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The birth of a child should be a joyous occurrence and a happy time for parents and families. However, all too often, the negligence of healthcare providers during pregnancy, labor, or delivery can result in catastrophic birth injuries, some of which can devastate parents and children for the rest of their lives.

At Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers PA, we have the experience and resources needed to tackle large and complex birth injury cases – and win. We know how to go toe-to-toe with large insurance companies and medical institutions and we can protect your family’s right to compensation every step of the way. We fight aggressively to ensure that you have the compensation you need to provide your child with the very best medical care and treatment after a serious birth injury.

If you are a parent and suspect that your child sustained a birth injury because of a medical professional’s negligence, you need a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer. While no amount of money can truly compensate someone for a lifelong birth injury, our attorneys can explore all of the facts and circumstances of your case with you, as well as all of your legal options. Let us take the legal burdens off of you during this time – so you can focus on your child and on protecting them from further harm. 

Find the Best Birth Injury Lawyer Near You

Birth injury cases are unique, and no two are the same. While some birth injuries occur naturally and involve pregnancy complications or difficulties with labor, most birth injuries occur when health care providers behave in reckless, careless, or negligent ways—especially during delivery room procedures.

Florida Birth Injury Attorneys    In most cases, delivery room doctors (that is, the obstetricians), nurses, or personnel are potentially responsible for birth injuries—and may face liability in medical malpractice cases where birth injuries are involved.

For these reasons, choose the best birth injury lawyer near you to handle your child’s case. This is a personal decision and one that many families must make. The best attorney for your case will be one that offers compassionate legal guidance every step of the way for you and your family. They should have experience handling cases just like yours with successful outcomes. In addition, they should be prepared to take your case all the way to court if necessary.

Before choosing the best birth injury lawyer to handle your case, consider the following:

  1. Does your birth injury attorney have experience handling birth injury cases like yours?
  2. What is their track record of success?
  3. Are they experienced litigators, as well as negotiators?
  4. Do they practice law in your state and community?
  5. Does the law firm have the resources and time to take on your case?
  6. How easy is it to talk with them and get the information you need?

Consider Sibley Dolman Gipe Birth Injury Lawyers

The birth injury attorneys at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, have litigated personal injury, birth injury, and wrongful death cases for many years, and they have the medical knowledge and legal expertise required to bring your case to a successful resolution. We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting a law firm. We want the chance to show you why so many families across the United States choose us to represent them in their darkest hours.

To better assist you and your family, we offer free initial consultations for all families. Our goal is to get to know you better and help give you the support and guidance you need during this time. Please call us today at (727) 451-6900 or contact us online to begin exploring your legal options.

Legal Compensation for Birth Injury

How Much Will Your Child Need to Recover?

When your child is injured due to a preventable birth injury, you are entitled to legal compensation. This is not a matter of just collecting money due to an unfortunate circumstance. It’s a matter of both holding the healthcare facility and doctors accountable for negligence or inaction, and the need to relieve stress from your family due to financial strains. Birth injuries will create increased costs for healthcare, as well as, future costs of raising a child with a birth defect.

The law clearly allows for compensation for a reason- use it as it was intended, to help rebuild your life and protect your child. An experienced birth injury attorney at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers PA will do everything possible to help you with your case.

We regularly consult with physicians and nurses to determine whether the medical records illustrate that one or more of the medical professionals failed to meet the standard of care required; once we know this, we can aggressively move forward. We will then help you to understand where the negligence occurred, what can be done about it, gather the evidence to build a strong case, and hold those responsible for your child’s birth injury accountable.

We know that no amount of money could ever right the wrongs that were done to your family. However, your child deserves the best possible medical care and treatment. Filing a birth injury lawsuit can help you provide that care without putting your family in unnecessary financial strains.

Filing a Birth Injury Lawsuit

Birth injuries fall within the scope of medical malpractice or obstetrical malpractice. Generally speaking, medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider, such as an obstetrician or delivery room nurse, breaches the established standard of care owed to patients under the circumstances. As in all personal injury cases, in a birth injury case, the injured plaintiff—or the plaintiff’s representative—has the burden of proving negligence, injuries, and damages.

Medical Malpractice and the Standard of Care

In birth injury cases, healthcare providers must normally abide by the standard of care applicable to all medical malpractice cases, which is “that level of care, skill, and treatment which, in light of all relevant surrounding circumstances, is recognized as acceptable and appropriate by reasonably prudent similar health care providers.”

