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May 7, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Construction work is lucrative, but it's more hazardous than most other careers. You may sustain severe or lifelong injuries after getting injured at work. Fortunately, a Savannah construction site accident lawyer can help you seek compensation and hold your employer accountable for any negligence. The labor market is seeing radical changes as millions of workers rethink their economic pursuits in the wake of the coronavirus. People who don't feel satisfied or appreciated in their jobs are quitting to find alternative employment opportunities. This phenomenon is called the Great Resignation, and construction is an industry benefiting from this attrition.

The Savannah Construction Industry

The state of Georgia prides itself on having a booming economy, especially in its oldest city, Savannah. This small southern city has transformed from a modest economy that attracts seasonal older visitors to an economically robust area. International hotel brands like Marriott, Hyatt, and Best Western are keen to expand their footprint in Georgia and the U.S. in general.  The riverfront is a prime investment location with a billion dollars allocated to the Eastern Wharf and Plant Riverside projects. The former is an expansion project that entails residential, retail, and entertainment areas to help the city elevate its economic potential. With such huge investments in the works, it's no wonder the city is dotted with construction sites at every turn. Expanding the state's network of toll lanes is yet another project that's supposed to boost the local economy. Some of the underway projects include I-75 commercial vehicle lanes, I-285 eastside bridges, and the I-285/Peachtree Industrial Boulevard interchange. If you work in any construction, there is a constant risk of getting hurt, and when this happens, you should enlist the services of a construction site accident lawyer. 

Injuries from a Construction Accident

Construction sites are riddled with bulky and heavy equipment, such as dump trucks, bulldozers, and compactors. Such machinery can inflict grave bodily harm in the event of an accident.  Here are some common construction site injuries:
  • Suffocation 
  • Broken limbs 
  • Spinal cord damage 
  • Fatal fall
  • Burns 
  • Sunstroke 
  • Contusion 
  • Bleeding 

Steps to Take Following a Construction Accident

Construction workers are usually trained to handle various equipment and have the necessary certifications to perform their job safely. However, accidents still occur, and you can protect your rights by taking the following measures after you are involved in one:

Report the Accident

The construction industry employs many undocumented workers, and some may hesitate to report accidents due to their immigration status. Whether an equipment failure happened or some part of heavy machinery came off and harmed you, inform your employer immediately. Reporting also helps to activate your workers' compensation insurance. 

Seek Treatment

Declining treatment when offered does no favors for you on many fronts. First, you could put your overall health at risk and lose a limb to amputation or other crises. Turning down medical intervention also downplays the gravity of your injuries, thus making it harder to seek compensation. 

Document the Accident

If you're in a position to, take images of the scene and the names of witnesses. Documenting unsafe working conditions goes a long way in the litigation that follows. Getting witness statements early on helps secure commitment, even when your employer possibly tries to intimidate them from testifying. 

Hire a Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Not every lawyer can handle a case of this magnitude; you should enlist someone with experience with construction site accidents in the Peach State. Dolman Law Group has an impressive record of helping victims like you win huge settlements to stave off financial ruin.

The Role of a Savannah Construction Site Accident Lawyer

When you are injured at work, the foremost thing to do is seek medical attention to manage pain and keep your medical problems from worsening. We have heard of cases where people downplayed their injuries only to jeopardize their health significantly.  Once your health is taken care of, you should consider speaking with a Savannah construction site accident lawyer. A lawyer with experience handling such cases can help you as follows:

Decline Premature Offers

Your employer may act irrationally and wish to keep the incident under wraps so they can avoid legal proceedings. Offering you a small amount of restitution can make their problems disappear, but it's not in your best interest. Your legal counsel is familiar with these tactics and can shield you from making a mistake by accepting such an offer.  

Investigate the Case

It's not uncommon to find negligent project owners cutting corners to save money, exposing workers to unnecessary harm. Your lawyer will investigate and establish if there's a pattern of negligence, which would imply intent.

Find Other Plaintiffs

As mentioned above, a pattern of negligence would mean your employer consistently violates their duty of care to workers. Your lawyer can find more employees who were hurt in similar circumstances and persuade them to join the lawsuit. A mass tort or a class action suit could ensue, and though these cases are harder to prosecute, you can end up winning a huge settlement.

Negotiate with Insurance Adjusters

Getting treatment for your injuries is engaging enough without dealing with insurance adjusters. Your lawyer will compile the necessary documents (e.g., medical records and receipts) and negotiate a fair settlement with your employer's insurance carrier on your behalf. This will give you plenty of time to recuperate from your injuries. 

Emotional Support

Apart from handling your legal woes, your lawyer will provide emotional support as you navigate the aftermath of this ordeal. They'll ensure you get all the necessary treatment even amidst financial constraints. Your lawyer will be your sounding board and make special arrangements, like doctor's appointments and childcare, to streamline the claim process while you recuperate.

Contact Dolman Law Group for a Free Consultation

Were you hurt on a construction site? Dolman Law Group empathizes with your situation and can help hold your employer accountable. Seeking treatment entails paying for doctor visits, prescriptions, therapy, medical attendants, future procedures, etc., and prices escalate accordingly. All this can be overwhelming, not to mention the frustration of dealing with insurance companies. Let us handle all the legalities while you focus on getting better and taking care of your family. Contact us today for a free case review and more information.


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