Lyft Driver Killed in Crash by Drunk Driver

February 12, 2019 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Lyft Driver Killed in Crash by Drunk Driver

Uber and Lyft Coverage for Their Drivers in Rideshare Accidents

A Lyft driver was killed in a car accident on February 3rd by another driver that authorities believe may have been under the influence of alcohol. The 32-year-old driver named Mary Singhavong apparently ran a red light and collided with three cars at Hudson Avenue and Norton Street in Rochester, New York. The Lyft driver named Eric Jones aged 29, was killed when his Ford Taurus he was using to work for Lyft was struck at 4:32 by the Honda CRV driven by Mary Singhavong who also managed to hit two other vehicles whose occupants managed to walk away uninjured. At the time of the accident, the Lyft driver, Eric Jones, was in the process of taking a Lyft passenger to their destination. The Lyft passenger in Eric Jone's vehicle was hospitalized with injuries that were significant albeit non-fatal. Mary Singhavong also had a passenger in her vehicle at the time of the accident that was seriously injured as well. Singhavong was charged by authorities on Friday with first-degree vehicular assault and second-degree vehicular manslaughter, which are both felonies.

Liability and Insurance Coverage for the Lyft Accident

After a tragic event such as this, the involved parties will likely be experiencing some disorientation. Accidents such as this cause severe injuries and have a chance to result in fatalities like Eric Jones. Many people will typically want to seek compensation for damages caused by an accident that was the fault of a liable party. The problem is that there may be some confusion as to where will this compensation be coming from since the fact that it was a Lyft vehicle adds a unique facet to the accident. Lyft or Uber accidents have grown fairly common and injure many people every year. As a result of this new ridesharing revolution that contributes plenty of accidents every year, Uber and Lyft are required to have insurance that provides coverage for accidents involving their vehicles in certain circumstances.

Florida No-Fault Insurance and a Lyft Accident

In the state of Florida, we have what is called no-fault insurance coverage which means that in the event of a car accident, a person's own insurance is what they have to go through for injury coverage rather than the person that may clearly be at fault for the accident. However, when a car accident victim sustains a permanent or severe injury then they can go ahead and go outside of the Florida no-fault policy and file a car accident claim for full compensation. In the case of a Lyft or Uber rideshare accident, the insurance coverage they offer kicks in as a last resort. Uber and Lyft have policies that cover for at least $1 million dollars of damage but this only kicks in when the at-fault driver either has no insurance or their insurance coverage is insufficient to cover the extent of damages. This coverage also comes with many other criteria based on which stage of the rideshare process the Lyft or Uber was in.

Uber and Lyft Car Accident Insurance Coverage

Uber and Lyft may offer $1 million in coverage for accidents that happen to their vehicles but this will only kick in under certain circumstances. In order for this coverage to apply, the Uber or Lyft driver needs to either be in the process of driving a passenger to their destination or they will have to be on their way to a ride request that they have accepted. If an Uber or Lyft driver is not actively working with the app off or is waiting for a ride request to answer, then they will not be eligible to receive Lyft or Uber's coverage.

Case Study: Eric Jones Lyft Driver Death and Possible Compensation

In the case of Eric Jones, he was in the middle of giving a ride to a Lyft customer. This fulfills one requirement of Lyft's insurance coverage. The accident was not his fault and was caused by Mary Singhavong so it would be her through her insurance that a wrongful death claim would be filed. Remember that had the accident only injured Eric Jones but not permanently or severely, then under the Florida no-fault policy, he would go through his own insurance instead of who was at-fault. In this case, the fatality of the accident allows for the filing of a claim outside the no-fault policy against who was at-fault. Not just Eric Jones, but also his passenger would be able to file a claim with Mary Singhavong's insurance. In the event that she has no insurance or her insurance coverage is deemed insufficient to cover the damages of Eric Jones and his Lyft passenger, then Lyft's coverage would kick in.

Lyft and Uber Drivers can Pursue Compensation for Accident Injuries

Many Lyft and Uber accidents can occur because of the Uber or Lyft driver's fault but a great deal also occur because of the negligence of another driver. When this happens, Uber and Lyft drivers can sustain severe or permanent injuries that may allow them to seek compensation by filing an injury claim outside the Florida no-fault policy. There is a chance that they will have to go through their respective rideshare company's insurance because the at-fault party either has insufficient coverage or none at all. This can be a very difficult process. Especially when the driver may be injured or in Eric Jones' case, deceased because of the accident. Whether its to recover compensation for a permanent injury like a traumatic brain injury or to compensate the damages of wrongful death, it is advised to enlist the assistance of a skilled attorney that specializes in cases involving Uber or Lyft.

Seek an Experienced Uber and Lyft Accident Attorney

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