Geico Auto Insurance Accident Claim in Florida

September 2, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

If you have a Geico insurance policy, you may seek compensation from the company when injured in an accident. It is also possible to pursue reimbursement from the firm if the incident was another party's fault.

Unfortunately, dealing with a Geico auto insurance accident claim in Florida is not always easy. Here, we help you understand how to navigate this process. We will also mention the damages you may recover and the evidence required to strengthen your case.

Determining Liability Before Filing a Geico Auto Insurance Claim

When you sustain accidental injuries in Florida, you must determine the party at fault before filing a Geico auto insurance claim. Study all facts about your case to determine if the incident was due to another party's negligence. For example, confirm if the motorists involved in the crash observed road safety rules. Besides that, analyze the police report to determine if they were under the influence of drugs.

Another item you can use to determine liability for a Florida accident is a video. Such proof will provide more details about the actions of each party before the collision. It will also help you determine if other issues like speeding or using the wrong lane contributed to the crash. Other items you can use to determine fault before filing a claim are:

  • Witness statements
  • Results of a breathalyzer test
  • Images of tire skid marks

Collisions can cause various vehicle damages depending on how they occur. Images of destruction to all involved cars will help you determine how the crash occurred. Besides, you may send the pictures to an accident analyst and obtain a statement to support your case.

How to File a Geico Auto Insurance Claim in Florida

If you have coverage from Geico and are filing a claim against the firm, you should first report the accident online or using the provided phone numbers.

If you qualify for the claim, book an inspection appointment. This process will allow the company to assess the sustained damages and the information you provided. After Geico evaluates your vehicle, repair it and keep receipts of all incurred costs.

The next step you will take in the auto insurance claim process is to evaluate other property damages caused by the incident and request reimbursement from the company.

Collecting Evidence

Another aspect you must prove when filing a Geico auto insurance claim is causation. A personal injury lawyer will gather evidence showing the crash resulted from the other party's negligence. Some items the attorney may use are:

  • Video surveillance footage
  • A statement from an accident reconstructionist
  • Debris from the collision

Once a Florida auto accident attorney proves causation, they will provide various documents indicating the collision led to specific damages. For example, they may present a medical report showing you sustained physical harm. This document will also mention other secondary health issues resulting from the accident and injuries.

The next step the attorney will take is to evaluate sustained damages. After that, they will develop a demand letter and send it to Geico indicating the amount you claim and details of the accident in question.

How a Florida Lawyer May Help With a Geico Auto Insurance Claim

A Florida car accident lawyer may help you in many ways as you seek reimbursement from Geico. First, they will help you establish and prove fault using the proper evidence. They will also get court orders to obtain video surveillance footage and images of the incident from third parties like witnesses or building managers.

Some auto accident injuries may lack an economic value due to their effects on your life. A Florida personal injury lawyer will help you quantify such damages based on the severity and treatment costs. They will then provide evidence connecting the injuries to the accident.

Another way a Florida attorney may help is by following up with Geico regarding your claim. The lawyer will then update you based on the feedback provided by the company. Further, they will forward your concerns and answer all inquiries regarding the claim process.

What Else Can a Lawyer Do?

A Florida auto accident attorney can also help with:

  • Offering legal advice
  • Filing your case within the provided deadlines
  • Identifying all sustained injuries
  • Working with your doctor to assess future medical needs
  • Filing a lawsuit

Geico may provide a settlement claim that will not compensate for all the damages you suffered. A Florida lawyer can help you negotiate for a higher offer. Besides, they will advise the appropriate legal actions if the company fails to increase the settlement.

The Damages You Can Recover After Filing a Claim Against Geico

Once you file a claim against Geico, you may recover various damages based on how the accident affected you. For example, you may receive reimbursement for wages and income lost. The company may also compensate past and future medical costs. Other recoverable damages are:

  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental health injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Cost of renovating your home due to disability

If a Florida accident damages your vehicle, you may pursue the repair costs using a Geico auto insurance claim. However, seek the replacement expenses if the destruction is too expensive to repair.

Consult a Florida Auto Insurance Lawyer

An attorney can help you handle all the work of a Geico auto insurance accident claim in Florida. Besides, they will identify the proper actions to protect your rights. At Dolman Law Group, we offer legal representation as you seek damages caused by a road accident.

Our lawyers will help you focus on your health condition and frequently update you regarding the case's progress. Call Dolman Law Group for a free case analysis.


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