A delivery room doctor who fails to act as a reasonable physician/obstetrician would have acted under those circumstances may have breached the applicable standard of care and may face liability for negligence.

The injured plaintiff must also show that the negligent health care provider’s breach of the applicable standard of care resulted in injuries and damages. Damages in a birth injury case may include cognitive impairments, such as growth deficiencies or learning disabilities. Unfortunately, birth injuries usually cause children long-term or lifelong problems.

Upon meeting the applicable burden of proof, the child may recover compensation for related medical bills and treatment, as well as compensation for a lifetime of pain, suffering, inconvenience, and future care.

Causes of Birth Injury

In most cases, birth injuries in Florida occur because of:

Improper use of delivery room techniques 

Health care providers, including doctors and nurses who work in a delivery room, have a duty to always properly care for and treat their patients. When these providers fail to follow the proper delivery room protocols, problems can occur during the birthing process. The doctor may deprive your baby of oxygen or otherwise injure your baby. Your child may consequently suffer a birth injury that will affect him or her for a lifetime. 

Improper monitoring of fetal heart rates

During the birthing process, healthcare providers should always closely monitor the heart rate of the fetus, using special equipment. The primary purpose of consistently monitoring the fetus’ heart rate during labor and delivery is to detect potential changes in what should be the baby’s normal heart rate. If a health care provider detects the change early enough, then they may undertake the necessary steps to avoid any problems. However, if the child’s heart rate is not brought under control promptly, a birth injury or defect could result. 

Delayed C-sections or improperly performed medical procedures 

Delivery room doctors and nurses are responsible for knowing when it is safest for a delivery to happen via C-section. If the delivery happens too early or too late, various problems can occur. For example, when doctors delay a C-section for too long, it can deprive the fetus of oxygen, which might lead to brain damage. 

Moreover, health care providers who work in delivery rooms are responsible for properly performing C-sections, using the proper techniques and tools to perform the procedure. When providers do not perform C-sections properly, they could injure the baby, which in turn might lead to long-term consequences going forward. 

Insufficient oxygen to the baby’s brain

Health care providers have a duty to ensure that they perform C-sections and other birthing procedures correctly—and in the proper order. If doctors delay the necessary procedure for too long a period—such as when the child is left in the birth canal too long—it can seriously deprive the child’s brain of oxygen. If oxygen deprivation persists for too long, then they could suffer mental impairments or disabilities going forward. 

Improper use of forceps or other delivery room tools and equipment

Delivery room doctors and nurses often have to use tools to assist in a delivery. Those tools include clamps, forceps, and other instruments. If a provider fails to carefully and properly use these instruments, the child could suffer an injury or wound during delivery, which could lead to various physical or mental complications going forward.

Improper or incorrect delivery room drugs provided to the baby’s mother

In the delivery room, medical doctors and anesthesiologists must regularly provide medication—often pain relievers—to the mother. When a doctor or nurse administers the incorrect medication type or dosage to a mother who is delivering a baby, harm could not just result to the mother but also to the child. Delivery room healthcare providers must not overmedicate the mother during the delivery. 

Improperly monitoring delivery room patients

Delivery room doctors and nurses are responsible for monitoring their patients and ensuring that they receive the proper medical care and medication that they need. Doctors and nurses must monitor a patient’s vitals so if an irregularity or emergency arises, the patient receives prompt care. Failing to follow through and consistently monitor patients can lead to birth injuries when it comes time for the mother to deliver.

Failure to follow correct delivery room rules and procedures

Delivery room rules and procedures regarding the presence of others, wearing masks, and undertaking the proper techniques and procedures, are in place to keep patients safe and to streamline the delivery process. When delivery room staff do not abide by proper procedures and techniques, delays may lead to the child suffering one or more birth injuries. 

If you believe that one or more of these circumstances injured your child, an experienced birth injury attorney at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, might assist with your case. 

First of all, we can investigate and evaluate the circumstances to determine if a medical expert would support that a birth injury occurred. If so, we could file a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit against the health care provider or providers who took part in the delivery process, seeking the monetary compensation and damages that you deserve. 

Although no amount of money damages can truly compensate a person for an injury at birth, these damages can help provide for the child’s well-being and future care going forward.

