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October 31, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Substantial damage to your personal, business, or property in Spring Hill can leave you in dire financial straits. Sudden property damage can saddle you with large, unplanned expenses and interfere with your ability to earn a living. If someone else’s harmful actions caused that damage, or if your insurance company wrongfully refuses to cover your losses, you may have the right to pursue legal action for significant financial compensation.

Dolman Law Group wants to help you explore your options. Contact us for your free consultation with an experienced Spring Hill property damage claim attorney.

Dolman Law Group: Help for Spring Hill Property Damage Victims

Spring Hill Property Damage Lawyer

Sustaining property damage burdens you with the unwelcome task of pursuing payment from at-fault parties or insurance companies. At Dolman Law Group, we can handle that process on your behalf. We have all the resources, know-how, and reputation it takes to go toe-to-toe with big insurance companies, expensive defense lawyers, and uncooperative parties to get you the damages and reimbursements you’re owed.

Here’s an overview of our services in a Spring Hill property damage case.

Top-Quality Customer Service

At Dolman Law Group, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of customer service. Our clients feel cared for and supported while we pursue justice and compensation on their behalf. We prioritize responsiveness—Dolman Law Group clients never have to wonder if or when their lawyer will call or message them back. We answer your questions, address your concerns, and give sound, intelligent advice you can trust. And we do it on your timetable, not ours.

An Outstanding Track Record of Results

When pursuing compensation for property damage in Spring Hill, it helps to have a lawyer with a reputation for winning tough cases. At Dolman Law Group, our lawyers leverage our firm’s long and storied track record of securing top-dollar settlements and jury verdicts in property damage cases. Insurance companies and defense lawyers know us as a team that means business in and out of court.

Litigation Bulldogs

The attorneys at Dolman Law Group routinely receive local and national acclaim for being tough, aggressive trial lawyers. We aim to win every case we take and are always ready to go to court to persuade a judge and jury to rule in our client’s favor. When you need a determined, hard-working law firm to fight your Spring Hill property damage case in court, you can trust Dolman Law Group to get the job done right.

Potential Compensation for Spring Hill Property Damage

A Spring Hill property damage claim can seek a wide range of compensation, depending on the property involved, the damage’s cause, and your losses. At Dolman Law Group, we evaluate your property claim thoroughly to identify each compensation element due to you by law or under an insurance policy or other contract.

Through insurance claims and legal actions, we might secure payment for:

  • The cost of repairing or replacing your damaged or destroyed property, such as a vehicle or residence;
  • Other expenses directly flowing from damage to or loss of your property, such as the cost of replacement services, temporary housing, rental vehicles, or debris cleanup and removal;
  • Income or business interruption losses caused by damage to property you use to earn a living;
  • Damages caused by an insurance company’s wrongful denial of your property damage claim

In cases involving extreme wrongdoing by an at-fault party, the Dolman Law Group team can sometimes secure a court award of punitive damages to be paid to you in addition to the compensatory damages listed above. To learn more about the potential compensation range available for your Spring Hill property damage claim, we encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation.

Examples of Property Damage Claims We Can Handle

Generally, the property damage cases we handle at Dolman Law Group involve at least one of two common scenarios:

  1. Damage to your property caused by someone else’s wrongful decision or actions, resulting in that party’s liability for your losses.
  2. An insurance company’s obligation (and occasionally, refusal) to pay for damage to your property that is covered under an insurance policy the company issued to you or someone else

In many cases, a property damage claim involves both of these scenarios. Here are some common situations in which our team regularly represents property owners in actions seeking compensation.

Motor Vehicle Accident Damage Claims

By the numbers, motor vehicle accidents lead to more property damage claims in the United States annually than any other type of harmful incident. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), millions occur annually, including several thousand in the Spring Hill area.

We have years of experience handling a wide array of motor vehicle accident-related property damage claims at Dolman Law Group.

They include:

  • Pursuing claims against our client’s auto collision coverage insurance policy for the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle
  • Contesting an insurance company’s decision to treat vehicle damage as a total loss when that determination shortchanges our client
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist claims when a crash caused by a driver does not carry required Florida auto insurance coverage causes property damage
  • Taking legal action for damages against at-fault drivers and others whose poor decisions or dangerous actions caused a crash

If your vehicle or other personal property sustained damage in an accident, you have rights to compensation—even if you didn’t suffer physical injuries. Dolman Law Group can navigate you around the roadblocks and hold insurance companies and at-fault parties accountable for your loss.

Spring Hill has been fortunate to avoid a direct hit from a hurricane in recent years. But as Floridians, its residents and business community know all too well the property damage a major storm can cause. Wind, rain, storm surge, fallen trees, downed electric lines, gas leaks, and flying debris can inflict catastrophic damage to any structure and its contents, leaving its owners and occupants to contend with large evacuation, cleanup, and rebuilding costs.

