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April 28, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Houston laws require drivers to stop at an accident scene. They must wait for the police to arrive or exchange details with the other motorist. If you sustain injuries in a hit and run accident, you may file a claim after determining the driver that fled the scene.

Houston hit and run car accident lawyers can investigate your case and work with the police to identify the other driver. If caught, they can file a claim against the motorist or take the case to court. A hit and run is stressful, but a hit and run attorney may be able to help.

What to Do After a Houston Hit and Run Accident

After a Houston car accident, the steps you take can help you simplify the investigation. If another motorist injures you or causes vehicle damages before fleeing the scene, note various details about their car.

  • The make and model
  • License plate numbers
  • The color
  • Unique aspects like a broken light or scratches
  • Outstanding rust or paint patterns

If you had a good look at the vehicle occupants, record various details about them. Some crucial information to note is:

  • The gender of the driver
  • Their race
  • Unique aspects like piercing or tattoos
  • Number of passengers in the vehicle
  • Any other identifying features 

Another measure you should take after a Houston hit and run car accident is to contact the police. Once the authorities arrive at the scene, provide the details gathered about the other motorist and their vehicle. Explain how the collision occurred while avoiding admitting fault. 

Other precautions to take after such a collision are:

  • Get immediate medical care
  • Contact your insurer
  • Capture images of vehicle damages and injuries
  • Get a copy of the police report

Determining Fault for a Houston Hit and Run Accident

Identifying the party liable for a Houston hit and run accident will guide you when filing a claim. A car accident lawyer will request various details about the crash to help them investigate. For instance, they may inquire when and where the accident occurred.

Additionally, the attorney will ask if any witnesses were at the scene, then request their contact information. Another detail the lawyer may need is the name and badge number of the officers responding to your case. This information can help them obtain a copy of the accident report.

Once your lawyer has the needed details, they will collect evidence to determine and prove fault. They may attempt to find video surveillance footage of the incident. Other methods the attorney will use to identify the other motorist and establish fault are:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Liaising with police officers working on the case

When a Houston hit and run accident attorney has several suspects, they will present their pictures and images of their vehicles for identification. The attorney can also contact eyewitnesses and request them to identify the liable motorist.

Filing a Claim for a Houston Hit and Run Accident

When your attorney helps identify the party liable for a Houston hit and run accident, they will start the claim process. First, the lawyer will identify all sustained damages and determine the appropriate amount to claim for each. After that, they will collect evidence for the elements of a claim. These are:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • Causation
  • Damages

After the attorney has all the documents to prove the other party was negligent, they will write a demand letter. This document will mention the accident in question, the damages you sustained, and why you are filing the claim against the other motorist.

Your Houston personal injury lawyer will then send this document to the at-fault party's insurance company or to your own if the driver was never identified. Moreover, they will attach evidence related to the damages you claim.

Deadline to File a Houston Hit and Run Accident Claim

Texas statutes of limitations provide victims of hit and run accidents a maximum of two years to file their cases. If you do not start the process within this duration, you can lose reimbursement rights.

Some hit-and-run accidents involve an uninsured motorist who may not compensate for sustained damages. If your case involves such a driver, ensure you file your claim within the duration required by your insurer.

However, if you are unsure about the grace period, check your insurance contract. Alternatively, contact your provider to inquire about such information and other issues related to your case.

Damages You Can Recover After a Houston Hit and Run Accident

Filing a claim for a Houston hit and run accident allows you to recover various damages. Such include the medical costs incurred on emergency care, medication, and therapy. Another damage recoverable after a Houston car accident is lost income.

A personal injury lawyer can determine the amount you lost based on your current income and earning capacity. They can also confirm if the sustained injuries will affect your ability to make a livelihood in the future and claim the appropriate damages.

Other damages a Houston car accident lawyer may help you seek are:

  • Cost of repairing or replacing your car
  • Damaged personal items like clothing and mobile phones
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Mental health injuries
  • Loss of consortium

A Houston hit-and-run car accident may lead to your loved one's wrongful death. A lawyer can help you pursue various damages such as:

Consult a Lawyer at Dolman Law Group

Houston hit and run car accident lawyers can help you prove a specific party led to the collision. They can gather the necessary evidence and establish all claim elements before filing with the at-fault party's insurance or your own. At Dolman Law Group, we can represent you as you seek reimbursement for car accident damages. 

Our lawyers can advise you on legal matters to safeguard claim rights. Contact Dolman Law Group for a free hit and run car accident case review.

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