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December 22, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Children today face many risks online, from cyberbullying to sexual abuse. Children have become targets of cyber predators, especially on sites that need no verification before use.

Omegle is one such site that requires very little verification of your age before using their website. If you have reason to believe that someone used the Omegle website to abuse your child, our lawyers can help you.

At Dolman Law Group, our Omegle sex abuse attorneys care about your child's sexual abuse case and believe you should receive compensation for the harm your child and your family suffered.

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Why Choose Our Omegle Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers?

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Selecting Dolman Law Group for an Omegle child sexual abuse claim is a strategic choice based on several key considerations. Our firm has extensive experience in handling cases related to child sexual abuse, including those arising from online platforms like Omegle.

Attorneys at Dolman Law Group possess a deep understanding of the technological aspects involved in online child sexual abuse cases, enhancing their ability to build a strong legal strategy. The legal team is well-versed in navigating the legal complexities surrounding online platforms, ensuring a thorough and effective legal approach.

Dolman Law Group approaches Omegle child sexual abuse cases with empathy and sensitivity, recognizing the unique challenges faced by survivors. Our child sex abuse attorneys always prioritize the needs and well-being of survivors, adopting a client-centered approach to legal representation.

By choosing Dolman Law Group for an Omegle child sexual abuse claim, survivors can expect dedicated and knowledgeable advocacy, with a focus on obtaining justice and holding responsible parties accountable for the harm caused. Our firm's commitment to comprehensive support ensures survivors receive the care and assistance they need throughout the legal process.

Consult an Omegle child sexual abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

Omegle May Put Children at Risk

Omegle is an online site allowing strangers to meet virtually and chat anonymously through texting or video calls. It requires no registration or verification, so parties can begin to communicate after stating they are ‘18 years old' or ‘under guardians' supervision between 13 and 18 years old.' The site gained popularity during the pandemic as people wanted to interact with others outside their homes while the lockdowns were in place. Omegle has an adult section that users can access by confirming they are 18 years or older by a simple prompt. Omegle does not seek to verify the information the user provides. With this lack of verification, predators can hurt children by sending sexually explicit pictures or texts and even pressuring the child to send similar messages back to them.

As mentioned, Omegle became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the website continued gaining popularity even after children returned to school and parents returned to work. This is most likely because it was a meeting place specifically for children, allowing them to talk and communicate whenever they had access to the website.

The main demographic who used the site were 6th – 8th graders. Therefore, the age range was between 10 and 15, meaning the site catered to young teenagers and pre-teens. At one point, young teens created TikToks sharing their Omegle usernames. Omegle stated that it was for people 13 years of age and up, but the app and website will not ask for their age during sign-up.

As you might imagine, this became a nightmare for parents and guardians nationwide. Adults signed up for accounts on the website and were immediately allowed to video chat and communicate with young children. Furthermore, authorities did not implement safeguards to prevent matching children with adults harboring hidden agendas.

Is Omegle Shut Down for Good?

In November, Omegle announced that it will be shutting down permanently. When the website initially emerged, it generated numerous complaints and issues regarding the pairing of adults and children meeting on the site. It looks like the site will not return in the future, but that does not mean that parents and children should not be aware of other emerging sites like Omegle. Unfortunately, there are many places on the internet in which children can quickly become targets for sexual abuse. Therefore, parents, guardians, and other family members must become aware of the warning signs and help the child get the help they need immediately.

Additionally, it is a good time to start talking with your child about the site and find out if they ever used it. If they have, you can open the door to discussing their experience and determine if they were victims.

Signs Your Child May be a Victim of Abuse

Signs Your Child May be a Victim of Abuse

As a parent, it's important to be aware of your child's emotional and physical health. Watching for signs in their daily mood is the fastest way to tell if your child is okay and to try to understand what might be bothering them.

Some signs that your child may be in danger include:

  • Secluding themselves from the family
  • Sudden secretiveness
  • Sudden creation of password boundaries
  • Unease and being defensive

Notably, each child will react differently to circumstances. While it is crucial to pay attention to cyberbullying, it is vital not to assume all mood changes point to online abuse.