At Dolman Law Group, we help homeowners, tenants, and businesses secure payment for the damage hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other extreme weather events cause to their real and personal property.

For example, we can:

  • Make sure homeowners, renters, business casualty, or flood insurance pays the full value of covered losses when extreme weather damages a residence or commercial property.
  • Secure compensation from building contractors and manufacturers when structures unreasonably fail to survive weather impacts they were designed to sustain
  • Pursue claims for compensation against neighboring property owners, landlords, or others whose unreasonable failures to take precautions against extreme weather cause or exacerbate property damage.

Do not assume you’re stuck with the payout your insurance company offers you when a so-called “Act of God” weather event leaves your Spring Hill home or business in ruins. Instead, speak with an experienced property damage attorney at Dolman Law Group about your rights to demand full payment from your insurance and others to help you recover and rebuild.

Claims Arising From Intentional Property Damage and Other Property Crimes

Dolman Law Group can also help people in Spring Hill secure compensation when they sustain personal or real property losses because of someone’s intentional or malicious acts like arson, looting, vandalism, or theft.

Our team can:

  • Apply for and obtain maximum payments under our clients’ insurance property and casualty policies.
  • Pursue compensation from a criminal wrongdoer and that party’s insurance coverage, including insurance carried by parents whose children engage in acts of mischief that damage or destroy property.
  • Seek to hold third parties accountable for unreasonably allowing or facilitating property losses, such as a shopping mall providing a haven for muggers by not adequately lighting its parking lot or a hotel enabling theft by not fixing broken room door locks.

Property crime victims often fail to realize that they may have the right to receive money from their own insurance and those whose actions caused them harm. Dolman Law Group can evaluate the losses from the intentional infliction of damage to your property to determine who might owe you compensation.

Claims of General Negligence Resulting in Property Damage

Damage to your real or personal property in Spring Hill need not result from intentional misconduct for you to demand compensation. Under Florida law, virtually any unreasonably dangerous decision or action—even if unintentional—can entitle you to seek payment for the property damage it causes.

For instance, the Dolman Law Group team can represent clients in the following ways:

  • Homeowners insurance claims arising from a contractor’s negligent performance of improvement projects, like installing a leaky roof
  • Lawsuits against landlords and property owners whose failure to install adequate fire suppression systems led to a destructive blaze
  • An insurance claim or legal action against a restaurant whose employee spilled hot coffee on a customer’s expensive laptop computer, destroying it and all of its data

These are just a few examples—countless possible scenarios can damage your property in Spring Hill. We invite you to contact the Dolman Law Group team if you lost, or lost use of, your property under any sort of circumstance that probably wouldn’t have happened were it not for someone else’s careless conduct or poor decision-making.

Building Materials Product Liability and Professional Malpractice Claims

Spring Hill property owners rightfully expect that structures where they live and work, were constructed with quality materials by competent building professionals. But the reality is that substandard building products sometimes find their way into our homes and workplaces and that construction industry professionals sometimes need to do their jobs better.

At Dolman Law Group, we have the resources and know-how to:

  • Pursue product liability lawsuits against manufacturers of defective building materials, holding them accountable for damage to a structure flowing from those defects
  • Secure compensation from building professionals and malpractice insurance policies for their unreasonable failures to design or construct safe, structurally sound buildings

Our team understands the complexities involved in defective materials and professional misconduct cases, including the potential need to take prompt action against individuals and businesses who have filed for bankruptcy protection to avoid financial responsibility for their wrongdoing. Contact us immediately if you suspect substandard materials, designs, or workmanship have caused damage to your property in Spring Hill.

Unfair Property Damage Insurance Claim Settlement Practices

Issuers of insurance policies covering property damage in Spring Hill have strict obligations under Florida law to adopt and follow fair claim settlement practices. Their failure to do so may entitle anyone who suffers harm, as a result, to sue them for money damages.

At Dolman Law Group, we’re prepared to go toe-to-toe with even the largest insurance companies to hold them accountable for the harm caused by wrongful denials, delays, or misrepresentations in their handling of our client’s property damage insurance claims.

A lawsuit alleging a violation of Florida fair claims settlement laws can secure extra compensation, over and above any benefits our clients might have the right to receive from an insurer on a property damage claim. Contact us immediately if you suspect your insurer has not treated you fairly in processing your Spring Hill property damage claim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Hill Property Damage Claims

Spring Hill Property Damage Claims

After suffering damage to your real or personal property in Spring Hill, it’s normal to have lots of questions about your legal and financial rights. You may find answers to your questions in the FAQs below. We also encourage you to contact Dolman Law Group for a free consultation with an attorney who can answer your questions specific to your case.

