The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention After a Motorcycle Accident

March 6, 2017 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention After a Motorcycle Accident

After being involved in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else's negligence,1 it is essential that you seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries at either a hospital emergency room or at an urgent care facility. Rightly or wrongly, failing to seek immediate care following an accident sends a message to the insurance company that you were not all that seriously injured in the accident.

Moreover, you should minimize any gaps in treatment by beginning follow-up medical care and treatment as soon as possible after the accident.

Keep in mind that first and foremost, the insurance company is a business, and its primary goal is to protect its own interests – not yours. As such, you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer representing you throughout your case.

Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are very familiar with the tricks and tactics employed by insurance companies and their adjusters to undervalue your claim, and we can assist you with maximizing the value of your personal injury motorcycle accident case.

Checklist following a Motorcycle Accident

In order to maximize the value of your motorcycle accident case, you should immediately do the following after being involved in a motorcycle accident:

1. Seek Emergency Medical Treatment
  • If you are unable to call 911, ask someone else to call for you.
  • If you are unable to receive treatment at the accident scene, go to a hospital emergency room or urgent care facility as soon as possible – even if you feel that nothing is wrong with you.
  • Travel to the ER or urgent care facility via ambulance, or have someone drive you there.
  • Follow through with all of the emergency room physician's treatment recommendations, including follow-up care (e.g., with a primary care doctor or specialist) or physical therapy.
2. Seek Follow-up Medical Care as Soon as Possible After Your ER Visit
  • Take care to avoid lengthy gaps in treatment.
  • Attend all medical and physical therapy appointments on time.
  • Stop treating only upon discharge from a health care facility.
3. Request and keep copies of all medical and accident-related documentation, including medical records, and keep a detailed journal of how your injuries affect your daily life. Serious head injuries, as well as sprains, strains,2 and fractures, often take time to manifest themselves. These time periods can range from several days to several weeks. Moreover, the adrenaline rush following an accident can help to mask symptoms, and these symptoms may not appear until much later.

In order to be on the safe side, it is best to seek emergency medical treatment and follow-up care as soon as possible after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Immediate treatment and conservative follow-up treatment with few gaps also give the insurance company less ammunition to challenge the necessity and extent of your medical bills and treatment.

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