The Long-Term Effects and Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse

Many people do not realize it, but sexual abuse at any age can lead to long-term effects and consequences. When a child experiences any type of sexual abuse, they may suffer from the following:

  • Severe stomach issues: Stomach issues can occur in sexual abuse victims of any age. That said, your young child or teenager may frequently experience diarrhea, constipation, nausea, or even vomiting. They may also develop serious stomach issues such as irritable bowel syndrome. Stomach problems are usually a telltale sign that your child is very anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, nervous, or worried.
  • Chronic pain and illnesses:  Another common consequence of sexual abuse is chronic pain and illnesses. Therefore, if your child has experienced sexual abuse, they might consistently complain about headaches, back pains, abdominal pains, pelvic pain, and more. Sadly, if sexually abused, it's also common for your child to receive diagnoses of chronic illnesses. 
  • Depression and anxiety: Depression and anxiety are some of the first and long-lasting effects that you may notice your child dealing with if they have experienced sexual abuse. If you have a teenager, you may think it will eventually disappear, or it is just a sign of growing up. However, depression and anxiety can stick around for many years and become worse over time. Therefore, if your child suffers from anxiety and depression, you may want to watch for signs of other mental health disorders as well as suicidal thoughts.
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem: When a child begins to lack confidence or self-esteem, you may notice that they are no longer interested or believe they can do certain tasks. For example, your child may have been very interested in basketball, but now they no longer want to attend their practices and games, stating that they don't think they are good enough. Another example is your teenager wearing long sleeves and pants during the warmer months, stating that they dislike their appearance. While you may think your child is going through normal changes, feelings of lack of confidence and self-esteem can affect multiple areas of their life.
  • Increasing amounts of shame and guilt: Sexual abuse victims, often children, frequently experience increasing amounts of shame and guilt. Therefore, you may hear or notice them saying that it was their fault that the abuse occurred. You may think that you can comfort them or explain that it was not their fault, but it can be very difficult for children to process, manage, and accept that they did nothing wrong to cause the abuse.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: Sexually abused children can experience a severe mental health disorder known as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That said, you may notice little things throughout the day that cause them to have flashbacks, or they may wake you up in the middle of the night having night terrors or nightmares about the event. This is very frightening and difficult for parents to watch their children go through, but it is even more difficult for children to learn how to deal with their PTSD.
  • Loneliness: Loneliness occurs when your child is no longer interested in participating in their normal activities or spending time with friends or family members and does not maintain or care about having a social life. This can be difficult to understand, but sexual abuse victims typically prefer to be alone, especially when they have feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, fear of others finding out what happened or want to avoid running into their abuser.
  • Substance abuse: Sexually abused pre-teens and teenagers might resort to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. This is a way for them to self-medicate and cope with their feelings. Instead of facing how they feel and talking to someone they trust, they may develop a new interest in drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. 

Child sexual abuse survivors typically have sleeping problems, aggression, anger, sadness, and confusion. When all of these feelings are bottled up, and they do not know how to express their feelings, it can seriously impact their mental and physical health for several years.

Are the Effects of Online Sexual Abuse Different from In-Person Sexual Abuse?

According to a study published by BioMed Central Ltd, online sexual abuse typically causes "poorer psychological health, at least at the same level as offline abuse."

Therefore, children who are victims of online sexual abuse, such as on Omegle, display the same mental and emotional problems as those who are victims of in-person sexual abuse.

So, suppose some parents or guardians are under the impression that online sexual abuse may not affect their child as negatively as in-person sexual abuse. In such situations, reconsider and assist your child in promptly acquiring the necessary support to address their mental and emotional trauma.

The Guardian's Role

As a guardian, you should always protect your child. For online threats like Omegle, it can be quite challenging to watch over your child and monitor every site they visit at all times.

Cyber security experts agree that access limitations are the safest way to protect our children from online sexual harassment. If our children have no access to these websites, online predators cannot reach them. Make it a point to educate your children on safety while using the internet.

As a parent, ensure your child knows:

  • They should not access sites containing adult content
  • They should know any dangers they risk by accessing mature websites
  • They should not share personal information with anyone, especially strangers online

Helping Your Child to Overcome Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse constitutes any form of sexual activity with a minor. According to the law, children cannot consent to any sexual activity. The law convicts anyone who engages a child in sexual activity.

Some of the damages that guardians can pursue on behalf of their children include:

  • Exploitation
  • Personal injury
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Trauma

Note that there have been many cases of child sexual abuse originating from Omegle. If you suspect that your child has accessed Omegle and is the victim of sexual abuse, we recommend you reach out to us immediately to discuss your legal options.

Marsy's Law

There are laws to protect children from predators like those in Omegle, such as Marsy's Law, which protects victims of crimes.

Once we take your case, we begin by conducting investigations to prove that the accused committed the federal crime of exploiting a child or children.

Having established that they have, we move to prove that their actions caused personal injury to the child or children involved.