When do I need a lawyer for a Spring Hill property damage claim?

People and businesses in Spring Hill usually don’t need a lawyer’s help to secure payment for small claims of up to a few thousand dollars from their insurance policies. But at some point, a claim becomes challenging enough that you could benefit from a lawyer’s advice and services.

We suggest contacting Dolman Law Group for a free consultation if you’ve suffered significant property damage in Spring Hill and one or more of the following circumstances applies.

Someone else’s wrongful decisions or actions might have caused the damage or made it worse.

You likely have the right to pursue an insurance claim or lawsuit against anyone whose misconduct or carelessness led to your property damage. If you suspect that’s what happened in your case, call a lawyer. The only realistic way to hold someone else or their insurance accountable for your property losses is to have a skilled lawyer on your side.

Your property loss is catastrophic and will probably max out your insurance coverage.

It’s one thing to claim a couple thousand dollars in collision damage to your car. It’s another entirely to ask an insurer to pay your policy’s maximum after you’ve suffered catastrophic damage to your home or business. In the first situation, you can reasonably expect your insurance payment to come through without much fuss. In the second, the insurance company will probably want to investigate and pick over the details—and that’s when it helps to have a lawyer handling the claim process on your behalf.

You get any sort of resistance from an insurance company about your claim before or after you’ve submitted it.

Call a lawyer immediately if you suffered property damage in Spring Hill and have received any kind of push-back from an insurance company (yours or someone else’s) about it, such as:

  • Having a claim partially or totally denied;
  • Receiving an unreasonably low settlement offer;
  • An insurance adjuster expressing skepticism about your claim or blaming you for the property damage;
  • An insurance company opening an aggressive investigation into your claim; or
  • An insurance company delaying action on your claim or giving you the run-around.

These are red flags. The sooner you call a lawyer about them, the stronger your chances of overcoming insurance resistance and getting the money owed to you.

What steps should I take after suffering serious property damage in Spring Hill?

Serious damage to your property in Spring Hill can disrupt your life and make it difficult to know what to do or where to turn for help. Here are some tips.

Take stock of your insurance coverage.

Review your insurance policies as soon as you can to identify how much coverage you have. If you’re unsure about what a policy covers, connect with your insurance agent (if you have one) or a property damage claims lawyer for help.

Report the damage to insurance and authorities (if necessary).

If you carry insurance that likely covers the property damage, you’ll probably need to report it to your insurance company promptly. Stick to the facts when you do so—do not get pinned down on the exact cause, for now. If the damage resulted from criminal activity or poses a public safety hazard, also report it to local law enforcement, building inspectors, or other appropriate government authorities. An attorney can advise you about reporting requirements if you’re unsure about them.

Take lots of photos or videos.

Document your property loss extensively. There’s no such thing as too many pictures or too much video of the damage you’ve suffered. You’ll likely need those images for insurance purposes. The sooner you capture them, the better. Share any pictures or videos you take with your lawyer.

Avoid doing cleanup or repairs yourself that insurance might pay for.

Taking care of repairs yourself before an insurer has assessed the damage could cause you to miss out on compensation. It’s ok to take steps to minimize further damage. But it’s usually advisable to wait for an insurance company’s ok before starting any significant repairs or demolition, and to leave those tasks to professionals. A lawyer can answer any questions you may have.

Get repair or replacement cost estimates.

As soon as you can, begin to collect estimates from service providers you trust to repair or replace your damaged property. An insurance company may suggest names of contractors, garages, and other repair services, but you can feel free to contact any reputable business to give you an estimate. Keep in mind that an estimate may form the basis of the amount of an insurance claim, so choose carefully and consult with a lawyer if you have any uncertainty about how to proceed.

Typically, no, you don’t. You can usually use any reputable business to repair or replace your damaged property. But it’s always a good idea to check your insurance policy for any special requirements regarding contractors, and to consult with an experienced property damage claim lawyer if you have questions.

Some insurance policies, for example, will require that you obtain a quote from one of the insurance company’s preferred service providers, and will only pay up to the quoted amount for repairs to your property no matter which provider you choose to use.

Will property insurance in Spring Hill cover damage to the contents of my home as well as damage to the structure itself?

It depends on the type of property insurance you carry.

Homeowners insurance typically covers the cost of damage to your home and its contents, minus the amount of any deductible. If you own your home, you may need to review your insurance policy periodically to ensure that it covers all the contents of your home and the structure itself. Keep in mind that property values often increase substantially over time, so you may want to purchase additional coverage (or be required to do so by your mortgage lender) to keep pace.

