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July 5, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Sometimes, when things go wrong, they don't just go wrong for you. From poorly-manufactured medical devices to items that were sent out to a wide number of people and ended up causing more harm than good, class action lawsuits are a powerful answer to these disputes. If you're involved in a class action lawsuit, you need to know that your interests are being represented. That means working with a lawyer who will take your specific interests into consideration throughout the case and ensure that you get the necessary support you require. If you're ready to file a class action lawsuit, or you're involved in a class action lawsuit and need a Fort Lauderdale Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer to represent your interests, contact us today at (754) 208-1130 to learn more about how we can provide the support you need.

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At Dolman Law Group, we have extensive experience in class action lawsuits. Our clients know that we strive to obtain the maximum possible settlement or award for the damages involved. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that they receive a fair share of the compensation, rather than having their damages limited purely because of the number of plaintiffs involved in the case. How much is your portion of a class action lawsuit worth? Working with us is the most effective way to be sure that you won't miss out on any redress you may be due.

What Are Class Action Lawsuits?

A class action lawsuit occurs when a group of people file claims for injuries with similar causes, such as faulty products or the mistake of a company or individual with a large customer base. In a class action lawsuit, the affected individuals choose to file together to maximize their returns and minimize legal fees. Class action lawsuits also allow for increased transparency and efficiency in regard to evidence, since the impacted individuals are able to combine their knowledge and improve their ability to negotiate. Often, class action lawsuits are more effective than choosing to file separately. A myriad of claims can lead to class action lawsuits, including:

  • Unfair or biased employment practices
  • Defective products, including medication and other medical devices
  • Consumer fraud
  • Corporate misconduct
  • Securities fraud
  • Mass accidents and injuries, including large-scale accidents and improperly constructed medical devices or medications

Class action lawsuits are intended to help protect everyone involved in the case, allowing them to come together to receive the settlement or award they deserve.

Who Are the Potential Defendants in a Ft. Lauderdale Class Action Lawsuit?

There are several types of entities that can be responsible in a class action lawsuit. Typically, class action lawsuits are filed against large companies or government organizations. Class action lawsuits may be filed by a group of employees against a company that they once worked for, a group of people who were injured by a defective product or medical device, or a group of people who were similarly impacted by fraud or other misconduct. In the case of a class action lawsuit, action is often taken against a large company or other entity, rather than an individual defendant.

What Damages Can Be Recovered in a Class Action Lawsuit?

Typically, class action plaintiffs may be able to recover monetary damages for harm suffered. Often, these damages include restitution for pain and suffering, recovery of funds used to pay medical expenses, any property damage associated with the case, or a variety of other damages. Class action lawsuits may also result in specific actions that must be taken by the company or individual to help protect customers more fully in the future. Some companies may issue vouchers or coupons for future services or items to customers impacted by a class action lawsuit, rather than providing a cash settlement. In a class action lawsuit, funds are often awarded in a lump sum, which is then divided among the members of the lawsuit. Attorneys representing the impacted individuals are responsible for dividing the sum and ensuring that damages are distributed in a fair and reasonable manner: this is why it can be critical to work with a lawyer to ensure that your interests are adequately represented throughout the legal process.

How Do Companies Try to Get Out of Paying?

In many cases, companies will try to prove that they weren't at fault for the damages claimed, or that the damages were an anticipated and expected part of using the product or service. In other cases, the companies involved in a class action lawsuit may make a low settlement offer that is intended to dispense with the case quickly, rather than providing the people involved in the case with the compensation they need for damages received. Working with a lawyer is the most effective way to ensure that your class action lawsuit is taken seriously.

How Much Will an Attorney for a Class Action Lawsuit Cost Me?

One of the major advantages of a class action lawsuit is that the legal resources of the individuals involved in the case are pooled together. This keeps legal costs lower and makes it easier to cover the fees and expenses involved, which can be particularly important for individuals who have faced significant financial or medical costs as a result of the defendant's actions. When you work with Dolman Law Group, you don't have to worry about the initial cost of your class action lawsuit: we're happy to provide a free consultation for you to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. In many cases, we're able to accept cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that our fees are deducted only as a portion of any settlement or judgment obtained on your behalf.

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