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June 9, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

A neck and back injury are serious regardless of the nature of the accident that caused it. You need to get yourself checked by a doctor if you have sustained any type of injury to the neck or back region. According to the Mayo Clinic Organization, whiplash is the most common neck injury.

Whiplash is easy to treat but it may cause chronic pain in certain cases. If you find that you have chronic pain due to your injury, it will force you to incur extra costs in medical treatment that may exceed personal injury protection benefits covered by your insurer.

Seeking Damages for Back and Neck Injuries

You can get compensated by your insurer if you file a claim for personal injury protection. These benefits do have a set limit which is 80% of your medical expenses. A back and neck injury may cost you more than what will be covered by your insurer. This is the main reason why you may find that you need to seek damages from the liable party's insurer.

Some spine injuries may present as back injuries. This is usually common in injuries sustained after auto accidents and currently 296,000 people live with back or spine injuries in the country. If your back injury has affected your spine, you are eligible to seek damages from the liable party.

An Aventura back and neck injury lawyer can help you navigate the personal injury laws in Florida to recover compensatory damages. Successfully making your claim requires that you establish negligence on the part of the liable party. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather sufficient evidence to support your claim. Depending on your case, a personal injury lawyer will collect:

  • Medical evidence of your injuries
  • Video or photographic evidence
  • Copies of the police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Expert testimonies

Seeking damages can help protect you and your family from incurring huge financial bills. Dealing with insurance companies or their adjusters alone can be complicated. A personal injury lawyer can handle the legal process on your behalf, which will give you more time to focus on recovering and eliminate the stress involved in seeking damages during a difficult time.

What Damages Can You Get for Back and Neck Injuries?

Back and neck injuries can cause extensive damage because they may not heal instantly. Some back and neck injuries have recurring symptoms and may require expensive treatment approaches. The main damages to receive for back and neck injuries is current and future medical expenses. Severe back and neck injuries may warrant admission to a healthcare facility. 

Such injuries are very costly because they may exceed your health insurance cover and personal injury protection benefits. The time you spend at the hospital represents lost hours at work. These are all damages you can recover from the liable party's insurance company. Other damages you may be able to recover include:

  • Reduced quality of life
  • Future income lost
  • Emotional distress and pain
  • Cost of modifications you may have to make to your home

The nature of damages changes based on the details of your case. A back and neck injury lawyer can help you know which damages you are eligible to receive. A lawyer will also assess the worth of your claim and have a figure in mind while negotiating or filing a personal injury lawsuit.

In some cases, the court can award the injured party punitive damages. This often occurs when there is enough proof to show that the liable party acted in gross negligence or intentional misconduct. If you have lost a loved one due to a back or neck injury, a wrongful death lawyer can help you seek damages.

How Back and Neck Injuries Occur

Many back and neck injuries occur due to someone else's negligence. The liable party may not know that their actions could result in your injuries, but this does not mean that you cannot hold them accountable. Some of the scenarios where back and neck injuries are likely to occur are:

A back and neck injury may also occur due to an accident at work, in which case you can recover compensation from your employer. You can hold the liable party accountable for your back and neck injury if you meet the serious injury threshold. An Aventura back and neck injury lawyer can help you take on the liable party's insurer.

Insurance companies only care about their bottom line and the liable party's insurer does not have a duty to act in good faith. Thus, insurance companies have created incentive programs for their insurance adjusters to limit their liability when dealing with personal injury cases. Dealing with such parties without legal representation puts you at a great disadvantage.

Insurance adjusters understand personal injury law and have experience in getting injured parties to accept lowball offers. 

Having legal representation prevents this from happening as a lawyer will use every legal avenue to help you get the damages you deserve. An out-of-court settlement is one way you can get compensated, but you should not fear litigation. A lawyer can help you successfully build your claim and have sufficient evidence to win in court.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases in Aventura

The state of Florida has a four-year time limit for personal injury cases. If you have suffered a back and neck injury in Aventura, you have to file your claim within the statute of limitation. Missing the time limit can bar you from recovering damages. A back and neck injury lawyer can help you file your claim in time, as well as know the conditions that can help you recover damages if the statute of limitations have expired.

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If someone else is at-fault for your back and neck injury, you can hold that person accountable. An Aventura back and neck injury lawyer can help get you or your loved one compensated by holding the liable parties accountable. Contact the Dolman Law Group today for your free case review. 

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