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May 5, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Suppose you live in an area where weather-related damages are frequent, such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other natural disasters. In that case, you must purchase insurance coverage to protect yourself from the potential damage. However, having this coverage doesn't always mean it will be easy to file a hurricane damages claim.

After a storm, you can seek the services of a Doral hurricane damage lawyer to ensure your claim is properly prepared and have someone fighting in your corner if obstacles arise. Our lawyers at Dolman Law Group can assist you in navigating the claim process as you focus on rebuilding your life. We are here to negotiate with the insurer on your behalf for a fair settlement.

Filing a Hurricane Damage Insurance claim

You should follow these essential steps if you've experienced damage from a hurricane or any other weather-related natural disaster:

  • File your hurricane insurance claim immediatelyMost insurance policies require you to file an insurance claim immediately after suffering damage from a hurricane. We also advise you to consult a hurricane damage lawyer to help you document all the damages correctly. Failure to file an insurance claim immediately after a hurricane may be deemed suspicious by your insurance provider. The insurer is likely to deny or undervalue your claim.
  • Cover up the damaged property.If a hurricane has caused property damage, such as blowing off your home's roof, ensure you cover it using a tarp or similar covering to prevent additional damage once it's safe to do so. This step is crucial as some insurance companies may deny your claim by pointing to any other damages after the hurricane as a reason.
  • Document all your damages.Ensure you document all the hurricane-related damages. Take photos of all your damaged property by using images that capture the full extent of the damage. Take pictures showing all the sides of your home, the roof, and individual items. Proper documentation of all your damages proves your losses and damages during the filing of an insurance claim.

Types of Damages Caused by Hurricanes

After a hurricane, you're entitled to compensation for property damages. Depending on your case, your lawyer might request coverage for:

  • Foundational damage
  • Roof damage
  • Loss of usage of your property
  • Relocation expenses, such as renting a house or hotel 
  • Destruction of other structures on your property, such as barns and sheds
  • Damages fencing

Potential Obstacles from the Insurer During Your Claim Process

Insurance companies may often try to reduce the compensation they're meant to pay to settle a hurricane insurance claim. Here are examples of issues you might encounter when seeking coverage:

  • Disputing the extent or estimated value of damages
  • Denying the validity of your insurance policy
  • Claiming your damage was a result of an uncovered event
  • Attempting to convince you a lawyer isn't required to resolve any claims dispute
  • Attempting to convince you to accept a settlement offer before you can consult a lawyer
  • Claiming you failed to follow the appropriate remedial measures, for instance, failing to cover the damaged roof causing additional water damage
  • Convicting you to sign a written release for any additional claims you may have so that you can receive compensation
  • Indicating "final" or" complete" on a compensation check, although you may have a supplemental or an additional claim for that loss

Why Hire a Doral Hurricane Damage Lawyer?

Florida experiences hurricanes frequently and other weather-related disasters that can lead to severe property damage or injuries. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that the United States loses approximately $50 billion per year in economic damages resulting from hurricane winds and other natural disasters. If you're in Doral and experiencing this predicament, hiring a lawyer to help you recover all the damages caused by a hurricane would be best.

Although you might be entitled to compensation, some insurers may look for ways to deny your hurricane claim. Your lawyer will build a strong case and prove a connection between the damages and the hurricane to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Furthermore, the following conduct by the insurer during the claim process justifies a lawyer's involvement:

  • Claim denial:If the insurance company denies your hurricane insurance claim, but you still feel entitled to be compensated, you can contact a lawyer. The lawyer will review your case and establish a connection between your damage and the hurricane.
  • Claim delay:Florida has a law that obligates insurance providers to contact their consumers at a reasonable time through every step of their claim. You can get your lawyer to help quicken the process if the insurance company fails to meet the set standards.
  • Low-ball estimate and offers:Seek the services of a lawyer if the insurance company is offering a minimum settlement for your hurricane claim. A lawyer will estimate the correct damage value and ensure you get the maximum compensation available.
  • Withholding payments:Contacting a lawyer may be necessary if the insurance company is withholding your payment for no reason or due to a minor technicality.
  • Not wanting to involve a lawyer:If an insurance company tries to convince you to settle without involving a third party, like a public adjuster or lawyer, you should contact Dolman Law Group immediately. Your attorney will safeguard your interest and negotiate for a fair settlement.

Deadlines for Filing Property Damage Claims in Doral

If a hurricane damaged your property in Doral, Florida, you generally have two years to file a property damage claim per Florida Statutes § 627.70132. The set period applies to residential and commercial properties. If you fail to file within this period, your request for compensation can be denied. 

A hurricane damage lawyer will explain how the deadline affects your claim, prepare all the required documents correctly, and file them on time.

Let Dolman Law Group Help With Your Claim

With the Dolman Law Group by your side, you'll get help from our Doral hurricane damage lawyer through your claim stages. Our team will examine the nature of your hurricane damage, estimate the damage value, discuss the legal options available, and negotiate for a settlement that fully compensates all your losses. 

Contact us today for a comprehensive consultation.

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