Birth Injury Attorneys

Establishing medical negligence can be a legally complicated issue, so it is extremely important that victims talk to an experienced birth injury attorney as soon as possible after an injury occurs. We offer a free case review to determine the viability of your potential birth injury case.

Types of Birth Injury

Typical Birth Injuries in Hospitals

When delivery room doctors and hospital staff fail to follow the proper delivery room protocols and procedures, serious birth injuries can result. Common birth injuries include:

  • Injuries to the baby’s skull
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hypoxia (that is, a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain)
  • Irreversible brain damage
  • Wrongful death

Any birth injuries can create obstacles for your child’s development, as well as unnecessary costs for your family.

Proving a Birth Injury Claim

Proving a birth injury claim can be an uphill battle in some instances. Therefore, if you are pursuing such a claim, get a knowledgeable and experienced birth injury attorney on your side every step of the way.

In a birth injury claim, the person who is filing the claim—otherwise known as the plaintiff—has the legal burden of proof. The defendant, who is usually the delivery room doctor or another healthcare provider who performed or assisted with the birth, does not have to prove anything in the case. Instead, the legal burden of proof rests entirely with you – the plaintiff.

To meet the necessary burden of proof, your legal team must prove that the delivery room healthcare providers (the doctors and nurses who took part in or assisted with the child’s birth) breached—or violated—the duty of care that the doctor owed to the mother and her child. 

We need to identify violations of the duty of care on a case-by-case basis. A violation of this duty typically means acting unreasonably under the circumstances. For example, the delivery room healthcare provider might have made a mistake when they used an instrument in the delivery process or might have waited too long to deliver the child, thereby depriving the child of the oxygen they needed to breathe properly. 

Generally speaking, to prove that medical malpractice or negligence happened, expert testimony will be necessary. Typically, an independent health care provider must review all of the necessary documentation and determine that malpractice or negligence occurred to a reasonable degree of medical certainty. At a birth injury trial, the plaintiff will need to put on evidence in the form of doctor testimony to prove their case successfully.

In addition to proving a breach of the standard of care, the medical testimony must support that this violation resulted in the birth injury from which the child suffers.

As part of a birth injury claim or lawsuit, the plaintiff might recover various forms of damages. For example, if the family incurred medical costs to correct or lessen the problems associated with the birth injury, they might recover compensation for those costs. In addition, if the child who suffered the birth injury will need lifetime medical care along with other types of care, compensation may be available for that. Finally, the plaintiff might pursue and recover compensation for pain and suffering and similar related damages.

Our birth injury lawyers can help you retain an expert for your birth injury case and assemble all of the necessary documentation. If the healthcare provider’s malpractice insurance carrier offers to settle the birth injury case, your lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company and pursue a favorable settlement offer on your behalf. In many cases, settlement negotiations can be lengthy since insurance companies only want to pay out as little money as possible for a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit—even a serious one. 

As your legal representatives, we can help you decide whether you should accept a particular settlement offer or reject it. If you reject the insurance company’s top offer, your attorney could litigate your case in court, represent you in mediation, or arbitrate your case before a neutral, third-party arbitrator to pursue the compensation that you and your child deserve.

Statute of Limitations in Birth Injury Cases

When children suffer birth injuries at the hands of negligent delivery room healthcare providers or hospitals, the parents only have a limited window of time during which they can file a claim or lawsuit for medical malpractice. Each state has a different statute of limitations, so it is important to contact a law firm with experience in your state. 

In Florida, for example, parents must file claims or lawsuits against the negligent health care provider and hospital within two years of the date on which the parents should have reasonably discovered the birth injury. Even so, under all circumstances, Florida’s statute of repose prohibits all claims or lawsuits filed more than four years from the date when the child suffered the birth injury.

Finally, for children born after July 1, 1996, in Florida, “Tony’s Law” allows parents to file a claim for medical malpractice until a child’s eighth birthday, regardless of the statute of repose. However, this extended statute of limitations deadline may not apply in cases where the child’s parent or legal guardians knew or should have known that the birth injury likely happened due to malpractice on the part of a negligent health care provider.

As you can see, the complexities surrounding statutes of limitations in birth injury cases require a law firm with experience handling these specific types of cases.

Due to stringent and unforgiving time constraints, if you are thinking about filing a claim or lawsuit for medical malpractice based upon a birth injury, you should retain experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. A birth injury lawyer can meet all filing deadlines in timely ways and retain and designate the proper experts.

