Federal Judges Consolidate Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits into a Multidistrict Litigation

June 9, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Federal Judges Consolidate Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits into a Multidistrict Litigation

Tepezza, a medication used to treat inflamed eye tissue, has caused permanent hearing loss and tinnitus in some users, leading them to file product liability lawsuits. More than a dozen Tepezza users are now suing Horizon Therapeutics for compensation for their medical bills, lost earning capacity, and other damages. More plaintiffs are expected to join the existing claims. Due to the similarities among claims and the anticipation of a growing number of plaintiffs, a panel of federal judges has decided that the Tepezza hearing loss claims will proceed as a multidistrict litigation, despite the objections of Horizon Therapeutics.  

While a multidistrict litigation does reduce the burden of the pretrial process on plaintiffs, it is still in your best interest to hire your own personal injury attorney to ensure your damages are well-documented and represented in negotiations. The product liability lawyers of Dolman Law Group are available to discuss the specifics of your Tepezza hearing loss claim in a free consultation. We have experience maximizing compensation in complex mass tort claims, meaning that we are qualified to represent your interests in a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit.

Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits Will Be Considered as a Multidistrict Litigation

At the end of May 2023, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation heard oral arguments from representatives of Tepezza users and Horizon Therapeutics as to whether or not the claims should be evaluated as a multidistrict litigation. Tepezza users claimed they had experienced hearing issues from the medication and argue the defendants should be held liable for failing to provide adequate warning about the side effects of using Tepezza. 

Plaintiffs argued that a multidistrict litigation was appropriate given that they had experienced similar injuries of prolonged hearing loss or tinnitus that resulted from an insufficient warning label on the same product. In their motion to have the Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits consolidated, plaintiffs requested that the multidistrict litigation be heard in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. 

Representatives for the defendants objected to the formation of a multidistrict litigation on the grounds that there were not enough claims filed to constitute an MDL. At this point, 18 Tepezza users have filed claims against the manufacturer, with more expected to join. The JPML disagreed and created a Tepezza hearing loss multidistrict litigation to be overseen by U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin in the Northern District of Illinois.

Tepezza Users Report Permanent Hearing Loss 

Tepezza is an injection medication intended to treat a condition called Thyroid Eye Disease, which can cause significant swelling. People with TED may experience discomfort and vision abnormalities, such as blurriness or double vision.  The existing treatment protocols for Thyroid Eye Disease are surgery and steroids, so a single injection seemed like a preferable option for those suffering from TED. However, for some users, Tepezza appears to come with irreparable damage to their hearing

Tepezza users have reported experiencing permanent hearing loss and tinnitus after using the drug. A study led by Stanford researchers confirmed that some Tepezza users may experience unfixable hearing loss or prolonged tinnitus despite completing treatment. This damage is attributed to how Tepezza harms insulin-like growth factor 1 receptors (IGF-IRs), which protect inner ear hair cells. Inner ear hair cells transmit vibrations into electrical signals for the brain to interpret. Once destroyed, they cannot regenerate, causing hearing loss.

Tepezza Users Claim Manufacturers Undersold Risk of Hearing Loss

Horizon Therapeutics, the makers of Tepezza, did provide a warning about hearing loss that may occur while the product was being used. Any hearing loss or tinnitus was supposed to cease in tandem with treatments. However, this was a mischaracterization of the true risk. Additionally, users may have unknowingly increased their risk of hearing loss by taking a second injection, which was necessary for some to achieve relief from TED.

Tepezza was approved under the FDA’s Orphan Drug program, which is meant to incentivize drug manufacturers to develop medications for rare diseases. As the only FDA-approved drug on the market to treat TED, Tepezza had the potential to be highly profitable. This raises the question of whether or not Horizon Therapeutics was motivated to downplay the risks of Tepezza in order to financially benefit from the Orphan Drug Program. Regardless of their motivation, the manufacturers of Tepezza may be held liable for their negligence and be ordered to compensate the plaintiffs’ damages.

Recovering Compensation for Damages in a Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

Losing your hearing often demands a complete lifestyle adjustment. At the minimum, Tepezza users who have lost their hearing must adapt to a new way of communicating. This may be a long and frustrating process, with ramifications for personal and professional relationships. In a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit, plaintiffs may seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages typically include financial losses that have resulted from the plaintiff’s injuries, such as the cost of the defective product. Non-economic damages compensate for the emotional costs related to the plaintiff’s injury.

Examples of Damages in a Tepezza Lawsuit:

  • Medical bills
    • Medication 
    • Hearing aids
    • Hearing tests
  • Job-related losses
    • Lost wages
    • Reduced earning potential
    • Missed promotion
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life

Why Should I Choose Dolman Law Group to Represent Me?

At Dolman Law Group, we believe that Tepezza users should have been accurately informed of the risks of using this drug, and we are prepared to go above and beyond to demand fair compensation for your damages. Our team has a long record of success negotiating for maximum compensation in mass tort claims, making us well-suited to advocate for you in a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit.

The Tepezza lawyers of Dolman Law Group understand that the personal injury claims process can appear daunting, which is why our team is dedicated to not only maximizing your compensation but also to ensuring that you feel supported during the process. As former clients will tell you, we make it a habit to exceed expectations from the first consultation through negotiations.

With over a decade of serving clients injured by the negligence of individuals and corporations alike, the personal injury attorneys of Dolman Law Group have earned a reputation as adept negotiators. Our clients trust us to keep them involved in the process, thoroughly document their injuries and damages, and craft a strategy to maximize compensation.

Contact Dolman Law Group for Help With Your Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

Consumers deserve to be properly warned about the side effects of the medication they are taking. Tepezza users who have suffered irreparable harm from this defective product may be entitled to recover compensation for their physical, financial, and emotional losses in a product liability lawsuit. The best way to accomplish this is to hire a product liability attorney to represent your interests.

The personal injury attorneys of Dolman Law Group are expert negotiators who are prepared to work tirelessly to secure a fair settlement on your behalf. Our personal injury attorneys are equipped with trial experience in case it becomes necessary to take your claim to court for proper compensation. 

At Dolman Law Group, we will unapologetically protect your right to pursue compensation for your damages, work relentlessly to establish the credibility of your claim, and negotiate strategically to maximize your compensation. We encourage you to take advantage of a free consultation with one of our product liability attorneys to learn more about the benefits of our services, and what your Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit may be worth.


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