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May 7, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

A knee injury can be very serious as it can permanently impair how your leg works. An injury like this can prevent you from going to work, force you to incur huge medical bills, or greatly reduce your quality of life. There is a statute of limitations on how much time you have to recover damages in Florida, so you will want to make a decision quickly on how to proceed.

If you or your loved one has sustained a knee injury, speak to a Clearwater knee injury lawyer about getting compensated. A lawyer will help you understand Florida's personal injury law and how you can hold the liable party accountable.

Causes of Knee Injuries

There are numerous cases of personal injury cases that can result in knee injuries. One of the main causes of knee injuries is car accidents. A car accident is quite common in the state of Florida as statistics show that 341,399 auto accidents occurred in 2020. The liable party is responsible for meeting the cost of damages from a knee injury resulting from an accident. The liable party in a car accident are commonly the:

  • Driver
  • Company employing the driver
  • Car's owner

A slip and fall accident is another major cause of knee injuries. The liable parties in a slip and fall accident may be the property owner, tenant, or business operating in the premises. A bicycle accident and pedestrian accident can also lead to serious knee injuries. 

You may not be able to tell immediately after the accident if you have sustained a knee injury as symptoms can be delayed. The symptoms you should look out for are:

  • Swelling
  • Pain in the knee region
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Hearing a ‘pop' sound when the knee was initially hit
  • Physical change in the knee

You can recover compensatory damages if someone else was responsible for your knee injury. As the plaintiff, you will need to prove that the liable party was negligent. This is where a Clearwater knee injury lawyer can help explain your legal options.

Why Seek Damages for a Knee Injury?

A knee injury may initially seem minor but it can get serious over time to the point that you may require surgery or a knee replacement. The cost of surgery is quite high, and your medical insurance coverage may only pay a certain amount. A serious knee injury may require follow-up treatments such as physical therapy. 

All the costs of treating a knee injury can financially impair you or your family. Seeking damages for your injury helps you avoid incurring the financial cost of medical treatment. A knee injury, especially one sustained in an auto accident may require weeks or even months to properly heal. The time you spend in recovery will bar you from working.

You should seek damages to recover the income you have lost due to your time in recovery. A Clearwater personal injury lawyer can help you build your claim against the liable party. A lawyer will also be able to help you determine the accurate value of your damages.

The true impact of a knee injury may not be apparent immediately after you have suffered the accident. Speaking to an auto accident lawyer will help you understand why and how you can seek damages. You can still make a claim for damages if you were partly at fault for the accident leading to the knee injury.  

How a Lawyer Can Help

The first thing a Clearwater knee injury lawyer can help you with is determining the burden of proof. If the personal injury protection benefits are not enough to cover the costs of treating a knee injury, you will have to file a claim against the liable party. This means you are responsible to show that the liable party was negligent.

A knee injury lawyer can help you gather sufficient evidence to support your claim. They will use the evidence gathered to negotiate a fair settlement with the liable party's insurer. If the insurance company denies your claim, a lawyer can help you initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party.

Pursuing damages in court against the liable party has to follow a particular procedure. A lawyer can help you understand what you have to do and at what time. They will handle the litigation process to ensure that your claim complies with the time-sensitive nature of personal injury law in Florida.

If necessary, a lawyer will represent you in court while you continue with your recovery. Contacting a lawyer immediately after the accident that caused your knee injury can help you learn what steps to take. For example, a lawyer will advise you to:

  • Seek medical attention
  • Contact law enforcement
  • Take pictures or videos if possible
  • Get contact information of any witnesses

A lawyer will also help you deal with insurance adjusters whose duty is to limit the company's liability.

Cost of Hiring a Clearwater Knee Injury Lawyer

There is no upfront cost of hiring a knee injury lawyer from the Dolman Law Group. Our company has a contingency fee policy that allows you not worry about what you are going to pay for our services. We will work on your case and only get paid if we are able to help you receive compensatory damages for your knee injury. You should contact a knee injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. 

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If you suffered a knee injury due to someone else's negligence, you can recover compensatory damages. A Clearwater knee injury lawyer can help you or your loved one pursue your claim. Contact the Dolman Law Group today to receive a free consultation. 

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