Possible Effects of a Birth injury on Your Child’s Life

Birth injuries can leave a significant impact on a child’s life. In some instances, these impacts can last well into adulthood and for the remainder of the child’s life. 

Sometimes, the effects of a birth injury are recognizable right away. However, at other times, the symptoms may take months or even years to become evident. During a child’s early development, parents should be on the lookout for any symptoms of potential birth injuries that may become apparent. 

First of all, parents should look for certain signs and symptoms immediately following the birth of their child. Keep in mind that not all of these symptoms are evidence of a birth injury. However, some may indicate that an injury or other type of damage occurred before, during, or after labor and delivery. 

Symptoms of a birth injury that typically become evident soon after a child’s birth include the following:

  • Erbs palsy
  • Skull fractures
  • Muscle looseness or stiffness
  • Trouble with swallowing, eating, or drinking
  • Extreme sensitivity to light
  • Low oxygen levels
  • Low heart rate or blood pressure
  • Excessive drooling

When newborn children exhibit some or all of these symptoms soon after they are born, it might be a sign of damage to the nerves or brain, such as from cerebral palsy. If you notice any of these abnormalities in your child soon after they are born, seek medical attention as soon as possible. The sooner you seek the necessary medical attention, the better the chances that doctors can address the issue and provide your child the special care they require.

Other potential birth injury symptoms may arise when a child is between one and two years of age. Typically, these symptoms become noticeable when a child skips various developmental or physical milestones in their life. Symptoms of potential birth injuries during this time include the following:

  • Difficulty with crawling or walking
  • Inability to turn the head when there is a loud noise
  • Difficulty with coordination
  • Severe intellectual problems, such as the inability to remember things
  • Inability to move various parts of the body
  • Difficulty with holding onto cups or eating utensils
  • Difficulty with eating or drinking
  • Inability to walk, stand, crawl, or sit without the help of an adult

Although many symptoms of a birth injury are evident during the first two years of a child’s life, other symptoms do not appear until the child gets to elementary school or beyond. Many of these symptoms may even last for the remainder of the child’s life. Some of these potential symptoms of birth injuries include the following:

  • Muteness and deafness
  • Total or partial blindness
  • Shakiness or tremors
  • Stiff muscles, otherwise known as hypertonia
  • Inability to drink, eat, or dress without the help of someone else
  • Various forms of child/adult autism or autism spectrum disorder
  • Jerky reflexes that can lead to difficulty developing motor skills
  • Delayed language development that precludes the child from comprehending or speaking in complete sentences

If you become aware of any of these symptoms of a birth injury, seek medical treatment for your child as early-on as possible. A qualified healthcare provider will explain all of your medical options and offer you the best chances of improving your child’s condition. 

If the healthcare provider suspects that a birth injury might have occurred, speak with a knowledgeable Florida birth injury attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can investigate the circumstances for you and help you decide on the best course of action for your case.

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A Closer Look at the Conditions Caused by Birth Injury

common birth injuries

When an obstetrics team is negligent or careless during labor and delivery or while performing a c-section, a child can suffer serious and permanent injury. Birth injuries may lead to life-long conditions and syndromes that can greatly affect the quality of life for both the child and parent. These types of injuries significantly increase the cost of raising a child. Some of the most damaging birth injuries related to obstetrician negligence are Cerebral palsy, and Erb’s palsy.

Cerebral Palsy

According to Cerebralpalsy.org, Cerebral palsy (CP) refers to a series of disorders generally affecting a person’s ability to move. This is caused by damage to an infant’s developing brain either during pregnancy, delivery, or shortly after birth. Cerebral palsy may affect a child’s body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture, and balance. People who have cerebral palsy may also have visual, learning, hearing, speech, epilepsy, and intellectual impairments.

Cerebral palsy is a permanent birth injury and life-long condition that will affect both child and parent for the rest of their lives.

Cerebral palsy cases are the most common motor disorder in infants, occurring in 1.5 to 4 babies out of every 1,000; 17 million people worldwide live with this condition. This condition, unfortunately, is often preventable. In addition to natural causes relating to the development of the brain, CP may be caused by:

  • Perinatal brain cell death, which occurs during the birthing process as the brain is starved of oxygen or blood vessels rupture; or,
  • Postnatal non-functional or inappropriate connections (synapses) between brain cells, which occur due to trauma, infections, and/or asphyxia that damages the brain.

