American Family Insurance in Florida

May 3, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

American Family Insurance provides consumers with a variety of policies to help them in case of an unexpected event. The organization covers multiple states across the country. You can hire a lawyer to represent your interests with American Family Insurance in Florida. Insurance firms may attempt to deny your legal right to compensation after an accident.

Insurance companies have a legal duty to play their part when it comes to paying claims. Lawyers from the Dolman Law Group can help you ensure that American Family Insurance does its part.

Choosing a Lawyer to Represent Your American Family Insurance Claim in Florida

Following up with an insurance claim can contribute to your stress and hamper recovery. To avoid this, you could hire an attorney to help with the claims process. The concern becomes how to select a lawyer to help with your claim with American Family Insurance in Florida.

You may want to select an attorney that has helped other claimants recover compensation with American Family Insurance. At Dolman Law Group, our case results shine a light on our work with other claimants. We also know how insurance laws and processes work. This knowledge will help us in representing your case. You also want an attorney that will keep you updated on how the case goes.

We will communicate with you on the progress of your claim. Doing so will ensure you have peace of mind since you know what is happening. You may feel like you cannot afford legal services on top of medical bills. Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency. This means they get paid once your case settles. So, you do not have to pay upfront fees.

The Procedure of Filing an American Family Insurance Claim

When filing a claim with American Family Insurance in Florida, you can reach out to your insurance agent. You could also do it online on the organization's app. Choosing to speak to an insurance representative without legal counsel can put your claim at risk. This is because you may say something that jeopardizes your ability to get compensation.

The insurance agents know what to look for in your conversation to devalue your claim. Let us take the example of a car accident. The Insurance Information Institute (III) ranks the American Family Insurance organization in the top ten writers of private passenger car insurance. After a crash, you should avoid saying that you are fine. This gives the impression that you have no injuries when indeed you do.

A lawyer can give you this and other tips on how to interact with the insurance company. They could also make a claim with the American Family Insurance on your behalf. This way, you will not have to worry about jeopardizing your claim.

Investigating Your Insurance Claim

After you file a claim with the insurance company, they will start investigating it. The insurer conducts investigations to check whether your claim is valid. Considering the car accident example again, the insurer may send investigators to collect evidence. As they conduct investigations, you may want someone on your side to do the same.

An attorney fulfills this purpose. A lawyer can examine any video evidence and talk to witnesses. An investigation will help determine which losses you suffered. Then the insurance adjuster will analyze your policy and inform you what you can receive compensation for.

To establish the severity of your losses, a lawyer can seek the services of experts. A medical professional can determine the severity of your injuries and what future care you will need. This will affect your claim's value. Your lawyer will also ensure that the insurer acts in good faith.

What You Can Get Compensation for in an Insurance Claim

The damages you can recover in your American Family Insurance claim are different from what someone else can recover. But, there are some common damages you can recover. For example, medical costs. After an accident that left you with bodily injuries, medical costs may comprise the highest expense.

Thus, your policy may cover these medical bills. Another loss is property damage. The insurance may reimburse you for the cost you incurred in repairing the property. You lose income when you take time out of work to recover. You can receive compensation for this lost income. An accident may leave you experiencing pain from your injuries and suffering. You can recover damages for this intangible loss.

Your lawyer can examine your case and inform you which damages you can claim. The damages you can recover will affect how much your claim is worth. Your lawyer will consider this and other factors to help determine the value of your claim.

Settling Your American Family Insurance Claim

After your claim gets evaluated, you will receive a settlement offer. Your lawyer can help you analyze the offer to check whether it is a low one. If it is, your attorney can hold negotiations with the insurance company for a better offer. A fair compensation amount will ensure you do not cover the costs out-of-pocket.

Your attorney will handle negotiations while keeping in mind the statute of limitations. This is a law that states how much time you have to file a civil suit. You can file a lawsuit in case you cannot settle with the insurance provider. Under Florida's statute of limitations for personal injury cases, you have four years to file a suit.

Get Help With Handling Your American Family Insurance Claim in Florida

A lawyer can help interpret complex insurance laws for you. In doing so, they will help you become aware of your legal rights. An attorney can defend your right to compensation. You do not have to handle the process alone. 


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