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April 22, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
It is hard leaving your loved ones in a strange place, and it hurts even more learning that they were a victim of nursing home abuse. It is heartbreaking. Caregivers are supposed to make sure their charges are safe and comfortable. Caregiver neglect and abuse can have a significant impact on the victims and their families. Did you know you can file claims for nursing home abuse? Contact a Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer to learn more about the options available to you and how you can hold the responsible party accountable. Savannah nursing home abuse lawyers give you compassionate and personalized guidance perfectly suited to your case. This ensures that the nursing home not only pays for what they did to your loved one but that it prevents them from acting that way towards anyone else.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home neglect can lead to dangerous consequences, such as seniors falling or hurting themselves on unattended surfaces. Nursing home inspectors need to ensure that every area is suitable for living and that their occupants are safe from any harm. This includes ensuring the floors are dry and even, railings are secure, and that there are no objects on the floor. You can sue the nursing home or their caregivers if they fail to create a safe, livable environment. Nursing home abuse can take many forms.

Physical Abuse

This can result from staff inaction, such as limiting food and drinks. It can also involve over- or under-medicating seniors or failing ensure that they take their medicine appropriately. The physical abuse can also stretch to aggressive action, for example, using harmful restraints or rough physical contact.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can have profound psychological effects on victims. Many nursing homes take advantage of the seniors' inability to express themselves. Staff members can intimidate or threaten them, causing the seniors to withdraw or isolate themselves from others. You have to exercise care to note the changes in your loved ones since there are few physical indications of psychological abuse. Observe their behaviors around others and how they react when staff members are around. You can also ask them detailed questions about their care and how they feel about their stay in the nursing home.

Sexual Abuse

Because of their close contact day in and day out, nursing home employees might take advantage of the situation. Some caregivers rape or sexually assault their charges, leaving them with lasting emotional scars. Sometimes, however, caregiver neglect can also result in sexual abuse from visitors. Trespassers can take advantage of the general unconcern from the nursing home and commit heinous acts. They feel like they have this freedom since seniors will likely not fight back.

Financial Abuse

Caregivers can take advantage of their closeness with seniors and use it to extort them. Some of their charges might be losing their faculties or might feel too frightened to refuse handing out their money or possessions. Administrators or the nursing home managers can also threaten or pressure them to disclose financial information, sign papers, or surrender power of attorney to them. It is crucial to check on your loved ones regularly to see whether there are any indications of neglect or abuse.

What to Do About Nursing Home Abuse

If you believe your loved one has been the victim of abuse, you can contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in the Savannah area to determine whether the nursing home is negligent. You can file a lawsuit or insurance claim against the negligent party if that is so. Your lawyer can help you with the lawsuit and ensure that your loved one gets justice. A Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer can dig through the murk to find any hint of neglect or abuse. They will investigate the situation and help you file relevant claims. Your attorney can also help you find the responsible parties and file formal lawsuits against them.

Responsible Parties

Anyone working in the nursing home should ensure that their occupants are thriving. Some of the parties responsible for caring for the seniors include:
  • Administrators or nursing home manager
  • Doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants
  • Owners of the facility
  • Dietitians, physical therapists, and any medical provider
Your lawyer can help you identify any responsible parties and ensure they pay for their neglect. They can also help you file wrongful death claims if the nursing home abuse or negligence led to the death of a loved one.

Recoverable Damages

Aside from ensuring the negligent party pays for their actions, a Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer can also help you get compensation for the damages your loved one incurred. The lawyer will typically first establish that all elements of your claim are accurate and use their findings to recover damages. Recoverable damages largely depend on the type, extent, and impact of the abuse. Some of the compensation you can get includes:
  • Medical damages: these damages cover bills resulting from your loved one's hospitalization and treatment. Even if your health insurance covers all medical expenses, you can still get compensation.
  • Mental distress: neglect and abuse can make the resident feel ashamed or embarrassed. Your loved one can get monetary compensation for the emotional anguish they experience and any resulting treatment.
  • Pain and suffering: the poor treatment can cause the nursing home resident emotional and physical pain and suffering. You can get monetary compensation for their pain and suffering.
  • Lost/reduced quality of life: the emotional and physical injuries from the abuse may impact your loved one's enjoyment of life. They might be stuck with lifelong insecurities that inhibit their capacity to enjoy life anymore or cause them to withdraw socially.

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Nursing home abuse is intolerable behavior that the responsible party should pay for. Talk to a Savannah nursing home abuse lawyer to find out what you can do about the situation. An attorney can ensure that your loved one doesn't endure this behavior and get you compensation for the disgusting behavior. Contact Dolman Law Group to start working on your case today.


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