Special Monthly Compensation for Disabled Veterans

October 5, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Special Monthly Compensation for Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans are entitled to certain benefits that are intended to help them afford their medical bills, as well as provide additional financial support for other costs caused by injuries and illnesses they have suffered. Veterans with severe disabilities may also be eligible for Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) to go towards these costs. The VA requires veterans who want to apply for this extra level of benefits to demonstrate that they have unmet needs and that their disability rating is high enough to warrant supplemental assistance. 

Even veterans who have previously navigated the disability claims process can benefit from the legal insight and experience of a skilled veteran disability claims attorney. The personal injury attorneys of Dolman Law Group are working closely with veterans and their families to help secure the maximum level of benefits they are owed after experiencing or developing a significant service-related disability. Schedule a free consultation with one of our reputable veterans disability lawyers by calling us at (866) 481-5347 or filling out our online contact form.

Special Monthly Compensation Supports Disabled Veterans and Their Families

If you have a high enough disability rating to qualify for Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), it is likely that you are at least partially dependent on others in your day-to-day life. This can make the experience of filing a benefits claim even more complicated. With the help of a knowledgeable veterans disability lawyer, you can have the legal support you need to successfully secure SMC.

Special Monthly Compensation is an additional, tax-free benefit that is available to veterans with serious service-related disabilities. This higher level of compensation is intended to aid in offsetting the financial, physical, and mental costs that accompany a debilitating illness or injury. It can be combined with other types of benefits, such as 100% disability or potentially Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU). Special Monthly Compensation can be awarded to disabled veterans, their spouses, surviving spouses, and parents. 

There are different levels of Special Monthly Compensation. Levels L through O entail more stringent requirements for the type of disability being claimed, with the more extensive disabilities receiving greater compensation. The amount of Special Monthly Compensation you receive also depends on how your injury or illness is impacting your life, if you have a spouse or dependents, your age, and other factors. 

How to Qualify to Receive Special Monthly Compensation

SMC is for veterans who can provide evidence of a total and complete disability that is related to their military service, as well as the need for additional support beyond what they already receive. This benefit includes presumptive conditions, existing health issues that were made worse as a result of military service, and other disabling injuries or illnesses that are reasonably proven to be connected to military service. 

The illness or injury can be the result of a single event or repetitive long-term damage. For example, a veteran who sustained an irreparable crush injury to their arm in a vehicle collision would potentially be eligible for SMC, as would a veteran who lost their hearing due to frequent exposure to loud engines or explosions. 

Veteran Disabilities That Qualify For Special Monthly Compensation

The disability in question must be connected to the veteran’s time in the military, but it does not have to have manifested while they were on active duty. For instance, many of the veterans who became severely ill due to burn pit exposure did not show signs of cancer until years after they had left the service, but they could still be considered eligible for disability benefits like Special Monthly Compensation.

The types of serious illnesses or catastrophic injuries that qualify a veteran for SMC include disabilities like:

  • The amputation or loss of use of one or more limbs or extremities
  • The physical loss of one or both eyes
  • The loss of sight or total blindness in one or both eyes
  • Loss of a reproductive organ
  • Deafness in both ears
  • Being permanently bedridden 
  • Requiring “aid and assistance” with tasks like dressing, eating, and bathing

Why You Should Choose the Veterans Disability Lawyers of Dolman Law Group  

Many veterans who file disability claims with the VA encounter issues with their claims being denied or only receiving a portion of the compensation they deserve. Our team of personal injury attorneys recognizes that the evaluation process for disability benefits like SMC is complex and the VA handles a heavy caseload, but this can make it excessively difficult for disabled veterans to pursue compensation on their own.

We believe that our years of experience handling claims for veterans, including both 3M defective ear plug cases and Camp Lejeune claims, can give you the advantage you need when navigating the veterans disability claims process. Our team will manage the administrative part of filing your claim for veterans disability benefits, diligently collect the evidence needed to support the validity of your claim and advocate for you to ensure that you receive an accurate disability rating.

At Dolman Law Group, we make it a point to be attentive to the nuances of each client’s case. This has served us well for the past decade, as we have consistently and favorably resolved claims for our injured clients. Based on our record, we have developed a reputation for excellence and trustworthiness among our former clients. We strive to act in accordance with this standard with each case we represent.

Contact Dolman Law For Help With Your Veterans Disability Claim

When it comes to filing a veterans disability claim for benefits like SMC, the amount of paperwork alone may seem intimidating. Our team of personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group wants to reassure you that we have the caseload capacity, legal expertise, and network of resources required to take on the challenge of pursuing a veterans disability claim with an intricate approval process. 

No two Special Monthly Compensation claims are identical, and our team will treat your case accordingly. We are a trusted personal injury law firm among military veterans, as evidenced by our legal support of Camp Lejeune veterans and their families. You can rely on us to champion your SMC disability benefits claim to alleviate the burden of medical bills, reduced earning capacity, and other losses after a service-related illness or injury has rendered you disabled. 

Our team at Dolman Law Grop holds veterans in the highest regard, and will work relentlessly on your behalf to obtain the Special Monthly Compensation that you and your family need. To schedule a free consultation, contact our capable team by calling us at (866) 481-5347 or filling out our online contact form. We will review the necessary qualifications for SMC with you, explain the steps of the process, and provide honest insight about what to expect.


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