Renter’s insurance covers damage to the contents of a home you rent, including losses sustained in fires or floods, but typically does not insure the structure itself. As such, renter’s insurance usually protects the renter but not the landlord. For that reason, landlords frequently carry separate insurance to cover damage sustained to a rental structure and the property it sits on. The landlord’s insurance generally does not cover damage to a tenant’s property.

What happens if I suffer property damage in a Spring Hill car accident caused by an uninsured driver?

Dealing with property damage after an accident caused by a driver who does not carry property damage liability (PDL) insurance can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck paying for the repair or replacement costs. Your own insurance may cover some or all of the expense, if you carry collision or uninsured motorist coverage.

You may also have the option of pursuing legal action against the uninsured driver, if the driver has assets available to pay a judgment. An experienced property damage claim lawyer can help you explore your options.

How much compensation can I get for hurricane damage to my home in Spring Hill?

The answer depends on the extent of the damage, the amount of insurance that covers it, and whether anyone else may have liability. Ideally, you will have purchased enough insurance to cover your home’s full repair or replacement cost, and your insurance company will agree to pay in full. But that’s not always a sure bet, especially not after a storm causes widespread damage and potentially puts your insurer on the hook for hundreds of millions, if not billions, in payouts.

Hiring an experienced property damage claim attorney can help to ensure you receive enough to rebuild fully after a hurricane. The right lawyer can negotiate with your insurer to secure you a maximum payout under your property policy.

The lawyer can also evaluate the damage your property sustained and identify other potential sources of payment for your loss. It’s possible someone else may bear some of the liability for the cost of your property cleanup and recovery, and if that’s the case, an attorney can take the necessary steps to enforce your rights.

What should I do if an insurance company only offers to settle for less than the value of my property losses?

Contact an experienced lawyer, like a member of the team at Dolman Law Group, if you receive a settlement offer from an insurance company that undervalues your property damage losses. Through prompt action and skilled advocacy, a lawyer might be able to convince the insurer to increase its offer. At the very least, the lawyer can evaluate why the insurer offered you less than you deserve, and explore options you may have to make up the difference by seeking payment from other sources.

If the insurance company delays processing my property damage claim, can I start on repairs anyway?

In general, it’s usually preferable to wait until an insurance company approves your claim before beginning repairs to damaged property. That way, you can know how much the insurer will pay and budget accordingly. If repairs absolutely can’t wait, using a contractor or service provider recommended by the insurer can give you some assurance that costs won’t exceed what the insurer is prepared to cover, but it’s no guarantee.

Remember, too, that Florida law bars insurance companies from unreasonably delaying your claim. Contact an experienced property damage claim lawyer if an insurer’s inaction on your claim begins to cause you hardship. You may have legal rights to hold the insurer responsible for any resulting losses.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer for a Spring Hill property damage claim?

Do not let worries about the expense of a lawyer keep you from connecting with an experienced property damage attorney in Spring Hill. In most cases, it won’t cost you anything to hire a lawyer, and you’ll only owe a fee if the lawyer gets results.

At Dolman Law Group, we routinely represent our property damage clients on a contingent fee basis. That means we do not charge them upfront fees or hourly rates, and instead do our work in exchange for a percentage of any money we recover on their behalf.

How long will my Spring Hill property damage claim take?

It depends on a number of factors, including how long it takes to assess the damage and obtain estimates, the degree of dispute over who has liability for your losses, and the skill and reputation of the lawyer you select to represent you.

In many cases, you can’t realistically control those factors. But one factor you can control is when you contact an experienced property damage claims attorney. The sooner you take that crucial step, the sooner the process of securing compensation for your loss can begin.

If someone else’s insurance company offers me a property damage settlement, should I take it?

The decision whether to agree to a property damage claim settlement always belongs to you, and you alone. That said, at Dolman Law Group we generally encourage you to contact a skilled attorney at our firm before accepting any settlement offer.

In many cases, the offer you receive directly from someone else’s insurance company will fall well short of the amount you deserve to receive and that an experienced property damage lawyer could secure on your behalf.

An Experienced Spring Hill Property Damage Claim Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer
Matt Dolman, Spring Hill Property Damage Attorney

When you sustain serious damage to your personal, commercial, or real property in Spring Hill, you cannot trust that your own or someone else’s insurance policy will necessarily cover the full extent of your losses. It will often take the services of a seasoned property damage claim lawyer to get you the full amount you need to pay for repairs or to rebuild from scratch.

Dolman Law Group is an award-winning team of lawyers and legal professionals who regularly represent owners of damaged property. We can help you explore your options for securing full compensation for the costs of damage your property has sustained. Contact us online or call us at (352) 612-3437 for your free consultation with a member of our team.

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