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March 2, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

More than a million individuals in the United States suffer whiplash yearly, and over 30 thousand receive spinal disk injuries. Suffering from a neck or back injury can be a life-changing experience that impacts every aspect of your life. Likely, you did not anticipate this injury or foresee the challenges and costs it would present. From physical pain to emotional distress, the aftermath of an injury can be overwhelming. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else's negligence, it's important to seek the help of an experienced neck and back injury attorney

Our team of skilled attorneys understands the unique challenges and complexities of these types of cases, and we're here to fight for the compensation you deserve. Whether you're dealing with medical bills, lost wages, or other damages, we're here to help you get the justice you deserve.

Why choose Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA?

If you were damaged in any way to due to someone else's negligence or lack of care, you may be entitled to compensation to cover not only the cost of your medical treatment but possibly lost wages and other damages.Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, has had outstanding success with many personal injury cases related to neck and back injuries, and we only intend to add to our list of impressive achievements. We're proud to represent anyone who is a victim of unfair treatment, ignorance, negligence, or simply doesn't know what steps to take to start their legal case. Our proud and respected team will stand with you to ensure a victorious result.

Our Results

Our law firm is proud to boast a track record of success with experience in a wide range of personal injury claims. 

  • $1,750,000.00 for an accident resulting in shoulder surgery with a mild TBI
  • $750,000.00 for a car accident that caused a subdural hematoma and shoulder injury
  • $525,000.00 for a neck and back injury to the spinal disc

While we cannot guarantee your case a specific result or amount of compensation, our past victories are a testament to our commitment to our clients and the fact that we will always go the extra mile to maximize their compensation. 

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Neck and Back Injuries Caused by Negligence

When many people think of neck and back injuries, they often think of damage to the spinal cord first. It is also possible and all too common that accident victims sustain multiple types of injuries during the same incident. 

If you’ve suffered a back injury of any kind due to someone’s negligence, you should speak with a skilled spinal cord injury attorney. However, there are several other types of neck and back injuries that can occur in an accident. 

Whiplash: This is a common injury that occurs when the head is violently jerked forward and then backward, causing damage to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck. The most common symptom of whiplash is neck pain that sometimes extends into the shoulder region. However, some also experience headaches, vertigo, and other unpleasant sensations along with the pain, which can range from mild to severe. 

Strains and sprains: These injuries occur when the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in the neck or back are stretched or torn due to sudden impact or excessive force.

Herniated or bulging discs: These injuries occur when the soft, gel-like material between the vertebrae in the spinal column ruptures or bulges out.

If you’ve suffered an accident, you’ll likely have more than one kind of injury, and they may look very different from the brief descriptions offered here. However, regardless of what your neck or back injury is, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible if you haven't already to prevent further damage and complications. 

Causes of Neck and Back Injuries

There are several types of accidents that can cause neck and back injuries, including:

Motor vehicle accidents: Truck, motorcycle, and car accidents are common causes of neck and back injuries, particularly whiplash, which occurs when the head is suddenly jerked back and forth.

Slips and falls: Trips, slips, and falls can cause a variety of neck and back injuries, including sprains, strains, and herniated discs. Accident victims also frequently sustain traumatic brain injuries during these events. 

Sports injuries: Sports like football, soccer, and gymnastics can result in neck and back injuries due to high-impact collisions or overuse injuries. While athletes always assume some degree of risk while engaging in these activities, sometimes another party may share liability for an accident. In this case, speaking to a team of personal injury lawyers for advice is crucial.

Workplace accidents: Jobs that involve heavy lifting, repetitive motions, or working in awkward positions can lead to neck and back injuries like herniated discs, strains, and sprains.

Assault or physical altercations: Violent altercations can result in injuries to the neck and back, particularly if the victim is struck or thrown to the ground.

Treatment of Back and Neck Injuries

Treatment generally includes conservative care (chiropractic or physical therapy), injections, and oral anti-inflammatory medications to reduce inflammation around the nerves, which may cause chronic pain, and restore the overall range of motion. Injections can take the form of anesthetic to provide pain relief or steroidal to reduce localized inflammation.

A surgeon may recommend surgical intervention if conservative treatment measures and injection therapy fail to alleviate the pain. A common surgical procedure is decompression, wherein the surgeon removes disc material and tissue (and sometimes bone) that is placing pressure on the nerve root or spinal cord. Spinal decompression surgery aims to remove or greatly reduce nerve impingement. Contact a back and neck injury lawyer for a free consultation today to learn more about your rights.

