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September 28, 2021 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

A day on the water can turn tragic in a second due to a reckless boater. The damages you experience can affect you throughout your life.

Nobody should pay for costs and other damages that result from careless actions by another person. If you suffered serious injuries in a boating accident, contact a North Miami Beach boating accident lawyer at Dolman Law Group without delay. No matter how late it is, whether it's a weekend or holiday, we're here to help you recover compensation, just as we have for thousands of other clients. Call us now, and read on for more information about recovering compensation from your boating accident.

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Common Vessels Involved in Boating Accidents

The United States Coast Guard lists the following types of vessels as those most frequently involved in an accident:

  • Open motorboats
  • Personal watercraft
  • Cabin motorboats

While this list does not encompass all vessels that could experience an accident, it does include the most common. The type of vessel can impact the severity of accident injuries. For example, a high-speed personal watercraft accident can result in catastrophic injuries when it collides with an anchored boat.

Boating accidents typically involve dangerous or reckless behavior by the operator. No matter what type of vessel took part in your boating accident, consider seeking help pursuing damages following your accident. You will find it easier to pursue possible compensation with a North Miami Beach boating accident lawyer by our side.

Florida Boat Accidents Injuries and Liability

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission governs boating and personal watercraft regulations. The commission sets strict requirements for both boaters and venues that rent boats.

An attorney can help determine liability for your North Miami Beach boat accident injuries as well as potential sources of compensation. For example, liability for your damages may lie with the boat operator, the business that rented the boat, or both.

Boat operators must adhere to certain commission laws and requirements, including:

  • No intoxicated piloting of the boat
  • Obeying flagging rules for diving
  • Operating personal watercraft safely
  • Avoiding restricted areas
  • Follow manatee protection rules

These constitute just a few examples of the regulations and laws that boaters must obey. Failure to adhere to these and other rules can result in tragic accidents that otherwise the boaters could have avoided, had the operators simply used caution on the water.

Businesses that rent boats and other vessels can face liability for personal injuries or death if they act in the following negligent ways:

  • Rent a boat to someone under the age of 18
  • Rent a vessel to someone without the required boat education course
  • Fail to provide proper safety equipment

The lawyer you hire can review your accident to identify all parties liable for your harm. Your inability to work—either due to a long recovery or a permanent disability—can cause you much anxiety about your finances.

When your day on the water results in life-changing harm for you or a loved one, you should take steps to protect your financial future. However, you do not have to fight for compensation alone. Instead, consider seeking the legal services of a North Miami Beach lawyer today.

Common Types of Boating Accident Injuries

A violent boat accident can cause operators and passengers to fall overboard.

According to the state commission, the most common boating accident injuries include:

  • Lacerations: cuts that may develop an infection or expose the bone.
  • Broken bones: multiple fractures from a boating accident may involve a long recovery.
  • Contusions: a type of bruise involving blood flow that may prove dangerous if left untreated.
  • Head injuries: a traumatic brain injury can forever change a person's brain function, resulting in permanent harm.
  • Back injuries: broken bones, spinal cord injuries, an injured disk, or another type of back injury may prove painful and can end your job or career.

This list includes just five of a long list of injuries that commonly occur in Florida boating accidents. Depending upon the location of the boating accident, immediate medication attention may require a frustrating wait for first responders.

A catastrophic injury, like that of a head injury, can result in major life changes for the victim. Traumatic brain injuries, for example, may require extensive therapies and the need for around-the-clock care. Unfortunately, the costs associated with both needs can escalate quickly into more than you can afford.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a boating accident caused by the negligent actions of others, you may want to contact a lawyer. A North Miami Beach personal injury lawyer can help you fight for compensation for your boating accident damages.

When a Boating Accident Results in Death

Boating deaths are especially tragic because most fatalities are preventable. A dangerous and reckless boater who causes a fatal accident may face liability for wrongful death damages.

Close loved ones may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit if their relationship to the decedent qualifies them for legal action. A free case evaluation can help you learn if your relationship with the victim meets state law requirements for pursuing compensation through a wrongful death claim.

The loss of your loved one in such a tragic way may cause you to feel extremely upset. The unexpected news and shock of your loved one's passing can turn your world upside down. Unfortunately, seeking justice and compensation for your loved one's death can never replace your loss. Compensation can, however, ease your financial stress and provide you some comfort as you deal with feelings of anger and disbelief.

Your wrongful death claim and lawsuit may demand payments for:

  • Medical expenses: the final medical costs associated with attempts at saving your loved one's life.
  • Funeral costs: the average cost of a funeral ranges from $7,000 to $12,000—a cost for which most people have not prepared.
  • Lost income: the lost wages that your loved one contributed to household expenses.
  • Loss of potential income: the income possible had your loved one survived his or her injuries.
  • Loss of inheritance: what the victim's children lost in terms of a future inheritance.

