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Aventura, Florida is known as the “City of Excellence,” and is, in fact, an excellent place to live. Its close proximity to numerous beaches, shopping areas, and other amenities have drawn more than 35,000 people to live in the area with many tourists visiting on a regular basis. With all of the benefits of living in the Aventura area, however, still come the challenges of everyday life, which can include illnesses and injuries.

When you visit an emergency room or doctor seeking a diagnosis and treatment for a medical condition, you should be able to expect that you will receive a certain level of care. We trust medical professionals to have adequate knowledge and training to assist us, as well as provide a level of attention needed to treat injuries and illnesses whenever possible. Unfortunately, too many people learn firsthand that medical professionals can make errors that leave patients with serious injuries.

If you believe that you have suffered injuries and losses as a result of medical malpractice, it is important to discuss your situation with a skilled medical malpractice law firm as soon as possible. These cases can be complicated and require the analysis of a knowledgeable attorney who understands the complex medical malpractice laws in Florida. Please call the legal team at Sibley Dolman for assistance today.

Medical Errors that Can Cause Serious Injuries

We all make mistakes, even when we are good at our jobs. However, medical mistakes have the ability to cause serious injuries to patients involved. The following are some examples of medical errors that can result in unnecessary injuries and the need for additional treatment:

Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a condition – When you present with certain symptoms, a properly trained medical professional should know to ask the right questions and conduct the necessary diagnostic tests to accurately diagnose your condition and prescribe treatment. When a doctor fails to correctly diagnose a condition, patients will not receive the treatment they need and the condition may significantly worsen as a result. Commonly misdiagnosed conditions include heart attacks, cancer, stroke, Lyme disease, depression, and many others. When these conditions go untreated, they may later require substantially more invasive treatment or may become life-threatening and untreatable.

Birth injuries – Expectant parents in Aventura rely on doctors to provide necessary treatment and assistance during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-delivery for both infants and mothers.

Doctors can make many different mistakes during this process that can lead to serious injuries, including the following:

  • Not diagnosing conditions of the mother or child during pregnancy
  • Failing to identify possible complications of pregnancy or delivery
  • Inadequately monitoring the vital signs of mother and child during labor and delivery
  • Not ordering a C-section (emergency or not) when needed to protect the health of the mother or child
  • Improperly using birth-assisting tools, such as forceps or a vacuum
  • Not providing adequate care to either the mother or child following a delivery

Injuries from birth can sometimes affect a child for the rest of their lives, as they may suffer from brain damage, cerebral palsy, or other disabling conditions. In addition, too many doctors focus primarily on the health of the child after a delivery and fail to recognize serious signs of distress in a mother, which can be life-threatening.

Medication mishaps – Doctors in Florida write prescriptions for multiple patients each day for a variety of medications. Before prescribing a certain medication, doctors should always inquire about a patient’s potential allergies or sensitivity to the medication, medical history and conditions, current medications, and any other pertinent issues that may result in adverse reactions to the medications. Failing to do so can result in serious side effects or reactions that may even require hospitalization. In addition, doctors may prescribe the wrong medication, the wrong dosage, or make other prescription errors that cause injuries.

Medication errors are also common in hospitals. Hospital staff administer hundreds or thousands of pills each day to patients and mistakes can be made, which may result in overdosing, underdosing, and administering the wrong medication, among other potentially harmful errors.

Surgical errors – Surgery is already an inherently risky event for patients and can become even more so if a surgeon or member of the surgical team makes a mistake. Some surgical errors can include:

  • Failing to review a patient’s medical history and risk factors
  • Inadequate sterilization
  • Errors involving anesthesia
  • Nicking arteries or blood vessels
  • Performing the wrong procedure or performing surgery on the wrong body part
  • Operating while overly fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Leaving sponges or other objects inside a patient
  • Providing inadequate post-operative care

Surgical errors can result in severe injuries to patients, who may require extended hospitalization, additional surgeries, and other treatment that could have been avoided if it were not for the mistakes made during their procedure.

Were You the Victim of Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is a complicated legal concept, as not every mistake a doctor makes will rise to the level of malpractice. Instead, malpractice only occurs when a mistake occurred because the doctor did not meet the required medical standard of care. Our attorneys can review your situation and help determine whether you were the victim of medical malpractice and advise you of your rights.

Determining whether medical malpractice occurred can often require the analysis and opinions of medical experts who can identify whether a doctor fell below the necessary standard of care. It is important to seek legal assistance as soon as possible as Florida has a strict statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims, which is significantly shorter than other types of personal injury claims.

Contact a Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney for More Information

Medical malpractice can change your life and cost you significant losses – both financially and regarding the pain and suffering you experience. The Aventura medical malpractice lawyers at Sibley Dolman represent patients who have suffered harm and we will help you seek the compensation you deserve from negligent medical professionals. Please call our office at (954) 302-7068 or send us an email through our online contact form for a free consultation to learn about your rights today.

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