We understand that wounds caused by sexual predators have adverse effects and can continue to haunt a family and the victim. We believe that these predators should be punished. Pretending they did not hurt your family does not mean they did not, and silence empowers them.

You should know:

  • The statute of limitations (or the time limit for filing a lawsuit) on this offense can go as far as ten years after the child turns 18 years old. Do not let these Omegle predators go free by delaying your suit.
  • If we can prove they are guilty of the offense, we can sue for damages. While we know it does not change what happened or heal the trauma, this money can cover the costs of help your child needs to overcome the ordeal.

Helpful Resources for Child Sexual Abuse

Children and parents of children who have been sexually abused online or in person may need helpful resources to get the assistance that they need.

Here are some resources for child sexual abuse:

How Can I File an Omegle Lawsuit?

Omegle Lawsuit

If you suspect that your child faced sexual abuse on Omegle, promptly consulting a sexual abuse lawyer from the Dolman Law Group can offer insight into the available options.

Our attorneys will listen to you and your child's experience, review the facts of your case, and file a lawsuit against the company on your behalf.

After filing your lawsuit, we'll gather crucial information to construct a robust and compelling case against Omegle. Our team will also work with accountants and other professionals to determine what types of losses you and your child have from the abuse and how much your case may be worth.

At Dolman Law Group, our attorneys possess education on child sexual abuse and the relevant laws, with experience assisting other clients in similar lawsuits. Therefore, we have what it takes to navigate every step of the legal process and fight for your right to compensation to cover expenses and restore your lives for you and your child.

Why Should I Choose Dolman Law Group to Handle My Omegle Child Sexual Abuse Claim?

Even though you can work with well-known law firms, the Dolman Law Group takes pride in being different from other firms.

Our firm knows and understands the effects that Omegle has had on children, and we will aggressively advocate for our young clients and their parents who never deserved to go through these horrific incidents. We take child sexual abuse claims very seriously and will do all that we can to reach a fair and just settlement.

While we are a large firm with various locations, we still provide one-on-one, individualized attention to each of our clients, and we are not afraid to stand up to powerful companies such as Omegle.

That said, if you choose to work with our sexual abuse lawyers, you can rest assured, knowing that you are in the legal hands of a team that obtains firm results.

These are a few of the reasons why you should choose Dolman Law Group to handle your Omegle child sexual abuse claim:

  • We can talk and support you 24/7.: Sometimes, parents need to reach us all day or night. Something can have come up abruptly, or there may be immediate information that they need to communicate to our office. When this happens, our lawyers are available and ready to help 24/7.
  • We are friendly, compassionate, and understanding: We know that it is never easy to face the fact that your child is a victim of sexual abuse. So, when you and your child step into our office, you'll encounter friendliness, kindness, compassion, and understanding.
  • We have the resources and tools to go up against large companies: You will never have to worry about whether our firm has the resources and tools to go up against large and popular companies. We are known to fight for our clients and demand fair settlements no matter how big or small a company is.
  • We have helped a variety of parents win sexual abuse cases. Our legal team has several years of experience helping parents and their children in sexual abuse cases. We tirelessly advocate for every client who selects us, ensuring their voices resonate.

What Types of Losses Can I Claim in an Omegle Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

When you file an Omegle lawsuit with our firm, we will assist in determining the losses you can claim. Your losses are the negative ways that the sexual abuse incident has affected your and your child's life.

You may have:

  • Medical bills: Your child may have developed chronic pain or chronic illnesses from the online sexual abuse incident. Therefore, they may have needed to visit their primary care physician or a hospital frequently.
  • Psychology or counseling costs: Children who are sexual abuse victims often need to visit psychologists or counselors. This is beneficial in helping them understand and manage their thoughts and feelings.
  • Lost income: You may have missed a lot of work to be with your child, take them to their medical and psychology appointments, and care for them.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering losses typically include loss of enjoyment of activities, loss of quality of life, emotional distress, mental trauma, and physical pain. If your child experiences any of these, you can claim pain and suffering losses.

When you or a loved one has suffered sexual abuse at the hands of someone else, you need to speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You have a limited time to file a claim against the offender.

Do not miss your opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries. Let an Omegle child sexual abuse lawyer guide you in the right direction after suffering sexual abuse at the hands of someone else.

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Matters relating to sexual abuse are difficult, and we deal with these cases with compassion and sensitivity. We look to protect your child from Omegle online predators and to get you compensation for the hurt caused.

If your child is a victim of Omegle child sexual abuse, reach out to Dolman Law Group today at 833-552-7274 to seek counsel from our personal injury attorneys.


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