Wrongful death cases involve economic and non-economic damages. For example, a loss of companionship constitutes a non-economic damage with a hard to convey value in financial terms. A wrongful death attorney has the experience and skills to convey this type of loss to insurance companies and, if necessary, in court.

How a Lawyer Can Help Boating Accident Victims

A serious injury or sudden loss can prove very stressful. During this challenging time, you don't want aggressive insurance adjusters pressuring you to accept an unfair settlement.

The time immediately following a tragic event leaves you vulnerable when it comes to making important decisions. A large amount offered by an insurance company may seem like something you should accept. However, rather than solving your financial stress, accepting the offer can actually result in additional stress in the future.

Most insurance companies neglect to tell accident victims that by accepting the settlement they effectively close their claim and waive their right to pursue any additional compensation in the future should their injuries worsen.

Such details can cloud your mind as you deal with intense emotions. From painful injuries to extreme grief about your loss, you may feel confused and overwhelmed by the pressure to accept the offer.

A Free Case Evaluation Constitutes an Important First Step in Your Pursuit of Compensation

You should consider contacting a North Miami Beach lawyer before accepting any settlement offer. A free case evaluation can help you better understand your options for moving forward.

Should you hire a lawyer to represent you, you can then refer insurance companies to your lawyer. This can remove a great deal of your stress as you attempt to rest, heal, and spend time with family.

If an aggressive insurance adjuster pressures you to settle without a lawyer, give careful thought to contacting a lawyer. Protect your best interests and your peace of mind by learning more about how a lawyer can help you with your civil case.

A free case evaluation provides you with an opportunity to learn more about your options. The sooner you schedule your case evaluation, the faster an attorney can get to work on your behalf.

You Cannot Afford Not to Retain Dolman Law Group's North Miami Beach Boat Accident Lawyers

Concerns about your finances can keep you awake at night. But, unfortunately, accident victims sometimes fear they cannot afford to hire a personal injury or wrongful death lawyer when it comes to legal fees.

Most North Miami Beach boat accident lawyers only collect a fee if they win your case. Therefore, you should understand how and when a lawyer collects attorney's fees before proceeding with your case.

All boating accident cases contain unique facts and circumstances, and no attorney can predict the outcome of your claim and lawsuit. Should your lawyer not secure compensation for you, you won't be on the hook for paying attorney's fees. However, if you successfully recover compensation, your attorney will collect his or her fee from the settlement or amount awarded for your damages.

Hiring a lawyer does not have to involve paying a retainer, nor does it require a deposit. You don't have to come up with quick cash to hire a lawyer to represent you. The fee will depend on the outcome of your case.

Insurance companies sometimes have lawyers assisting them with cases. Having a lawyer on your side can protect you from the unfair advantage insurance companies have regarding tactics and civil cases.

Give Careful Thought to Pursuing Compensation for Your Boat Accident

Boats have a responsibility to share the beautiful waterways of Florida responsibly. However, if your day of fun in the sun turned into a nightmare due to an underaged or drunk boater, you may want to pursue compensation for your injuries.

You may want to inquire about your opportunity to file a wrongful death lawsuit for those who lost a close loved one. The tragic death of your spouse, child, parent, or other close loved one was most likely preventable had the other boater acted responsibly.

Boat accidents can occur in a second, yet they can leave victims with permanent pain or an irreplaceable loss. Severe injuries or death demand accountability from those who engaged in negligent behavior on their boats or personal watercraft.

Gather Your Evidence and Call Dolman Law Group for a Free Case Evaluation

Matthew A. Dolman Esq.
Boating Injury Lawyer, Matthew A. Dolman

The thought of contacting a North Miami Beach Lawyer may cross your mind as insurance companies begin to contact you. In addition to protecting your best interests, a lawyer can manage the intricate details of your case. This affords you more time to rest.

A North Miami Beach boating accident may attract local media attention. If your boating accident received news coverage, include that information with your evidence. Other types of evidence may include photographs and documentation of your injuries.

A free case evaluation awaits you today. North Miami Beach personal injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys provide quality customer service to their clients by providing prompt communication with compassion and care.

If you suffered serious boat accident injuries or the loss of a close loved one, you may want to contact an attorney now. Unfortunately, time does not wait for accident victims to heal physically or emotionally; you must take quick action to pursue a civil lawsuit.

Our North Miami Beach attorneys understand how a traumatic boat accident can hurt your quality of life. We will apply our knowledge of Florida law to your civil case and take a firm stand against insurance companies that try to cheat you.

Boating Accident Negligence

Your boating accident has likely caused you to experience enough stress. You do not need any more. Managing your civil case alone not only adds to your stress but also may leave you with insufficient compensation to pay for your injuries.

How you proceed following your boating accident will prove crucial for your future medical needs. After a tragic loss, taking the right steps will help you move forward.

Boating negligence occurs too frequently in Florida, and you deserve to fight for compensation if you've sustained injuries in such an accident. Consider getting help with your case by contacting a North Miami Beach boating accident lawyer at Dolman Law Group today at (305) 676-8154.

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