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April 21, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

If you have a preterm baby who has been experiencing symptoms of NEC or has passed from a cause that you suspect is Enfamil-related, you could file an Enfamil lawsuit with the help of a Clearwater Enfamil lawsuit lawyer. 

Enfamil is an infant formula brand that is controversial for its role in many preterm infant injuries and deaths. Many people have sued its manufacturer, Mead Johnson & Company, LLC, alleging that the milk-based formula causes necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in preemies. For victims and their families, we offer free consultations to get you started on your claim. 

NEC and Its Fatal Complications in Premature Infants

Anyone can develop NEC, but Cleveland Clinic states that premature babies are most at risk. The main characteristics of the disease are injured or inflamed tissue in the small or large intestine. 

When this happens, tissue death is possible, leading to holes in the intestinal walls. This also means the intestine will no longer be able to do its job of containing waste, and bacteria can escape into the bloodstream, causing a life-threatening infection.

Once the bacteria have entered the bloodstream, the condition can become extremely dangerous. In some cases, the injured or dead sections of the intestine must be surgically removed. If this is no longer possible as a treatment option, the baby may succumb to the infection. 

NEC Signs & Symptoms

The good thing about NEC is its relatively detectable signs and symptoms. Only a medical doctor can make a diagnosis, but as soon as you notice the following in your baby, it's best to seek medical advice right away: 

  • Red, swollen, and painful belly
  • Feeding problems
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Bloody poop
  • Drastic increase or decrease in energy level
  • Low or constantly changing body temperature
  • Low blood pressure
  • Stops in breathing 
  • Slow heart rate 
  • Green vomit (usually indicates bile)

How Enfamil Impacts Premature Infants

Enfamil is a popular brand of infant formula products made from cow's milk. While generally safe for full-term babies, cow's milk has caused potentially fatal injuries to premature infants through NEC. Studies proving this link began in the early 1990s, but more recent research from Johns Hopkins has proven that a preemie's chances of developing NEC from cow's milk are higher than from breastmilk. 

In any case, experts are one in their belief that a preemie's underdeveloped intestine is the main reason behind their increased risk of contracting NEC. Part of this underdevelopment is the lack of blood flow that ensures good oxygenation of the intestine. Experts say this decreases the preterm baby's ability to fight off or survive a bacterial infection as severe as NEC. 

The Fault of Enfamil

Producing baby formula from cow's milk is a perfectly legal business. The problem with Enfamil is the lack of an appropriate warning on its label about its health risks to preterm babies. Research proving the connection between cow's milk and NEC has been in the news for years, yet Mead Johnson & Company, LLC, the company that makes the formula, has been turning a deaf ear. 

Mead Johnson & Company, LLC has been ignoring that their product is costing preterm babies much in terms of their health and lives. This is a conscious decision of the company to make a profit. If they add a warning and their competitors don't, they stand to lose even more profit. 

All manufacturers are obliged to warn consumers about the risks of using their products, and not doing so constitutes negligence. This forms the basis of Enfamil lawsuits today. Your Enfamil lawsuit lawyer serving Clearwater can tell you more about this.

Enfamil Lawsuit Settlement

Enfamil-NEC lawsuits are relatively young, but more and more people file them every month in different states across the country. In these cases, Mead Johnson is accused of committing negligence in failing to warn the public about the risks of its product and not meeting strict product liability, and breach of warranty. 

If a specific volume of Enfamil-NEC lawsuits occurs, the case might be considered a class action or MDL (multidistrict litigation). The two are similar, but in an MDL, the cases will remain independent, and consolidation is merely for pretrial discovery. 

However, since no Enfamil-NEC lawsuit has ever entered into a settlement or gone to court, we cannot determine how much a settlement or verdict can be worth.

Remember the Statute of Limitations for Enfamil Lawsuits

The statute of limitations for Enfamil lawsuits can be an intricate issue that often requires a lawyer's understanding of the law to fully comprehend. The standard deadline varies from one state to another, and the discovery rule—which may or may not allow an extension of the deadline—adds a whole layer of complexity to the issue.

Following the statute of limitations is crucial. This timeline ultimately decides whether or not you still have a case by the time you finally decide to file it. If lawyer fees keep you from taking that first step, know that an Enfamil lawsuit will not require any upfront payments. Since it's considered a personal injury case, you only pay our personal injury lawyers when you've been awarded a sum, either as a settlement or a court award.

Until then, there's no need to do more than discuss what part of the award will cover the lawyer's fees. What matters right now is that your case is now moving within the system.

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