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February 4, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, any time, and in any number of residential, commercial, or public places throughout Boston. The suddenness of such an accident can leave you in shock, with painful injuries, and unable to work. Your situation is stressful enough. Let a compassionate Boston slip and fall attorney fight for compensation on your behalf. A Boston slip and fall lawyer from Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA can shoulder the responsibility of your case, allowing you more time to focus on your recovery. If you or someone you love suffered severe injuries in a slip and fall accident somewhere in Boston, managing partner Larry Nussbaum and his team can help you. Call us now or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Our Proven Results

The Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA are aggressive when it comes to pursuing the compensation our clients deserve. We investigate accidents to identify all parties liable and to determine the best course of action for you. Our successful track record clearly shows how our commitment to justice pays off. The following examples are just two of the many cases we handled regarding slip and fall accidents. These examples are unique to the specifics of each accident victim, and should not be considered a guarantee of results in your slip and fall claim and lawsuit.

Slip and Fall Accident in a Restaurant Parking Lot: $300,000

Improper maintenance of a restaurant parking lot caused our client to slip and fall, resulting in serious injuries. The property owner initially denied responsibility, but our firm efforts resulted in a $300,000 settlement for our client.

Slip and Fall Accident with Shoulder Injury: $82,000

This case involved the insurance company aggressively denying liability for our client's injury. This experience was nothing new as insurance companies often try to deny slip and fall claims. The various tactics they used to avoid settlement included:

  • Arguing injuries were not as severe as the defendant claimed
  • If injuries were so severe, she would have elected to have the suggested surgery

Their tactics failed, and we secured $82,000 for our client. These two examples show our commitment to our clients. At the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we stand firm against insurance companies. We are well aware of how they try to underpay or to deny accident victims the compensation they need. Insurance companies are too aggressive to handle alone. Protect your best interests and contact our team as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Boston Slip and Fall Accidents

Boston Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents are what the law refers to as “premises liability” claims. When someone invites you onto their premises—i.e., their property—you accept the invitation assuming the property is safe from harm. It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure the following types of conditions are either repaired, replaced, or to warn invitees about the hazard:

  • Wet floors
  • Clutter
  • Unsafe stairs or no hand railing
  • Torn or frayed carpeting or rugs
  • Poor lighting indoors or outdoors
  • Cords stretched across floors
  • Oily spots on walkways
  • Poorly maintained sidewalks and parking lots

This is not a complete list, yet it demonstrates dangerous conditions that are often easily fixable. There is no reasonable excuse for a property owner failing to protect customers or visitors. No one should suffer unnecessarily due to a preventable accident.

Negligence in a Boston Slip and Fall Accident

Boston, MA Trip and Fall Injury Lawyers

At the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we can investigate your slip and fall accident to determine:

  • The property owner knew about the existing problem but failed to take action
  • If the hazardous condition existed for so long, the property owner should have known about it

To conduct our investigation, we review the following types of evidence related to your fall:

  • Store incident report: the police rarely respond to slip and fall accidents, making a store incident report completed by management a vital document
  • Pictures and video of the accident scene: photographs and video of what caused you to fall can help us with your case
  • Statements by eyewitnesses: what witnesses say happen-if no reports are available, the contact information for witnesses is something we will seek
  • Medical records: the medical records associated with your injuries or those of your loved one

Pursuing a civil claim and lawsuit for your slip and fall accident holds the property owner accountable. If the property owner was too lazy, too busy, or too cheap to make the necessary repairs, they are generally liable for your harm. Your smartphone may contain important information. Providing us with any information you possess can help us get to work for you faster. If you suffered injuries due to a negligent Boston property owner, contact the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA today for a free case evaluation.

Serious Injuries That Result From Striking a Hard Surface

The outcome of your fall can severely impact your quality of life. If a close loved one suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident, they might never return to the person you remember from before their injuries. This is not only heartbreaking—it is also unfair. The following list of injuries are just a few examples of the tragic ways a slip and fall can result in significant life changes: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) - The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) cite falls as a leading cause of TBIs. The CDC describes a TBI as a bump, blow, jolt, or penetrating head injury that disrupts normal brain function. A TBI can impact you or your loved one in the following ways:

  • Result in muscle weakness and poor coordination
  • Disrupt thinking and memory skills
  • Impact the senses, such as hearing, vision, taste, and touch
  • Create changes in behavior and emotions

