How to Obtain Traffic Camera Video of Your Car Accident

April 27, 2022
How to Obtain Traffic Camera Video of Your Car Accident

Nearly everyone can attest to seeing a traffic camera while driving. Whether at a red light, on major roads, or at toll centers, traffic cameras are tough to miss. They are useful in maintaining safety and keeping track of traffic jams. But, they can also be helpful to you in the event of a car accident, which is, unfortunately, a common occurrence

The concern becomes how to obtain traffic camera footage of your car accident. Agencies that own and maintain these cameras do not easily grant access to their footage. You may have to reach out to multiple entities to get access, and it is not guaranteed that you will be successful. However, working with a car accident attorney can help you get access to traffic camera video of your car crash.

How does a Traffic Camera Video of Your Car Crash Help Your Case?

You may believe that another person's negligence resulted in your car accident and, therefore, the resulting injuries. In such a case, traffic camera footage will be very useful in proving your claims. 

Video footage can play a significant part in defending your claims and safeguarding your compensation. Having this evidence can help paint a clear picture of how the accident happened and what role the other driver played. This can ultimately help determine what party is at fault in the accident. Without traffic video footage, the at-fault party may try to deflect blame onto you. 

Since traffic camera footage shows how the car accident happened, it can show exactly who is at fault. However, in some states, such as Florida, contributing to the accident does not keep you from receiving compensation. Per the pure comparative fault rule, your compensation is simply reduced by the percentage of fault you shared for the crash.

What Damages Can Traffic Camera Footage Help You Recover?

Proving negligence is essential in personal injury cases, such as in car accidents. When you manage to prove negligence, you determine exactly who was responsible for the crash. Examples of negligent actions that cause car accidents include speeding, tailgating and incorrectly changing lanes. Traffic camera footage can show if the defendant did any of these or other negligent acts.

In doing so, this safeguards your ability to recover damages for your car accident and resulting injuries. You can recover various damages, including medical expenses, repair costs, lost wages, and funeral expenses. In Florida, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance will cover most of these costs, up to $10,000. Furthermore, the at-fault party's Property Damage Liability (PDL) may cover damages to your vehicle.

What's more, you may also be able to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party if the insurance does not cover the totality of your expenses. However, this is only possible when your injuries meet a certain threshold set by the state, such as significant and permanent disfigurement.

How Long Will the Video Footage Be Available?

Video footage from traffic cameras may get over-written in a matter of days or weeks, depending on the source. Thus, you may have a very short window to obtain a copy for use in your case. Different agencies have different regulations regarding overwriting surveillance footage. Therefore, it would be safer to get a copy as soon as you can.

You can also have your lawyer obtain the footage for you. This is helpful If you are still in the hospital or simply do not have the immediate ability to follow up with the long process of getting traffic camera footage. 

You want to be sure to act fast and keep in mind that the statute of limitations is running. Under Florida Statute 95.11(3) you have four years to file a civil suit for a negligence case. If the accident resulted in death, you only have two years. 

The Dolman Law Group Can Help

Traffic camera footage of your car accident may be what is between you and reaching a settlement or winning a suit. A lawyer can help you gather evidence and obtain traffic camera video of your car accident. Reach out to a car accident lawyer at the Dolman Law Group for a consultation today.