Bayer to Pay Over 1 Billion in Roundup Lawsuits

November 21, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Bayer to Pay Over 1 Billion in Roundup Lawsuits

In yet another legal blow to agrochemical manufacturer Bayer, the company has been directed to settle with four Roundup plaintiffs after prolonged exposure to the weedkiller caused them to develop cancer. Roundup weed killer, which was first produced in the late 1970s by now-defunct Monsanto, contains a dangerous active ingredient called glyphosate. As the owner of Monsanto, Bayer has been inundated with personal injury lawsuits arguing that it is liable for failing to warn users about the risks of using their carcinogenic product.

A Missouri jury sided with a small group of plaintiffs and awarded them a staggering billion-and-a-half dollar settlement, which is the most recent loss in a growing line for Bayer. Meanwhile, Bayer has continued to defend its product. Roundup users who have developed lymphoma, degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s, or other chronic conditions like diabetes may be eligible for compensation in a Roundup product liability lawsuit. 

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Massive Settlement Signals Growing Success For Roundup Plaintiffs 

It appears that the tide may be turning for Roundup plaintiffs in light of a Missouri jury’s decision to award four plaintiffs a combined total of $1.56 billion for their Roundup weedkiller lawsuits against manufacturer Bayer. This settlement is worth more than a quarter of Bayer’s total profits for 2023 thus far. Three of the plaintiffs developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma from long-term exposure to the carcinogens in Roundup, and the fourth plaintiff is the spouse of one of the cancer survivors. 

The three plaintiffs with non-Hodgkins lymphoma recovered $61.6 million in compensatory damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. The wife of one of the plaintiffs received $10,000 in compensation for her damages related to her husband’s illness. The Cole County, Missouri jury also ordered Bayer to pay each of the three ill plaintiffs $500 million in punitive damages. Bayer has indicated that it intends to appeal this verdict.

After claiming victory in nine prior Roundup lawsuits, plaintiffs reversed that pattern, forcing Bayer to settle for millions in the past three trials over Roundup weedkiller lawsuits before this most recent case. Bayer shareholders have expressed concerns about this trend, urging the chemical manufacturer to consider settling many of the remaining Roundup lawsuits. Becoming embroiled in litigation for any longer harms Bayer’s reputation, costs them in terms of legal fees, and has recently proven fruitless if a $1.56 billion dollar settlement is any indication.

Roundup Weedkiller Linked to Cancer and Serious Chronic Health Issues

For many years, Roundup was marketed as a safe herbicide, but there is growing scientific evidence to the contrary. To begin with, the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, has been identified as a likely carcinogen for nearly a decade by the World Health Organization. This brought a renewed focus on determining the carcinogenic capabilities of products like Roundup, causing some retailers to stop carrying Roundup altogether. 

Despite Monsanto’s best efforts to interfere with scientific investigations of Roundup, researchers continue to discover evidence of a causal relationship between glyphosate and cancer. For example, researchers with the University of Washington conducted a meta-analysis of studies that had collected data on high levels of exposure to glyphosate in 2019. They reported that significant glyphosate exposure could increase an individual’s risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by a shocking 41%.

Roundup Weedkiller Related Illnesses

Cancer is far from the only severe health condition that has been connected to frequent Roundup weedkiller usage. Thus far, prolonged exposure to the glyphosate in Roundup has been associated with:

Bayer Faces Product Liability Lawsuits Over Roundup Weedkiller

After purchasing Monsanto, the producer of Roundup, in 2018, Bayer became legally and financially responsible for the failures of Monsanto. In the last five years, Bayer has settled about 70% of the 165,000 Roundup weedkiller lawsuits filed. A significant portion of these claims were settled in 2020 for $10.9 billion. Although this represents progress for plaintiffs, about 50,000 Roundup claims are still active, which could mean trouble for Bayer if recent settlement trends continue.

The company continues to hemorrhage money in Roundup lawsuits brought by individuals and even communities. In June 2023, Bayer settled a Roundup claim brought by Attorney General Letitia James of New York for $7 million after she successfully argued that Bayer was liable for the environmental damage caused by their defective product that resulted in injury to New Yorkers. The Roundup claims filed by individuals and states are based on similar accusations of negligence.

It comes as no surprise that an herbicide like Roundup can be hazardous to your health. Many products with harmful ingredients are sold to consumers. The presence of glyphosate in Roundup has been shown to be a cancer risk but this alone is not the sole basis of many Roundup lawsuits.

Bayer failed to warn the public that repeated exposure to Roundup increases their risk of cancer and other serious health conditions. If Roundup plaintiffs can continue to demonstrate that Bayer was negligent in its legal obligation to consumers to provide ample warnings on their product of the significant cancer risk Roundup poses, the agrochemical manufacturer may be forced to compensate them for their damages in product liability lawsuits.

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This latest group of Roundup settlements is an encouraging step toward compensating plaintiffs who have been saddled with the physical, financial, and emotional costs of battling cancer caused by a defective product. However, there is still a long way to go before Bayer is held fully accountable for its negligence and all qualified plaintiffs are reimbursed for their damages. 

Our team of capable product liability attorneys at Dolman Law Group is committed to this effort, as our former clients will validate. We have worked tirelessly on behalf of injured clients involved in mass tort issues. For the past decade, our team has served clients by diligently exploring all possible sources of evidence, documenting the severity of their injuries and their connection to the defendant’s negligence, crafting an effective negotiation strategy, and then pursuing a fair settlement for your personal injury lawsuit.

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