hospital
  • Number of surgeries or medical procedures you need
  • Amount of time you spend out of work
  • Your prescription medication needs
  • Whether you can return to work in the same capacity

Determining the amount of money you need to recover requires guidance not only from your legal team but also from medical experts. The majority of your financial needs may come in the future, especially if your injuries are severe.

Together with your lawyer and their resources, you can create an accurate estimate of your future medical and financial needs. Depending on the answers to many questions, you can get a better understanding of your future financial needs.

This is important because it gives your legal representative a starting point for negotiations with the insurance company. Without this knowledge about how much money you need to recover, you could end up settling for far less than what your case is worth, leaving you and your family to shoulder the financial burden of your medical bills and lost income.

Will I have to go to court for my Boston bus crash case?

We understand that no one wants to spend time in a courtroom. It can be an emotionally draining experience as well as time-consuming.

But you should not worry. Most Boston bus accident claims settle out of court. Even if you do have to go to court, your lawyer will do most of the talking and guide you through the entire experience of what to expect.

If your case does need to go to court, that usually means the insurance company has refused to settle your case for a fair and reasonable amount. At this point, you need an aggressive legal advocate who has bus accident trial experience. That's why it is important to work with a lawyer from the start who has trial experience. You do not want to be someone's first trial.

Why can't I just take the settlement offer from the insurance company after a Boston bus accident?

When bus accident injury victims receive a call from the insurance company representing the negligent party, that can cause excitement. You may feel overjoyed that your legal experience is soon coming to an end. But make sure you approach this offer with caution and have a trusted legal advisor at your side.

The insurance company may offer you a quick settlement, maybe even just days after your bus accident. They may pressure you to take the settlement, saying it's only available for the day. They also might suggest that you should not speak with a lawyer. Do not listen to them. Think about why they are pressuring you to take their first offer – it's because it is in their best interest, not yours. 

They do not want you to have a lawyer review the settlement offer because your lawyer would tell you that it's not enough to cover all of your needs and will leave you paying out of pocket for your medical bills. The insurance company might also suggest that your settlement offer will only go down with a lawyer. That could not be further from the truth.

When you partner with an experienced bus accident injury attorney in Boston, your settlement may increase substantially. Because your lawyer can show you just how much money you need to recover, you will see more clearly how the insurance company was trying to take advantage of you. 

If you take their initial offer, you will waive your right to bring any future claims against them for this bus accident. Months or years later, when you realize the settlement funds have run dry and you still have medical expenses to cover, there's nothing you can do.

Working with the right lawyer from the start, you can avoid this tragic situation where you are on the hook for medical expenses related to your bus accident. 

Through aggressive negotiation, your legal team can help you collect every dollar you deserve. Clients are advised never to speak to third parties who reach out concerning the accident. You never know who is reaching out to you or what they want. It is best to send all calls, letters, or emails to your lawyer. While it may be helpful to coordinate with these individuals, you should never be in a position where you must speak to them alone. 

Do I have to file a Boston bus accident claim soon?

Yes, you do. In Massachusetts, you only have three years after the date of your accident to file a Boston bus accident claim against the negligent party. This might seem like a long time right now, but when you think about how long it might take you to recover and how much time you will spend out of work, your time is quickly preoccupied with getting better and not worried about a lawsuit.

That's where your lawyer comes in, shouldering the worry over your Boston bus accident claim. To prove that someone else is responsible for your medical bills, you need to show:

  • The negligent party owed you a duty of care
  • They breached that duty
  • Because of their breach, the bus accident happened
  • You suffered injuries in the bus accident

This might seem clear to you. After all, you were there, and you know exactly what happened. But proving this to a legal standard requires more detail and evidence. Your lawyer will collect this evidence, reviewing it carefully to make sure it helps your case.

This evidence can go stale or be very difficult to uncover the longer you wait to file your claim. Yes, it may be clear that you were injured by the bus, but the court sets the bar for the burden of proof very high. Your lawyer benefits tremendously if they are investigating a case that is relatively recent.

Without a trusted legal advisor at your side, you could miss a step or miss the filing deadline altogether. This mistake could cost you dearly, as it means your case is barred. Without accurate legal guidance, you could miss out on your ability to collect compensation from the party who caused your bus accident injuries.

How long will it take for me to get my money after a Boston bus accident?

This is another question we get frequently but also one that does not have a one size fits all answer. The time it takes to settle your bus accident injury claim and for you to get compensation depends on numerous factors specific to your accident and injury.

If your accident involves many vehicles and determining fault takes time, that could delay your receipt of compensation. If your injuries are severe and life-altering, it might take medical experts time to accurately calculate the full financial support you will need over the rest of your life. Additionally, if a government entity is involved, that can add time to the settlement and collection process.

In every instance, however, your lawyer can take certain steps to try to speed up the process. In most cases, your lawyer may settle your bus accident injury claim and collect your compensation within a few months. But if your injuries require extensive medical attention, we may need to wait to get a better idea of your medical prognosis.

The last thing we want is for your claim to settle for less than what you need. You should not have to pay out of your own pocket for any of your medical expenses or your lost income. That should be the sole responsibility of the at-fault party.

You have the right to determine if you will go to trial or settle. Your lawyer will advise you of your legal rights and explain what your best options are at the moment. We never tell you what to do. We simply give you information that helps you make informed decisions. 

How can Dolman Law Group's Boston bus accident lawyers help me?

Suffering injuries in a Boston bus accident can be frustrating and traumatic. With the right legal guidance, you can expect a smooth process and one that keeps your best interests at heart.

With Dolman Law Group, you can expect that your legal advocate will:

  • Fully investigate your bus accident to find out which party or parties are responsible
  • Diligently search for evidence to support your claim
  • Partner with medical experts and bus accident experts who can testify about your accident and your medical and financial hurdles
  • Aggressively negotiate with the insurance company to help you collect maximum compensation

Your ability to get back to your regular life can depend on the legal representation you choose. While you focus all of your effort and energy on your recovery, your lawyer will work tirelessly to collect every dollar you deserve.

Speak with an experienced Boston bus accident lawyer today to have all of your questions answered and get clarity on how you move forward with your life without worrying about how you pay your bills.

Partner With Our Trusted Boston Bus Accident Attorneys

At Dolman Law Group, we have the experience you deserve. Choosing the right legal team to represent you after a Boston bus accident can make a difference in the outcome of your claim.

Your lawyer must have experience investigating complex bus accidents. You also need a lawyer who is not afraid to stand up to the big insurance companies and fight hard to protect your rights and collect maximum compensation for your injuries.

You need every dollar you can get to make sure that you do not have to shoulder the burden of paying your medical expenses out of pocket. Your family should not have to worry about taking on more work to cover your financial loss. With the right attorney at your side, these concerns can be washed away. Contact us today to learn how we can help you collect every dollar you deserve.

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