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May 7, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Pain and suffering are common in many compensation claims and lawsuits. They refer to the physical and emotional stress resulting from an injury. When you seek this damage against another party, you must show that their actions led to distress and anguish.

A North Miami Beach pain and suffering lawyer may help you pursue the proper reimbursement from the party at fault. They will also estimate the amount to claim based on the severity of the issue. Read on for more details of pain and suffering and the different ways a North Miami Beach attorney can assist.

Common Causes of Pain and Suffering

Road accidents are a prevalent cause of pain and suffering. Crashes often leave victims with injuries that take time to heal. As a result, they cause discomfort and affect the ability to perform everyday tasks. Injuries may also make it challenging to earn income or enjoy some activities.

Other causes of pain and suffering are:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Offshore injuries
  • Maritime accidents
  • Injuries from defective products
  • Slip and fall accidents

Medical malpractice often leads to incorrect treatment or unnecessary surgeries. Besides, it can cause secondary health problems or disabilities. Such issues will then cause significant suffering or chronic pain.

Another cause of pain and suffering in North Miami Beach is human trafficking. This refers to when another party exploits or abuses someone by using coercion, force, or fraud. Human trafficking can also include other crimes like sexual abuse, which have detrimental effects on a person's well-being.

Types of Pain and Suffering Injuries

Pain and suffering comprises other injuries with adverse effects on your personal life. One aspect that may constitute this damage is a reduced quality of life. This term refers to when you cannot live your desired life due to cognitive or physical health problems. For instance, you may be unable to participate in outdoor activities like hiking or biking due to a leg injury.

Many accidents and injuries resulting from negligence can affect your mental condition. For instance, you may have depression and anxiety from abuse. Since mental health injuries impact your emotional well-being, they constitute pain and suffering. Other aspects that may fall into this category are:

  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical pain
  • Sexual disfunction

Injuries can leave scars if they are significant and you do not get the needed treatment in time. If you have blemishes on conspicuous areas like the face or lower leg, you may experience suffering in several ways.

First, your self-esteem may lower and, in return, affect your mental health. You might also experience discomfort when wearing clothes that do not cover the areas.

Pain and suffering do not always relate to injuries and accidents. Issues like false news about you or your brand may also lead to such damages. Hence, aspects like defamation will constitute pain and suffering based on how they affect your mental and emotional health.

Pain and Suffering Resulting from Wrongful Death

A loved one's wrongful death may cause other pain and suffering damages beyond those already discussed. For instance, it can lead to grief for an extended period. You will also lose companionship and guidance based on your relationship with the deceased.

More pain and suffering damages related to wrongful death are:

  • Loss of consortium
  • Trauma
  • Shock

Ways a North Miami Beach Pain and Suffering Lawyer Will Assist

A North Miami Beach lawyer may help you in many ways when claiming pain and suffering. First, the attorney will identify how a particular incident or injury affected your emotions and mental health. They may ask you questions for more insight into the impact. These steps allow your lawyer to identify all the pain and suffering caused.

A North Miami Beach lawyer will establish liability for pain and suffering. The investigation may include understanding how the incident or abuse in question occurred. The attorney can also interview police officers, witnesses, and other parties relevant to the case.

When your North Miami Beach personal injury lawyer determines liability, they will file a claim. This process will involve listing all pain and suffering damages resulting from another party's negligence. The attorney will then present your case to insurance companies and wait for feedback. More ways a lawyer will help include:

  • Following up on your claim
  • Gathering evidence needed for the case
  • Proving other injuries or damages resulting from pain and suffering
  • Advising you on legal matters
  • Explaining laws related to your case

Pain and suffering are personal injuries according to the law. A North Miami Beach lawyer will file your case within four years to meet the statutes of limitations in Florida. Besides, they will gather evidence in time to prevent missing other deadlines provided by insurance companies.

Compensation Claimable for Pain and Suffering

There is no limit to the reimbursement you may seek for pain and suffering. Still, the requested amount should be reasonable based on the severity. A North Miami Beach lawyer will help you assess injuries and determine the amount to seek.

One way the attorney can do this is by working with your doctor. This process would be relevant if the pain and suffering you claim resulted from physical injuries. It can also be helpful if you seek compensation for mental health conditions and their secondary effects.

Working with healthcare professionals allows your attorney to assess the severity of pain and suffering. It also helps them evaluate the cost of treatment and therapies needed for recovery or better quality of life. Other methods a lawyer can use to determine the compensation to seek for pain and suffering are:

  • Identifying the number of individual effects
  • Assessing how long you will experience pain and suffering
  • Calculating economic damages resulting from the injury

Contact a North Miami Beach Pain and Suffering Lawyer

Claiming pain and suffering damages will involve several legal procedures. You also need to consult a healthcare specialist and obtain detailed medical records. Dolman Law Group will help you with all the legal work of claiming such injuries.

Our North Miami Beach pain and suffering lawyer will prove liability and provide the documents needed to confirm the value of damages. Contact a North Miami Beach lawyer from Dolman Law Group today.

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