What Questions Should I Ask an Insurance Adjuster?

May 4, 2022
What Questions Should I Ask an Insurance Adjuster?

When you file a claim, it's a good idea to ask your insurance adjuster questions regarding the damages the party at fault may cover and their policy's limit. Moreover, you can also try to find out if the other party admitted responsibility for the incident and inquire about the overall progress of your case.

Here, we help you determine what questions you should ask an insurance adjuster. We will also mention the precautions you should take when interacting with these professionals to protect your case.

Is the Other Party Liable for the Accident?

You can ask an insurance adjuster if the other party admitted fault for the accident. Having such information will help you simplify the investigation and possibly avoid the hassle of determining fault.

If you suspect you also contributed to the collision, avoid providing this information to the insurance adjuster. Instead, let the investigation determine if your actions or negligence were a primary cause of the incident.

If an insurance adjuster informs you that the other party admitted total fault for an accident, request this information in writing. You can also ask for an interview recording if they provided the information verbally.

Will the Insurance Policy Cover All Damages I Sustained?

Accidents can lead to many physical, emotional, and material damages. In many instances, these include:

  • Medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • A loved one's wrongful death
  • The cost of repairing or replacing damaged personal items

If you sustained severe injuries after an accident, you might need a significant settlement amount to compensate for all incurred expenses. You can ask an adjuster what the limit of the other party's insurance policy is. Further, you can find out if the available amount is enough to cover damages for both parties. This measure will help you determine the likelihood of incurring out-of-pocket expenses.

You may also evaluate if you need to file a claim for additional damages from your insurance company. However, your ability to do this may vary, depending on your state's laws.

Can You Provide a Copy of My Insurance Claim File?

Another question you should ask an insurance adjuster is if you can get a copy of your claim file. If you can obtain these documents, you can review how the company is handling your case. You may also be able to identify the party the firm believes was at fault for the accident. Furthermore, having a copy of your insurance claim file allows you to dispute various errors that may occur during the settlement process. 

How did You Reach the Provided Settlement?

Insurance companies investigate all claims before offering a settlement. In some cases, the provided amount is less than the sustained damages. Asking the insurance adjuster how they determined the compensation you deserve can help you negotiate a better offer. Further, you may be able to identify damages the company downplayed and prove you deserve a higher settlement.

What Is Your Final Settlement Offer?

If an insurer offers a settlement that will not cover personal injuries, you can ask the adjuster the maximum amount they can provide. After that, you can negotiate with them to avoid out-of-pocket expenses if the accident was not your fault. If an insurer fails to increase the settlement amount, you can pursue other legal options, such as filing a lawsuit. 

Will I Receive Compensation for Totaled Items?

Accidents can cause significant destruction, leading to high repair costs. If the expense of fixing the destroyed property is higher than the current value, insurance companies may consider it totaled. If you filed a claim against another party, you can ask the adjuster if the firm will pay for replacement costs. However, if you seek damages from your insurer and have collision coverage, determine if the company will compensate the loss once you pay your deductible. 

Precautions You Should Take When Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters can use the information you provide to fight your case. Hence, you should always take various measures to safeguard your claim rights and avoid a reduced settlement. One precaution to observe when interacting with adjusters is avoiding mentioning your injuries in great detail at first. This is because you may not have accurate information about all sustained damages. Besides, the accident may lead to secondary effects like mental health issues and chronic pain.

More measures you should take when interacting with insurance adjusters are:

  • Do not provide information indicating a partial fault
  • Avoid arguments
  • Only answer questions directly related to your claim

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