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March 1, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Sexual assault or abuse is devastating in ways that many people can't comprehend. Due to fear and worry of retaliation and embarrassment, most victims suffer in silence for years, if not decades. Many victims of sexual assault fear that no one will believe them. As a result, the abuser would get away with their actions, potentially sexually assaulting many more victims. You can regain control with the aid of a Boca Raton sexual assault lawyer.

Justice and compensatory damages from sexual abuse are within reach with a legal advocate on your side. You can hold the abuser (and others who facilitated the behavior) accountable if you file a sexual abuse lawsuit. You could resolve your issue and prevent future victims from going through the same ordeal.

Hold Them Accountable for the Harm They Caused You

Sexual abuse may occur in many places in Boca Raton, but it is more likely in certain conditions and places. A church is one such example. Sexual abuse by a priest or other religious person is known as clergy abuse. Victims of clerical abuse are often children, although anybody can be a victim.

If a massage therapist or a healthcare professional engages with their clients or patients beyond acceptable bounds, sexual abuse may occur. University students may be victims of sexual assault during college, at clubs, at parties, seeking university healthcare, or participating in sports. Elders could be victims of sexual abuse at nursing homes. Young boys could have been victims of similar abuse while in the Boy Scouts and other organizations.

Reporting sexual abuse is vital to overcome the anguish, regardless of where or how it occurs. You can file a lawsuit against the abuser or other people in positions of power and influence. These parties could include:

  • Employers who neglected or failed to supervise their employees' behavior
  • Teaching staff that does not have a policy or rule to combat sexual misconduct

You Could Recover Compensation After Suffering Sexual Abuse in Boca Raton

Civil justice is concerned with compensating victims hurt as a result of the actions of others. You can show that the alleged perpetrator harmed you and that you are entitled to compensation. In proceedings alleging sexual assault, you can use money damages as a form of remedy.

Money cannot erase the past; that much is true. It can, however, assist the abused party in obtaining strength and resources helpful to relieve some of the pain. Compensation is used to pay for the following:

  • Trauma and emotional discomfort
  • Expenses for mental health counseling and other therapies, both past and present
  • Relationship damages caused by sexual abuse

Every situation is different. The instances shown above are merely a fraction of what all victims must have gone through throughout the world. Any sexual action should require the consent of all people involved. If one does not give approval, a sexual activity could be deemed criminal; it could be classifed as sexual abuse, sexual assault, or rape.

How Dolman Law Group Could Help You After a Sexual Assault

Our Boca Raton lawyers advise anyone considering legal action for sexual abuse to establish an emotional support system to ensure they remain in the best possible frame of mind. It's essential to be calm and collected before weighing the decisions that will arise during the legal process. In our experience, having the support of a professional counselor or therapist can be beneficial for clients.

Any forced and unwanted sexual interaction with another person is considered sexual abuse. Rape, molestation, clerical abuse, and unwanted sexual contact are only a few instances of illegal sexual behavior. Although women make up the majority of victims, sexual abusers can also target men with the same horrible actions.

A sexual abuse lawyer can assist you in obtaining the money you need. You can file a lawsuit against your assailant and others who may have contributed to the abuse. It's wise not to worry about whether the case will go to court or what proof you need to compile. Let a lawyer worry about those details. Obtaining a lawyer is a solid first step to relieve some of the pain you've endured.

We Charge No Upfront Cost to Sexual Abuse Victims Seeking Civil Justice

You will not have to pay a penny during the legal process if you hire our lawyers. Dolman Law Group operates on a contingency-fee basis, which means we only get paid if our clients get compensated. We receive a part of your earnings. Our paycheck depends on your settlement or judgment. So, this is another motivator to secure a fair result for you.

What Is Dolman Law Group's Reputation?

When a sexual assault survivor comes to our team with concerns about holding an abuser or institution accountable, we usually sit down and listen to their experience. We attempt to demonstrate compassion and respect in these discussions since we need to ask questions that bring up terrible memories. 

Our lawyers are ready to assist anybody who has experienced sexual abuse in Boca Raton in assessing their legal options and determining the best course of action for them. Every victim is treated with respect and care by our team. If you don't want to pursue legal action, we won't push you. Our role is to:

  • Listen to you
  • Offer you an initial assessment of your alternatives
  • Assist you in choosing the best course of action

Contact Us for a Free Boca Raton Sexual Abuse Case Consultation

What you do next is critical if you have been abused, assaulted, or raped. Your Boca Raton injury lawyer must obtain evidence as soon as possible, so you'll have a solid foundation in filing a claim or lawsuit.

The compassionate, dedicated Boca Raton sexual abuse attorneys at Dolman Law Group want to help you. We can answer questions about seeking justice and compensation from an abuser or an organization that allowed sexual abuse against you to occur, even if the abuse occurred many years ago. Call 561-220-4963 for a free consultation.

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