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April 22, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Rear-end collisions are the most common kind of traffic accident. The collisions happen at different speeds, resulting in differing degrees of injuries for the parties involved. It is also harder than you would think to determine fault. Therefore, a Houston rear-end car accident collision injury lawyer is important. A lawyer can help with assigning fault, dealing with insurance companies, and helping you pursue damages. 

Common Injuries in Rear-End Collisions

Apart from the high death rate, rear-end collisions can also lead to numerous injuries, ranging from mild to severe ones.

This is because out of the two cars, the trailing vehicle and the lead car can be going at different speeds. 

Severe accidents occur when the trailing vehicle moves at a much higher rate than the leading car. The force from their speed transfers to the leading vehicle, and the damage can be substantial. The vehicle can also skid into the street and get hit by another car, putting even bystanders and bicyclists in harm's way. 

Some of the injuries that arise from such situations include:

  • Whiplash
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones, lacerations, burns
  • Soft tissue injuries

What to Do If You Get Hurt in a Rear-End Collision

After a rear-end collision, the most important thing to do is seek medical attention. You should do this regardless of the severity of your injuries. This is to prevent any hidden or underlying injuries from hurting you later, and it also helps show official documentation of your injuries.

Going to the hospital right away also protects your insurance compensation. The insurance company might use your lateness in seeing a doctor as a scam tactic. They can claim that your injuries were caused by something unrelated to the collision.

Report the Accident

Call the police to the accident scene to get an official police report. This is also another way to get official documentation of what happened. If the police don't come to the scene, go to the police station and give a statement regarding the accident. Only provide a factual statement and avoid admitting guilt, as this can affect your chances of receiving compensation.

Exchange Information

Take the other party's name, phone number, address, and insurance information. You can also get their driver's license number. Ask the available witnesses for their information if you need them to corroborate your story when seeking compensation.

Document the Accident

Record videos or take pictures of the scene. You probably would have a smartphone with you, and you can use it to record evidence of the scene. Take photos of where the vehicles ended up, the damage to your car, and any injuries you sustained from the accident. This acts as further proof of your injuries that can be hard for the insurance company to refute.

Speak to a Lawyer

Proving liability after the accident can be tricky, especially when dealing with an insurance company. You might also not be fully aware of your damages and risk undervaluing yourself.

A Houston rear-end car accident collision lawyer is the best person to contact. They can advise you on dealing with the accident and what claims you can make. They also know how to deal with stubborn insurance companies to get the correct compensation.

Our Houston rear-end car accident collision injury lawyers can:

  • Go through your medical records to determine the severity of your injuries
  • Identify any past and future costs related to your injuries
  • Take care of any communications with insurance agencies or the other party's legal representation
  • Find evidence supporting your case and consult with experts to get a clear picture of your injuries' worth
  • Offer you legal advice and inform you of your rights

Damages You Can Recover

You can recover two main types of damages after a rear-end collision. Our Houston rear-end car accident collision injury lawyers can go through your case to find any damages you incurred and help you seek compensation for them. These damages are:

Economic Damages

These cover any quantifiable losses you may suffer from the accident. It includes:

  • Past, ongoing, and future medical bills
  • Cost of repairing damaged property
  • Lost income
  • Loss of ability to earn income
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs

Non-Economic Damages

Rear-end collisions can leave you with debilitating injuries that affect your psychological and mental wellbeing. 

The compensation you get for non-economic damages includes:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Lost or reduced quality of life

Our Houston rear-end car accident collision injury lawyers work hard to ensure you don't use any additional expenses to cover your injuries. They can also help you pursue wrongful death damages if you lost a loved one in the collision. Our lawyers do their best to help you recover any physical, financial, and emotional damages you incur from the accident.

Seek Compensation With Our Dolman Law Group Lawyers

There is no need to go through the compensation process alone. Our firm has the financial resources to level the playing field with insurance companies. We can get you medical care to deal with your injuries, even if you can't afford it. Call us today to get started on your rear-end collision case.

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