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May 7, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Human trafficking is a prevalent form of slavery common in the transport, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. It involves using dubious methods to influence the victim to participate in commercial sex or offer free and cheap labor.

If you are a victim of such crimes, you may file a lawsuit against the parties liable. Our Aventura human trafficking lawyer will identify all parties accountable for damages and file a claim against them. Read on to understand what you can recover after human trafficking and the different ways we will assist.

How to Determine if You Are a Victim of Human Trafficking in Miami-Dade County

Human trafficking is not always easy to identify, especially if the liable party is a relative or someone you consider a close friend. Such crimes involve various elements like coercion, fraud, and force in many cases. Coercion refers to using threats to influence you to do certain favors or work. For instance, a perpetrator may threaten to deport you or call authorities to arrest you if you do not do what they want. 

They may also pressure you to exchange favors, or else they will shame you to your family or community. Fraud refers to when another party lures you into doing something you do not want, promising better things in the future. For instance, they may falsely offer:

  • Money
  • A well-paying job
  • A house
  • Accommodation

Force is a form of human trafficking involving various types of physical violence. The perpetrator can also torture you or deny you food until you meet their demands. Other aspects that may constitute this kind of human trafficking are imprisonment, sexual abuse, rape, and psychological abuse.

Signs of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking victims may not be able to seek help or talk to an attorney, especially if they are constantly under watch. Hence, other parties and their loved ones should be on the lookout to report such cases. The signs of human trafficking may differ based on the environment. For instance, if the victim is in the hospitality industry, the perpetrator may prohibit them from leaving the business premises. 

They can also regulate their interaction with customers and other staff members. Another aspect indicating someone may be a victim of human trafficking is receiving visitors at odd hours. The guests may also come to the hotel room without providing an ID at the reception. In many cases, such signs indicate trafficking in the form of sexual abuse or prostitution. Other issues that may show a person is a victim of human trafficking are:

  • Working long hours daily
  • Living unusually close to a workplace such as a factory
  • Starvation and malnourishment
  • Avoiding eye contact

Victims of human trafficking may have injuries from physical torture. Due to this, they will wear clothes covering most body parts even during hot weather. They may also use sunglasses or heavy makeup to cover bruises and scars.

Liability for Human Trafficking

Liability for human trafficking could fall on various parties if they were negligent or caused harm. One party that may be accountable for damages is the perpetrator. This can be the person who captured you or knowingly introduced you to an activity for exploitation.

If other parties knew you were a victim of human trafficking and did not help, they might be accountable. For instance, you can sue a hotel owner if they allow their managers to hire some employees forcefully. This party can also be responsible if they let their clients hold victims on the premises or use the building for human trafficking.

Other parties that may be liable for the crime are:

  • Casino managers
  • Nightclub owners
  • Massage businesses
  • Cruise ship manager
  • Apartment complex owner or manager

Determining Liability for Human Trafficking

Before you file a lawsuit against another party for human trafficking, you must establish liability. Our Aventura personal injury lawyer will study your case to identify all parties at fault. This process can involve investigating how you got into a particular activity or business. The attorney will also evaluate if other parties were aware you were under coercion or captivity.

Another way our attorney can determine liability for human trafficking is by confirming if you reported the incident. For instance, they will investigate if you informed your seniors about abuse or violence. They will also determine if the police were aware of the matter and failed to hold the other party accountable. More ways our attorney can establish human trafficking liability are:

  • Checking video surveillance footage to confirm abuse
  • Determining if another party unlawfully held your documents like passports
  • Identifying all parties that knowingly benefited from your abuse

Witness statements are vital in determining liability for human trafficking. If other parties can confirm they witnessed abuse, your lawyer will present this evidence when filing a lawsuit. They can also use the statement to establish that the other party is accountable for certain damages, such as physical harm.

Recovering Damages for Aventura Human Trafficking

If you were a human trafficking victim, you could pursue various damages from the at-fault party. One injury our Aventura lawyer may help you seek is pain and suffering. This damage will include all the anguish and emotional distress the perpetrator and their accomplices caused. Other injuries that pain and suffering from human trafficking may constitute are:

  • Physical pain caused by injuries and torture
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of life enjoyment

Human trafficking can affect your mental health in many ways. For instance, the abuse can trigger PTSD and cause unpleasant memories or flashbacks. You may also have depression due to constant stress, worry, and threats.

Our Aventura human trafficking lawyer will help you seek reimbursement for mental health injuries. More damages the attorney can claim are:

  • Income and wages if you were working for free or a low pay
  • The wrongful death of a loved one
  • Medical cost for treating sustained injuries
  • Trauma counseling costs

Work With Our Aventura Human Trafficking Lawyer

Our Aventura human trafficking attorney will help you seek justice by filing a lawsuit against various parties. They can also gather evidence proving that other parties were aware of the abuse and did not assist.

At Dolman Law Group, we will handle your human trafficking case at your discretion. Our attorneys will take care of all the legal work and update you regularly. Contact Dolman Law Group to consult our human trafficking lawyer.

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