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May 7, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Scooters often operate on busy roads and can be in an accident when other road users fail to observe safety rules. Since these vehicles have less enclosure, you may sustain severe physical harm. Besides, you will likely need to replace personal items destroyed by the impact. A Scooter accident lawyer can help you establish liability for all sustained damages. They can then claim compensation from your insurer or the party at fault. Continue reading to understand why such accidents occur and ways your attorney may assist.

Causes of Scooter Accidents

The most prevalent cause of scooter accidents is negligence. This aspect refers to when a specific party fails to exercise their duty of care, putting you and other road users at risk. One common type of negligence leading to these crashes is the failure to observe traffic rules and regulations. For example, a car driver may deny you the right of way and hit your scooter. They may also use the wrong lane, leading to a head-on collision. Other actions that may cause scooter accidents are:
  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Failure to indicate
  • Sudden braking
  • Distracted driving
Scooter accidents involving pedestrians can also occur due to negligence. For instance, a pedestrian may use the road in prohibited areas or when traffic light signals do not allow them to cross. Such actions may cause you to swerve and hit other motorists. Scooters may fail due to poor maintenance or wear and tear. The vehicles can also stop operating due to defective parts installed by a manufacturer or a mechanic. Bad road and weather conditions can affect vehicle control and visibility. As a result, other cars may hit you, especially near sharp bends or hills. Besides, you may collide with trees and other objects by the roadside when trying to navigate your scooter.

Fault for a Scooter Accident

Liability for scooter accidents may fall on various parties based on how a collision occurred. For example, another motorist may be liable if they were distracted or broke road safety rules before the crash. A manufacturer can also be responsible for damages if they sold a defective part that caused a mechanical failure. More parties that may be accountable for a scooter accident are:
  • A trucking company
  • Vehicle repair company
  • A negligent pedestrian
  • An alcohol seller or provider
State governments should maintain public roads to protect motorists. If a crash occurs due to issues like potholes and excess vegetation, the government may be accountable for the sustained damages. However, they may only reimburse injuries if the road condition was the primary cause of the crash. If you were in a scooter accident with Uber or Lyft vehicles, the companies might be at fault for the collision. Still, you can only claim damages from the firms under certain circumstances. Such as:
  • If they hired an unqualified driver
  • If their driver was on the clock when the crash occurred
  • If the motorist was working beyond the recommended hours
  • If their vehicle did not receive adequate maintenance

How a Scooter Accident Lawyer Can Assist

A scooter accident lawyer can help you establish and prove liability. They can get the police reports filed after the crash and analyze them to detect negligence. Besides, they may be able to interview witnesses and collect video surveillance footage of the incident. Another way a personal injury lawyer can help after a scooter accident is by identifying damages. This process may involve asking some questions to determine how a crash affected your personal life or career. It may also include consulting professionals like doctors and a psychiatrist. When your lawyer establishes all damages, they can estimate their value based on severity and the losses caused. They can then develop a demand letter and use it to claim compensation.  More ways a scooter accident lawyer can assist are:
  • Connecting secondary injuries like PTSD to the collision
  • Determining if you were partially liable for the accident
  • Claiming reimbursement within the statutes of limitations
  • Responding to your questions or inquiries
  • Updating you about the case regularly
Scooter accident laws may differ based on your location and how the crash occurred. Your attorney can mention how different state and federal laws apply to your case. They can also explain the precautions you should take to safeguard claim rights. Some measures they may recommend are:
  • Not admitting fault
  • Getting medical attention immediately
  • Contacting your insurer within the duration indicated in your contract
  • Not providing insurance companies excess details about the accident

The Damages You Can Seek After a Scooter Accident

A scooter accident lawyer can help you pursue various damages from the party liable for the collision. First, they can seek compensation for pain and suffering, referring to anguish, distress, and adverse mental health issues resulting from the incident. Further, the attorney can file a claim for the income and wages you lost due to sustained injuries or their effects. Another damage recoverable after a scooter accident is medical expenses. Your attorney can determine the finances you spent treating injuries. They can then claim reimbursement for medication, hospitalization, surgery, and emergency care. Some scooter accidents may be severe, leading to long-term effects. Your lawyer can assess future medical needs by working with a healthcare professional. The attorney can also determine the expenses you might incur on assistive medical devices and include them in the claim.  More damages the lawyer may help you seek are:
  • Loss of consortium
  • Reduced quality of life
  • A loved one's wrongful death
  • Grief
An accident can destroy your scooter and cause high repair costs. If adjusters determine the expenses to fix damages are high, you might need to replace the vehicle. Your attorney can help seek the repair or replacement costs based on the level of destruction.

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A Scooter accident lawyer can provide legal representation as you seek justice for damages. They can also fight for fair compensation and sue the liable party when needed. Dolman Law Group provides all the legal help you need when filing an accident claim. Our lawyers can quantify damages and present the required evidence. Call Dolman Law Group to talk to a scooter accident lawyer.


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