Can My Car Accident Lawyer Get Camera Footage of my Crash?

October 8, 2021 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Can My Car Accident Lawyer Get Camera Footage of my Crash?

Securing Camera Footage of a Car Accident for Your Claim

Car accidents have the potential to be complicated affairs where the question of who exactly is at fault for the destruction inflicted can be heavily disputed. Often, the only way to resolve this kind of dispute over who is at fault is to present evidence clearly indicating fault. This can take the form of pictures, accident reconstruction, and video footage that captured the events that lead up to the accident. Car accidents can occur in areas that cameras may be recording for a number of reasons. This footage can be invaluable to someone filing a car accident injury claim but how exactly does someone get a hold of this footage?

Working With an Attorney to Get Footage of a Car Accident

One of the most important assets when trying to get a hold of any form of evidence after a car accident is an experienced attorney. An attorney with experience handling cases similar to your own can work with you to obtain valuable footage of your car accident. They know the right channels to go through and their assistance can lend a level of formality and credibility one may not have when attempting to do so on your own. How they go about trying to obtain the footage depends on the source of the footage.

Sources of Car Accident Video Camera Footage

Traffic Cameras

As time progresses, more and more cameras are added to busy areas of traffic to help monitor events like traffic infractions; especially those that result in car accidents. These cameras are one of the most common to capture footage of a car accident occurring. Obtaining footage from these cameras involves a bit more red tape. Since these cameras are owned by the government, a lawyer needs to submit a formal request with the state or a subpoena in order to obtain the footage.

Private Traffic Cameras

In some cases, the traffic camera that captured footage of the car accident occurring may not have been owned by the state or city governments but instead belongs to a private party. For example, news stations install traffic cameras at key points to observe and report on traffic. These points are typically high congestion areas that coincidentally will also have a high chance of being the site of a car accident. Instead of going through the government, your attorney will attempt to contact the station directly to get permission to use footage from the cameras.

Security Cameras

Another common way for footage of a car accident to be captured is via a security camera. Many private businesses and properties will utilize cameras placed around the premises as a security measure. Coincidentally these cameras will sometimes also capture footage of the road nearby where an accident may occur. In most cases, these security cameras will belong to a private party that can be contacted to get the footage but in some cases, a camera may belong to local or state governments where a formal request must be submitted. 

Police Dashboard Camera

Law enforcement may be in the immediate vicinity of a car accident that occurs and will capture the event transpiring on their vehicle's dashboard camera and sometimes even the police bodycam that they carry. Your attorney should be able to file a legal request to obtain this footage.

Private Witness Cameras

Some bystanders may happen to have their personal cameras recording at the time of an accident occurring. This is much less common but does occasionally occur. In this case, obtaining footage is much less formal and can sometimes be difficult if someone is hard to get a hold of or may have personal reasons for not wanting to get involved. If you are able to get footage from a bystander then you may also have the benefit of having them as a witness as well that can testify and provide a statement.

How Does Camera Footage of a Car Accident Help a Case?

When it comes to proving fault regarding a car accident it is hard to beat video evidence. Footage cannot lie and there is little to no room for opinion as opposed to witness testimony or accident reconstruction. Car accident victims that have suffered severe injuries because of another driver's negligence need to be able to prove the fault of the other party and footage is invaluable in this endeavor.  Hit-and-run accidents are where video footage can be the most useful. It can not only prove the fault of the other driver but it can also identify them as well. Car accident injury cases involving multi-car accidents also can greatly benefit from video footage of the accident. While it is possible for an individual to try and get this footage on their own it is highly recommended they seek the assistance of an attorney whose expertise will ensure that the obtaining of the footage is done correctly.

Other Evidence to Gather That Can Help With Your Car Accident Injury Claim

In the aftermath of a car accident, your first priority should always be to seek medical attention and to ensure your own personal safety. In many accidents, those involved may be injured to the point that they require emergency medical assistance from first responders. In the event that one is still able to move without endangering themselves, gathering evidence at the scene of the accident can benefit a later car accident claim significantly. As mentioned before, footage of the accident sourced from cameras around the scene of the accident can be invaluable but there are other things you can do to help. For starters, getting your own records of the accident scene can be a huge help. A few pictures or your own video footage of the accident scene, the damage to your vehicle, your injuries, etc. can go a long way in proving your damages and establishing fault for the accident. Calling the police and getting a copy of their police report can also be useful. You should also get the contact information of any witnesses to the accident as well since their testimony can be helpful as well.

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