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Report Confirms Allegations In Mirena IUD Pregnancy Cases

Fetal Macrosomia Medical Malpractice

Women who do not have an intrauterine device, such as the Mirena IUD, removed during pregnancy, may increase the likelihood of suffering a spontaneous abortion, septic abortion, preterm delivery and chorioamnionitis, a serious infection. This is according to a report released by the U.S. Center for Disease Control. The report confirms allegations in lawsuits filed against Bayer HealthCare the giant drug company that markets and distributes the Mirena IUD. The CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health issued the report on Recommended Practices in the United States for Contraceptive Use.

According to the report, if IUDs are left in place during pregnancy, the fetus may be exposed to the synthetic hormone, levongestral. The hormone is used in IUD’s including Mirena. Mirena pregnancy lawsuits allege that women suffered miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, preterm delivery, serious infections and even death of their child after the Mirena IUD was unable to be removed during pregnancy. If the strings are visible and the IUD is removed, pregnancy improves but in situations where the strings cannot be found the IUD cannot be removed.

Mirena was first approved in 2000 by the Food and Drug Administration as a long term birth control device for women who had previously given birth. It is designed to be effective for up to five years. The device is implanted by a physician in the uterus where it releases a low dose of levongesteral, a synthetic form of progestin. This causes thickening of mucous on the uterine wall, inhibiting the travel of sperm. The device is used by an estimated 2 million women in the U.S. and has a 99 percent effective rate against pregnancy. The “use it and forget it” method was very appealing and propelled sales quickly.

Bayer is also facing countless other lawsuits regarding the Mirena IUD from women who claim to have suffered from migration of the device into and beyond the uterine wall, suffering perforations of the uterus and other pelvic organs, along with pelvic pain and other complications. These cases are so great in number that they have been consolidated into Multi-District Litigation (MDL) in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York and New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court. These bellwether cases will use a sample group of cases to test the waters with juror reactions to ascertain the value of future settlements. This is an attempt to encourage pre-trial settlements and prevent a log jam in the court system.

Dolman Law Group is currently investigating claims against Bayer Heath by women who have suffered in any way, due to the Mirena IUD. The attorneys at Dolman Law possess in depth knowledge of the history and detrimental effects of the Mirena and many other defective medications and medical devices. If you are interested in filing a claim due to a spontaneous abortion, preterm delivery, perforated uterus or other organ or any adverse effect related to the Mirena IUD, contact a defective drug attorney at Dolman Law Group today. Our attorneys are poised to take on Bayer Healthcare or any of the country’s largest drug companies. We are here to answer all of your questions but please call now. The window of opportunity to file has time limits.  Contact the Dolman Law Group for a free consultation by calling (727) 451-6900 now.

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