The costs associated with a TBI are expensive. If your loved one suffered a severe TBI, their care might require more attention than you can provide. Placing your loved one's care in the hands of strangers is never easy, and it is always expensive. The average cost of a skilled living facility in Massachusetts is more than $12,000 per month. The property owner responsible for your loved one's TBI should pay this cost and not you. At the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we fight not only for the compensation you need now but also for the future charges associated with your loved one's care. Spinal cord injury - The spinal cord communicates with the brain regarding movement and sensation. When injured, this communication can become limited or stop entirely below the point of injury. Such an injury often results in paralysis, making it one of the most devastating types of catastrophic injuries. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation reports that the lifetime costs associated with such an injury can reach into the millions. You or your loved one's spinal cord injury might require:

  • Home modifications
  • Power wheelchair and replacements throughout the years
  • Accessible transportation or modifications to existing vehicles

If your spinal cord injury is due to falling downstairs or some other type of fall, contact us. A lawyer from our team can assist you in your fight for justice. Broken bones - A serious slip and fall accident can leave you with more than one broken bone. A broken arm, leg, or back can severely impact your life. You may face a long recovery, complete with future surgeries, and extensive rehabilitation. Broken bones are painful and can limit your ability to complete daily tasks. In addition to medical care, you might require personal care help with bathing, dressing, and cooking. Internal Injuries - Internal injuries from a slip and fall accident are especially dangerous. Many internal injuries exhibit no outward signs or symptoms. It is these types of silent injuries that make it critical that you seek medical attention immediately after your fall—even if you feel fine. If left untreated, an internal injury such as bleeding can result in organ damage and possible death. Never risk your health simply because you do not visibly see anything wrong. Always accept transport to a medical facility. The injuries on this list are just a few examples of how a slip and fall accident can impact your health and finances. The costs associated with such injuries demonstrate why seeking compensation is essential. Take the first step toward better peace of mind by calling our Boston slip and fall lawyers now.

Your Inability to Work

Injuries from a slip and fall can limit your ability to work or possibly end your career. This is unfair, and it can also leave you feeling depressed and anxious. Just because you can't work does not mean your bills will stop accumulating. The financial pressure you feel is understandable. Your anxiety regarding your situation can cause you countless, sleepless nights. When a slip and fall accident leaves you with tragic injuries, you have legal options. Types of compensation often possible in a Boston slip and fall claim and lawsuit include:

  • Medical costs from the moment of transport to your hospital fees
  • Continuous medical costs for your rehabilitation, prescription medications, and more
  • Lost pay from time spent on your recovery.
  • Diminished earning capacity if your injuries prevent you from returning to your previous job
  • Pain and suffering related to your slip and fall experience

Slip and fall accidents are generally preventable. The property owner, in your case, owed you a duty of care. This duty of care implies a level of care another reasonable person would use in a similar situation. If a property owner failed to protect you from a known hazard, they are most likely liable for your injuries.

The Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA Help Slip and Fall Accident Victims Pursue Justice Throughout Boston

A slip and fall accident is a frightening experience. Even scarier is your inability to work and your mounting medical bills. You may want to take legal action, yet you feel overwhelmed by your injuries and medical procedures, appointments, and treatments. The Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA can handle the details of your injury claim and lawsuit. We firmly negotiate with insurance companies to secure the best results possible. While most Boston slip and fall cases settle out of court, some cases require proceeding to trial. Massachusetts law allows three years to pursue a civil lawsuit. To an uninjured person, this sounds like a long time. To someone suffering from serious injuries, however, this time can pass very quickly. You cannot afford to miss the statute of limitations deadline. The time begins the moment you or your loved one suffers a fall. A lawyer from our team can ensure your case meets court requirements. If you miss the deadline for filing your lawsuit, you might not have any further options for pursuing compensation.

Contact the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA in Boston Today

Slip and fall accidents happen when shopping, dining out, or even at work. The careless actions of another person or property owner should not cause anyone life-altering harm. We firmly believe in providing our clients with the best customer service possible. Included in this is our commitment to open communication. A member of our team is willing to answer your questions and provide you with consistent updates. The slip and fall injuries you or your loved one experienced bring life as you knew it to a full stop—and that's not fair. If you suffered serious injuries in a Boston slip and fall accident, fight for what you deserve. We will fight alongside you. Contact the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA today for a free case evaluation.

