Is Enfamil Toxic?

April 14, 2022
Is Enfamil Toxic?

Yes, there are toxic ingredients found in Enfamil that can lead to medical complications. Studies have shown that this infant formula produced by Mead Johnson can be harmful to babies' overall health and development.

Mead Johnson is aware of this research and still produces and markets Enfamil for infant consumption. If you determine that your child was harmed due to consuming this brand of formula, you may be entitled to collect compensation for the damages you've incurred from the company.

Is Enfamil Toxic

How Enfamil Formula Causes Health Problems

In general, baby formula contains many helpful nutrients. However, Enfamil, in particular, is proven to contain ingredients that can cause health problems. Exposing children to these harmful ingredients is a significant risk, especially when the cost could be your infant's life.

The health problems vary from mild issues such as allergies to severe issues like heart diseases and Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC).

The Dangers of Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Necrotizing Enterocolitis is a condition that can arise from baby formulas that contain cow's milk. According to Cleveland Clinic, the disease causes tissues in the intestine and colon to die. 

Some of the symptoms are lack of appetite, sluggishness, bloody stools, vomiting, and abdominal swelling. Premature babies are generally at a greater risk of developing the disease.

Other Ingredients in Enfamil Can Lead to Digestive Problems

Although both breast milk and infant formula have a similar composition, including protein, the proportions are different. Even a small difference in ingredients can have a big effect on your child's health. 

  1. The higher casein level in Enfamil's infant formula makes it more challenging to digest and can cause issues for the stomach and intestines. Gas and diarrhea are more likely to occur due to these digestive issues.
  2. Enfamil contains heavy metals, including lead. The metals are very harmful to babies, leading to problems for their immune systems.

What Should I Do If My Child Drinks Enfamil?

If your child is having medical complications after consuming Enfamil, follow these steps:

1. Get Immediate Medical Attention

If your child drinks Enfamil, it is important to seek medical help immediately. Enfamil can cause serious symptoms in young children. If your child has any of the following symptoms after drinking Enfamil, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room:

  • Lethargy
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Seizures
  • Change in body temperature or heart rate

If your child experiences any other side effects after drinking Enfamil, call your child's doctor. Even seemingly minor symptoms, like resistance to feeding, can cause major problems down the line. Infants who don't consume enough can experience issues with brain function or weight loss. 

2. Hold on to the Evidence

Check the product packaging to see if what you've been using was recalled. You can contact the store where you purchased it or the manufacturer about getting a refund. Take a picture of your receipts as evidence. 

3. Consult an Enfamil Recall Attorney

If your child was injured by Enfamil, you may be eligible to file a claim. Our Enfamil lawyers are here to help you understand your legal options and get the compensation you deserve. Your family can use that money to cover expenses and damages like these:

  • Hospital bills
  • Doctor visits
  • Prescriptions
  • Lost income while caring for the child
  • Labs, tests, and specialty equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Long-term disability

You and your baby deserve to have a voice in the courtroom. We can make sure your story is heard as we work to hold the manufacturers for Enfamil responsible. We'll free up your time to take care of your child while we negotiate an appropriate settlement. If Enfamil won't settle, we're prepared to take them to court.

We work on a contingency-fee-basis, which means you won't have to pay anything until we win or settle your case.

How Long do I Have to File a Case Against the Enfamil Manufacturers?

The statute of limitations changes depending on which state you live in. So while some victims may have a few years to file, others could have a year or less. Our attorneys can help you understand deadlines and requirements for filing. 

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Enfamil formula can have adverse effects on the health of your infant. For some infants, Enfamil is not the best food choice.

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