Plaintiffs Ask Judge to Appoint Leadership Committee in Tepezza Lawsuits

June 22, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Plaintiffs Ask Judge to Appoint Leadership Committee in Tepezza Lawsuits

In a new set of mass tort claims, Horizon Therapeutics is facing scrutiny for their failure to accurately portray the risks of their product Tepezza, a drug used to treat Thyroid Eye Disease.  Tepezza users have experienced complete and permanent hearing loss or tinnitus after receiving treatments. The claims brought against Horizon Therapeutics are being considered as a multidistrict litigation due to the similarity of injuries among the plaintiffs and the volume of claims. 

In an upcoming meeting, the multidistrict litigation judge will establish a plan of action for the proceedings, including the consideration of appointing a leadership team to work on behalf of the plaintiffs. Even with leadership counsel in place, plaintiffs will still need their own personal injury attorneys to represent their specific case because even though their injuries may be similar, the consequences on their individual finances and quality of life may differ significantly. Personal injury lawyers can help determine the value of a plaintiff’s damages and then negotiate for the maximum compensation available in a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit.

Tepezza MDL Lawyer Leadership Appointments  

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation recently approved the consolidation of the Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits, to the relief of plaintiffs. U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin was assigned this group of claims. The Tepezza hearing loss multidistrict litigation will be heard in the Northern District of Illinois. The benefit of a multidistrict litigation is that it allows plaintiffs to share resources, which includes the experience of the lawyers representing them.

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs have filed a motion requesting a leadership appointment, which would appoint a group of personal injury lawyers to carry out tasks on behalf of all plaintiffs, such as deposing expert witnesses whose testimony pertains to all plaintiffs. The proposed structure includes a lead counsel of three lawyers, a liaison counsel, and an eight-person executive committee.

Tepezza MDL Status Conference

Under District Judge Durkin’s oversight the leadership committee, among other topics, will be discussed in a status conference scheduled for late June 28th, 2023.

In addition to discussing the proposed leadership committee, the agenda includes discussing whether consolidated cases involving more than one plaintiff will be heard, how evidence will be handled, and other general procedures to be observed during the claims process. Judge Durkin won’t be issuing rulings on these topics during the status conference, but he will likely provide decisions soon after.

Tepezza Users May Be at Risk of Permanent Hearing Loss

Tepezza is a drug used to alleviate Thyroid Eye Disease, which causes uncomfortable protruding and inflammation of the eyes. Thyroid Eye Disease is associated with hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease. Tepezza quickly became a popular drug for treating TED when it was introduced in 2020 because it was the only drug available. Outside of Tepezza, patients with TED are limited to taking steroids or undergoing surgery.

While Tepezza appeared preferable to those options, in reality, it comes with a risk of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus, whereas the warning label only cautioned users about temporary hearing issues. Researchers from Standford University indicated that hearing loss occurred in over half of tepezza users, with permanent hearing loss for some members of the study. 

This is significantly higher than the data that Horizon Therapeutics provided to the FDA, adding further fuel to the theory that the company may have intentionally downplayed the risks of its product to secure status with the FDA’s Orphan Drug program. Another concern is that in order for Tepezza to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of TED, users may need a second dose. Considering that a normal dose of Tepezza already carries the risk of permanent hearing loss, additional exposure only puts them at a higher risk.

Why Should I Choose Dolman Law Group to Represent Me?

The product liability attorneys of Dolman Law Group regularly manage complex claims for mass tort issues concerning defective drugs, such as the Tylenol autism lawsuits. We have a consistent record of successfully settling claims for our injured clients, and you can rely on us to do the same for you.

As your Tepezza hearing loss lawyers, we will unapologetically advocate for your right to seek compensation for your damages. We understand that the prospect of permanent hearing loss can feel overwhelming, and we will dedicate the time and attention needed to maximize your compensation to secure some peace of mind.

Our team will relentlessly pursue a settlement that takes into account the scope of your short-term and long-term damages. As a Dolman Law Group client, you will receive the level of attention from your product liability attorney that our clients have come to expect. Our team will be accessible to you throughout the claims process and advocate for your needs unapologetically. 

Contact Dolman Law Group for Help With Your Tepezza Hearing Loss Claim

Taking a defective drug can cause unexpected medical issues that harm your health, finances, and quality of life. In the case of Tepezza-related injuries, you may have to change careers after losing your hearing, learn sign language or adjust to a hearing aid, manage medical bills, and contend with not being able to hear your favorite music or the voices of your loved ones. At Dolman Law Group, we want to ensure that the magnitude of these losses is properly recognized in the form of compensatory damages in a product liability lawsuit.

Our product liability attorneys are seasoned trial experts, meaning that you can trust us to represent you throughout negotiations, even if your claim escalates to a Tepezza lawsuit. We will hold manufacturers like Horizon Therapeutics accountable for their negligence on your behalf and work tirelessly to maximize your compensation for your damages.

If you have lost your hearing permanently or are experiencing persistent tinnitus after taking Tepezza, the product liability attorneys of Dolman Law Group would like to speak with you about the legal options available to you. You can take advantage of a free consultation with our product liability attorneys to learn more about how our services can benefit your Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit.


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