Boston Slip and Fall Lawyer FAQ

Boston Slip and Fall Lawyer FAQ

A slip and fall accident is such a shocking event. It can leave you questioning what happened. Once the reality of your injuries sets in, you may face growing medical costs and no way to pay them. Most serious injuries can prevent you from working, leaving you in a dire financial, physical, and emotional situation. The time following an accident can leave you feeling confused as to what steps to take next. These frequently asked questions can help you if you experienced a slip and fall accident:

What are examples of common Boston slip and fall accidents?

It is impossible to watch our steps everywhere we go. When we accept an invitation to visit a business or other type of property, we accept believing the property is safe. Discovering it is not safe happens all too quickly, resulting in severe injuries for you or a loved one. Examples of how a shopping trip or restaurant meal with friends can land you in the emergency department include:

  • Cords across floors
  • Wet or oily floors
  • Potholes in parking lots
  • Poorly maintained sidewalks
  • Broken lighting in need of repair
  • Dangerous stairs with no handrail
  • Torn flooring or carpet

While not a complete list, these examples do demonstrate how slip and fall accidents are often preventable. Precautions and improvements by property owners can make a big difference in customer safety. When they fail to maintain their property, they can face liability if negligence is present. A Boston slip and fall attorney can assist you in your fight for justice. Maintaining a safe property makes good business sense. A leaking roof, for example, can repeatedly create a wet spot on a well-traveled walkway. If the property owner knows about the leak, yet fails to repair it, they can face liability for your injuries. If the property owner or business staff place a warning sign regarding the wet floor, your case may become more complex. Navigating important state laws regarding your slip and fall accident is best left to a professional attorney.

How are Boston property owners liable if I fall?

To prove a property owner liable, your lawyer must prove negligence. Property owners owe invitees a duty of care. When they neglect to use the same care as another person in the same situation, they are often negligent. To prove liability, a lawyer must:

  • Prove that the property owner possessed knowledge about the problem yet failed to repair it
  • Prove that the condition existed for so long, the property owner should have known about it

Insurance companies will try numerous ways to avoid paying compensation. They may claim your injury was preexisting or that you failed to watch where you walked. No matter what excuse they use, a lawyer can fight back on your behalf. By presenting the facts of the case, your lawyer can stand firm in negotiations. The fight for fair compensation is often a lengthy process that requires energy and dedication. Your injuries require the opposite—rest. Attempting to represent yourself can result in stress that is harmful to your overall health. The knowledge that a lawyer is on your side, protecting your best interests can ease your mind. It can also allow you more time to focus on your family as you recover from your injuries. If you suffered harm due to an irresponsible property owner, a slip and fall accident lawyer can help you seek justice. While the process is never easy or quick, it is vital for protecting your future medical and financial needs.

Is it a bad thing to admit fault in a Boston slip and fall accident?

Yes. It is human nature to feel embarrassed about your fall. No one particularly enjoys the attention that results from those around you. The reality is that you may not know who is at fault right away. Never assume the responsibility is yours—hire a Boston slip and fall attorney to investigate and to protect your best interests first. The property owner and their insurance company would like nothing more than for you to admit fault. By doing so, you may let them escape responsibility for your damages. Do not react impulsively or emotionally, but rather remain calm and contact a Boston personal injury lawyer without delay.

How can I help my Boston slip and fall accident case?

In addition to remaining calm, we strongly suggest the following steps:

  • Secure photographs and videos of the scene, if possible. If your injuries prevent you from doing this, ask a bystander to take them for you.
  • Gather the contact information of witnesses.
  • Accept medical transport to the hospital, no matter how you feel.
  • Refrain from posting images or discussing your accident on social media.

While we understand the anger, pain, and frustration of what just occurred, these steps are essential for your case. If your accident happened in a business, the store manager may complete an incident report. In slip and fall cases, a store incident report is an invaluable documentation of what took place. Securing a copy of this for your injury claim and a lawsuit is imperative when pursuing financial compensation. Be wary, however, of any business that attempts to solicit a signature from you—always refer questions regarding the incident to your attorney.

Should I speak with an insurance adjuster alone about my Boston slip and fall accident claim?

No. No matter how friendly an insurance adjuster may seem, never speak with one without legal representation. If the adjuster offers you a settlement, do not accept it, no matter how much they pressure you to sign and accept the offer. Should you accept their offer without legal guidance, you may forfeit the chance to pursue compensation later. This is especially troubling if your medical condition worsens. The amount they offer you may seem like a large sum when, in reality, it is the least amount they want to pay. Rising medical costs and a closed claim can leave you without further legal options and the funds necessary for your care. Protect your best interests and contact a Boston slip and fall lawyer. We can match the insurance company's resources and hold firm in our fight for the compensation you deserve.