The Two Most Common Decompression Surgeries

Microdiscectomy – (also known as a microdecompression) is often utilized to treat leg pain caused by a herniated lumbar (back) disc that is causing leg pain. The leg pain caused by the herniated lumbar disc is commonly referred to as radiculopathy or sciatica.

Lumbar laminectomy is a procedure to treat symptoms caused by lumbar spinal stenosis. Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the disc spaces and can be caused by many factors. Stenosis may be caused by the normal aging process in which the disc deteriorates over time, and as fluid leaves a healthy disc, the disc itself becomes flatter, and the space at such disc level decreases greatly. We may also see bone spurs intruding into the disc space due to aging. In turn, this frequently results in pressure on the nerves. Stenosis may also be caused by trauma that can alter the spinal anatomy and lead to instability. In a laminectomy, the incision is much larger than in a microdiscectomy. However, the procedures are very similar in that a piece of bone or disc material impinging upon the nerve root will be removed to create more space.

Spinal fusion is when adjacent vertebrae are stabilized together to relieve or somewhat alleviate compression and chronic spine pain. In the case of the cervical spine, decompressions are often accompanied by a fusion of at least one level due to the greater likelihood of instability of the neck compared to the back.

This article is not intended to be an exhaustive description of all procedures or injuries; it is simply an overview.

Recovering Compensation for a Neck and Back Injury

The compensation you can receive in a personal injury settlement for a neck and back injury depends on various factors. These include the severity of your injury, the extent of your medical treatment, and the impact your injury has had on your life. Working with a skilled neck and back injury lawyer will be critical to calculating these damages such that no expense is omitted. 

Generally, a settlement or verdict in a neck or back injury case aims to compensate you for the economic and non-economic damages you've suffered as a result. These may include:

Medical expenses: Compensation for past and future medical bills, including hospital stays, surgeries, medications, therapy, and other medical care integral to your healing process. 

Lost wages: Compensation for the income you've lost due to your injury, as well as potential future lost earnings if you're unable to work.

Pain and suffering: Compensation for physical pain, emotional distress, and your injury's impact on your quality of life.

Property damage: You may have experienced damage to your vehicle or other property as a result of the accident. 

Punitive damages: In some cases, you may be entitled to additional damages intended to punish the responsible party for their negligence or wrongdoing.

Working with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve will ensure that your case has the best possible chance of success. 

How a Neck and Back Injury Attorney Can Help Your Claim

Our lawyers know that when you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence, the process of obtaining compensation is not always straightforward. Injured victims occasionally try to represent themselves in these claims and conduct their own negotiations with the insurance company. However, these efforts are usually in vain.

You need a skilled attorney to secure the funds you need to pay for your injuries, support yourself and your family while out of work, or cope with the emotional distress that an accident may have left you. Here’s what our team can do for your case: 

Investigate the accident: Your attorney can conduct a thorough investigation of the accident to gather evidence and establish liability. This can include reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, and consulting accident reconstruction experts.

Negotiate with the insurance company: Insurance companies are often more interested in protecting their bottom line than fairly compensating injured individuals. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive a fair settlement covering all of your damages.

Prepare and file a lawsuit: If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, your attorney can prepare and file a lawsuit on your behalf. This can include drafting legal documents, gathering evidence, and representing you in court.

Work with medical experts: Neck and back injuries can be complex and require specialized medical attention. Your attorney can work with medical experts to ensure that your injuries are properly diagnosed and treated and that your medical expenses are fully compensated.

Protect your rights: Finally, a personal injury attorney can protect your legal rights throughout the entire process. Your powerful legal ally will ensure that you're not taken advantage of by the insurance company and that you receive the compensation you deserve. Additionally, we will keep you informed of each and every development in your case and maintain open lines of communication with you about its progress. 

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a situation regarding this topic, Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, offers a completely free consultation and case evaluation. We are eager to sit down with you, hear your case, inform you of your rights, and offer you our most suited attorney to handle your situation, all completely free of charge. 

We also offer our clients a confident “no recovery, no fee” promise, giving you the peace of mind to know that you aren't obligated to pay us anything until we achieve a payout.

Our skilled attorneys aim for satisfaction from start to end and have no doubts about achieving this goal. Contact Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, today, and we'll get started on your case quickly and confidentially.


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