These causes of CP are examples of medical mistakes and negligence (i.e., medical malpractice ). When these unfortunate events occur, the physician, medical staff, and/or hospital may be liable for damages.  Birth injury lawsuits must illustrate medical professionals failed by deviating from the expected standard of care.

It is essential that upon learning of a medical error, the parent must contact a top birth injury lawyer to begin investigating a potential claim against a physician or medical provider.

Erb’s Palsy

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Erb’s palsy affects an infant’s arm and shoulder in a similar fashion to how other muscles are affected with paralysis and nerve damage by CP. In Erb’s palsy, temporary or permanent paralysis affects an infant patient’s voluntary movement in the shoulder and upper and lower arm. The causes of Erb’s palsy vary from natural causes to medical negligence. The condition may be a result of a failed cesarean section, trauma during delivery, or improper use of tools. Risk factors for Erb’s palsy also include macrosomia and shoulder dystocia, which could involve negligence due to misdiagnosis.

Negligence Involving Forceps and Vacuum Extractors

In some scenarios, assistance is needed to help with the delivery of an infant. In these cases, the obstetrician may use a vacuum device or forceps to help extract the child. The use of these devices can increase the chances of an infant sustaining an injury during birth, especially if there is carelessness or negligence involved.

Forceps and vacuum extractors particularly increase the risk of:

  • Skull fractures
  • Skull malformations
  • Brain damage
  • Fetal stroke or seizures

A large percentage of the birth injury cases we deal with involve the negligent use of vacuum extractors and forceps.  The use of forceps is strongly discouraged in situations where the baby’s head has not moved past the midpoint of the birth canal, or if the baby’s shoulders and arms are leading the way through the canal. 

There is also an increased risk of birth injury when the baby might not be able to fit through the pelvis due to its’ size or the size of the pelvis. 

Birth Asphyxia Injuries

One of the most common birth injuries that newborns suffer due to medical malpractice is birth asphyxia. These injuries occur when a child has their flow of oxygen reduced or cut off due to a number of factors during the birth. Doctors and other assisting medical professionals that are delivering a child are expected to look out for issues that can cause birth asphyxia on account of their pervasiveness and the severe consequences they can have. This means close monitoring of a child’s vitals for signs of oxygen deprivation, the proper application of anesthesia dosage, proper use of instruments, etc.

Birth asphyxia or Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) as it is more formally known, can occur during or after childbirth. When a child is deprived of oxygen the damage that the brain can suffer is much more severe than if the same occurred to an adult. Brain damage can occur in four minutes of asphyxiation and lead to lifelong disability. Some of the causes of birth asphyxia include:

  • Premature birth
  • Blockage or defect in the child’s airway
  • Hypoxemia
  • Placental abruption occurring too soon
  • Umbilical cord problems
  • Infections
  • Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
  • High blood pressure or low blood pressure in the mother
  • Fetal anemia
  • Delay coming out of the birth canal

Liability and Birth Injuries: Who Pays?

How a birth injury occurs is important for filing a civil case. A birth injury lawyer must prove negligence to pursue compensation for your damages. A doctor and/or medical facility may face litigation if one of the following occurred:

  • Forceps caused harm to the baby during the birthing process
  • The improper vacuum used to remove the baby
  • Delayed action in conducting a cesarean birth
  • Any actions that delayed oxygen to the baby

Negligence can also occur before birth, such as:

  • Failure to conduct standard tests and specialized tests if needed
  • Failure to carefully monitor the baby’s position or status
  • Failure to diagnose and treat pregnancy conditions such as infections

These are a few examples of possible negligence. Your lawyer can review your medical records, pictures and speak with others who witnessed the birth. This information can provide them with the knowledge they need to identify all liable parties.

Some complications can arise during the birthing process; however, errors are generally preventable. If your doctor made a medical mistake that forever altered your baby’s life, seek help from the birth injury attorneys at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, P.A.

Possible Compensation for Your Birth Injury Damages

The shock of your child’s birth injury leads to the realization of additional medical costs and other financial challenges. These challenges are generally not temporary as the injury may require a lifetime of substantial and expensive care.