What types of compensation are possible after a slip and fall accident in Boston?

There are never any guarantees with civil cases. At the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we strive to secure the best possible outcome for every client's case. The types of compensation we typically pursue on behalf of our clients include:

  • Medical costs: Costs such as your medical transport and hospital costs
  • Ongoing medical expenses: Costs that are continuous, such as therapies and treatments
  • Missed pay: The pay possible if you had not spent time recovering from your accident
  • Reduced earning capacity: The pay possible if your injuries disallow you to return to your former job
  • Pain and suffering: The physical and emotional strain of your accident on your life

A lawyer can negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf. Slip and fall cases typically settle out of court, but some cases proceed to trial. Each case is unique to the circumstance involved. The outcome depends upon the specific details surrounding a slip and fall accident.

What types of injuries are common from a Boston slip and fall accident?

One of the most common types of injuries from a slip and fall accident is a brain injury. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) cites the fact that a majority of traumatic brain injuries result from falls. Hitting your head against a hard surface can disrupt normal brain function. The impact can cause harm to your ability to communicate, to control your emotions, and to taste your favorite foods. Other types of injuries common in a slip and fall accident include:

  • Multiple broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Broken wrists

These examples demonstrate how a fall can result in long recoveries and possibly permanent disability. This is not fair, and you—or your loved ones—deserve justice.

Possibly. Your relationship to the decedent is important as most cases involving wrongful death are limited to:

  • Surviving spouses
  • Parents
  • Children

Wrongful death cases are generally very emotional. The knowledge that your loved one is never returning home is devastating. Financial compensation can never replace your loss; however, it can ease your financial burden. The following types of compensation are often possible in wrongful death claims and lawsuits:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Final medical costs
  • Loss of pay the decedent provided
  • Loss of future pay had the decedent lived
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of inheritance

I have plenty of time to pursue compensation for my Boston slip and fall injuries, correct?

Wrong. Slip and fall accident victims in Massachusetts typically have three years to pursue civil action. Thirty-six months sounds like a very long time, and it is—if you are not dealing with serious injuries. A schedule full of medical appointments can cause you to lose track of time. The time following an accident can fly by. The statute of limitations is a law you must follow when filing a civil lawsuit. If you should miss the deadline for filing your case, you may not pursue compensation later. The clock begins to tick the exact moment you fall. Hesitating to take legal action is not a good idea. You must take a proactive approach for your lawyer to prepare the best case possible.

Can I afford to hire you Boston slip and fall lawyers?

Yes. Our Boston slip and fall lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. We only collect our fee if we secure compensation for you. In other words, if we do not secure compensation for you, you do not pay us anything. The reality of your medical bills and financial stress means that you likely cannot afford to not secure legal representation. Insurance companies want to protect their profits, making it imperative that you protect your best interests. A slip and fall accident can drastically impact your life. The impact of these changes may depend upon the severity of your injuries. When such an accident results in death, your grief is immeasurable. A free case evaluation is the first step in determining if you have a case. Once you establish a civil case, your lawyer can get to work for you. With no deposit required, hiring a slip and fall accident lawyer is a positive step towards securing possible compensation.

Our Boston Slip and Fall Attorneys Can Help You

At the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we acknowledge the fear you have concerning your finances. We also understand the frustration of knowing your accident was preventable.

Larry Nussbaum, Boston Slip and Fall Attorney

Boston property owners who fail to invest in property upgrades and repairs must face accountability. Their lack of willingness to protect the consumers who support them is unacceptable. Personal injury law is complicated. The injuries you experienced leave you no time to deal with insurance companies, paperwork, and phone calls. Hiring a slip and fall lawyer from our firm is an important first step along your recovery journey. Life as you knew it might never be the same. This does not mean that you cannot rebuild your life to be financially secure moving forward. The injustice you experienced, simply because a property owner failed in protecting your safety, is worthy of a civil claim. At the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we work with you during this challenging time. We do not back off from aggressive insurance adjusters who do not want to pay what our clients deserve. Throughout the progress of your case, we keep you informed in a respectful and caring manner. We can help you start with a free case evaluation. Call the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA now for a free case evaluation with a compassionate Boston slip and fall attorney: (857) 407-4182, or contact us online today.

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