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March 1, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

The Insurance Information Institute found that 2,851,600 homes are at risk of damage due to a hurricane. Typically, insurance companies that offer coverage for hurricane damage will work tirelessly to reduce pay-outs made if a hurricane occurs. A Bradenton hurricane damage lawyer can help you and your family explore the legal options to receive the compensation that you deserve.

Hurricane coverage comes standard if you have bought a residential insurance policy in Florida. This means that you should be able to recover damages if your home gets damaged or destroyed by a hurricane.

Making a Claim for Damages After a Hurricane in Bradenton

Each insurance company has its own unique filing procedures when a disaster occurs, and hurricanes are no exceptions. The process is often confusing for homeowners, and you may make mistakes that could negatively affect your claim. It is always advisable to consult a property damage lawyer before making a claim.

A lawyer could look over your insurance policy and determine the type of damages you can receive. A lawyer may also advise you on what steps to take to make the claims process easier and increase the likelihood of a fast recovery. For instance, you should:

  • Collect evidence of the damage caused by the hurricane with pictures or videos
  • Try to reduce further damage
  • Call your insurance company and inform them of the event

You need to act fast after a hurricane as insurance companies often work on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reducing further damage is important because the insurance company will likely use everything to undervalue your claim. Having hurricane insurance does not come with flooding insurance.

You may have to take out additional coverage for flooding or forfeit your claim if the cause of your damage is flooding. Talking to a hurricane damage lawyer in Florida could help you understand how you can successfully file your claim. A lawyer may also help you find a way to recover damages if the insurance company denies your claim.

What Happens If Your Claim Gets Denied?

The aftermath of a catastrophic weather event such as a hurricane is normally followed by thousands of claims for property damages. Insurance companies do not have enough time to look through every claim, and some get denied. The company is also aligned to its profit incentive. Thus, it is normal for some claims to get denied or undervalued.

It is imperative to remember that the company should not deny your claim if you have residential property insurance. If your claim gets denied for any reason, speak to a Bradenton hurricane damage lawyer to learn about your options.

A lawyer can help protect your interests and ensure you get fairly compensated for your damages. A claim for damages after a hurricane may get denied if:

  • The insurance company denies that you have residential property insurance
  • You misrepresent how the damage occurred to your house
  • You make an error when filing your claim

It is advisable to consult a Bradenton property damage lawyer to avoid the risk of your claim getting denied. Apart from the denial of claims, many homeowners end up having to incur out-of-pocket expenses due to undervalued claims.

Insurance companies may frustrate your efforts to recover damages using time-wasting tactics. This forces many homeowners into accepting a low offer just to have some money to conduct repairs and get their life on track. But you do not have to settle for anything less than the actual cost of damages, especially if it is within the limits of your policy.

A lawyer can help you hold the insurance company accountable. A lawyer can also help you take the insurance company to court.

How Long Do You Have to Recover Damages After a Hurricane?

There are time restrictions on how long you have to file for damages after a hurricane. The period of time varies based on the state. For instance, in Florida, you have two years from the date the hurricane made landfall to make a claim from the insurance company. A Bradenton hurricane lawyer can help you begin the legal process within the specific statute of limitations.

The insurance company may also have a certain deadline you have to meet. Ensure that a property damage lawyer has read your insurance policy immediately after the hurricane. This will help you know how much time you have to recover damages. It will also give you an idea of how you can document the damage you have suffered. 

An insurance policy has a lot of details in it that you may not have enough time to cover before making your claim. This is why you need someone with experience in handling such cases to save your time and effort. A hurricane damage lawyer will maximize your chances of recovering all benefits in your policy in the shortest time possible.

Assessing the Cost of Damages After a Hurricane

Hurricanes cause a great deal of property damage based on their classification. Even a category 1 hurricane can result in thousands of dollars of property loss. A hurricane damage lawyer can help you accurately assess the true cost of property damage you have suffered.

Knowing the true cost of your damages gives you an upper hand when dealing with insurance companies. A lawyer will help you get the damages you need to make full repairs to your house as soon as possible after the disaster. If your business is severely damaged by a hurricane, a lawyer can help you assess the value of your damages.

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