Can You Sue the Federal Government for Personal Injury?

April 14, 2022
Can You Sue the Federal Government for Personal Injury?

Yes, you may be able to sue the federal government for personal injury. However, it's important to understand that there are several things to consider before filing a lawsuit. For example, you must first determine whether the federal government has immunity from liability in your case. You must also file your lawsuit in the appropriate court.

If you decide to sue the federal government, speak with an attorney who can help you determine whether you have a valid claim. At our law firm, we offer free consultations to answer your questions and help you identify who to pursue for compensation.

When the Federal Government Is Liable for Your Personal Injuries

After an accident, determining liability is an important step in filing a claim. The liable party is usually responsible for paying a settlement to cover your damages. In some cases, that party can be the federal government. Here are a few examples of when you might file a claim against the federal government. 

  • You slip and fall on a wet floor in a government building.
  • You're injured as a result of defective machinery at a government-owned factory.
  • Your child suffers injuries from lead poisoning after playing in a park owned by the government.
  • As you're crossing a government-owned crosswalk, you're hit by a car when the signal light stops working. 

Filing a Claim Under the Federal Tort Claims Act

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) is a law that allows individuals to sue the United States government for damages that have been caused by the negligence or wrongful act of a federal employee.

  • This law applies to all federal employees, including members of the military. 
  • Damages that can be recovered under the FTCA include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you sustain any personal injuries at work or in a car accident and a federal employee was negligent, you deserve to know what your options are while you wait for your claim to be processed. Even though you may feel emotionally and financially burdened, you are not alone—our attorneys can help you navigate this process.

How Long do You Have to File?

While every state has its own statute of limitations, the federal government has one as well. According to 28 U.S. Code § 2501, you generally have six years from the date of your injury or accident to file a personal injury case against the government.

While this may seem like a long time, cases against the federal government require a lot of time and precision. If you're going to file, you'll want to start the process quickly. 

The Process for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Involving a Government Agency

The first step of any legal claim is filing a complaint with the appropriate state agency. In addition, you should know that:

  • Filing complaints can take 30 days to several months. 
  • There is no way to know if your claim will be approved until the representative submits their final offer. 
  • If they do not make an acceptable settlement offer, you may need to file a lawsuit and prepare for a trial.

Having medical bills pile up after an injury can easily overwhelm you. In addition to the physical pain, you may feel frustrated and confused about paying your bills while your case is pending. However, you should not attempt to file any additional claims, as it may further complicate the process.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

A personal injury attorney will take care of your case so you can focus on your recovery. We can help you with:

  • Filing your case within the allotted time
  • Negotiating a fair settlement offer
  • Handling all of the paperwork required of filing your claim
  • Keeping you informed throughout the entire process

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

While it is essential to manage your finances and personal life, it is equally important to protect yourself financially. At our firm, a personal injury attorney can help you do both.

  • A personal injury attorney knows how to handle your case and work toward the compensation you receive.
  • We work closely to help you understand the process involved in filing your claim.
  • They will keep you updated throughout the claims process.

After an injury, dealing with piling bills can burden you, especially if you do not have all the financial support you deserve. However, there are many ways to help ensure you receive the necessary resources, and our lawyers may have the solutions for you. 

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