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April 6, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Even though many social media sites are famous for their connectivity and interactive advantages, some social media apps like Omegle are making headlines because of their faulty design and consequent exposure of users to online sexual predators. Victims of these predators can get help from a Boca Raton Omegle lawsuit lawyer.

What Is Omegle?

Omegle is a social media application primarily popular among children and teenagers. This application connects strangers through the 'You' and 'Stranger' tags in a chat room to talk anonymously via video or text message. Though users can add interests so the app can connect you to a stranger with similar interests, it's not necessary. Joining the application is free and doesn't require any background information requirement.

Why Is Omegle Unsafe?

Social media apps generally pose risks of abuse to users, but Omegle's lack of registration and user verification requirements furthers these risks, making it a prime app for predators. User anonymity enables abusers to join the app and connect with children. Without any means to limit or block such connections, children remain vulnerable to the manipulative tactics of abusive adults using the app.

It's also common for sexual abusers to use Omegle to distribute pornographic images to children or ask them to perform sexual acts and record them. Because there are no requirements that prevent these acts from happening, sexual abusers on Omegle have taken to using pre-recorded images to blackmail and bully children.

Another risk of children's use of Omegle is that they may reveal personal details like addresses. Sexual abusers use this information to find them in real life, initiate relationships, and abuse them.

Does Omegle Have an Age Requirement?

Omegle has an 18-year age requirement and allows users above 13 years old to use the app with parental supervision. The app includes different types of chat options like adult, moderated, and unmoderated. Unfortunately, the disclaimers on the adult and unmoderated options don't prevent children from using them.

Children are naturally curious. It's easy for them to ignore warning signs and view adult content. Additionally, parents aren't always privy to their children's social media use. Without knowing how and when children use Omegle, it's difficult for parents to verify their children's social connections or stop online sexual abuse.

What You Should Do If Your Child Is a Victim of Sexual Abuse on Omegle

Sexual abuse has adverse effects on children. It's critical to get a health assessment of the psychological effects of sexual abuse. Also, ensure that you understand whether there's a need for further psychological counseling or the risk of other mental health problems.

After checking in with a mental health professional, consider retaining an Omegle lawsuit lawyer to file a claim. Your lawyer can advise you on legal steps you can take and offer insight into other legal measures that might help your case. They will also analyze your case to see if it qualifies for filing under Marsha's law.

Through exposure to pornographic images, victims of child abuse could have a right to seek compensation from anyone who produces and distributes sexual abuse images. They also have a right to compensation for the damages the abuse caused. You could work with our Omegle lawsuit lawyers serving Boca Raton to secure damages if you or a loved one suffered such abuse.

Who Is Liable for Omegle's Child Sexual Abuse Claim?

Liability differs from case to case. The same rule applies to Omegle lawsuits. An Omegle lawsuit lawyer will evaluate your case to see if there's more than one liable party and how much they're responsible.

There are cases where Omegle may be fully responsible for your child's sexual abuse or assault. Some of the significant reasons for holding Omegle accountable for a child's sexual abuse case include:

  • Omegle's anonymous user design allows children to connect with adults and unknowingly fall into sexual abuse and manipulation traps.
  • Omegle fails to institute precautionary measures to ensure children aren't victims of sexual abuse or assault.
  • The app fails to create proper age requirement verifications that ensure content viewing categories only apply to the required age limit.
  • Omegle continuously fails to do anything about the presence of sexual predators despite reports of several cases.

Determining Eligibility for Compensation as an Omegle Sexual Abuse Victim

If you, your child, or your relative are a victim of sexual abuse through Omegle, you could recover compensation for your losses. Even though your child may not sustain physical injuries after online sexual abuse, there may be psychological consequences like trauma, isolation, and depression.

Psychological evaluations and mental health expert consultation costs can be hefty. For this reason, your lawyer will seek reimbursement for any medical expenses you incur while seeking treatment for the effects of child sexual abuse

As mentioned above, sexual abuse cases have severe emotional effects on the victims. For this reason, your Omegle lawsuit lawyer will assess how the issue has affected your life to calculate a viable compensation package for your pain and suffering.

You Should Take Action on Your Omegle Sexual Abuse Case in Boca Raton Soon

In Boca Raton, Florida, you must file a sexual assault lawsuit within seven years after reaching eighteen years under Florida Statutes § 95.11(7)(9). You also have to file a sexual abuse lawsuit within four years of when you discover injuries linked to the sexual abuse. Please note that no statute of limitations applies to sexual abuse cases for children under sixteen years. Your Omegle lawsuit lawyer can walk you through all relevant timelines.

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