How to Find the Best Veterans Disability Claim Lawyer

October 10, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
How to Find the Best Veterans Disability Claim Lawyer

Veterans who were injured or became ill as a result of their military service can potentially seek support in the form of disability benefits. These benefits can offer financial support for housing, loss of income, caregiver assistance, medical bills, and more. Unfortunately, the process to acquire these benefits is often lengthy and involves a substantial amount of paperwork to verify the origin, extent, and impact of your disability.

A veterans disability claims lawyer can be instrumental in ensuring that your case is evaluated fairly and that you receive the disability benefits you are entitled to. Our team at Dolman Law Group has proudly represented disabled veterans for many years in cases such as Camp Lejeune claims, 3M defective earplug lawsuits, and toxic burn pit claims. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us by calling (866) 481-5347 or filling out our online contact form.

Look For a Personal Injury Attorney Who Has Previously Worked With Veterans Claims

You cannot hire any personal injury lawyer to assist you with a veterans disability claim. Regardless of their general skill, success, or your relationship with them, hiring a personal injury lawyer who does not specialize in veterans disability claims is a mistake that can cost you your case.

Ensuring that your personal injury lawyer has past experience working with veterans disability claim lawsuits is important for two reasons. First, they will be familiar with the complexities of the claims process, the types of disability benefits available, and how to secure the evidence to support your claim. Not all personal injury lawyers are equipped to take on VA claims, as it requires detailed knowledge of the bureaucratic process and an understanding of the stringent requirements for securing disability benefits. 

Second, a personal injury attorney who has represented veterans before should have an appreciation for the challenges they face and be willing to accommodate them wherever possible. For example, veterans who were disabled after using contaminated water at Camp Lejeune were exposed to the toxins decades ago, making it difficult to obtain service records and medical records. In other cases, a veteran’s disability makes the logistics of attending VA appointments or legal meetings difficult. Veterans disability claims lawyers will be better prepared to encounter and handle obstacles like these.

Consider the Size of the Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal injury law firms range in size from massive nationwide firms that advertise a laundry list of claims they represent to small firms that specialize in a certain type of claim. Generally, you want to aim for a mid-size firm that is large enough to have the resources to manage your case but small enough to be able to offer the attention and degree of expertise it deserves. You always want to ensure that your veterans disability claim will not be shuffled around the office, and instead be assigned to an experienced veterans benefits attorney.

While you are evaluating the size of the law firm, it is also wise to consider their caseload. If they are already at capacity, they are less likely to have the time and resources to devote to your veterans disability claim. On the other hand, if a personal injury law firm has an inexplicably low caseload, that may indicate they have trouble acquiring and keeping clients. The right personal injury law firm will be able to provide your veterans disability claim with individualized attention.

Review the Veterans Disability Claim Lawyer’s Results

Case results are a common way to measure the success of a personal injury law firm. Most qualified veterans disability claims lawyers are proud of their records and will provide you with a sample of their case results. If a personal injury lawyer refuses to discuss their record of settlements, that may be a red flag. When you are researching personal injury lawyers, look for more than a few high-dollar settlements. 

The key is consistent and recent successful settlements. This is a better indicator of capability and commitment level, as it shows that the law firm is also dedicated to maximizing compensation for smaller claims. Firms that only chase after claims with a high likelihood of massive settlements may not have the skills to take on more complex claims, which is not ideal when you are filing a veterans disability claim.

Check Out What Former Clients Say About Their Experience with a Veterans Lawyer

One of the best ways to assess the quality of the veterans personal injury lawyer you are considering is to listen to the perspectives of former clients who have been in your shoes. Most personal injury firms make client testimonials available for this exact purpose, as we consider these our references. You can also read reviews on Google and sites like Avvo.

If clients consistently express that they felt supported, were able to access their veterans disability lawyer, believed that their attorney was knowledgeable about the veterans benefit claims process, and were satisfied with the outcome of their case, these are indications of a solid veterans disability claim lawyer. If you are looking to switch representation after your previous lawyer mismanaged your claim, testimonials can be a helpful resource in choosing a new firm.

Attend a Free Consultation With the Veterans Disability Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers offer free case evaluations to prospective clients, with no obligation required. The veterans disability lawyer will typically use this time to determine if you have a valid case for benefits and what benefits you may be eligible for, as well as provide an overview of what you should expect in terms of contributions to evidence gathering and the average length of the process.

As the prospective client, this gives you an opportunity to judge their commitment level and communication style for yourself. If you feel like they are being dismissive of your concerns or are unable to answer basic questions about how the veterans disability claims process works, you may want to reconsider and explore other options for your personal injury lawyer.

Why You Should Choose Dolman Law Group For Your Veterans Disability Claim

The veterans disability lawyers of Dolman Law Group exemplify the characteristics of reputable advocates. We encourage you to take a look at our history of successful settlements for our injured clients as proof of our capacity for diligent, effective service. As your personal injury attorneys, we will provide you and your veterans disability claim with the necessary attention and resources to obtain the benefits you need, such as Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability, a Special Adapted Housing grant, or 100% disability.

Our team takes the responsibility of representing disabled veterans and their families seriously. We will actively compile evidence to establish the severity of your illness or injury, connect it to your time in the military, and demonstrate the ways in which it has hindered you from working, caring for yourself, and enjoying life. You can depend on our skilled team to act with your best interests in mind.

Contact Dolman Law Group For Help With Your Veterans Disability Claim

Finding the best lawyer to handle your veterans disability claim can seem like a daunting task, especially when the outcome of their efforts could drastically impact your life. At Dolman Law Group, we understand that the trust you place in our personal injury lawyers is valuable, and we will go above and beyond to secure the full benefits you are entitled to. 

In some cases, this may mean asking for a higher level of compensation than you are currently collecting, such as Special Monthly Compensation. Other veterans are looking to appeal a wrongfully denied claim. Our team of knowledgeable personal injury lawyers has the appropriate skill set and understanding of the veterans disability claims process to pursue the compensation you need.  

To schedule a free consultation with one of our veterans benefit lawyers, contact us at (866) 481-5347 or fill out our online contact form. We will take the time to explain the options you have for claiming disability benefits, review the facts of your case to determine its viability, and answer any questions that you may have about the veterans disability claims process.


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