Caring for a special needs child and maintaining your career is a difficult balance. Numerous doctor’s appointments and time away for other related needs can impact your income and possibly your position. A birth injury attorney from Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury lawyers, PA, typically fights to recover:

  • Medical expenses: both past expenses and future medical care needs such as doctors, surgeons, and therapists
  • Disability costs: the cost associated with disability needs, including power chairs, home modifications, and more
  • Special education: expenses relating to special education for a child with cognitive conditions
  • Lost pay: the income you missed earning due to your child’s medical appointments, procedures, and needs

The outcome of your case is impossible to predict. However, with a member of our team by your side, you are not alone as we pursue compensation and justice for you. We can handle aggressive insurance adjusters who are reluctant to pay you the compensation you deserve. Our team understands state laws when it comes to cases involving medical malpractice and birth injuries. Refer pushy insurance adjusters to us and do not speak with them alone.

Pursuing a Brighter Future for Your Child with Our Help

Children who face unfair challenges due to negligence deserve the best future possible. This means access to affordable programs, treatments, procedures, and education.

Caring for a special needs child is sometimes challenging yet rewarding. The new demands of caring for a child with a birthing brain injury or who develop cerebral palsy can cause you to stress over daily routines. However, to observe your child learning a new skill or developing in ways you never thought possible, the joy is unending.

Any child who suffers a birth injury due to negligence is worthy of quality care throughout their lifetime. When the birth injury is the result of negligence, those responsible should pay for such care.

If you face extreme medical costs and reduced income due to a birth injury, contact us for a free case evaluation today. While no amount of compensation can ever correct the damage to your child, it can provide access to the services they require.

Our Commitment to Your Case

From start to finish, your lawyer will fight for fair compensation. Among the many steps we take representing birth injury clients are:

  • We investigate: Our lawyers know what information to search for when investigating civil cases.
  • We consult with the best: We have access to top medical experts who can assist us with your specific case.
  • We demand a fair settlement: Your lawyer knows how to strategically handle reluctant insurance companies.
  • We take the case to trial: If an insurance company is unwilling to pay what you deserve, we will go to trial.
  • We manage the final details: The collection and disbursement of funds is part of the service we provide.

We seek to provide you with care and comfort throughout the legal process. Your experience was traumatic and stressful. The birth injury your child suffered demands accountability.

Let us handle your case so that you can better focus on the comfort and well-being of your child.

Taking Action Now for Your Baby’s Birth Injury

A birth injury claim and lawsuit require quick action. Your child may not exhibit the full effects of their injury for years. Contacting our office as soon as you suspect something is wrong is imperative for your case.

Documentation of your concerns can serve as a record of when signs and symptoms of issues first appeared. A lawyer from our team understands the statute of limitations for pursuing a civil lawsuit.

Many birth injury cases settle out-of-court. If your lawyer cannot secure a fair settlement through negotiation, they will proceed to trial. Do not wait until it is too late to file a lawsuit.

Your lawyer can determine if your case meets the deadline imposed by the statute of limitations. You are not alone with us by your side. Our staff is caring and here to help you. From our front office staff to our legal team, we treat all our clients with the respect they deserve.

Sibley Dolman Gipe Can Help You File a Comprehensive Claim

If your child suffered a serious injury during the birthing process, and you believe negligence is possible, contact us. We stand ready to help you fight for the compensation your child needs to achieve the best life possible.

Birth Injury Lawyers at Sibley Dolman Gipe

Personal Injury Attorney, Matt Dolman

Sibley Dolman Gipe is a nationally recognized injury law firm with experience litigating birth injury claims.  Our birth injury lawyers have a combined 115+ years of experience handling serious injury claims throughout Florida and in other states with local counsel (licensed attorneys in the applicable jurisdiction).  As of date, we have recovered in excess of $175 million for our clients. 

Matthew Dolman is the managing partner and our firm has handled over 9000 personal injury claims and 1500 lawsuits.  Matthew is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for resolving claims in excess of $1 Million and $2 Million respectively.  He has been selected by his colleagues as a Florida Super Lawyer and to Florida’s Legal Elite on multiple occasions.  Matthew understands that every birth injury case is unique and has secured the financial resources via a very large credit line to retain the best experts to illustrate the full harms and losses (damages) sustained by our clients.  He has handled a number of cases involving birth injuries throughout Florida

Stanley Gipe is a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer.  This certification deems Stan as an expert in the discipline of trying civil jury trials.  He has handled in excess of 1000 lawsuits and has litigated cases as lead counsel in the following Florida Counties; Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco, Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Orange County.  Stan is both a trial attorney and a birth injury lawyer.  His vast experience enables him to effectively litigate even the most complicated cases.

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